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Type 100 Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The Type 100 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a versatile machine gun that is strong at medium and close range, although it is disadvantaged to some submachine guns at close range. It is accurate and has good range. Aiming down the sights of the Type 100 makes it easier to kill enemies due to the low fire rate which makes hip fire weaker. You will want to be close to enemies, preferably where they don’t expect you to be. You will also need to be able to reload quickly to dispatch enemies in quick succession. The quickdraw attachment to the Type 100 lets you aim down the sights faster, which means you can take advantage of the Type 100’s accuracy even when you are surprised by enemies.

To reduce the recoil whilst aiming down the sights use the grip attachment. The best division for the Type 100 is airborne as it lets you move faster and reload more quickly helping you get close to enemies. The best basic training is lookout which helps you spot enemies when they are further away. This helps especially when you aim down the sights of the Type 100. Use your favorite secondary in case you run out of ammo and use the smoke grenade to help you move through open areas. You can also throw the smoke grenade at entrenched enemies to make their position much less advantageous.

Here is the complete best class setup for the Type 100..

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M1928 Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The M1928 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a fast firing, low recoil submachine gun. The M1928 is strong at close range, especially when aiming down the sights. You will want to maneuver the map so that you suprise enemies. Since you will be alone close to enemies you won’t want to alert enemies to your presence. It is also important to avoid large, open areas that have good positions overlooking them as an enemy with a rifle will easily be able to kill you. The best attachments for the M1928 are those that make it easier to kill enemies whilst aimed down the sights of the M1928. Use the grip attachment to reduce the low recoil of the M1928 even further. Use the quickdraw attachment to bring up the sights of the M1928 faster so that you have an advantage when you surprise an enemy. The best division for the M1928 is the airborne division as it increases your movement speed and grants the suppressor attachment. Use the suppressor whenever you are close to enemies and don’t want to alert them, although if you are in the middle of the fight it is often better to remove it for increased damage.

The best basic training for the M1928 is hustle as you will need to reload frequently between kills due to the high fire rate of the M1928. Use your favorite secondary in case you run out of ammo and use smoke grenades to screen your movement through open areas. Here is the complete best class setup for the M1928..

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M1941 Infantry Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2


The M1941 infantry primary weapon in Call of Duty: WW2 has a higher amount of recoil but compensates that with fire rate. The M1941 is most effective when you are at medium range where submachine guns still have a range penalty but longer range assault rifles fire too slowly to compete with you. It is the submacine gun of assault rifles. To complement those attributes use quickdraw to aim down the sights faster which will help you during surprise encounters.

Rapid fire increases the fire rate of the 1941 further making it even more deadly at its sweet spot. However, with a high fire rate comes high ammunition consumption. Use extended mag to increase the amount of ammo in the magazine and your starting supply. With the M1941 you will be constantly on the move. Use the hustle basic training to reload faster and whilst sprinting.

To help you attack objectives and choke points use the Mk 2 fragmentation grenade. Use the P-08 secondary to kill enemies when you run out of ammo..

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Play Hardpoint Like a Pro in CoD WWII and Win More Matches in Call of Duty WW2 Ardennes Forest


Welcome to JGod Gaming in today’s video I’m refocusing on how to win more hardpoint matches in Call of Duty World War two there’s actually a few different reasons I did want to make this video I have been receiving a few requests in the comment section related to my hardpoint video to go a little bit more in detail the second reason I want to make the video as I watch Cod World League Dallas over the weekend and I saw a bunch of good good matches but I saw a lot of it came down to who really controlled the spawns and how the spawns influenced the matches significantly so I’m gonna get into that and break it down but so we’re all clear we’ll exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s a map of ardent forest the number is 1 2 3 & 4 are the hardpoint locations and all the red areas other spawns usually the spawn spawn cross from each other so if someone spawns on the far left the enemies usually spawning on the far right if someone spawns on the bottom left someone usually spawning at the top-right the next slide that I’m put on the screen is just gonna look like a bunch of numbers but I’m gonna go ahead and walk into it this is a data I gather from watching the cwl Dallas and watching 4 different matches of the pros play and then just paying attention to the spawns and how the spawns flipped throughout the match so anytime I flipped I paused it wrote down exactly where the hardpoint poly was and what the score was and then kind of modified it as the match went on so I kept track of it and as long as the spawns were coming out of the left.

