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Freehold Dungeon Guide – Heroic and Mythic Freehold Boss Guides


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Freehold dungeon of BFA. The Freehold entrance is found here, in the south of Tiragarde Sound near this convenient neutral flightpoint. It’s a pirate haven complete with cannons and parrots, and there’s a rare drop parrot mount from here so some of us are setting up camp. Our first boss is Skycap’n Kragg, along with his parrot mount named SharkBait, which has a chance to start dropping for on Mythic difficulty. This is a pretty straightforward, two-phase fight. In Phase 1, now and then he’ll Pistol Shot random group members with unavoidable damage.

On tougher difficulties, healers will want to keep people pretty topped up to avoid any trouble with that. His other Phase 1 thing is Charrrrrrge. He’ll put a brown swirl under a random player, and after a few seconds he’ll slam on over there on his bird. Get off the swirl, and don’t be between the boss and the marked spot. At 75% he hops off the bird and phase 2 starts. The parrot starts literally pooping everywhere with Vile Bombardment. Dodge that because it does damage and also because it’s gross. Revitalizing Brew is a cast-time heal that needs to be interrupted. After it’s kicked, the brew will fall onto the ground and you can channel the bottle to heal yourself if needed. Azerite Powder Shot is a narrow cone spray that he’ll aim at a random player. Try to stay spread out in this phase so you don’t clip a whole bunch of people with that. On Heroic and higher, Sharkbait will periodically Divebomb the area, doing damage and knocking back players in a straight line.

If you keep an eye on the parrot you can see where he’s setting up and dodge this and on higher difficulties you will absolutely need to. Council o’Captains is the second encounter, and it’s easier than it’s going to sound on paper. There’s three captains, and in the trash before the boss you’ll recruit one of them to your side to help you fight the other two. Which event and therefore which captain you get is is randomly set each week. If you try and skip the event and fight all three together they’ll be Under One Banner and that’s just bad.

If you see a glowing dog named Murphy, you wanna follow him, loot the keys and open a cage to recruit Captain Jolly. If you see highlighted Vulperas like we had here, the whole group has to talk to one. Once all players have had a drink, Captain Eudora is recruited. If you see highlighted Blacktooth Knuckledusters at a target dummy, beat them plus a few additional adds that will pull to recruit Captain Raoul. Each boss has two abilities they’ll use against you when hostile, and a passive buff they’ll grant your party if they’re on your side.

If you’re fighting Captain Raoul, you’ll deal with his Blackout Barrel. He chucks that on a random non-tank player, and the party needs to kill the barrel and break them out. Unless you don’t want their help. Then you can just leave them in the barrel. You might regret it when more people get barrelled though. His second move is Barrel Smash, which does damage and knockback from a brown swirl up in melee. Get out of all opaque swirly thingies, it’s just a good rule for WoW. If Raoul is on your side, you’ll get the Tapped Keg buff. Any player standing near him gets to do 15% more damage, so cuddle up.

If you’re fighting Captain Eudora, she’ll assault players with Powder Shot which mostly just makes her annoying to position. She’ll also fire Grapeshot across the arena, sweeping the area with a right-to-left cone attack as you face her. Get behind her, or if you’re too far out just move right so you’re out of it quicker. If she’s on your team, she’ll cast Chain Shot on enemy captains, stunning them for six seconds at a time. If you’re fighting Captain Jolly which is just a great name, he’ll cast Cutting Surge. That marks the location of a random player and charges to it at the end of the cast. Like the Skycapn’s charge that hurts everyone in the way so scootch or else you will suffer his DoT. He also does a Whirlpool of Blades, throwing out a spinning sword that travels back to him. Avoid the sword and try not to have Coven flashbacks. If Jolly is on your team, he’ll periodically buff the party with Trade Wind’s Vigor, giving all of you a 40% sprint for 10 seconds. On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, you’ll also have to deal with the Bartender.

Rummy Mancomb will chuck three types of brew in the area, and both players and bosses can be hit by them for their effects. They all look the same, so keep an eye on Rummy’s castbar to figure out which one’s comin at ya next. The Caustic Freehold Brew is a DoT, so players want to be out of that and the bosses can be pulled into it. The Confidence brew is a crit buff and the Invigorating Brew is a Haste Buff, so players can take those and the bosses should be kept clear. The Ring of Booty is a three step experience. but combat drops between each step so you can res, drink and rebuff. The actual boss is more or less just the last phase.

Phase One is Catch the Pig, which is surprisingly annoying. He’s fast little dude. Once someone finally manages to click on him, you can move on with your day. Ludwig Von Tortollan comes out for Phase Two. Here you wanna just avoid the bouncing Shell and kill him. With that sorted, it’s time for the actual boss. Phase Three: is Trothak, the Shark Puncher. Ripper Punch is a Dot that goes onto a random player in melee. It’s unavoidable so healers just keep an eye on it and pop cooldowns if needed. Shark Tornado is fairly self-explanatory. Get out and wait for it to be over. Unless you have a cooldown and you really wanna keep stabbing him, live your life. His Shark Toss does an AOE that needs to be dodged, and that AOE spawns a Flailing Shark.

The Shark is unkillable and will chase the nearest enemy, just kind of like AOE flopping it’s way along. That needs to be kited away from the group. Whatever you do, don’t walk the shark into melee. On Heroic and higher, the sharks start to move faster but you also get Chum to kite them through. The chum will slow the sharks as they eat it but it’ll also slow you down if you step in it, so keep your shoes clean. Finally, now and then he’ll Rearm and by that I mean he attaches a shark to his arm. Sounds like a good way to De-arm if you ask me. The boss charges to a nearby shark doing damage to the path and then despawns the shark as he sticks it to his slapper. Don’t be between a man and his sharks. It just ends badly for everyone.

Our final boss is Harlan Sweete and you come across him just living his best life. He’s got the same abilities on all difficulties and through his whole encounter, but he gains powerful buffs at 60% and 30%. Swiftwind Saber fires out a set of wind blades that’ll hurt and knock you back. Don’t get hit, and just in case he gets you try to have your back to something that’s not fire. Cannon Barrage targets a player and rains down a string of fire patches under their feet.

Run that around the edges and try to group the fire as tight together as you can. His third mechanic Avast, ye summons adds which fixate and explode in an AOE if they reach their target. Everyone needs to turn and slow, stun and kill the adds. If one is absolutely going to get you do it with a cooldown and away from others. At 60% he picked up Loaded Dice: All Hands, which is basically just more of everything. More saber blades, more players with the cannon barrage, more adds. Have fun. At 30%, he gets the Loaded Dice: Man’o’War buff. On top of all the extra stuff from before, the boss gains 100% attack speed and does everything more often. This can get overwhelming fast, so save cooldowns for this phase and get him down. So, that should get you through Freehold. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, leave a like for me if this helped you out and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye! .

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CS:GO – The tiny “Chicken Update” for MP5-SD & Panorama Released (Again?!)


Hey guys, Maxim here. The big MP5 update came out yesterday and today there’s a smaller update, even though it’s not much I figured it would be fun to make a video on it as well. Starting by the first row: Panorama UI is now enabled by default on all platforms. Bam! Goodbye old scaleform. Oh wait you can still use -legacyscaleformui in the launch options, oh. But what’s that and what’s the difference? Nothing I guess? Looks like the old scaleform to me, so I don’t really understand why the launch option has changed, maybe it’s to wake people up by pretty much saying, HEY, YOU HAVE TO MOVE ON.

I’m not sure to be honest, it just looks like they want the launch option to be much longer and more complicated to type, I kinda feel bad for people who have hard time reading now. Anyway, you can contact Valve if you experience technical issues running CS:GO in Panorama, just make sure you include #PanoramaUI in the subject line. That’s pretty much the Panorama part. Now to the MP5, they’ve slightly increased the maximum audible distance, which means you can hear it from further away, and most importantly Chickens are no longer scared by the shooting. Finally you can re-install CS:GO. Also, I wanna finish this video by promoting Naudrinks the powder-based drink for gamers for when you have long gaming sessions. If you didn’t watch the video I put out before the MP5 update, well there’s a BananaGaming supply package waiting for you.

The supply pack includes a shaker, a 12 pack and two large bags, and it all comes down to about 50% discount. Basically you’ll get everything for a bananalicious price, and you can find the link to the supply pack in the video description. So my question to you guys is, now that Panorama is enabled by default on all platforms, even though it’s been that way for a while now, what do you think about it? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let me know down below. Panorama for me was a fresh way of reviving the game, and it’s actually cool to see people use it that haven’t played CS:GO before. When I was coaching players together with MSI who hadn’t played CS:GO at all, or even when my girlfriend started to play just a couple weeks ago, I could see how they navigated through Panorama like they knew exactly where to go, so in way, the design is very clever and simplistic.

Props to Valve for that. Anyway, that was the video, oh wait where’s the Stability Improvements and fixes? Oh well, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas. .

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Top 15 FREE Android Arcade Games of All Time


15. Stack Fun, pretty, easy to play yet challenging. All you really do in this is to stack up blocks as high as you can. The challenge comes when you don’t line them up perfectly, a bit of the top block falls off making the next one harder to stack. For such a simple concept, the devs really made Stack oh-so aesthetically pleasing and satisfying. For that, it has a Playscore of 14. Giant Boulder of Death Don’t ever piss off a boulder because it just might be the last thing you’ll ever do! Rolling down the mountain and destroying everything in its path, heavy metal style, is Giant Boulder of Death! You heard that right, you can crush villages, cars, yetis, golden cows, literally, EVERYTHING with this bigass Metal Boulder.

