All-In-One Incar Magician guide

This is the guide I’m making out of pure boredom and to help any new mages who may be confused on what to do.
The guide will only go up to level 98, which by then, you should know your mage well enough for what to do.
This is the only guide currently made for mages after BMR, and it covers all aspects.
Okay, here we go!


Just start in Loa Castle, it’s much easier to navigate. You’ll have one little lovely spell that does not so great damage, just sit there and spam it! Trust me… it gets better. I recommend killing any of those Akiris things you can find, they drop potions and various other items, can help you make some cash in the beginning of the game. So after spamming your little energy jab for 4 levels. Go to your skill master in loa castle; all blue and lined up, it’s not that hard to find or I’d post a screen shot. And get energy bolt, it doesn’t cost a skill point, and it’ll help you level up till 7.


Oh and just to make this clear, TRI-ELEMENT, is the way to go!
Oh and also, I used this one in Korean because it’s a lot more accurate than Mmosite, some skills such as Spoiled, Aqua and Energy hammer don’t cost skills points, and mmosite says they do. Lol.


Level 7:
Nothing really special here, just get all your basics : D

Level 16:
Same thing, level up the masteries a bit. :b

Level 27:
Woot first AoE! Still nothing really to explain.

Level 36:
Ahhh you get your 36 AoE skills! You’ll use these till the day you quit. Now to make this clear, you DO NOT NEED TO LEVEL them up! Leave them at level 1! ALWAYS! Actually if you level them past 4, the cooldowns go up, and you can’t even spam them! Level 1 is fine, you still do great damage.

Level 51:
Your first true pking skills! And they hurt!

Level 65:
Still just leveling up the masteries and buffs. Notice that I haven’t put any points into the magic power buff, that’s because it’s really not great till maxed; it really isn’t that great unless you have a lot of magic attack, and it’s really only for PvP, which most mages shouldn’t be doing till 92 or 98 :b Oh and get energy hammer, no skill point needed.

Level 81:
81 skills! Blast phoenix sucks, don’t level it. Freezing spirit is one of the best skills in the game- keep it at level one for now. And thunder spear is nice to use after the imitid buff, but cruelty lightning is still WAY stronger.

Level 92:
OMGOMGOMG your 92s! You should be in heiharp now testing these babies out! All three are very useful.

Level 98:
Aqua circleeeeeeeeeee!

Okay now that we have the skills done…


Okay this is gonna be short and simple. Use wand, wand > staff. Wand has more damage, gives you more HP, and defense. Now for the actual stats: I’m just going to say, get your weapon stat required strength and spirit, and the rest into HEAL; ALWAYS!

Now the Staff/Wand discussion.
Wand is greater than staff in every aspect, except for one, and that’s debatable, looks. Some say staff looks better, I disagree, I think it’s huge and ugly and… ew. But wand has more damage on it, it has less stat points needed, so you get more HP/Defense, and although it has one less slot, I don’t think that really matters. The damage from a +8 wand and a +9 staff, are just about the SAME! Yes, the same!

And as for why all heal? Well you get 3 dmg from a point of spr, and 3 defense and 10 hp from a point of heal.
Now mages damage is PLENTY high, so you tell me, what do you think would be better?
In the long run, having the HP/Defense helps a lot more, in 2moons, Heal Builds>All.
And it’s not even just that it’s better, a SPR built mage will have trouble staying alive when partying,
Doing dungeons, deadfront and leveling. So just get what you need for your weapon, and throw all the rest into heal.
That’s honestly what’s best for a mage, in PvE and PvP.

Training areas:

Level 1-15: Loa Castle/Braiken Castle & North Ares/North Morte.
Level 15-20: Denebe.
Level 20-34: Requies and Heiharp. -Look for Plevelers in Heiharp, as there are often bored high levels.
Level 34-50: Nunvice Instance Dungeon! (Located in Requies)
Level 50-55: Norak/Castor 2.
Level 55-60: Crespo; Recommended spot is 88:88- go to those coordinates and look for a party!
Level 60-80: Crespo Dungeon. (Once you hit 65 you can also go to Draco for commissions or vouchers)
Level 80-90: Python, Far east or Far west preferred : D
Level 90-98: 90 DUNGEON 90 DUNGEON 90 DUNGEON. You might have troubles finding a party 90-92 though, but still try! There’s always hope : D

Oh and of course for almost ALL levels, deadfront! As a mage, you should have no problem ever finding a deadfront party!


Now mages have high defense, and high damage, even with not so great gear.
If you can afford a +7, make it a wand, that’d help you out the most.
As for armor, 1-88, +0 armor with 18 medials will do FINE.
Once you get into solongos (88-92 set), you should +4 the helm and armor, and keep it until your 110 helm and 112 armor.
If you wanna + up the pants/boots, go for it, but it’s not necessary really.
-L3 gloves, get a pair of these! You can use them till end game, they give great bonuses, so once you hit 86, try to get some.
Even once you get up through 115, +4 set with 25 medials will do fine, of course if you can get a +5, 6 or 7 set, that’s better, but you can do fine without it.