I kept the people scoring out of the left and on the right the right so looking at the four different matches what I really want to focus on is the difference here so on the first hard point wasn’t a huge difference of four matches as 111 the second hard point was 192 but the monster is a hard point number three so as you can guess because of where a hard point number three is located in that bunker if you spawn on the left you have a huge advantage since your enemies have to run a good you know five eight ten seconds before they can even get back to the bunker so you pretty much have won the bunker if you have those spots and have locked it down and as you can see hardpoint number four it’s a highly contested one the numbers are nowhere near as high as all three are the categories on the left and the right so you can kind of see that that one’s probably least valuable the hardpoint it’s definitely worth contesting but you primarily want to set yourself up for an ideal spot.

I controlling the spawns you can obviously see a trend that if you have all the less spawns you’re more likely to win the matches so what I’m gonna do is put on the sums so you can kind of see the difference there and there it is you see the huge difference there is the hardpoint tally versus the 543 from left to right the variance there is 664 so more than double from left to right so what that really tells you is you have to position yourself to get those left spawns at all times the most important Hill is Hill number three so when it comes up in the rotation you got to make sure that you have those left spots to secure that victory because of variants of 295 over the course of four matches it’s pretty significant that’s at 80 points or so difference between each match which equates to about a third of the points you need at 251 match I wanted to point out from the weekend was optic gaming versus enigma on the first Hill optic gaming was actually able to get 51 out of the 60 on the hardpoint which was completely opposite of the other three matches I looked at but one thing that was very important in this match is that optic gaming was upside down by about 20 kills in the kill death ratio.

So they weren’t in strong command of the actual match by any means but because they controlled the spawns better they were able to get positioned to actually win more so they might have died a bunch at the bunker but guess what they were spawning left so they can control the bunker so when you kind of look at the examples like that in real life examples of pros getting it done the right way they’re using the spawns effectively to control the map they see where they’re spawning and they know where they’re spawning they can actually manipulate the map and have a better idea of where to position themselves so they can guarantee victory because even though your gun skill might not be perfect but map awareness and positioning are gonna be key because if you can out position your opponent you’re more than likely gonna win especially in hardpoint when you seen the numbers as drastic disease although I only looked at four matches in critical detail tracking step by stat.

What I did is when I did will actually watch the event live I was paying attention to these types of things and I noticed that the the matches that were won and lost were heavily decided by where the spawning happened not necessarily the initial spawn of the left but the overall spawns in general so I would bet that if you’re spawning 60 70% of the time left odds are you going to win the match another factor I think contributes to the left is just because there’s a little bit better head glitches better lines of sight from the left so in general if your position on the left side of the map you’re more than likely gonna win those gunfights just because your enemy has to run out of cover into a bad position so hopefully you enjoyed the video I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section if you felt that this was thorough enough helpful enough or whatever the case go ahead and leave a comment and I really appreciate that feedback also if you did like the video native way go ahead and remember to click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already I do have that giveaway going on so if you’d like to enter go ahead and check out my page thank you for watching as always have a great day

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“Sometimes in Call of Duty you just have to pitch a tent, light a wee fire and fold the foldable chairs and camp like your life depends on it.” “I don’t encourage it, but I also have no shame in it, as long as you’re true to yourself and admit that you are a dotty camping bastard.” “With that said camping spots are a premium in Call of Duty World War II, as every room or choke point seemingly has about eight different flanks there.” “So I’ve painstakingly found some of the best camping sports in the game for you starting on Ardennes Forest.” “It’s all about these ruins.” “You’ll often find someone pit-stop here, so it’s important before you set up camp that you clear out any rogue campers, i.e. enemy players.” “Once you do that and get the ruins on lock down, you can begin to ruin the game for everyone else.” “You’ve get three flags to cover so a bouncing bear it will always be a welcomed camping partner for you.” “And I would recommend that you always stay on the move up here.” “This is…

Quite a high level camping spot.” “Watch out for the grenade spam too, or you’ll be evicted with in a manner of getting up here.” “But as you can see I’ve camped so well that I can send in the paratroopers to do all the running about, while I sit, roast some marshmallows, and welcome the new members of the notification squad, or in this case, the camper vacation squad.” “Which you can join by ringing that email icon, when you subscribe to the channel? “But moving on I’ve got another couple experienced camping spots on Gibraltar for you.” “Firstly the easier of the two at the top of these stairs behind this broken wall.” “Use the head glitch part of the wall to your advantage to take out any would-be intruders Attempting to use the walkway.” “And, oh it’s probably a good idea to cover your flank to the left, by placing a Betty on these stairs.” “The exposed part of the wall can be used to kill anyone trying to cross the bridge without permission, and if spawning at the opposite side there’s a really aggressive camping spot you can use to spawn trap your opponents.” “But this is for fucking…