It’s rocking the world with a Playscore of 8. 2 13. Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls Fighting crime, trying to save the world, here they come just in time, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! Cartoon Network’s trio of super powered laboratory created girls are ready to fight the bad guys glitching up the internet! Inspired by the episode “Viral Spiral” on the 2016 series, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup battle with the Internet Trolls using their brains and brawn. Will all this sugar, spice and niceness, it has a Playscore of 12.

Bomb Hunters Live your childhood dream of becoming a bomb disposal expert with Craneballs’ Bomb Hunters. Just like in the real world, bombs are tricky — and time sensitive. So you better keep your cool while you cut the red wire… or is it the blue wire? Keep an eye at the back of your head too because enemy snipers could be lurking, making sure the bomb is safe till it explodes. This bombastic title has a Playscore of 11. Hungry Shark World The ocean is hiding something big and hungry, and it’s coming out to feast on any and all that could fit in its mouth.

Explore the vast open oceans of the Pacific, Arctic, and even the exotic Arabian Sea as one of the 7 different shark tiers including the mother effing Great White! The official game for Shark Week is currently promoting The Meg. This means we get to play as a shark that’s bigger, badder, and hungrier than ever. It has a Playscore of 10. Snipers vs. Thieves Everybody remembers what it’s like playing cops and robbers as a kid. Snipers vs. Thieves offer the same experience with an added twist of moral ambiguity. Are you a sniper, willing to take down any and all who threaten to steal your hard-earned dough, or are you the cunning thief who will take it all away? Whichever side you choose, you’re sure to have fun with this little 3D action arcade with a Playscore of 9.

Polyforge And we’re back to another simple, relaxing and aesthetically and aurally pleasing gameplay… that is until you reach the later levels where it can get ridiculously difficult. The mechanics are simple — you just time your taps to connect this little triangle to each side of the shape. You start off with a simple shape, but as you progress, it becomes more and more complex, thus, becoming more and more challenging. A minimalist time-killer with a Playscore of 8. Skiing Yeti Mountain Apparently, Yetis are real and they are hiding in this steep mountain. Skii down the pixelated levels, weave through the trees, jump over cliffs, and skid over ice all in the effort to get a glimpse of that elusive Yeti.

Bigfoot isn’t the only weirdo in this mountain though, the locals are also pretty bizarre, so be sure to say hi to them. This mountain fun has a Playscore of 7. Best Fiends Forever These heroes may be tiny, but they are heroes just the same. This sequel to Best Fiends stars, The Fiends as they finally make it to the peak of Mount Boom. Unfortunately, when they reached it, they were defeated and imprisoned in boxes… again. THOSE DARN SLUGS! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to alienate yourself again from your friends and family, because all you’ll need are your Best Fiends Forever. It has a Playscore of 6. Disney Crossy Road Next on our list is a disneyfied version of the hit game, Crossy Road! Here, you can cross the road as any of your favorite Disney Characters, from Toy Story, to Wreck it Ralph, to the Lion King.

The road your crossing is not just a normal, everyday road. The streets you’re crossing could be 8-Bit depictions of the Pride Lands, the Haunted Mansion, or even the aisles at Al’s Toy Barn. This Arcade Action Adventure has a Playscore of 5. Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire There’s a new job opening up for magically gifted persons to defend a castle from invading balloons. Once you get the job, you’ll be tasked to draw shapes on your screen that match the symbols on the balloons to pop them. Keep the balloons away from the castle for as long as you can while turning enemies into frogs, or even summoning a Dragon to aid you.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire has a Playscore of 4. Flippy Knife As you might guess from the title, this is a game where you flip things with sharp tips and edges. Knives are not the only types of blades you’ll be flippin though. You have the choice from axes, to legendary swords. If you love a game that has a bit of an edge, this one has a Playscore of 3.

Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari Make way, cause a stampede is going through sa Savannah! Lions are no match against this horde of speeding beasts, but you know what, you are braver than a lion. With a lasso in your hand and a ten gallon hat over your head, ride the backs of these stampeding buffalo, elephants, ostrich and more! Playscore of 2. Smash Hit The penultimate game on our list takes us on a surreal journey through another dimension where we move in harmony with sound and music.

Smash through this smashingly beautiful landscape by smashing through glass that stand in your way. Somehow, destruction looks so pretty on this musically synchronized arcade from Mediocre that’s not at all mediocre. In fact, it has a Playscore of And the Best Free Arcade game on Android is… Flipping Legend! It tops our list once again. Noodlecake Studios really knows what’s up, don’t they? Test your sense of rhythm, and hone your reflexes by speeding through this pattern based adventure. You can choose as one of the 6 characters complete with their own uniqueness and unlockable abilities. Everything from the voxel graphics that will resonate with nostalgia for long time gamers, the speedy gameplay, and that awesome soundtrack is addicting. Good luck putting down your phone cause this game has a Playscore of .

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The Motherlode Guide – Heroic and Mythic The Motherlode Boss Guides


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the bosses of the Motherlode dungeon of BFA. ‘The Motherlode entrance is found here in Zuldazar for the Alliance, and over HERE for Horde.’ Both portals take you back to the goblin Isle of Kezan for the first time since the Cataclysm. Our first boss is the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. I especially enjoy the christmas lights that he’s just wearing all year. Static Pulse is an unavoidable AOE damage channel that will knock you back. This is generally pretty harmless unless you’ve made some other big mistakes in the fight. We’ll get to that in a second. The Footbomb Launcher tosses out bombs that explode after 15 seconds doing damage within 100 yards and stacking Blazing Azerite on the party.

That’s the debuff that makes Static Pulse scary. Before the bombs explode, you can punt them into the boss do to damage and stack up Blazing Azerite on him instead. Just walk over, aim with the little arrrow and click. Shocking Claw is a cone attack aimed at the tank. Everyone including the tank should move as soon as the cast begins to avoid it. On Heroic and Higher, the crowd will throw piles of coins into the ring which the boss will try to absorb with Coin Magnet. The tank needs to drag him at least 15 yards away from the coins to prevent him from gaining Pay to Win stacks. Nobody wants that. The second boss is Azerokk, who happens to be a big rock made from Azerite. Sometimes the best names are the simplest. Most of his mechanics center around his adds, the Earthragers.

You start with four earthragers in the room, and throughout the fight he’ll summon more one at a time with Call Earthrager. You want to CC as many as you can and kill the rest of them. If your group just doesn’t have roots, paralysis or other ways to CC them you can use the Fracking Totems to help. Target the add then use the totem to bind it for one minute. Throughout the fight, BE CAREFUL with your AOE spells because you can cleave them out and people will get mad at you. Watch where you’re pointing your Void Eruptions, and any other eruptions for that matter. Azerok will cast Resonant Pulse, which makes any adds that aren’t CCed cast Resonant Quake. If you’ve just got five of those running around having a picnic, it’s gonna hurt. Azerite Infusion buffs one add, breaking it out if it’s CCed and supercharging the damage it does. Everyone should swap and kill the infused add.

On Heroic and Higher, Azerokk will use Tectonic Smash. That’s a big scary frontal cone attack with a decent length windup. You’ve got plenty of time to get out of that, and you really should. Rixxa Fluxflame is up third, and she’s described as a reknowned chemist and gleeful pyromaniac. Searing Reagent is just her basic attack that she’ll spam instead of meleeing. I appreciate that some bosses just don’t feel like punching you. Azerite Catalyst sprays azerite goo which is effectively just fire in the direction of a random player. Ranged should stand near existing puddles to try and group up the goo. She’ll cast Chemical Burn, which puts a dispellable DoT onto two players at once. Dispel one, and heal the other one unless you’ve got a Mass Dispel handy. Propellant Blast targets a random player and sprays a cone attack that does pushback and clears Azerite patches in their direction.

You’ll need to fight against the pushback (which is reportedly even stronger on mythic). During the fight try to position in front of Azerite puddles to help clear them out if she picks you. On Heroic and higher, you’ll also have to deal with Gushing Catalyst. That is more Azerite Goo that will land in the area from these swirls. Dodge those but stand near them to try and group the Catalyst and the Propellant in those areas. Mogul Razdunk is the last boss, and you fight him from his sweet Azerite Powered War Machine. Homing Missile targets a player and homes in on them, exploding within this ring radius when it gets there. If it’s after you, run away from others so that nobody else gets hit.

Gatling Gun sprays a damage cone that rotates around the boss in a full 360 degrees spin. You’ll need to run all the way around the boss to avoid it, which is hard if you’re too far out. Ranged should stay kind of in the middle so they can make it around for the gatling gun but still get clear with the homing missile. At 50%, he goes into Phase Two with Configuration: Drill. He’ll jump in the air and take 99% less damage during this phase. Venture Co. Skyscorchers adds will come out, which need to be killed. You’ve got nothing else to hit anyway.

They jump all over the place with Jump Jet so you can’t really position them, but the tank can try to maintain aggro in order to take their Buster Shots. If aggro is an issue it may help to focus these down one at a time. They do a Concussion Charge which is an interruptible grenade throw. Kick or dodge that, up to you. They also cast Azerite Heartseeker which aims a laser at a target. The first person in line of that takes damage and gets a 33% healing debuff for 8 seconds. Try not to take back to back Heartseekers, you’ve only got the one heart. Big Red Rockets will come down in this phase, and you want to avoid their impact. After they land, they stay on the ground in the arena. Razdunk will target players with Drill Smash, which puts this arrow over their head. Run that to a rocket, and once the brown ring spawns get out of the way.