This will only be basing on you are above the level 98. I don’t recommend PvPing before level 92.

Against a Segnale:

This should be the easiest fight for all mages. Start off with imitid flash before the PvP, and folllow up with cruelty lightning, at that point, IF there’s a cursefield on you, use infernal pillar to fly out of it, if not (or after you do that) use Gracious Eddy + Aqua circle. Then follow up with spoiled divinity if you want, urzer, or some 51 skills until Imitid + Cruelty is done again, they shouldn’t live past that. IF they somehow do, they have to be in their HP, so some combo skills to smash segnales HP are: Imitid Flash + Cruelty Lightning; Spoiled Divinity + Flame Burning; Gracious Eddy + Aqua Circle. The fight should overall be no problem, make sure to KEEP on skilling, so you interrupt any possible blood hits! And always remember you can infernal pillar out of a Curse Field!

Against a Azure Knight:

If the Azure Knight has a shield, make sure to always face north! So bounce defender doesn’t flip your screen in some odd way. Now to get to the chase, against an AK start out with the pre-imitid flash and then use THUNDER SPEAR, they will interupt your cruelty lightning and fuck over your combo. After that, what I always liked to do was Spoiled Divinity + Gracious Eddy + Aqua circle, -15% ice resistance helps a lot! (15% more damage!), then after aqua circle, you should have some room to use cruelty lightning, and it won’t get interrupted cause you have some space. Then use urzer gain/any other fillers you have, if the fight lasts long enough for a second imitid, cast it, and they won’t live past that.

Against a Twin Blade Summoner:

Click follow, start off with infernal pillar to get range, then follow up with gracious eddy + aqua circle to freeze them and knockback them. They’ll be far away, use urzer, then start imitid + cruelty. They normally die right here, with barely even touching you, if they haven’t use infernal + Eddy again, and their done for. Not much here, TB summoners aren’t strong.

Against a Staff Summoner:

Not many of these around, can’t say I’ve PvP’d many. They normally start off with Palpus, so I start off with Infernal pillar, it flies me out of Palpus and in range for imitid, so then imitid cruelty of course, then spoiled + eddy + aqua. Then justs fling 51s/Urzer at them till Infernal and Imitid are done, then repeat : D You should outdamage them taken that you don’t lag or get some extreme knockback.

Against a Hunter:

Eeeeew hunters, they can’t kite us since BMR! Bwhahaha! Anyways. Start off with infernal pillar to damage them and get closer, then Eddy + Aqua, if they use demo bomb/fiore, make sure to use a 51! They won’t be able to skill and they’ll get knockbacked for sure! Hunters have pretty low shield, the fight doesn’t last much longer than that, don’t try to imitid them, it’ll just waste time, mana, and get you hit even more. Good filler skills on them are : Urzer, Spoiled and 51 skills. Normally Infernal, Eddy + Aqua, Urzer and any 51 ends the fight. If not, spoiled and two other 51s await.

Against a Bagi Warrior:

If the bagis good, you have no chance, but if he’s just kinda, spamming skills, or doesn’t really pay too much attention it’s not hard. I’ve probably beaten more bagis than I’ve lost to, but the good bagis you just don’t have a chance D: Anyways. RUN before the fight starts, imitid + cruelty, he’ll knockback cruelty, don’t use it twice. Eddy + Aqua, he’ll most likely knockback aqua but eddy would still have gotten the effect. If he did KB it, use it again. If you happen to get range, Urzer and Spoiled almost always KB. If your lucky in the begining of the fight, they won’t run right over, and your cruelty can knock them back pretty brutally, same thing with Eddy + Aqua, sometimes that’ll get some nasty winning KB. Not too much strategy here, just kinda hope he messes up and you can get knockback : D

Against a Mage:

If the other mage starts out with imitid flash, run and use eddy aqua, if they other mage starts out with eddy aqua, use infernal pillar to fly out if it and it’ll miss. Countering ftw ftw ftw! Yeah…. Not much to say here, your the same thing, pretty even fight, pretty much luck on who gets knockback. Spoiled Divinity is pretty good since mages have a lot of resistances.

Last few PvP tips: Always use Imitid + Cruelty (Or thunder spear on AKs), Gracious Eddy + Aqua (Spoiled + Eddy + Aqua Works too). Always try to be skilling, when your not, you take the risk of being knocked back, so just pound away with the skills!

I hope my nubby guide helped; Lemme know if you need to know anything else or have any questions or think somethings wrong or if you think I should add anything! =)

PS: The path to 92/98 is hard, but it’s worth it, it really is, trust me : D

Oh and lastly, for anyone who wonders, this is my skill build at my current level.

If it helps you at all!

Credits go acidd.