“Bear Grylls/Ed Staff” of level campers only.” “You want to stick close to this big block here and use the wall to your left for cover and angles to kill everyone taking the long way out of the spawn, and make the most of a head glitch at this yellow barrel to keep them trapped.” “This spot earned me some paratroopers as well folks, so take notes.” “London Docks has plenty of head glitching spots on it, but not many effective camping spots if im being honest.” “The map is just too hectic, even for a seasoned camper like myself.” “I did find out that by crouching down at the stairs at this doorway, you have a good line of sight into the coal room which is a heavily populated route out of the spawn at that side of their map.” “It’s good for a few kills, but I wouldn’t overstay your welcome as you’ll be a big revenge target soon enough.” “Point Du Hoc, with all its trenches seems to attract a lot of headless chickens, but you can be a fox camping up in the balcony unless bunker, and there’s plenty of kills to be had up there.” “To be fair this isn’t exactly new information either, I figured this out months ago in the beta, but it still holds true in the full game.” “I also found this bunker on the corner of the map to be an effective spot to fall back on when the balcony room is getting close to being overrun.” “USS Texas, is it possible to camp on a ship at sea?” “You bet your arse it is.

Either side of the boat has decent covered and long lines of sight for you to essentially control one side of the map.” “Efficient snipers will do really well here, but if you fancy getting an amongst it a bit more depending on what side the enemy has spawned, the control rooms are also able to control the map with effective camping.” “You do have to stay vigilant though watch your back for enemies who slept through the trap and come up the stairs and also the entrance to the side of the control room could be your undoing, if you’re not careful. “Otherwise it’ll be will be plain sailing for you as you rack up the kills holding the enemy in this devastating spawn trap of a camping spot.” “If you’ve played on Sainte Marie du Mont you’ll be guessing that i’m gonna camp in the main building and the middle of them up, and you’re absolutely correct, but honestly i’d say this is the most difficult spot to hold down in this entire video and it’s probably best to take a camping buddy with you on this expedition.” “You’ve got stairs to cover, a back entrance, two windows, which seemingly have big fucking flashing signs above them saying: “Throw grenades here!”.

“So watch out for those, not to mention an entrance via the matter window of the building that you can’t neglect.” However, should you manage to keep a hold of all of those it’s a great place to call home.” “Flak Tower tower is quite a crazy map, a crazy symmetrical map, so any camping spots on here should theoretically work twice.” “Anyway posting up at these sandbags peering into the enemy spawn is pretty good, if you’re actually a good shot, unlike me who managed to blow multiple kills and ended up running out of ammo and get myself into trouble.” “If that’s not for you, there’s a are more conventional spot by this window in the Coms Room.” “You can pick off most people running about mid-map or across from you and the building opposite you.” “As always though, watch your back for any intruders and you’ll be all set.” “Gustav Cannon is more straightforward.” “The main camping spot is on top of the cannon, which I actually figured out in my second match of the full game and pretty much declared myself as the best Call of Duty: World War II player in the world don’t you know?” “But yeah, it’s open season on anyone in the open down below you, and as long as you play it smart you can kill anyone trying to invade your camping spot up there, as they make their way up the cannon, easy.” “And finally we have Aachen, and I can camp in here in the library all day.” “It’s important to stay on the move like some demented librarian, as it is a choke point and a lot of enemies will be coming your way through multiple entrances so make sure to surprise them by being on a new spot each time they arrive.

“Turn it into your own mystery section; they don’t know what’s coming next.” “This is really just one of four good camping spots and this map though.” “if you imagine the middle of the map as a square, the four corners of that square are good places to operate depending on the spawns the spawns, the Library being one of them.” “And that’s some of the best camping sports and Call of Duty: World War II for now.” Leave a like and let me know which camping spots you’ve been taken advantage of so far and the comments, as well as let me know any other videos you’d like to see me make on WWII. that’d be very much appreciated. Also. I’d just like to say, thank you so much for 300,000 subscribers, which we had last week.” “I honestly, can’t get my head around that number,” “It’s incredible.” “And it’s is my pleasure to keep on making videos for you wonderful people, that is from the bottom of my heart.” “Have a nice day, and I’ll see you in a next video.” “Bye.”

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How to Unlock MP-40 Call of Duty: WW2


To unlock the MP-40 in Call of Duty: WW2 you have to level up the airborne division all the way to the end of level 4. The way that you level up the airborne division is to use it in one of your classes during matches. Then enter the headquarters and go see the division prestige guy. Select the airborne division and proceed with the prestige. This unlocks the MP-40 no matter what your soldier level is..

