Carbonites Incar Duel/PvP Guide

Ok guys, when I first started my Incar I had much more time to test. As it stands now, I dont have much time to get in game at all. I just wanted to post this as a sort of guide/what I know so far kind of things. I hope it helps some.

My Character.
Hat is in the 90s. The other stuff is in the 100’s.

My Stats.
First thing I should note is that I have not tested a build that includes dex just yet.
This current build is weapon requirement in str and spr, all the remaining points go in heal.

My Build.
I have only recently come to this build. It is a work in progress.

My Hotbar.
With this current build everything fits on one hotbar. I guess thats a plus.

Ok guys, now for the meat and potatoes.

I have not played an Incar the normal way for those that dont know. This is a lv 115 character given to me for my Moderation duties.
So if your looking for a guide on how to level your character you should check out some of the other great guides people have posted.

As it stands. When your at around level 100 you will be using all three tiers of skills. I see no reason not to. You have the points and spending them in the lower level spells is futile. Their damage does not seem to be anywhere near what you will need for your level.
That being said, your build will come down to the bottom 4 skills in each tree.
Now it is possible you may chose to go only 2 trees and get a combination of both of those on the higher level skills but I havent tested that as of yet.

My current build is built around Gracious Eddy. Let me tell you something about Gracious Eddy, EVERY MAGE SHOULD HAVE IT.
If you dont plan on getting gracious eddy, you are making a mistake. No build should not include it.
It is a very powerfull skill that will freeze on mob/char in place and Aoe all those in the surrounding area. It hits really HARD. Cant stress that enough.
Most of the time I am told it takes up to half of the sheild on the duels I have had with characters of my level.

So how do you work this then? Well, the very first thing you should cast the second the duel starts is Gracious Eddy. It never misses, so you will lock your dueling foe in place allowing you to cast your fast attacks. With my current build I have chosen to use Flame Burning, Ice Blanket, Cruelty Lightning and Thunder spear as my fast attacks. (I will be changing this some in the future.)
So youve casted Gracious Eddy and now your using your speed attacks. (Youll get 2 of these during the time your foe is frozen.)
Now if your fighting a melee character and they are trying to get close it is time to cast Intimid Flash. This skill will Aoe surrounding you and follow you where you go as it continually shoots out multiple times a nice attack on the enemies.
If you fighting a range class its time to use Infernal Pillar. Infernal pillar will shoot a couple fire blasts at the enemy and then your character will charge your enemy where most of the damage will be given. After you cast this spell youll then go to Intimid Flash again in order to aoe while your close.

At this time Gracious Eddy will be ready and you should definately go back to cast that again. In fact if at any time its ready while your still doing the others steps, stop and cast Gracious Eddy.

If you do this effectively it will give you your best chance at every class.

Against a Segnale at this level:
She is going to Paralyze you. Be ready for that first thing.
You will want to get Gracious Eddy out at the same time. Youll both be frozen but the Segnale’s paralyze does little damage compared to yours and hopefully you can get her before she casts curse feild, otherwise your damage will be equal at this point.
Now, if your lucky the Segnale will be close to you during this point, because you can cast Intimid Flash out of the paralyze as I have found. However, your Gracious Eddy will not allow your oppenent any room for skills as they will be getting knockbacked a lot during the time your spell is on them.
So if she is close to you, use Intimid Flash.
Now move on to your fast attacks until Gracious Eddy is ready again. If you get caught in a Curse Feild and the Segnale is outside of this, use Infernal Pillar to move yourself out pretty efficiently.
The main thing when fighting a Segnale is trying not to get paralyzed inside a Curse Feild. It will be tough, but if you can do it you will have a much better chance in this fight.

