Common Mage/PvP Guide

Staff vs Wand
Now from what I have gathered from the time I’ve been here, staffs are actually better throughout the whole game if you plan on upgrading your weapon with sockets. The difference between staff and wand damage is about 1-50 magic damage at about level 60. That’s including the damage added from extra spr and also takes into consideration the average damage of the weapons (wands have higher maximum and lower minimum attack, while staffs have lower maximum and higher minimum attack). If you socket your weapon completely and put all +36 magic gems in it, the staff will be better than the wand because it would make up for the damage difference and also staff has that added defense. Now once you get to around 66 you will start adding % gems instead and staff has that extra slot so it will add more damage than a wand as well. Also the % gems are based off ur base magic attack and would only boost 1 element type. now for that block rate. imagine if a player is hitting u for 1k damage ( which they will after all resistances and also PVP resistance) every 25 hits u will block it and temp disable em. thats 1k damage blocked and believe me u will get hit more tahn 25 times in a PVP. now imagine the 1k against the hp and shield u would gain from bein wand mage. the 1k damage blocked is greater than the shield and hp u miss out on.

Common skill build (and best in my opinion)
Go all 3, because it is much better. Don’t level your low level abilities. Level your masteries as much as you can, focusing on fire and lightning (leave ice mastery at level 1 it should be fine there) more since they do more damage. Try to use ice for its slow effects. At level 36, get all AoE’s and keep leveling your masteries. Don’t level your 36 abilities, just level your masteries instead. Level your buffs as soon as you can, but try not to level Magic Power until you get to level 50-60 at least. That’s when it’ll start to benefit you more.

Now for your lightning attacks hitting … You’re prolly not aiming right, because they will always hit if you do. You have to hit the mobs as they are coming at you or at least if they stay still for a while, so you will have to aggro them first.

When you get to level 51, don’t get your 51 abilities yet because they really aren’t helpful yet (your 36 abilities will do more damage and will cause more knockback since they concentrate damage onto 3 hits instead of expanding it to 6).

You can go staff/wand. It’s your choice, as there is not really much difference in both, although staff will be better in the end. At level 64, get 1 level of Energy Hammer because it is a useful spell no matter what other mages say. Most of them don’t even know what it really does and boast about how bad it is. Energy Hammer is a quicker casting Physical damage AoE like your 36 abilities, except it deals a little less damage than your 36 abilities if you have them leveled. If you have a staff, your energy hammer will be doin a lot more damage… It’s really good, especially if you’re a staff mage. Energy hammer also doesn’t cost a skill point SO IT’S RISK FREE!

At level 78, start getting your 51 abilities and at 81 you can get your 81 abilities. Only level your lightning and fire 81 spells not your ice until level 92, (level your highest abilities first and all of your buffs, max your masteries, keep putting stats in 81+ fire/lightning abilities, and put some into level 51 lightning ability and your fire 51 ability if you want). Just make sure to have enough stat points to increase your 81+ fire/light abilities, since they are more important than your 51 ones, except maybe level 81 ice ability… It doesn’t really do enough damage and the time it stays in effect stays same no matter how high its level.

You don’t even need to do a skill reset !!!

When you’re level 1-36, don’t PvP … You’re not going to win unless you fight someone a lot lower than you. If you do PvP, just try and get all 3 of your abilities out ( your level 16 ones and your level 27 lightning one. Don’t use Ice Spike, since its pretty useless with its huge cast time and low chance of actually freezing. Use your 27 Fire Blaze whenever a melee character gets too close.) Use your slow to slow melee and just keep kiting them for hits. Your knockbacks will help you a lot.

Now for level 36+, all you have to do is spam your level 36 spells in continous motion and keep doing it, hoping your knock back takes them out. I still use my 36 spells the most at level 66. They are very essential especially, since your level 51 spells are pretty weak until you get much higher up. For hunters, you’ll have the worst time. Just try and circle them whenever you fight them. They tend to miss a lot if you do that. Don’t run at them or away from them. Try and stay just close enough to do your spells. Against melee users, use Fire Blaze if they get to close, because it does cause quite a bit of damage really quickly. Against Segnales, I would suggest to get out of their Curse Field as fast as you can.

Now for when you do get to level 81, I would imagine the best thing to do is always have them frozen with your 81 ice ability and try and hit them as much as you can with your level 51 skills (which will do a bit more damage because of your magic attack increase) and your level 81 fire and lightning skills. At level 92, I would imagine you just freezing them with your level 92 ability and getting close to do Intimid Flash so you can get a buff for your lightning attack and spam your strongest lightning abilities. Then do your fire spells and other ones until your level 92 ice ability cools down again. Then repeat Smile.

Against a Bagi

STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!! i realy dun recommend pvpin a bagi at ur level since ull just hate urself for it. but heres the best thing u can do and has worked for me. now whats gonna happen is bagi is gonna buff up all the wya before u start the PVP. what you should do is when he sends invitation to PVP make it wait as long as possible that way his buffs will wear out mid duel. in the beginning of the duel during the countdown u should keep runnin away as much as possible then as soon as u can do infernal pillar (hopefully he wont land a hit in to interrupt if u keep runnin before duel starts ). then once ur far away he will take some time to come at u. thats when u cast gracious eddy (it wont slow em because of their ability but it will do a lot of damage ). then afterwards do intimid flash then 81 and 51 lightning abilities. then do ur 51 fire and ice then infernal pillar again and repeat. also it would be very helpful to be a staff mage since when ever u block his hit he will be temporarily disabled.