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How to Play CoD WW2 Gibraltar Map Guide Master the Spawns


Well I’m gonna JGOD gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on how to play Gibraltar on Call of Duty World War two focusing specifically on team deathmatch this video is designed to have a better understanding of how to use my spawn guides that I’ve come out with previously so you might want to check out those videos if you haven’t already but this just goes in more detail specifically on this map if you have suggestions for other maps you’d like me to cover or a specific mode go ahead and leave those comments down in the comment section so I’ll have a better idea on which ones I could prioritize over others keep in mind that the point isn’t just for me to just destroy the enemy team or anything like that or show how good I am or not good at or whatever.

The case is this is purely just responds that’s why I set it up with actually having with bots so that you can get an idea and this is actually something you could practice on your own you’ll see throughout the video that I go back to this menu in the actual overall options where you can see the overview of the map this is a good indication of where your enemy teams are spawning and based off where your teammates are and give you a better idea on how you want to influence the spawns so you can actually position yourself in a better way personally I think the side that we just spawned on is the better side of the two sides of the map so you see you navigate through the first side that we just spawned on has a little bit better cover and positioning wise you can catch people off a spawn.

A little bit better this is primarily the power point of this position is to just kind of rotate from this window back to the barrel window back to the barrel because people will continue to spawn from this section and then just kind of cover your left side in your back to see someone behind it right there but as you go around you kind of just want to roll up and protect this area since you’ve got a pretty good cover and it allows you to navigate back and port so once I get that first UAV the enemy team keeps spawning in this back corner in front of where I’m at and then you’re just gonna continue to keep on spawning and pushing through you’ll see a lot of times people especially a bigger youtubers when they’re putting up these clips of how awesome a gun is or overpowered or whatever the case is.

I’ll show this particular power position not too many people are getting huge score streaks outside of this position just because this position so much more advantageous than the rest of the map so you’ll see they’re gonna spawn in this back corner as well as well as in the back so it’ll just continue to flow that way until the spawns flip and enough your teammates flip so that guy on the left top you’re gonna see he’s going kind of into their spawn so they should be flipping pretty soon where that care package came down so immediately you can see the spawns a flip and now we’re able to push to the other side so as you can see in the corner that’s been up there for a little while is that they actually have the spawn locations of your enemy and where you’ll spawn as well you can see that little green dotted line pretty much if a couple of your teammates or even one if you really do it effectively you can flip the spawns ideally to control the map and control the better flow of how your opponents are moving and where you’re positioned are you definitely want to not cross that line.

As long as you stay on the opposite line you’ll have a better idea of predicting where your enemies coming from if your teammates are in the right position you’ll have better controlling where they’re able to move through the map you’ll have better positioning on head glitches different things that will actually differentiate kind of how you should play the map in my opinion the other side when we first start on is a better position since on this particular side you almost have to push yourself out of cover to actually get to the enemy team so a lot of times what you do is you want to focus on kind of looking at the mini-map making sure where your teammates are you almost want to force push this one to flip because the other side is way more advantageous to actually push since a lot of the sides have no cover where they’re coming from so that’s really what you want to do and to avoid getting trapped in these kinds of spawns what you do is you want to push out of your spawn ideally you want all of your team be on this green line so that pretty much out of the spawn.

There you have the potential someone coming maybe wrapping around but if your team kind of pushes as a line as a single front you should have a better idea of where enemies are and they should be kind of narrowed down to where they’re spawning from since the spawns are so restrictive so pretty much when we’re on this side of the map I know they’re coming from this back corner they really have no other option and I can go ahead and peek on this right side over the window because I know they can come around and go up in the ladder walk up the stairs on this direction right here thinking it easy kills this way so as long as you have maybe two or three teammates positioned in the right position you’re gonna have better control this map you just continue to do that every time I get a UAV I get a kind of a snapshot of where they’re coming from but for the most part since I know where my teammates are there’s really only two places the enemy teams gonna spawn so it’s pretty predictable and kind of really positioning where I’m at I already know.

I have a good position this brings me to another tip about the maps in general is those people on your team that wanna camp the spawn really ruin it for you because what happens is if you die and you’re pushed forward the enemy team gets to push all the way up to that green line whereas if they were pushed up a little farther your teammates will push up a little bit further it would be I have a better opportunity to stop the enemy from just running straight into your spawn and kind of locking you down so anyone who decides hey you know what I’m gonna play slow and I’m just gonna camp the back on my spawn you’re really screwing over your team because you set it up for them to get spawn trap especially if you’re not the greatest sniper or the greatest camper or whatever you’re really screwing over your team because at the end of the day the enemy team will just be able to push up to this line like I’ve done here there’s no one really camping that back area but if there was pretty much they’re just holding down and locking those spawns and almost ensuring that the spawns don’t flip because if they’re not in my line of sight and I don’t kill them they’re still holding down that spawn and they will not flip so you’re really screwing over your team in general so to one of those people I had a crewman getting a better idea of how the maps work so that you’re not screwing over your team or educating people that that just maybe don’t understand how that worked.