The boss needs to smash three rockets with that before he’ll come down and resume phase one again. On Heroic and Higher, you’ll need to deal with the Boombas and their Micromissiles. A ton of swirls will spawn that you need to dodge immedietly, because those missiles come in fast. So, that should get you through the Motherlode. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, leave a like for me if this helped you out and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye! .

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Minecraft: Building Interiors!


Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In today’s video, I’ll be talking about how you can make your build’s interior look nice, while also showing some examples. When building inside a structure, keep in mind that any ceilings that you make have to be at least 3 blocks above the floor to make room for furniture and other things. Try to also use the most of your build’s space. Add multiple floors if you can, and don’t leave any rooms entirely empty. Lighting up the build also helps, too. Be sure to plan out roughly what you are going to do before starting to build. Take your time if you need to. Sometimes the interior can take longer than the exterior. In my example, I’ll be decorating a two-floored, medium sized house and showing you some ideas to use for furniture. Here’s my example dining room and kitchen. Here, I’ve used stairs and slabs to create shelves, a chair and a table.

A rather simple trick I’ve used here is to place detector rails on top of furnaces to create an illusion of a stove. I’ve also made a chimney made of stone and cobble. Another idea you could add to your kitchen is this fridge that launches your food out as you open it. It only requires a dropper, button, iron door and a block of your choice. Moving on to the bedroom, I’m going to demonstrate how to make a custom bed. Don’t need a regular Minecraft bed! To make the bed’s pillow, stack up snow layers until they form a full block, then stack some more on top. Place any color of wool in front of them, and you have a bed! Optionally, you may add some carpet to represent the blanket. I would also suggest that once you’ve made the bed, you build a canopy above it using stairs and slabs. From the bed, I’ve placed a TV here.

Televisions don’t exist in Minecraft, but that won’t stop you from replicating one! You’ll need a button, lever, two trapdoors of your choice, two blocks of your choice and two black-colored blocks. It’s a little complicated to explain. Just watch and learn. From here, you can either stop building, or you can add a painting to make it look like the TV is on, like this… With that, I have reached the end of my video. Leave a comment below on any feedback you want to give so that I can improve my channel. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a like and subscribe. Make sure to check out my other videos, too! This is Dragon Souped signing out. .

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BFA SKINNING | Best Farming Spot in Each Zone | Coarse Leather


Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today is a big day! Within the first week of BFA I’ve officially tested every skinnable mob in the new expansion so I can share the best spots with y’all. I do all this work so you guys don’t have to, so you can just play the game. It’s a lot of work though so if you enjoy it, subscribe. Hit the like button.

In fact, you could give this video a thumbs up now, and then we’re multitasking. Ok, so, all of the best spots were pretty consistent. 1400-1800 coarse leather per hour, three to five stacks of blood stained bones, and 300 to 600 tempest hide and calcified bones. So, I’m going to just show the best spot in each zone, so you can just farm the nearest thing to whatever you’re doing in the game. I won’t walk through individual results, but you can pause when those titles come up if you’re looking for specific information.

And also, if y’all have 6 different options, hopefully there won’t be that crazy competition we normally see, where youtubers just kill your favorite spots. We’re going to start off in Zuldazar but before you begin, three things. Make sure you turn off war mode if you’re farming. You can’t skin when you’re dead. Second, get the skinning glove enchant. This reduces your cast time. And third, if you’re farming horde zones, click the shrine of bwonsamdi.

When something dies it explodes for a lot of extra AoE. In Zuldazar we’re farming the Dakani Pugi, Pugi, This is a very basic farm. About 30 gorrillas along a small path. They’re quest mobs so they force spawn, which just means there will always be about 10 up so you don’t have to wait for respawns. I rounded up 5-7 at a time, killed them in 4 central locations, but that’ll depend on your class and gear. Only other thing to know is there are little clickable rocks that give you 10% extra damage. This spot isn’t the best density but with the buff, you can kill things fast enough that it’s still pretty good. Next, we’re heading to Vol’dun to kill Redrock Scavengers. There’s a tiny watering hole with some deer.

Skin them. Skin the hyenas north of the watering hole. West of it. And south of it. That’s it. It’s a nice quick farm where you run around in a circle to 4 different stack points. Worth mentioning that I got fewer calcified bones here, but twice as many blood stained bones. Enemies seem to have blood stained bone drop rates of between 1 bone every 2 skins, and 1 bone every 3. These were every 2 and it’s good density. We’ll wrap up horde farming with Nazmir, and you want to go farm Vicious War Crawgs.

There’s a pit with 10 spawn points and 5 of these crawgs have to be up all the time but they’re all in range, so this spot gets crazy. You are always killing and it’s actually pretty stressful. I wouldn’t recommend going out here unless you have some kind of hard CC, mage, shaman, demon hunter, because these spawn so fast that you’ll just always be in combat otherwise and you won’t actually be able to skin. Imprison was my best friend. Before we go on to alliance zones. I got a lot of questions about actually making gold with skinning. People thought that just because the base leather was cheap the profession was worthless. No, right now skinning is between 50k and 150k per hour. Blood-stained bones have been selling all week at 30-60g each. If you have leatherworking, you can turn your base leather and bones into the 225 leveling wrist pieces and sell those in trade chat for 200g to 300g each. Or, you can scrap them yourself to get 1 expulsom for every 6 greens.

Use this expulsom on 300 gear, which was selling for 100k each initially, but is now down in the 3k to 20k range. These prices are going to continue falling, especially when the raid and Mythic plus comes out, so make this gold while you can. Alright, alliance zones. We’re gonna start off with Stormsong. Despite having a huge number of beasts in the zone, there’s not really any super high desity spots.

Stormsong is just huge. Kill things as you’re out and about questing but don’t specifically farm here. Maybe once server hop gets fixed for we’ll find something, but right now it’s too spread out. Drustvar though has a few amazing spots around fallhaven. Fallhaven pigs are great if you don’t want to move, there’s a really good hexed howlers pull if you’re ever in carver’s harbor, and along the path between arom’s strand and fallhaven, there are some good packs of deer but I don’t understand their spawn yet so I don’t want to recommend them. The best spot though is part of the skinning questline and that’s the invasive quillrats. There’s two farming plots with 10-20 of these, and you just bounce back and forth between them, pulling a few of the wolves in too if you can handle it. Just make sure you’re geared if you’re going to try this, because it’s a lot, especially if you forget to CC the quillrat matriarch.

I’m a 330 vengeance demon hunter, pretty good for week one, and I died a few times out here. It also gives 1 bone for every 2 leather, so the ratio is good. My favorite spot is out in tiragarde sound though. In northern freehold there are 8 Blacktooth Bloodhounds and they have a 30 second respawn timer and a really good calcified bone drop rate. I like this, because I’m multitasking a lot. Hanging out in discord and the battlenet community.

Working on videos or spreadsheets. It’s nice to have a farm with good density but also a little downtime once a minute. Here you can make gold and still joke with your friends or type grats whenever someone gets an achieve. That’s it though, links to the discord are down below. If you like this guide, subscribe. You can click the bell to be notified when my next vid comes out. And make sure to give me a thumbs up for the hundred of thousands of dead animals it took to make this video.

But that’s it, thank you so much for watching. Have a great day. Good luck and happy gold making. .

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Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks Community List By: CptByle


Here is a list of things I (and others) have learned in Siege from mainly making mistakes, as well as simply playing the game.