Against an AK

these guys are chicken feed. you should never lose to an AK even if he has +9 gear (well maybe u might lose). its the same thing as bagi. but what you can choose to do instead of doin infernal pillar first u can do gracious eddy first then get close and do intimid flash. after wards u do ur 81 and 51 lightning abilities then do infernal pillar (because he wil ahve gotten quite close by now). then do ur 51 ice and fire abilities (basically we are waiting for gracious eddy or intimid flash to CD). if ur eddy or flash have CD’d before u start ur 51 abilities go ahead and start doing them instead.

Against a TB summoner

summoners are really easy since they dont have any speed buffs at all and super low defense. against twin blade what u wanna do is start off with iintimid flash (u can actually start casting intimid flash before the PVP actually starts ) then start doin ur 81 and 51 lightning then do infernal pillar. u follow up infernal pillar with gracious eddy and start to hit him with ur 51 abilities till intimid flash is ready for use. now if the twin blade summoner starts running what u wanna do is first do Gracious eddy then do intimid flash first. ( u dont have to start off with intimid flash. u can do the same routine as u do against AK’s and itll work). their summons really wont do much against u.

Against a Staff Summoner

these guys will be just as easy as TB summoners. since they ahve low def any move u will do will most def knock them back unless they got lots of resistance. what u do is start off a little way off from them. their summon will start comin at you and what you should do is just use ur infernal pillar to be back up close. tehn do u gracious eddy to stuck him into place then you do intimid flash and 81 and 51 lightning abilities then do ur other 51 abilities if infernal pillar/ gracious eddy/ or intimid flash havent cooled down.

Against a Segnale

this is where infernal pillar will ehlp you a lot. u wanna save ur infernal pillar for when ever he casts ur CF so always keep it ready and dont use it before it. sometimes after u use infernal pillar u may still be in the CF so waht u wanna do is just run out of it. after that what you do is gracious eddy
then start to do intimid flash ( its range will usually get teh segnale ) then do ur 81 and 51 lightning then ur 51 fire and ice if he hasnt done his CF yet. and if he doesnt CF again just do gracious eddy and intimid flash + lightning.

Against a hunter

these guys are gonna be pretty hard to get but with ur high def u have a definite edge. i havent personally fought many hunters to get a good idea of how to fight em but heres what ive tried. hunters are faster than u so tryin to just chase em down wont help much. waht u wanna do is start off with gracious eddy then do infernal pillar to get close. then u start doin ur intimid flash combo then ur 51 ice and fire until gracious eddy is ready again. then u repeat.

at these higher levels ur pretty much gonna be tankin all teh damage since ull be casting spells most of the time. but if u ever arent casting a spell and u see hunters doing their arrow spell. the best way to dodge them is to run circles around em instead of running at em or away.

Different kinds of gems
A note on % gems and pyramids… Magic Attack Pyramids add damage per hit and not overall skill. % gems add % of ur magic attack as that element. so 5% with 2k magic attack would add 100 magic damage of the element per hit u do with that element. works best with lightning once u get intimid flash (itll boost that extra bonus damage even more).

Stat builds
For your stat build, try and go with the minimum stats for your weapon requirements and go full heal. Some people even go with lower level weapons and just go full heal. You just have to make sure you have enough mana to cast your spells off continuously, though. I’ve seen level 66’s with level 42 staffs and they pwn.

Known problems, glitches, and questions
Magic power doesn’t add only a certain amount of damage. It adds a set amount and a percent amount. It adds 130 magic attack and +5% at level 5.

Now if your lightning attack doesn’t hit, it’s because you have to aim it at where the mob will be. It won’t hit them if they move out of the way of it. I would suggest you first aggro it with your fire ability or your ice one.

Sometimes your buffs will cast but will not buff you. The only major problem with this glitch is that Mana Force won’t work sometimes, so I recommend you always carry some MP pots.

You can’t start PK’ing people with any NONDIRECTIONAL AOE MOVES. That means you can’t attack a white name person with your level 36 aoes, your level 16 fire and lighting, or your level 27 fire/lightning. What you have to do is make them turn purple/red before you can start using those AOEs.

Resistances are the trump cards to us mages. We will lose against someone with high high resistance, but not a lot of people will get that straight off. I hear our newer spells are all energy and they should help us out a lot more since they do buffs and damage. Our 98 spell is supposed to be the strongest and it deals water elemental damage which from what I can tell can’t be resisted, but we will never know when we will get it.

our 81 lightning and fire ability are known to glitch. the lightning one sometimes only hits for 1 and fire doesnt hit sometimes. level 92 fire ability also doesnt always hit all three times and only once. most ppl figure the cause of this is high ms/lag/bad computer specs. the abilities seem to work perfectly if ur really close to the person/mob ur attacking. the fix is to be close or just get a new set up.

Thanks to everyone that made this guide possible. This isn’t all me, so don’t give me all the credit. I am merely just putting it together.



Credits go rotcev13.