I chose this map because in general a lot of people just don’t seem to like this map especially even from the beta I’ve seen a lot of complaining about how they really like the flow of it the map isn’t bad I think if you give the right position and your teammates are playing smart and controlling the map the right way this map becomes really easy to play and it can actually be really fun but on the opposite side it could be very annoying so it really just depends on how you position yourself and control the map I no objective gameplay especially during the cod World League no one wanted to touch this map I think just as unfair depending on what side you spawn on and it can really kind of screw you up especially when you’re trying to be that’s pretty much all want to talks about doesn’t be the end of video if you did like it enjoy it anyway remember to like and subscribe if you haven’t already I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comment section so go ahead and feel free to leave that feedback voice your opinions of the videos if you think I should continue making these types of videos or if you prefer other styles of video pretty make whatever you you really want to watch and I enjoy making the content so you do go ahead and remember to leave that comment thank you for watching as always have a great day

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SVT-40 Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The SVT-40 rifle in Call of Duty: WW2 is an extremely slow firing, high damage, long range rifle. The SVT-40 is best used in a defensive position behind cover. The prefer range is medium range, although long range is also possible. Short range is very difficult as a single missed shot can mean death. The best attachments for the SVT-40 are those that make firing whilst aiming down the sights more effective. The lens sight gives you clear visibility of enemies. The grip reduces the SVT-40’s high recoil making it easier to place the second shot for the kill. Use full metal jacket to increase the wall penetration of the SVT-40. The best division for the SVT-40 is infantry which grants you an extra attachment slot and gives you more starting ammunition, which is important as the SVT-40 quickly runs through its ammo supply. The best basic training is lookout which highlights enemies from further away letting you spot and kill enemies you didn’t even know where there. Use an automatic secondary to help you in close quarter areas where the SVT-40 is outclassed by other assault rifles and submachine guns. Use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to clear tight spaces.

Here is the complete best class setup for the SVT-40..

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Bren LMG Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The Bren is a slow firing, high damage LMG. At medium range it can kill in 2 shots. However, the slow fire rate means that you have no chance unless you are prepared for enemies and behind cover. Find a good spot where you expect to see enemies, set up the bipod and wait for enemies to arrive. The best attachments for the Bren are those that help you whilst you are holding down a position. Use the grip attachment to reduce the Bren’s recoil, which helps especially if you aren’t currenlty using the bipod. Use full metal jacket to increase the penetration of the Bren which helps when you are fighting enemies behind cover.

The best division for the Bren is armored as it grants protection from enemy lethal and tactical equipment and gives you the bipod. The best basic training is lookout, which highlights enemies from further away, as you will want to be pretty far away from enemies and they can be hard to see at that distance. Pick your favorite secondary for when you have to move through close quarters or use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to clear out close quarters before going through them. Here is the complete best class setup for the Bren..

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MP-40 Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The MP-40 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a powerful, versatile submachine gun. The MP-40 is competitive with rifles at medium range and can keep up with many of the other submachine guns at close range. It is best used aggressively by being in places where enemies don’t expect you to be. You will need to maneuver the map carefully to surprise enemies and be silent about what you are doing. The best attachments for the MP-40 help you whilst aiming down the sights. The lens sight gives you a clear view of enemies and helps you be more competitive with assault rifles at medium range. The quickdraw MP-40 attachment helps you aim down the sights of the MP-40 faster giving you an edge when you surprise an enemy. The best division for the MP-40 is airborne which lets you move faster so that you can surprise enemies in unexpected places. It also grants the silencer attachment which helps to keep your position hidden even whilst killing enemies left and right. The best training for the MP-40 is lookout which highlights enemies from further away.

Use your favorite secondary for when you run out of ammo and use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to clear out tight areas where shotguns would have an advantage over you. Here is the complete best class setup for the MP-40..

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Easy Long Shot Medals in Call of Duty WW2 Carentan Long Shot Map Guide


Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on long shots and keratin since they added the 24/7 playlist for double xp for this weekend and throughout the next few weeks for the winter event I wanted to make sure that everyone had a good idea how to complete their long shot challenges I came out with that the guide for all the other maps which I’m a link in the description.