  • If prone hiding behind something and you want to stand and peek, don’t press space, press your prone button, or else you will vault over the object you are hiding behind and get stuck or killed in the vault animation
  • Always check for a claymore on the planted defuser so you don’t kill yourself after clutching actually good tip.
  • Don’t shoot out the wrong doors when spawning to give defenders an easy kill on you while pushing (ie. stock door on clubhouse)
  • Use all your reinforcements, and certain ops should reinforce certain things based on their speed as well as amount of gadgets to put down in certain areas
  • Don’t speak or speak very little while someone is trying to clutch because it could cause more harm than good usually (ie. frantically calling where you died from when in reality that enemy moved already so the teammate peeks that area and dies from somewhere else)
  • Don’t panic and throw a gas grenade as smoke into a wall that is being hard breached behind you. Wait until someone is actually pushing in
  • Also, if the reinforced wall behind you is being opened, don’t necessarily panic and sprint away, keep your cool and be ready to still hold a close angle if it’s a good idea to potentially throw off attackers
  • Save your drone in prep phase. Points and scanning are useless, so either place it in a good spot to save time or drive it to your spawn point
  • Again. Points and scanning enemies is useless 99% of the time (ESPECIALLY on black eyes) unless it is a last second push and you want to active ping the Xv1 for your teammates and know the attacker won’t have time to shoot out the camera
  • Don’t push a place blind even if you have an idea that someone is there (usually as a defender jumping out of your site to push where you think someone is but end up dying because they moved and have an ACOG and are holding an angle from further away
  • If you open a reinforced wall to plant in site, plant in the hole you made. Don’t plant behind the reinforced wall because that just defeats the purpose of you doing that. Plant for an area that makes it impossible for defenders to disable the defuser without being in line of sight of the attackers
  • If playing Mira, don’t be afraid to ask your teammates if anybody has a reinforcement left because they might have them and you can avoid placing your mirrors on a soft wall as a last resort
  • Using impact grenades offensively is usually not a good tactic as they do very little damage, especially against shields. It is better to use them to create holes between sites or to create escape routes. They are good for finishing downed opponents or very weak ones though
  • Make sure you are running the optimal loadout and attachments for your operators. While it may be subjective, having tools such as wire and impacts is much more beneficial than having a deployable shield if nobody else has them. Additionally, running the wrong weapons (ie. pistol on Mira) means you will lose the utility they provide and how your operator synergizes in the comp
  • STOP worrying about your win loss ratio, your kill death ratio, and your fucking rank. The sooner you stop worrying about it and start embracing losses for what they are–learning tools–the sooner you will actually begin to improve as a player
  • Be sure to place your claymores in common runout spots, or if already taking site, in retake spots
  • Pick operators that are optimal for the team comp and the map/site you are attacking/defending (thermite with thatcher, bandit for garage doors, etc)
  • If there is a wall you know is going to attempted to be hard breached, such as garage door on chalet, make sure you try to bandit trick it at least. Placing your batteries ASAP in the prep phase and then leaving gives the other team almost zero resistance if they have a Thatcher/Thermite
  • Also for Bandit, putting your batteries on reinforced walls as opposed to wire or shields is the better choice 99% of the time. In the prep phase, try to put the batteries down towards the end of it to avoid them being taken out by a shock drone. It is also not a bad idea to save one battery to bandit trick once your placed ones are EMP’d
  • If someone needs resetting use your c4 but don’t explode it just throw it pick it up and do it again they’ll be downed and you will be sure you aren’t going to kill them
  • As Kapkan, put your traps on the bottom of doorways by crouching, and place them to be facing from the same side the attackers will most likely be coming from, so they don’t see it as easily when they walk in. (ie if the attackers are walking into the door from the left, place it on your right and their left of the doorway)
  • When entering windows, always make sure to look down and take out frost traps if you know they will have it, or just as a precaution anyway
  • If you have dead teammates as an attacker, it is a good idea to place a drone to watch a high traffic area so your teammate can watch it and tell you what’s happening
  • As Vigil, it is a waste to use your gadget while in the site on prep phase, as at the very least it will notify the enemy team instantly you are playing Vigil. Use it when you are running somewhere off site so they don’t know where you will be then
  • When you see a shield, mainly Montagne, don’t instantly try to run out and throw a c4 because more often than not they will have a teammate behind them waiting for you to do so and you will die. Make sure it is safe to peek and throw the nitro when you do
  • Shoot out as many default cameras as you can
  • If someone is just using voice chat to shit talk, mute them. They really aren’t worth your time. Disabling text chat isn’t a bad idea if it’s just shit talk, and good teammates will try to use their mic to communicate anyway
  • If you get your first thermite charge bandit tricked and you have 1 EMP left, you should probably just try a different wall, as the likelihood of you succeeding is usually lower than the likelihood of the bandit destroying your next charge
  • Pre-break the bottom of windows you plan to jump out of as a defender
  • If you are playing an op that becomes more deadly as time passes, such as Lesion or Smoke, try to stay alive as long as you can. Putting down one Gu mine and then dying trying to spawn peek makes you much more useless than a Rook who died trying to spawn peek after everybody got their armor
  • While holding an angle as an attacker, make sure you aren’t sitting right next to a drone hole as you can be easily shot or naded through it
  • Attempting to make a callout is always better than staying silent
  • Analyzing WHY you lost a round and HOW you could have done things differently to perform better individually and as a team is always better than flaming just to flame and being mad that you lost
  • Be a student of the game. Watch map guides, high level gameplay, tips and tricks videos, learn damage stats, how many gadgets each operator has (ie how many scans Lion has, how many candelas Ying has). Simply playing the game is never enough to truly progress
  • Don’t be afraid to play because you are afraid of losing. Grind the games out and don’t worry if you derank after the session is over. As you learn from your losses the rank is gonna go up by itself
  • A 5 stack with good comms and synergy is always optimal, but solo queue is not always bad. It is necessary to develop that lone wolf style of play that will give you the skills needed to become an independent player and outplay others as an individual, which is something you won’t get from a 5 man team. Ignore the shitters and treat every game like it is a 1v5 with all bots on your team except yourself–in other words, don’t expect anything from your teammates and try your hardest every game to carry. That way you won’t be mad at them and you will always have to play your best
  • Assume everything you do is audible. Try to be as stealthy as possible when an enemy is nearby
  • Always warm up. It doesn’t have to be in Siege necessarily, but make sure your muscles are warm before playing
  • Believe it or not, sleep and food do have an effect on our ability to perform in game. It is just like any sport. So make sure you sleep and eat well before playing a long session
  • Too much playing casual creates bad habits and puts you against players who are usually not trying. It is not the same thing as ranked, and I learned this the hard way. It also makes you play non-ranked maps so you waste time and learn the ranked pool at a slower rate in casual. You also cannot choose spawns/defense sites. I learned this the hard way. All of the time I spent in casual because I was scared of ranked was a waste of time. This does not mean it is a good environment to relax or learn the basics of the game in as a new player though
  • If trying to play the game competitively, bomb is the only game mode that is played. So learn that one the most. It is the most balanced and played mode.
  • The orientation of your cluster charge matters, as your pucks will shoot out in the same fan of 5. So placing it while facing a certain direction determines if it will shoot out from side to side or up and down in relation to the room below it
  • When there’s like 3-4-5 of you and only one enemy left, don’t rush him. Makes it easier for that one guy to kill you. That’s how aces are made.
  • If you want to throw impact nades at Monty, throw beside him on the ground. That way you are more likely to damage him.
  • If you are 1v1 against a Monty, throw a C4 behind him (either side or above him) but don’t blow it. Monty will turn around, that’s when you can shoot him in the back.
  • Sound is important in this game. And it’s a bit special (sound usually comes from the nearest entrance, not through the wall). I can always tell where the enemy comes from if I stand still for a sec, which is a gamechanger sometimes.
  • Map knowledge is important. Start a custom match and look around, get to know the map.
  • Just because some operators are better or “meta” for a map, try other operators. Surprise is part of strategy.
  • If you see a shield in the window, don’t stand still. He can pre-aim you (with laser) and then proceed to shoot you in the head with a quick right-click-left-click move. You can’t react to that fast enough.
  • Monty is a distraction. Keep an eye on him but don’t aim at him. It’s no use.
  • As an attacker at the start of the round don’t instantly shoot the outside cams from spawn. People can run in front of you. The cam won’t move, and it can’t see you until you run past a certain point. Be patient.
  • You don’t have to use 4:3 aspect ration (watch R9’s video)

Gw2 Guide to Create Sustain/Survival Builds in OW PVE By: Obtena.7952



Game content varies in difficulty, especially in OW. While it’s rather easy in core Tyria to rock the highest DPS builds, the release of HoT and subsequent content has caused many players to find ways to maintain high DPS builds while incorporating more sustainable elements in them. This guide provides a strategy on how to augment and fine tune High DPS builds suitable for the more difficult encounters in the game.

There are three elements to a build that a player should consider:

  1. Damage – this is still the goal; to maintain a high level of damage.
  2. Sustain – these are typically healing and fall into passive/active heals. There are also blocks/reduction/dodge, etc … they play a part but are less effective because of other factors like duration or effect size
  3. Secondary effects – these are the things that allow you to maintain the fight (you don’t want to be bounced around like a pinball) or leave it cleanly (you don’t want a stack of bleeds and cripples once you win); stability/cleansing/stuns breaks/barbreakers.

I assumed solo play when making the builds and my choices are based on how I play and how I feel is effective.


This strategy is an interative process and pretty simple:

  1. Choose the sustain element you want for the class you want to play; since you want to still maximize damage, it’s advisable you choose the sustain element that you feel is the BEST so your build isn’t locked into an excess of sustain elements. It’s basically a trade off; you will likely loose spots for DPS elements as you get ones for sustain.
  2. Create a DPS build around that sustain element
  3. Test it for effectiveness; if it keeps you alive for the content you are doing, you’re done. If you want more sustain, you add another sustain element; this might require some DPS thing removed. Repeat testing until you find the balance of sustain/DPS that keeps you alive.

Fine Tuning

Almost all can be done with choosing Runes/Sigils/Trinket stats. I will regularly swap trinkets to get the stats; I really just have the offesive set and the defensive set. I won’t swap runes or sigils but I will also maintain a list of traits for each build that I can swap to enhance one aspect or another (who can remember all this?!)


As of the timing of this post; there are some builds (themes) that I’ve converged on for some classes and I list a few of them here to illustrate. The idea here is that the theme stays the same, but can be varied easily in the field by swapping traits (not the lines) or trinkets. I provide the link to the build and some commentary:

Reaper – This is currently my favourite. It’s deficiencies are a lack of stability, lack of cleansing when not in combat and it’s inflexible; there isn’t much I can change on the fly to adjust the Damage/Sustain ratio.


Necro – This build has lots going for it and significantly more sustain and flexibility than the Reaper build. It is just not as fun for me. It lacks stability.


Thief – This is a FUN build but it suffers from many deficiencies. You have to be in the fight to get the sustain, it lacks almost all secondary effects and requires a number of weaker sustain elements to work.


Herald – I break the rules with this build; I swap to sword/sheild for more DPS. It’s DPS/sustain is really dependent on Reg/Fury uptime


Warrior – I don’t think there is anything this build doesn’t have, though I find the stability access a little lacking. I’m mostly using this for newbie tours in instanced content


Spellbreaker – This is still a challenge to play and gets the most from timing the Full Counter correctly.