Against a Knight at this level:
Note: I will laugh at you if you ever lose to a knight at this level. ROFL. jk
Second verse same as the first.
Gracious eddy first thing. Get back while he is frozen and use your fast attacks.
No matter the Knights build he wants to be close to you, so dont let him.
When a knight gets close to you, you should then cast Intimid Flash. This has some serious knockback and you can keep him from attacking you nicely.
A smart knight will use Insensibility at this point. It allows them to not be affected by Knockback. However, Knights hate the skill as it has adverse affects on their stats. If your lucky youll mostly run accross knights that havent put much weight in this great skill they have.
So you can use the time Intimid Flash is cast to get away as the Knight at this point will likely want to get away from you. (again barring he isnt using Insensibility.)
Either way, its time to move and cast fast attacks all the time, until Gracious Eddy is ready.
Wash rinse repeat.
Done right, the Knight will hit you with maybe 2 skills the entire duel.

Against a Summoner at this level:
You have heard Summoners suck at this level. Let me tell you right now. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM.
Summoners have some pretty devistating skills for your sheild. I dont know what its called but when they use the skill that uses both blades in furry of attacks, your sheild is going to melt, and its going to melt fast.
Currently I cant say what you should do against their different pets, but I assure you youll will do something different depending on what they have summoned. One of the pets, (I will make note of what in the future.) Will force you to not be able to move. This is devastating to us as it allows the summoner and his pet the close proximity that he loves.
If you can get Gracious Eddy out first thing it will lock the summoner into place and aoe his summon.
From that its fast attacks again until Gracious Eddy is ready.
Always stay away from the summoner and his pet.

Against a Bagi at this level:
Havent had the chance to duel one yet.
Wont be a much different fight than the knight though. Bagis dont have much in their skills to attack with, but what they do have is POWERFULL, and when coupled with their buffs you really need to stay away.
Use the same tactics for now to freeze using Gracious Eddy and fast attacks until Gracious Eddy is ready again.
I will update after I am able to duel one at my level.

Against a Hunter at this level:
Barring any major changes to the game, the Hunter is one of the most DEVASTATING Duels any other class can go up against.
If they arent the best in PVP they are damn close.
The worst part about them for you is, they are long range damage and you are mid range damage. This makes for an interesting fight.
Both of you will be a distance from eachother at all times and the Hunter will be trying to keep just enough distance so that your Skills will force your character to have to run closer before using them.
So my strategy for you here is to get in close as if you were a knight. Dont let them have that distance ever. No matter where you are the Hunter skills hit hard so staying close is your only chance at doing the same dps as the Hunter does.
Use Gracious Eddy first thing. Get in close while she is frozen and use your fast skills.
Do what you can from there to stay close while using the fast skills until Gracious Eddy is ready again.

So, have I not convinced you on Gracious Eddy? I sure hope I have, its your pivitol skill. Your major crutch really. YOU NEED IT!
If your going to use a 2 teired build make sure you include Ice and fire or Ice and lightning.

As it stands myself. I will be trying a Ice/Lighting build next. The fire tree seems a little less potent when dueling comparatively.
No matter your build youll want some fast attacks to go along with Gracious Eddy.

One thing I need to test more is Freeze Spirit, because it can allow a second freeze on your opponent. This skill is a bit tough though, youll have to be close to use it as it doesnt really follow your enemy, and it creates a blanket of ice directly in front of you. If in fact I find it useful, you can imagine how it would play out.
Gracious Eddy, fast skill of your choice, Freeze spirit to lock them into place again and then fast skills.
I will update you on this in the future as well.

All the talk I did on fast skills is really up to you. You will have to test each of the bottom skills to go along with the last skill in the tree in order to find your fast skill harmony. Still, Gracious Eddy is the pivitol skill. Youll use it in every build. Keep that in mind.

So did I say Gracious Eddy enough? LOL.

I hope you enjoyed my half legged guide to dueling with your Incar Magician. It will likely go through a lot of changes in the future.
This is just from my limited play time. I have some things that have come up since I started the character and havent had real sufficient time to test it and wont likely have much time as I go into the future. So take from this what you will. I still stand by Gracious Eddy no matter the outcome.

Credits go Carbonite.