But this one specifically there’s tons there’s over 20 that can possibly be done just on this map so let’s just get into it so on the map you’ll be able to see all the different spawns as well as all these different sight lines the one marked with the X is the one that we’ll be looking at right now keep in mind that all the sight lines double so from the window to looking at this spawn you should be able to get a good long shot as well as from this sight to someone in the window the next one we’ll be looking at is on the opposite side in the window looking towards the spawn as well so as you can see as long as they’re around that patio section a little bit further you will get that long shot next won’t be looking at as this long pathway along the top of the map.

I’ll try to demonstrate a couple different angles so right here this one you’re coming behind the cover if someone’s coming out from that direction easy long shot this next one’s from the opposite angle as you will be clb right looking right at the crates and from here you’ll be able to see you can shoot someone sitting on that nest as well as just someone coming out of that building or walking from left to right they’re gonna be at this distance so easy headshots right there long shots as well so next year he has a couple other ones from this window area.

So you’ll see right if you’re at the window by this gun you should be able to get that long shot at this range and if you want to shoot someone in this window you can’t do it directly you have to actually back up which is what you’ll see in this next clip I’m farther back someone pops out in that window you can get a long shot from there as well the next one we’ll be looking at is probably the longest long shot on this map so you can see from here it’s pretty much anywhere on this Lane this next one is very similar to the one we saw before it’s from the window area again at that awning or a little canopy cover or whatever you want to call it right there long shot as well couple will be looking at in this sandbag area you’ll see the line moves slightly but from here you can get a good vantage point I get a long shot right here there’s another one from this their sandbag one more towards the right and you can get a different vantage point they’re either in the bottom floor or up in the second-story window or if they’re walking across you can see right here push to load it forward and you got another one right next to sandbag.

But my favorite one is this one coming up right next because you can catch people on the beat in domination as they come up the stairs easy longshot they want me to see it coming and that’s my video about all the long shots on kherington hopefully you enjoyed it if you did go ahead and remember to Like and subscribe if you haven’t already also stay on the lookout for my spawn map guide and also a map guide for domination as well as team deathmatch since those are the primary modes you’ll be playing and I’ll walk you through some of the different strategies best positions on this map let’s take advantage may be in a potential spawn trap if that’s something you guys are interested let me know down in the comment section what your thoughts are and as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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Combat Shotgun Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The Combat Shotgun in Call of Duty WW2 is a pump action shotgun. It has good range and high damage output. However, at anything other then close range, you will not have a chance against any other class of gun. This means that you need to maneuver the map to seek out clusters of enemies in close quarters. Whilst killing enemies you cannot avoid but being noticed so you need to be quick about dispatching enemies and be aware that they will come after you. The best attachments for the Combat Shotgun are those that help you deal with more enemies. The extended mag attachment increases the number of shells you can shoot between reloads. The advanced rifling Combat Shotgun attachment increases the range which helps you deal with those enemies at the edge of your range.

The best division for the Combat Shotgun is expeditionary because it gives you incendiary shells which help increase the amount of damage that the Combat Shotgun does. The best basic training for the Combat Shotgun is hustle which lets you reload faster and reload whilst sprinting, which is especially important because after each death you have to reload the incendiary shells. Pick your favorite secondary in case you run out of ammo and use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to attack objectives. Use the smoke grenade to screen your movement through open areas and help confuse bunches of enemies by throwing the smoke at them. Here is the complete best class setup for the Combat Shotgun.

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Waffe 28 Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The Waffe 28 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is the fastest firing submachine gun in the game. Even so the Waffe 28 doesn’t have very much recoil so firing whilst aiming down the sights is the way to use the Waffe 28. With the Waffe 28 you will want to be close to enemies so that you don’t get taken out by rifles firing from behind cover. You will also want to be careful with your ammo as the high fire rate means that you go through magazines quickly. The best attachments for the Waffe 28 are those that help you whilst aiming down the sights of the Waffe 28. The Quickdraw attachment lets you aim down the sights faster helping you when you get suprised by enemies. The grip attachment makes the recoil more controllable.

The best division for the Waffe 28 is airborne as it helps you move around more quickly, letting you get closer to enemies faster, and also grants the silencer which is good for taking out enemies silently without alerting nearby enemies. The best basic training is hustle which lets you reload whilst sprinting and reloads are faster, helping you refresh those quickly depleting magazines. Pick your favorite secondary and use the smoke grenade to screen your advance through open areas. Here is the complete best class setup for the Waffe 28..