Future Plans

My plan is to get something going for each class and eventually grade capability and rank what I feel is the best class for OW content.

How NOT to Build a Gaming PC in 2018


– Hey guys, this is Austin! And today we’re doing something just a little bit different. Last week I took a day off, I left everyone at the office with one simple mission, to get a back to school PC. I’m curious, what did you guys actually do? (lighthearted music) – Austin wants us to build a back to school PC for around $750. – Which he gave us way more of a budget than he did on Halloween. (laughs) I just wanna point that out. – What do students want in a computer? In general. – Obviously productivity. – So it needs to run Google Docs. – Right. – Also, it has to run Fortnite – It has to game. – You wanna game on it. – Yeah. – Okay. – Yeah, you have to be able to in college. That’s all you do. You don’t have to do anything other than game. – Ideally you have this all-in-one thing where it has the power of a desktop, but in the portability of a laptop. – We’re here at Micro Center. Let’s go find some PC parts. – With a world of potential components ahead of us, things were looking up, that is, until we were met with our first setback of the video.

– I’m sorry guys, there is no recording in the store. – We just came back from Micro Center. We couldn’t film in the store, but that doesn’t matter because we’re here now. Look at this smorgasbord of computer parts. We got a Core i3, the eighth gen ones, yeah. We have really cheap MSI motherboard. But most importantly, the power supply. We made sure that we got one that was much better. By much better I mean much cheaper at not $14.99, this is not the real price, we actually paid $13.99. Look, if you’re a student, you’re not really in a position to be picky, right? $14 power supply, that’s what you get.

We got other computer parts, obviously, to make this, but we decided we wanted to make this a portable setup. Instead, we got this really awesome Mickey Mouse Backpack. – Yeah. – I’d use it. (laughs) No, I’m joking. – The blessing in disguise about us using a bag is not only saving money on a case, but we won’t have to deal with things like lining up IO, or screwing in the power supply, or the motherboard to the standoff.

You just throw it in the bag. – It’s ready to go. – Also as I found out, you have never built a PC rig before. – I have not. – Well if you’re working here, you better learn how to make one. So, go (laughs) – I have a lovely score of zero on the PC simulator. – And so began Matt’s initiation process. I gotta hand it to him, he did a pretty good job. For an SSD, we went with the professional, the young professional, SSD Solid State.

A whopping $for 120 gig storage. Really can’t beat it if you’re a student. – Next step was to see how the motherboard would even fit into our backpack. Look at that! – Awh, man. – There’s so much room in there! – So much room for activities. – With that out of the way, the next step was to see if our build would even turn on. But we may have had a slight oversight in our plan. – Power LED, hard drive, power switch there it is.

– The one big benefit to a case is it has a power button. – The funny thing is, we don’t. That wrench in our plan didn’t stop Wes and his actual wrench from jumping the board to boot. – Hey, – What? – Now that our PC powered on, it was time to assemble the rest of the kit, including some of the on-the-fly modifications to our soft shelled case. – We can actually screw it right in to at least there. Oh, and down there too, that’ll work.

– With a bit more cardboard, zip ties, and Velcro to hold the remaining bits in place, it was finally done. We’re in the set, don’t worry it’s fine. We’re good. – Oh. Ken, why is there a power supply sticking out the side of a backpack. – Not only is it a power supply, but it is, in fact, an 80+ power supply. – Not it’s not! – It is, it is. – That’s a lie! That is a lie. That looks like a $12 DiabloTech power supply. – No. – It is actually DiabloTech? – Yes. – Okay, that’s cardboard. – I think you mean our chassis. – What’s with all the cables and stuff? So, you’re meant to like, – This is an all-in-one kit. If you want the power of a desktop, you have it. – Is this more powerful than a laptop? – It can be! – What’s inside here? It looks like an mITX board. It is an mITX board. It is powered by Intel, eighth gen Core i3.

(laughs) – I promise you this is better than you probably would ever imagine. – The word ‘better’ does not come to mind. (laughs) Okay, hold on. – Look, we’ve thought this way through. It’s literally an all-in-one PC setup. This piece of Velcro right here is to hold our power strip. – That’s clever! – Yeah! – What’s this? – That is our power button. Fun fact about this. Something that a backpack doesn’t have that a case does, is a power button. – Is a power button. – Is this actually wired to the motherboard? – It is. – Really? This looks like something you shouldn’t take to school, right? If a teacher saw this, you’re gettin’ like straight to detention or expelled. This looks very suspicious.

I think, – Dude, look at the cabling! Look at that! This is the cooling solution? You put a fan, – Yeah. – Oh, it’s Velcroed. – It’s velcroed in, yeah. The bag props the fan together with the Velcro. – It’s leaning a little bit. – It’s leaning a little bit, it might not be the most stable thing. – My next question, – Yeah. This is a gaming PC? – Yes. You know how laptops these days have Thunderbolt ports. – There’s no Thunderbolt on this. – Yeah, I know that. We may or may not have gotten, (laughs) – Hold on, how are you plugging it in, though? Are you just, you plug the graphic card in? It is, in fact, a GTX 1050TI, and it is bus powered, with a cable that you can plug into, (laughs) I mean, look.

– Can I ask how much this whole setup costs? – We are under budget. – Okay, how much was that? – $750. – How much under budget are you? – $740. – Oh, look at that! – You should put like a $10 bill in here. – No. – You’ve got a Core i3. It’s eighth gen so you’re actually gonna have a reasonable amount of power. You’ve got 1050TI, which is not a bad graphics card. Wait, where’s the drive? You have an, – An SSD? It’s buried in there, don’t worry. It may or may not be store brand, but it’s fine. – You coulda gone to four gigs of RAM and gotten a better power supply, right? – Nope. – No, that’s not how it works? – The best part about this, you can actually just put it on the bag like this. So you always can game on the go. (laughs) – There you go! – You guys did some really cool stuff here, for real. This is actually pretty impressive. No one should ever do this, but it’s cool.

I guess you could say that about like half of our videos. Don’t do this, but it’s cool, right? Right? – Oh, I heard something. – It’s LED. – Hey, we’re spinning. – Yeah, look, it’s LED, too. – Hey! – It works. So much louder than I thought it was gonna be. So far, everything’s actually working pretty well. But the real test is gonna be can I play Fortnite? I just realized, I have to play on this? – It has shoulder buttons. – It’s got two shoulder buttons. Wait, this isn’t even, – It has WASD keys. – No, I’m not doing this! – Why not? – Look at how tiny this keyboard is, one finger covers up half of it.

– I just hear whining and, – Whoa, look at that! Alright, I’ll press that. – This computer has more faith in this than you do. – It’s running nice and smooth. The graphics card is not on fire yet. Wait hang on, – Yet? What, no? It’s fine, it’s fine. – I gotta make sure. – It’s fine. – I gotta make sure. – It’s fine. – The game is totally playable. If we actually had a mouse and keyboard, or even a controller, – Actually, included in the budget, we did add this Hyperkin Xbox… – This is actually a really weird controller.

I got all excited at first, I was like, ‘Oh, sweet. I don’t have to use this stupid little keypad,’ but now I’m like, It’s also the cheapest Xbox controller we could find. Which I think is a requirement for Fortnite, right? – And we’re getting a solid sixty frames per second, for the most part. – There we go. – It dips a little bit here and there, but this is a very playable PC. – You could tune down the settings and get it consistent. – What was that? – Whoa! – What’s going on? – It’s okay, it’s a quirk. – I think the screen was just dying. (laughs) That’s what that looked like, that did not look like a graphics issue, that looked like a screen catching on fire. – It’d make me feel a little bit better. – Just keep an eye on this, okay? – Nope, nope, nope! – Oh my god! – No, no, no, no! – Oh my god. – It’s your PC’s fault, your PC was, – That’s pathetic. That’s really pathetic. – Hopefully you guys enjoyed this wonderful Ken Bolido Production. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this video for all the work that you guys did on this amazing Fortnite setup.

Don’t ever do this. – Actually, do. .

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Maverick: Everything you need to know! – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and now that the new season for Rainbow Six Siege (Operation Grim Sky) is about to kick off, I want to give you a hands-on insight into the brand new operator Maverick. Let’s go and take a look! So, if you have been following the news and leaks around the upcoming season, you will already know that Maverick’s gadget will be a blow torch that can melt through barricades, walls, floors, reinforced surfaces, castle barricades and even your opponents! But before we get to the details of the gadget, let’s first go over the basic info for this character. He will be a 3 speed, 1 armour operator, which will make him a great attacker, especially when you combine this with his great looking weapons. I will of course break these guns down in detail once I return from the Six Majors Paris but from my first brief experience, these guns look awesome.

He has access to two new primary weapons: One, a regular M4 chambered in 5.56mm a gun that we have seen in many different versions in the game already. Ash, Thermite, Buck and Jackal all have AR style guns already and Maverick’s M4 will be a welcome addition to this line-up. But that’s not all! What is better than a great AR style gun? An AR converted to use the hard hitting .50 calibre Beowulf of course! Even though this setup is still technically an assault rifle, it is probably best compared to the DMRs in game, with its 10+1 shot capacity, 62 points of baseline damage and semi-auto only fire mode.

