Crazedscourge's Thief -> Assassin -> Ninja -> Shadow Walker SKILL GUIDE

Yeah basically what the title says.  I guess you could say this is the next guid following up from my Warrior -> Berserker guide I made.  Hopefully this guide will be useful to all of ya ^^




A lot of the Theif skills are absolutely worthless.  Also, if you set up your Thief build this way, you can save yourself a skill reset for 4th job =D


Air Combo Launch - A pre req for the only two 3 worthwile attack skills that theives have.  Nothing more. 1/5

Aerial Frenzy - Your main attacking skill as a thief however is damage gain is tiny and doesn’t hit any more mobs the higher the lvl. 1/5

Cutdown - Your main launcher and relaunching skill.  Very useful at this stage. Doesn’t launch to full height til lvl 3. 3/5

Rocket Punch – A great stunning move for PvP and a relatively useful filler for PvE.  Since the stun gets higher at higher lvls, max this. 5/5

Vitality - Again another pre req.  This time for Dexterity. 1/5

Dexterity - At lower lvls, that extra 10% agility is VERY useful.  Though the MP cost is high, use this skill. 5/5



By the end of this you should have 145 SP remaining at lvl 20.  Onto the Assassin!  Again if you use the above build you won’t need to chage a thing.




Poison Crasher - The most useless Assassin skill. Although I think the debuff is slightly better now, it’s still not useful. Unless you do PvP (and even if you do PvP) don’t ever bother with this skill unless you need it as pre req for April Fool -0/5

April Fool - Very useful in PvP as it will have your opponent on the run at the end of your combo.  However, due to this build you can’t get this up yet =( – 0/5

Ambush – MASSIVELY buffed after the patch.  This is now one of our most powerful skills, almost as stronger as the Jester Upper Screwdriver.  7 hits and 12 mobs at lvl 5 mean this HAS to be maxed. 5/5

Violent Blow – Another skill that got some nice buffs after the patch.  This was always gonna be maxed anyways, but now with the new patch it hits more and has a chance of stun with each hit. 5/5

Burrow – Obviously got some major nerfs after the patch but this still remains another an essential pre req. 1/5

Gimlet – A skill that was terrible before has actually gained some subtle buffs that no one seemed to notice.  It’s now much stronger and does mutliple hits.  However, since Burrow has been nerfed this can’t really break past lvl 1. 1/5

Shadow Walk – Smexy, pre req coolness.  Nuff said. 2/5

Swift Attack – Apart from looking pretty cool, it has possibly the largest range out of all moves IN THE GAME and feels satisfying to hit 10 mobs at lvl 5. 5/5

Katar Blocking - 13% is definately essential for PvP and it goes nicely with our nice dodge. 5/5

Throwing Dagger – Our definitive skill.  Starts off nearly useless but then gradually grows into our best single mob skill combined with Dagger Mastery. 5/5

Dagger Mastery – See above ^ 5/5


This should leave you with 20 SP  remaining at lvl 40 =(  Onto Ninjas.


But first: Here are the skills you should CHANGE after lvl 40 and your skill reset:


Vitality – 0/5

Dexterity – 0/5

Gimlet – 0/5

Violent Blow – 4/5

Cutdown – 1/5


This one is a bit trickier.  You could go for a few options, but here are mine:


Katar Mastery – Turns out this skill not only gives aim rate, but also ABSOLUTE crit rate so it’s definately worth maxing. 5/5

Hypnotizer - Our ultimate catching skill in PvP.  However, it is only really good when maxed so it is guraranteed to sleep. 5/5

Shadow Leap – I see almost no Ninjas use this anyways.  Some say its merely a pre req, but I don’t think Perfect Strike is all that useful either. 0/5

Perfect Strike – Though it is powerful, it only hits 1 enemy, costs 30 SP per lvl and has a 60 second cooldown.  Again imo not worth it. 0/5

Devilstorm Dart – Whilst a lot of the Sin/Ninja skills got some nice buffs, this got none.  It’s startup lag, tiny AoE and ending lag make it nothing more than a pre req. 2/5

Blade Forging – Has been bugged forever and still is methinks.  So skip it. 0/5

Wood Rush – Probably our best skill.  A fantastic AoE that rolls on for ages and has an even better debuff.  5/5

Ninja Frenzy – At first it is useless, but you need this for the Ninja Frenzy skills further down the line. But apart from that it looks badass. 1/1

Cherry Blossom Shower – Just a faster version of Ninja Frenzy Air Combo Launch. 1/5

Leaf Fall – Probably the least useful out of all the Ninja Frenzy skills.  But still you need this anyways. 1/5

Mist Vanish - Finally, a useful and powerful Ninja Frenzy skill.  Max this. 5/5

Sky Penetration - Like a weaker, faster version of the Warrior Storm Blade.  Again, max this. 5/5


This should leave you with 10 SP remaining at lvl 60 =C but at least you will have a skill reset that you didn’t use for the Shadow Walker class.


But first: Here are the skills you should CHANGE after lvl 60:


Rocket Punch – 0/5 (you can max this later on if you want but at lvl 60 keep it down)

Shadow Walker (IN PROGRESS)

Awakening – You need this skill if you even want to use any of your other skills. So yeah…1/1

Protect Edge – To be honest I don’t see the point.  It doesn’t actually protect you and the passive damage is pathetic. Not to mention you cannot use Ninja Frenzy whilst you have it around (which means no Mist Vanish or Sky Penetration).  0/5 (1/5 if you are really desperate)

Dodge Master - Since it gives dodge as a % it isn’t too great and movement speed as a % is also poor.  Unless you already have high dodge keep this at lvl 0. 0/5

Cross Blade – Long cast time, small AoE and isn’t even very strong. 1/5

Shadow Blade - Again like Cross Blade, long cast time and lower damage than Ambush.  Though at least it can launch foes. 1/5

Multi Illusion – Possibly the worst out of all the ultimates.  None of them are particularly good but this one firstly only targets 8 mobs instead of the usual 20, the cooldown is terrible like all ultimates, the SP cost is ridiculous like all ultimates and the MP and Awakening guage costs are also ridiculous. 0/5