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Sawed-Off Shotgun Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide


The Sawed-Off Shotgun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a double barreled shotgun. The Sawed-Off Shotgun has low range but high damage output. You will want to be close to enemies, although you also need to be careful not to take on too many enemies at once due to only having two slugs between reloads. Maneuvering the map smartly and surprising enemies will be key to success. The best attachments for the Sawed-Off Shotgun are those that extend it’s range just a little bit further. The steady aim attachment reduces the spread of the pellets making it a little easier to kill enemies at range. The advanced rifling attachment for the Sawed-Off Shotgun reduces the damage fall off making it easier to secure kills at the edge of your range. The best division for the Sawed-Off Shotgun is expeditionary as it grants the incendiary ammo which helps increase the damage output of the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

The best basic training is hustle which lets you reload whilst running and reduces reload times. Pick your favorite secondary and use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to attack clusters of enemies. Use the smoke grenade to screen your movement through open areas. Here is the complete best class setup for the Sawed-Off Shotgun..

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Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s you’ll be looking at the new DLC map anthropoid as part of the first DLC in Call of Duty World War 2 and for me the thing that I always like to look at is spawns because the better you know the spawns a better you can predict and maneuver around and outplay your opponents so just looking at the map you can see overall size-wise it’s pretty large.

It’s probably just a little bit larger than Gibraltar as size-wise the first bombs we’ll be taking a look at are the team deathmatch spawns because that’s probably the mode a majority of the population place if this is your first time watching any my spawning guides I’ll explain it a little bit the red areas are just simply where you are likely to spawn probably not a hundred percent accurate as far as this is exactly but this is like 95 percent likely where you’re going to spawn so you can use that as a predictor of where your enemies are spawning as well as how to maneuver and know where they’re gonna be coming from the next one we’ll be looking at is domination so you can see domination the spawns move just slightly just depending on where you’re at but there is a little bit now an area by the stairs right by see so there’s ABC you kind of get idea of where to position yourself kind of empty on that right side still potentially someone could spawn there but from my testing I didn’t really have anyone spawn there the next one won’t be taking a look at his hard point you can see there’s four points of rotation.

But pretty much the spawns are very similar to team deathmatch as does the hardpoint moves the spawn points rotate a little bit as well it’s just something you got to get used to but these are the different rotational points and obviously we see the spawn locations that are really close to the hardpoint probably ideal wants to have and the last one we’ll look at is capture the flag before I demonstrate how to actually use these because I want to show you proof of concept that these are a pretty accurate this is pretty much how they work so you can see capture the flag there’s very very small spawn locations so I’m gonna expect that this map will probably have spawn trapping like a lot of the other maps in this game they’re very rigid you’re locked into certain areas so that’s probably what I would expect from this particular map if you’d like to have access to all of these images they’re gonna be down in the description below so go ahead and check that out you should be able to click on them and save them to your phone or to your computer.

If you’d like so that when you do actually play this new map you’ll have a better idea of how to play it and how to effectively use these guys so as I’ve done with a lot of my different spawn guys I load up the map I play TDM with bots six versus six I’m one of the the spots and then pretty much I go around the map forcing flipping spawns and kind of give you some ideas of how to play the map based off my observation so the first tip I’d give for this map is just stay to the outskirts and then just kind of rotate from spawn just spawn going back and forth and then that should give you the best opportunity to not get flanked and have a better control of the map and sense of where opponents are so I’m gonna look at this overview pretty often after I get the Recon going and give you a good idea of how things are supposed to be flowing so I’m gonna push down on this right side because I know the enemy team is spawning down this long stretch so you might want to use a sniper or a long-distance weapon because this Lane is pretty long so right here you can see the guy popped out get a kill continue to push and teammates are doing some work too so I don’t get the Recon right away.

But I know they’re gonna come from there that’s one of the stickier spawns as you can see based off the spawn guy floating in the top-right corner they really only have two spawns on this side which is just those lower two so kind of rotating back and forth it looks like we flipped the spawn so now the enemy team is on the other side so that’s a problem with the maps so large you do have to kind of navigate awhile to actually run into people I got an assist there so another or not recon so I’m kind of just moving around forcing engagements just because I want to kind of push the point of how to actually use the guide so as soon as you get that first recon that’s where it’s a game changer you can see the guy running through mid got a little hit marker on him didn’t finish him off but now I’m rotating through here I can see I’m in a spawn so I just passed through one so now they could spawn behind me or they’re gonna spawn in front of me and I’m just kind of rotating going forward through and seeing kind of what I can see I’m not really running into anyone unfortunately that’s just a bad luck of the match again that goes back to the size of the map being pretty large so the teammate in front of me so I went turn around and that teammate ends up dying so the spawns are still where they’re at you can see the enemy team is still coming from the stairs area pick someone up from mid get the Recon and now all the enemy team is rushing from that bottom spawn that you can see actually on the spawn guide so pretty much a pickup.