As a sidearm, Maverick will get a SIG SAUER 1911 TACOPS which will be very similar to the M45 MEUSOC that has been in the game since launch but will have a capacity of 8 shots instead of 7, with a slightly different damage profile. 3 speed and great looking guns make Maverick a strong addition to the Rainbow Six roster already and then there is his gadget. Contrary to initial assumption, Maverick is not primarily a hard breacher. The fuel for his torch is so limited that you can barely create a crouch sized hole, even if you use up all of the fuel you have. It is still possible to make a hole but not much more than one and it’s going to take some time. So if he’s not really a breacher, then what is his torch supposed to be good for? Well, firstly the torch is almost completely silent and that can be a huge advantage if you have managed to manoeuvre yourself into a position from where a quick, silent little peek hole can open up some sightlines that can help disrupt the movement of the defenders.

This can be especially powerful when Maverick cooperates with other attackers, such as Blackbeard or Glaz. And that is actually something of an unofficial theme for this whole season: Cooperation. Because this is also where Maverick’s other great strength comes in. Since his torch will not be affected by either Mute or Bandit, Maverick will actually take on a new role that is more along the line of what Thatcher currently does. If you come up to a protected reinforced wall, a couple of quick holes burnt in along the bottom of the wall can allow the attackers to deal with any batteries or jammers before Hibana or maybe Thermite move in to open up the wall properly. Bandit tricking especially, could be a technique that we see almost disappear overnight since it will be far too dangerous for a Bandit to attempt to place down batteries if his feet are exposed to gunfire. Of course these mini-breaches will work both ways, so defenders would then also be able to contest any peeking attackers or any Thermite trying to place a breaching charge.

For this reason, I would say that Hibana would probably be the better partner for Maverick and this support could go both ways, since you know those annoying times when you place two groups of X-Cairos pellets close together and a thin strip of metal reinforcement is left between them? Well: “Good news everyone!” Now we have an operator who can cut that pesky bit of metal away in a heartbeat! Thank goodness! So there we have it. I have to admit that this was not quite what I was expecting with Maverick. I was initially more excited about Clash, since I thought that Maverick would just be another hard breacher that would work slightly differently to the existing two but would essentially fulfil the same role. But this is definitely not what we are getting. Instead we get a very promising fragger who can match up with many other operators in order to form some really powerful combinations. Whether that is as a breaching assistant or as a kill hole maker, Maverick is definitely an operator I very much look forward to playing more.

What are your thoughts on this op? Was this what you were expecting? Let me know in the comments section below and if you want an insight into the other new operator: Clash, then look no further than the end card, where I will have a link to a video dedicated to her! And with that, thanks so much for watching; I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode! .

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Clash: Everything you need to know! – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and as you may have heard, I am in Paris at the Six Majors and I got the opportunity to try out the new Operators! In this video, I will give you a first hands-on insight into the new defender Clash coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Grim Sky. Clash is a very unique operator, since she is the first shield op on the defensive team. Many players have been fearing the worst since this news came out only a few days ago, so let’s take a closer look at how OP she really is and why not start out with the basics. Just like we are accustomed to with all of the previous shield operators in Rainbow Six Siege, Clash is a 1 speed, 3 armour operator that does not have access to a primary weapon slot.This is of course permanently filled by her crowd control electric shield.

Contrary to earlier assumptions made by Get Flanked, Pete and me on our brand new siege focused podcast (the Hot Breach Podcast, check it out if you haven’t yet!) this shield is not a deployable gadget after all but much more similar to Monty’s shield. It does function slightly differently though. When Clash has her secondary weapons out, the shield is worn on the back. As soon as you bring out the shield, her weapon will be holstered and the shield auto deploys into full frontal body coverage. After this, Clash will only be able to walk and the only kind of attack that she has available to her, is the electro shock ability of her shield, which deals 3 damage at a fire rate of what the menu calls 20 but what I managed to test in game as once per second.

So that’s really not very powerful at all but any enemies that are shocked, will also be slowed down in terms of their movement speed and they will also suffer a visual effect that makes it harder to see. All of this perfectly fits into what I like to call the unofficial theme of Operation Grim Sky: Cooperation! I already mentioned this in my Maverick video (link to that coming up at the end) and with Clash, cooperation is even more important. On her own, Clash can maybe hold off a push from a single attacker for a while but sooner or later, she is going to be flanked and even more importantly, she can be meleed, which will make her briefly vulnerable to follow up shots by the enemy.

Maverick is very useful when combined with other operators; Clash is extremely vulnerable on her own (almost to the point of being useless) but at the same time, she can be extremely powerful when supported by one or two other defenders. Being completely bullet proof from 180 degrees to the front is a great and slowing down enemies and marking them can make them easy targets for teammates. And as long as these teammates can also stop the attackers from getting in close to Clash, she is pretty safe. If you are on the attacking side, flashbangs, explosives and stuns can be great tools in overcoming a Clash and her support. In our short play session, one of the best uses for clash that we found was blocking windows. Melee attacks and flanks are her greatest weaknesses but she can block an attacker from being able to swing into a room and since she cannot be rushed and meleed by a rappelling attacker, she is pretty safe when blocking the swing in. That’s pretty much all there is to the EEC shield.

It doesn’t destroy gadgets (not even drones) and will not interact with objects, such as reinforcements or deployable shields. When not using her shield, Clash has access to the CZ P10-C pistol, which I will be testing in detail once the new season goes live but at first glance, it looks very similar to many of the other semi-auto pistols. Although, 40 baseline damage is pretty low but I guess the gun makes up for that by having the same pistol red dot sight as the RG15. More interesting than this pistol though is her other option, the SPSMG9 machine pistol. Baseline damage for this weapon is listed as 30 and the magazine capacity is officially 15 but in the demo build I played it was actually 20 in game.

So I can’t quite say what the official capacity for this gun will be but if I had to guess, I would probably say 20 but this is actually not even the detail I wanted to focus on. What makes the SMG9 unique in Rainbow Six Siege is that even though the fire rate is listed as an impressive 980 RPM, you will only be able to shoot this gun in two-round burst mode. And I think that the best way to picture this weapon is not actually as a machine pistol but instead as a semi-auto that does 60 damage with each shot because the two bullets are fired so closely together that they essentially become one.

Now while many guns in Siege have a burst mode and a couple even have a two-round burst option, it is interesting to see a gun that is locked into the burst and I almost suspect that this is something that was added after the fact. Maybe she was supposed to have a regular machine pistol at first and when they discovered that this made her more powerful in combat than they wanted her to be, they locked the fire rate down as an afterthought.

But there you have it. I have to say that I had great fun playing as clash and as long as you have some teammates backing you up, she can be a formidable defender. On her own though, her fragging potential is extremely limited. Is this what you expected Clash to be? What are your initial thoughts on her? Let me know in the comments section below and if you haven’t seen my video on the new attacker Maverick yet, check out the link in the upcoming end card! And with that, thank you so much for watching; I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode. .

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15 Most Anticipated Triple A PC Games of 2018 – 2019


Shadow of the Tomb Raider While the rebooted Lara Croft series has already hit full steam, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics is gunning to put a close, at least on this chapter of the iconic spelunker’s adventures. Seeing her evolve throughout her perilous quests, hit the shadows once more as she, herself, attempts to put an end on the mysterious organization, Trinity. Whether or not she survives, we are yet to know, but sure enough there’ll be plenty of action and ancient relics in the looming Mayan Apocalypse. Set to release this September 14th. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey What with the Assassin’s Creed series ambling to make a return to their old splendour, what better histories to rediscover than that of the most seminal civilizations of our time.

Bringing more and more RPG elements into the usual action adventure, there will be many choices to make–the least of which being whether or not you want to play a boy or a girl. Travel back to the 5th century, and meet with the gods and icons of the famous Peloponnesian War. Coming this October 2nd. Forza Horizon 4 Probably the world’s premier racing game right now, Forza’s open world automotive festival is opening its doors to another jaw-dropping installment. Boasting a dynamic changing of the seasons, this fourth entry will show off the fictionalized and probably less gray locales of the British Isles.

Share the roads with other racers using the new shared world feature, and collect their up to 450 powerful and luxurious cars. A fresh and breathtaking new haven for enthusiasts, It’s set to release this Oct 2nd, 2018 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Activision’s upcoming CoD title may not come as a surprise to anyone, but this year they’ve promised to tweak their usual shooting formula. First off, they’ve opted out of the traditional single player campaign, choosing instead to put all their eggs in the trendy new Battle Royale basket. Their new game mode, Blackout, will provide with your much needed multiplayer dose, and it even comes with a unique health system never before seen in the series. It’s set to release this Oct 12th. Soulcalibur VI The Soulcaliber series hits their sixth installment, gathering another splendid lineup of today’s best videogame fighters. A long-spanning showcase of skills, weapons, and fighting styles, this title also marks their 20th year in the business, bringing in the big dogs like the Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia.

While he’s only a playable character in certain modes, Bandai Namco’s still got a lot in store as you uncover the “hidden truths” in the events of the 16th century. It’s set to release on Oct 19th 2018 BATTLEFIELD V From the 16th century, Battlefield V takes us to the heart of second world war’s heated battles. However, unlike their Call of Duty counterpart, V keeps the more traditional singleplayer campaign, aiming to perfect the experience in their short War Stories. On top of that, there’s also their multiplayer modes, Grand Operations and Combined Arms. Causing a weird stir in their announcement for their choice of woman protagonist, it’s set to release on October 19th. FALLOUT 76 Our home, the country roads of West Virginia, gets a post-apocalyptic makeover with Bethesda’s dive into massive multiplayer. Feeding into a growing clamor for Battle Royales, Fallout 76 feels like an appropriate yet still fully original response.

Using pretty much the same engine as Fallout 4, it’s understandably similiar. But, at it’s core it expands on the gameplay horizons, shoving you into a NPC-less world four times bigger and packed with equally hungry survivors. It’s coming out soon this Nov 14th Just Cause 4 A franchise built on freedom and chaos, Avalanche Studios is giving you a brand new taste of the apple of discord as you wreak more havoc in their destructible open world. Building a new engine from the ground up, this fourth installment is built on better foundations so expect the excitement to ramp up.

They’ll be more things to destroy with four fresh biomes, each a fitting canvas for your explosive delights. It’s set to release on Dec 4th 2018 Resident Evil 2 A remake of one of Capcom’s legendary Resident Evil titles, we’ve finally gotten a closer look at this beauty with their last presentation at E3. Built from the ground up using the latest RE Engine, Resident Evil 2 follows the story of Leon and Claire as they make their escape from the dreaded T-Virus and the many dangers of Raccoon City. Featuring, quite literally, an all-new perspective on a beloved classic with its over-the-shoulder gameplay, it’s set to release on Jan 25th 2019 Metro Exodus The Metro series moves to the open world sphere in this third installment. Back with their signature stealth and survival horror, Exodus places you in a radioactive Moscow, leaving you to fend off for yourself amidst the landscape of the nuclear winter. Explore the dangers of their dystopian world, complete with the perks of sandbox and Stalker-like open world. Finally getting an official release date, it’s set to release next year on February 22nd. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Exploring more of the possibilities opened up by their online only action RPG, Massive takes a calculated leap into sequel-dom with this second installment of their contagion commission.

Leaked last March, Ubisoft’s first look at the game brings us to the nation’s post apocalyptic Capital. There may have been talks of carrying over progress from the first game to the sequel, but none of it has been confirmed. Hopefully, they’ll do a better job than Bungie. Set to release on March 15th, 2019. Rage 2 If you’re still out looking for the definition of the word “insane” then this sequel to Bethesda’s open world shooter just might be the place to find it. Revelling in the riots of raucuous, ruffian raptures, Rage 2 sets itself apart from today’s Royale-crazed roster with its singular focus on their single-player campaign. Put yourself in the shoes of walker and bask in the revelry of his no-holds barred universe–all in buttery smooth 60fps of course. It’s set to release this Spring 2019 Devil May Cry V Aaaand another CAPCOM classic finds itself on our list, this time it’s a sequel to their critically acclaimed hack and slash series.

Following up on story of the original series and not Ninja Theory’s reboot, Devil May Cry V is a return to their roots, bringing back Spardan adventures we all knew and loved. A direct continuation of 4’s events, this title puts Nero at center stage as he causes more demon-slaying mayhem. Watching out for Dante and Vergil’s return, it’s set to release this Spring. GEARS 5 Looks like Halo’s getting a bit of competition as Microsoft’s flagship shooter, what with Gears slowly taking form as a fully-fledged franchise. Rolling out the red carpet for the grisly violence of the Gears of War series, Gears 5, as it likes to be known, is boasting a bevy of improvements in terms of visuals and gameplay. Another group of fans seem to have gotten confused about their choice of a girl leading the locust destruction, they’ll have to send their complaints elsewhere because it’s coming out sometime in 2019. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice Moving away from the Gothic darkness of their last two breakout successes, FromSoftware goes on a sort of homecoming with this newest title rooted in Japanese fantasy. Putting a ninja at the forefront, it’s definitely a far cry from the Soulsbourne series, shining a spotlight on new weapon choices and mobility.

But, despite the new setting, we’re hoping the devs remain true to their trademark difficulty and challenging bosses. Set to release in 2019. .

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BFA SKINNING | Shimmerscale and Mistscale Farming


Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and BFA is out! And it’s beautiful! And it’s amazing! I didn’t get to max level as fast as some of those Method guys, but I got it on day one and I’m geared enough to start selling Mythic carries. But today we’re talking about skinning. We’re talking about Mistscale and Shimmerscale farming today, but first! Before I give you the spots, there’s three things you need to do. Turn off war mode. I know I know, it’s better, but you can’t skin very many things when you’re dead. Turn that off. Number 2, get the Zandalari or Kul Tiran Glove enchant for skinning. This cuts your cast time for skinning in half. And you know what, while you’re at it, go ahead and get the addon FasterLoot. This makes you so you don’t have a gathering window. You don’t have to wait 3 seconds in between each body. The third thing, this is actually horde only.

There’s a Boon of Bwonsamdi. He’s a Loa, and he’s on the left side, the west side, of the main horde city in Zandalar. Click it and pretty much, whenever you kill a thing, it explodes for damage. I leveled skinning on alliance and I didn’t see anything like this, but if I just missed it, let me know down in the comments if there’s something similar for alliance. It would strike me as odd if there’s not some symmetry there. Alright, the first place we’re going is Hemet Nesingwary’s Gameland and we’re focusing on Feather Viper Hatchlings. So, there’s a world quest where you have to go and kill some eggs. So, because it’s a world quest, these eggs do force spawn, and we’re not actually worried about the vipers. We’re worried about popping the eggs because when you pop the eggs, 4-5 baby vipers spawn and they are just as skinnable as any normal mob.

So, you run around up and down this path, and you try to find places where 4, 6, 10 eggs are kinda grouped together. You pop all of them, and then you’ve got 20, 30, 40, 50 enemies fighting you at once, the boon of bwonsamdi does it’s thing, they all explode, and you just skin until they start despawning on you. It’s absolutely fantastic. In one hour, I got 800 Mistscale, and 2000 shimmerscale, along with stringy loins and a whole bunch of blood-stained bones. What you’re gonna do with all this shimmerscale, is you’re going to send it to your leatherworker, and your leatherworker is going to make shimmerscale armguards out of this.

And this is your expulsom generator pretty much. So, in one hour of farming, you’ll be able to craft 300 or so wrist pieces and that will give you 40-70 expulsom. Second place we’re going is Nazmir. I know this is also a Horde zone, sorry Alliance, there’s just no where good for you to farm. Turn off war mode. But this spot we’re killing Razorjaw Chompers. They’re all along the river, just southeast of the Uldir raid entrance. There’s packs of 6 of these guys and you just group 2 packs together. You AoE everything down. Whenever I got greedy and I tried to get 3 packs together, one of em would always evade on me, so don’t get greedy. And…this spot…see, ok, so here’s the thing, I don’t like this spot because it’s water. You have to go swimming. But it’s technically better. I got 1000 mistscale an hour and 2400 shimmerscale an hour. It’s just better. And also, it’s big enough that if you have competition over at the hemet nesingwary spot, you can come here and even if there’s one or two other people out here, you’re gonna be fine.

It’s a big area. There’s lots of enemies. You’re fine, just tell the other person you get the north and I’ll get the south end, or whatever works for you. Anyways, that’s it! That’s fine. We’re good. So, if these get nerfed. These are good enough that it wouldn’t surprise me if these get nerfed. So let me know down in the comments. If you know of anything that’s better, let me know down in the comments and we can learn and grow together. But that’s it, like this video, subscribe if you want to see more guides in the future and I’ll talk to you guys later. Have a great day, good luck, and happy gold making. .

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Best Defender Gun in the Game – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and now that Operation Parabellum is almost at an end, I think it’s just about time that I talk about Maestro’s primary weapons, specifically the ALDA 5.56. So let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the analysis of this one. As always, let’s quickly skim over the basics of this weapon. Sight options include the three unmagnified sights, plus the ACOG: a rare and coveted attachment for defending operators nowadays. You also have access to four barrel attachments including the suppressor, flash hider, compensator and muzzle brake (all of which I have discussed in depth in previous videos). Next up, you can choose whether or not to use the vertical grip (in this case attached horizontally) and since there are no downsides to using a grip, there is actually no real choice here.

Use the grip for better vertical recoil control… or don’t if you want to make things harder for yourself. And finally you can also choose to attach the laser which for the first time ever might be truly worthwhile, since the ALDA has characteristics that make hip-firing an almost viable tactic in the right situations. Over to the stat side of things, damage per bullet is 35 points up to 25m and 24 points from 40m and onwards, the fire rate is a decent 900 RPM, the recoil is pretty decent (even without modifiers attached) although it is worth pointing out that the first shot recoil is about twice as strong as that of follow up shots.

Once you attach a grip and muzzle attachment, the recoil becomes very manageable. Capacity is 80+1… and “Wait!” I hear you cry. “That can’t be right! Didn’t they fix all of the belt fed, open bolt machine guns to no longer allow the ‘one bullet in the chamber’ feature?”… Yeah, they did… and then they put a new machine gun in that basically has the same exact mistake. What can I say?… I just don’t know. Anyway, while we’re at nonsensical things, mobility for the ALDA is a full 50 points, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear. Good stuff but now let’s start looking into what these stats mean for the gun, plus let’s also consider some of the hidden stats and less obvious features.

The ALDA is the first portable machine gun available to the defending team in Rainbow Six Siege, which of course normally only has access to weaker SMGs and shotguns. With this in mind, it makes sense that the ALDA has the lowest damage per shot of any LMG in Siege (both at close and long range) but the high fire rate actually more than compensates for the lower power and results in a total close range damage output of 525 DPS which is the highest out of all 6 LMGs in the game.