People off get a chance to look again probably at the overview you can see there now the spawns did flip they’re all coming from this top area in this top right area so pretty much I could just pick them up call another recon and I know they’re all in this area and even though I’m standing right there they literally spawn right there and walked a few steps so now they’re all really in this middle section in corner as I push through so right now I’m gonna probably force flip the spawns take this guy out there’s really no enemies on this side of the map so as I navigate through you can see they’re spawning back at the bottom at that main original spawn keep in mind that this video is not necessarily for entertainment like giving you some crazy fancy gameplay or else I would have just pulled a match from the lobby the whole point of this is just to show the practical application of how to use the spawn guide and a lot of times it’s very apparent that the spawn guides are very accurate when you actually do this method you’re running around and pretty much the enemies are only showing up in pretty much a few of the locations maybe not even all of them when you play every match but for the most part when you go around they’re all gonna be coming out of the similar areas so right there I avoid middle I don’t go to the middle very often just because on this type of map I think is designed more like the maps a lot of times we’re used to in Call of Duty which pretty much you don’t go to the middle because it’s probably about five or six different areas where you can get shot from so you typically want to avoid that so you can see the enemy team just spawn in the bottom at the top of these stairs so I should be able to take him out and I know that other spawn is just to the side so I’m gonna go ahead and pop out you can see four little blips on the mini-map I’m gonna go from this way since the teammate went top cut them off and that’s pretty much how you’re gonna get them if I went through the building.

I probably could have taken out all of them just because the way the position of the building is you got height advantage elevation better angle and pretty much I’m running through their spawn face off where my teammates are spawns are not flipping you still come right here you got me in the back I shouldn’t take it too casual but pretty much that’s what happened I got shot in the back so pretty much you can still see the bonds they all just came out of that bottom left spawn so you they’re all pushing down that stairs so if you really want to control someone kind of corral them you could position yourself so that you can pick people off coming down those stairs and then as well as from the other side just because they’re probably gonna be expecting it they’re just running right out of spawn trying to get back into the action and from the sidelines they did design in a way that there’s a little bit of angles so that you don’t just get popped right as soon as you’re in the spawn but at the end of the day it’s still potential to get kind of trapped in the spawn if I were to play probably briefer I would guess at this top section above these stairs is probably an ideal spot because you got the different vantage points and you’ll be able to hear a pretty good radius of where people are coming from so you can see right here as I pop out the window people are there running out this way that would be a good spot to pick them off because they’re just gonna come around that corner and then they all look like they spawned up top right behind me and they actually went down the stairs so you can see that the spawn guide is accurate it’s as accurate as any of the other spawn guides I’ve done before so it’s just a matter of practice they still keep coming up from this top area take them out and continue to push a lot of times in the comments section people will ask me different drills for accuracy and there’s different things you can do to stay more accurate.

But the thing I want to focus on is doing this specific challenge yourself actually play and and see if you could predict where the enemies going to be based off where they’re spawning and where you kill them where you’re running at and you get practice playing online which is bots and then as you get better at it if you want to play online and see how that works you can do that and you’re just gonna get better over time at predicting it or if you just want to go straight online and use the the spawn guide as a guide you can do that as well either way whatever makes the most sense to you is really the key because you just want to get better at understanding the way the map is supposed to be moved across and for this one I wouldn’t go to the middle just because there’s so much going on um you can see in this entire way I just kind of do a circle around the map because base off where the spawns are people are they gonna go straight to the middle get shot getting engagements or they’re gonna be coming down these steps or coming in this corner so it makes it pretty easy to kind of predict you see there behind me now just kind of maneuvering take this guy out.

And the spawns just continue to be consistent the way they have always been I really wish that sledgehammer games would probably consider looking at how the spawns work because at the moment I still think they’re kind of bad considering how they worked in some of the other games it was a little bit more freedom than the spawn choice I want to make sure I got the spawn guide out so quick just because for me personally I know I jumped into the matches had no clue how they were supposed to be played couldn’t predict the spawn just overall felt like they had bad flow to them but overall now that I got a better idea of how this map works and you’ll see the other DLC maps very soon as well so stay tuned for that make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already if you’re interested in paying attention anything about spawn guides on my channel.

So go ahead and make sure you pay attention to that they should be coming very soon but they do help map knowledge map awareness is the key in a boots on the ground Call of Duty and any call of duty in general just keep that in mind hopefully enjoyed the video go ahead make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already click that like button like to know your thoughts down in the comment section if you think these videos are helpful if they are go ahead and make sure you click that like button sent those notifications on ring the bell if you can thank you for watching as always have a great day

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