Above 40m, the output is 360 DPS. This falls short of IQ’s G8A1 (which does 397 DPS) but is still the second most powerful out of the 6 guns. These results are highly theoretical though, since when going up against full health opponents, what counts is how many shots you will need to down or kill that opponent and how quickly you can deliver those hits. Against level 1 armour at average combat distances, the time to down/kill is only 133ms which is an exceptional time, on par with the best DMRs and pistols and better than any other LMG, better than most assault rifles and definitely better than any of the SMGs.

Having a defender weapon that is more powerful than most attacker options definitely makes the ALDA look OP, but don’t worry. The effectiveness against level 2 and 3 armour is somewhat lower due to the 4 bullets required to take out the opponent. That means that the TTK is 200ms which is now slower than most attacker weapons (thank goodness) but still on the exact same level as the very best defender primaries. So yeah, there’s no doubt about it: the ALDA is an exceptional choice in terms of it power when compared to the other options open to the defenders. But of course, damage output is not everything we need to consider. Since the ALDA is a belt fed LMG, the reload times are amongst the worst in the game and counter intuitively the full reload time, at 5.7s is actually better than the tactical reload time at 6.2s.

This is because the tactical reload involves an extra step to remove the remaining end of the belt from the feed tray first before then continuing with the rest of the process. and 6.2s is still faster than any of the other belt-fed LMGs but it is around about double or even triple the time taken by most other guns, so definitely a weakness, should you manage to get through your 80 shot belt. ADS (that’s the Aim Down Sight) time is equally underwhelming at around 515ms. This is the same as the Russian 6P41 machine gun and while it’s only about 50ms slower than most attacker assault rifles, it is close to double the time of the defender SMGs. This could have been another weakness if the ALDA was reliant on aiming down sights just like every other gun in the game is.

But here the ALDA stands out once again as somewhat unusual. Not only does the gun have a great hip fire spread to begin with but it also behaves completely differently from any other Rainbow Six gun. As you can see on screen now, normally: the faster you move, the more the hip fire spread opens up. In addition to this, once you start firing, the spread opens up even more. Not so with the ALDA! This LMG will not see any change in the hip fire spread when moving or changing stances. Attaching a laser will reduce the spread by 25% which is a good start but it gets even better. Once you start firing this gun, instead of the spread opening up, it actually starts shrinking until it’s about 40% smaller than the baseline spread. And this applies with or without the laser, while stationary or moving.

The concept of a shrinking spread or diminishing recoil with machine guns is something we have also seen in some other games and I guess, in a way, it kind of makes sense. When you start firing a long burst with a machine gun, it will take you a second or two to adjust to the recoil but once you are holding against the steady upward force of the gun, you will become steadier. So how to conclude here? I have criticised LMGs in Rainbow Six Siege in the past because they simply don’t seem to quite measure up to the other attacker weapon options but not only is the ALDA arguably the best LMG in the game (at least in some aspects) I would say that it can quite easily be labelled as the best defender weapon in the game right now. It has pretty much everything you could ask for, high damage output, fast time to kill, manageable recoil and access to the ACOG.

Awesome stuff but still without being massively overpowered. Of course, if you are playing as Maestro, you could also pick the ACS-12 shotgun. I already discussed this gun in depth in a previous video discussing Alibi’s guns and if you want a detailed analysis for it, I suggest watching the previous video (link coming up in the end card!). The summary of that analysis was that the combat capability of the ACS is ok-ish (for a shotgun – not great compared to other weapon classes). It’s breaching capability on the other hand is truly amazing. Is that enough for you to miss out on probably the best defender weapon in the game right now? I would say no, if you really want to play the ACS, then Alibi as a 3 speed is a far more suitable operator pick.

If you’re going to be lounging around the objective for most of the round, getting off those satisfying evil eye zaps, then the ALDA will provide you with an excellent tool for holding long angles and stopping those last minute pushes. So there you are, an easy choice to make, I think. And with that, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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Shrine of the Storm Dungeon Guide – Heroic and Mythic Shrine of the Storm Boss Guides


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the bosses of the Shrine of the Storm dungeon of BFA. The Shrine of the Storm entrance is found here, in Stormsong Valley. It’s a damp, windy place where the line between octopi and Old Gods just starts blending together. The first boss is Aqu’sirr, and his platform borders the sea. If you go into the sea you’re not coming out, so be extra careful about knockbacks. This boss MUST have someone within melee range to punch or else he starts ruining everyone’s day with Sea Blast. Choking Brine is a DoT that does moderate damage over 20 seconds. If it’s dispelled, big swirls shoot out that apply Choking Brine to anyone that they hit. If you’re going to dispel it, make sure that everyone is ready to dodge or else you might just make it worse.

He’ll cast Surging Rush, and then charge and knock back anyone in the direction he’s facing. When he starts the cast, look where he’s facing and get out of the way. The tank should be ready to go pick him back up once he’s done, before he gets lonely and starts Sea Blasting. Undertow does damage and pushes back one player over 6 seconds. Fight against the pushback if it’s you and healers should keep an eye on the targets health. At 50%, the boss casts Erupting Waters and splits into three adds. They all do EVERYTHING that the boss did, so you’ll get triple Surging Rush, Undertow, and Choking Brines. They’ll also Sea Blast if nobody’s in melee of them so have at least one person standing on each one.

Focus them down one at a time, avoid dispelling Choking Brines and try not to get knocked off. When all three die, the boss comes back at 15% health. On Heroic and higher, you’ll also deal with Grasp from the Depths. That spawns tentacle adds that root and damage players. Turn and kill the tentacles to free your friends, and avoid dispelling Choking Brine while players are still rooted. The Tidesage Council is two bosses that don’t share a health pool, so focus one down first. Starting with Galecaller Faye is a generally a good bet.She casts Slicing Blast. That does damage and stacks up a Nature Damage Taken buff over time. Kick it as often as you can, and healers should save cooldowns for later in the fight once it’s stacked up. At 100% mana, Faye plants a Swiftness Ward on the ground underneath Brother Ironhull. That grants 10% haste and movement speed along with immunity to movement impairs to both players and bosses within it. Drag the bosses out of that and you guys can stand in it. On Heroic and higher, Faye gets the Blessing of the Tempest which causes interrupting her to spawn a Blowback tornado.

Chill on interrupts while she has that and wait out the buff before you start kicking again. Brother Ironhull does a Hindering Cleave, which hurts and slows down anybody in this small frontal cone. Don’t be in front of Ironhull unless you’re a tank. At 100% mana, he drops a Reinforcing Ward under Galecaller Faye. That decreases damage taken by a lot and dispels harmful effects to anybody in it. Once again, get the bosses out of it ASAP and players can stand in it to benefit. On Heroic and higher, Ironhull will get the Blessing of Ironsides buff, which makes him slow but very scary. The tank should kite him around during this buff, and watch out for Swiftness Wards which will make him fast and very scary. Lord Stormsong is the third boss. He spams Void Bolt on the tank for the whole fight, which does pretty heavy damage. Rotate kicks and cooldowns to help deal with that. Waken the Void spawns orbs next to each player. These will fixate and do an explode/stun combo if they hit somebody.

Kite them around and try not to pop them- you’ll need them later. Ancient Mindbender Slorps onto somebody for 20 seconds. You can still control your character, but you become attackable by the party. You need to be brought below half health before your 20 seconds is up or else you get Mind Controlled for the rest of the fight. If it’s on you you want to run around into the Orbs to clean them up and help damage the Mindbender off. The stun won’t affect you, so everyone else can stand clear and you can gobble up all the orbs.

The group can also help DPS you down if there aren’t enough orbs or if you’re running out of time. On Heroic and higher, there’s also a Mind Rend debuff that goes out onto random players. That slows movement while doing damage. Healers can and should dispel that as soon as possible. It’s hard to kite orbs when you’re slow. Vol’zith the Whisperer is the final boss of this dungeon. Whispers of Power goes out onto a ranged, starting with the healer. It stacks up a debuff that increases damage and healing done, but makes the target unable to be healed over 90% hp.

At two stacks that becomes 80%, and so on up to 9 stacks and only 10% health available. Let it stack up as long as it’s safe, and dispel it once it gets risky. Yawning Gate spawns a huge damage zone under the boss. Tanks should pull the boss to the edge of the room or the edge of another gate to avoid blocking off too much space. Throughout the fight, tentacles spawn and Tentacle slam for shadow damage. Keep an eye out for those, they hurt and they’re also a bit tough to see. It’s dark down here. At 100% energy he’ll cast Grasp of the Sunken City, which is a classic Old God add phase. The healer and tank get put in a phasewith a Sunken Denizen, and the dps get put in a separate phase with two Forgotten Denizens. The first group to finish their adds gets put into the second group’s phase to help with theirs, and you resume the fight when all three adds are dead. You’ve got a breath bar ticking down this whole time so if you’re too slow you’ll all drown and die. The Sunken Denizen hits pretty hard and isn’t very fast.

Nuke it down and the tank can kite it around if it’s too much. Forgotten Denizens cast Consume Essence, which is a huge painful AOE lifesteal. Focus them down one at a time and use interrupts to stop that heal. On Heroic and higher, you’ll also deal with Call the Abyss. Adds spawn around the edges of the room and move towards the boss, exploding for raid damage if they make it. Stun, slow and kill them. So, that should get you through Shrine of the Storm. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, leave a like for me if this helped you out and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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