Full Guide on Temple Of Nunvice

Hello all viewers! This is my first guide, but I think I did really well with it. Please post feedback and suggestions, afterall this guide isn’t for me its to help everyone out that wants to take on this quest Smile.

Future Updates (Hopefully):

-Make this guide less bias of the IncarMage class and post it to help out all players!


NOTE: This Guide is made by me, everyones allowed to use/copy it however I really, REALLY rather not be ignored… it took me a fair amount of time and effort to make this and It would be really a shame if you didn’t at least mention I made it.

This guide provides both information for use of the level 36 AOE spells and information when not using the level 36 AOE spells. To accommodate for all readers. Smile

Note: This will FULLY EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN THIS DUNGEON, I SPARED NO PIECE OF INFORMATION! (Maybe I’ll post it somewhere else for everyone’s viewing pleasure, hmm)


(Use the search feature to quickly skip all irrelevant information and get to whatever part you need-This is used by pressing the Keys Ctrl + f, then copying the three letter/number combonation within the [ ] and then pasting the combonation within the search bar and finding the next combonation code located within this guide)

Note use of the * symbol is to signify a main section of the Guide.

*Basics! [V81]

*What each area requires/What to do [PLZ] *NEW*

*Bestiary [BST]

*-Skills [SKL]

1-Incar Mage Skills- Suggested skills [IMY]

2-Incar Mage Skills- Notp Suggested skills [IMN]

3-Incar Mage Skills- The AOE set (Level 36+) [AOE]

*-Theory Of The Dungeon (Battle Tactics) [TOD]

1-How To Attack a “Solo” Monster [SL7]

2-How To Attack a Group of Monsters [GR7]

*Pictures -HOT-[PC9]

*Tips/Tricks [T61] *NEW*


*-The Dungeon (Part You’ve all been waiting for) [TD0]

1-Spider Hallway [TD1]

2-TheCourtRoom [TD2]

3-MonistaryOfThePerkas [TD3]

4-Prelude To Treasure Maze [PTM]



Level requirement: Your character MUST be level 34 at least to enter the dungeon!

It really costs!: This quest requires 10k entrance fee to get in… however! AS many players have skipped over, you can easily make this money back and more by breaking open treasure chests (I’ve noted the locations here in this guide).

Where is this quest?: This quest is in requies, it is just like the temple of noobies, if anyone remembers that it is outside of LoaCastle/BraikenCastle, it was the oddly shaped “mystical” device. However unlike the temple of noobies this temple has no guard or npc to tell you to get in, you simply enter by clicking on the maze once you meet the requirements! Smile

Are there pkers in there?: No there is no pkers within this area, it is a safe zone.

Can a party enter this dungeon: No, this dungeon is a solo only dungeon, no parties/guild members may enter with you.

Can you talk in here…?: Yes you can, the chat feature is still enabled within this dungeon allowing you to talk to other players, they only cannot enter with you.

This quest features: Low level monsters with weak attack, defence and hitpoints that give LARGE amounts of experiance!
Following the previous comment after completing the quest you get 50k experiance! (wow!)

Suggested levels to keep doing this quest: I msyelf did it from level 34-52 on my summoner… but in the end its the same exp for all classes so I’d say stick to it till 52 ^^ or more as this quest is really great exp!

Suggested stat builds: Without a second glance you NEED hitpoints to do this dungeon. I had 50 heal and I still did not find it to be enough, these monsters can hit HIGH. As for stat build? Don’t ask me for it cause I don’t follow one. Just make sure you arent a glass cannon. Twisted Evil

[PLZ]-General information/Goals of each area.

This section will divide each of the parts of the temple and tell you what the “Major” goal is. This is helpful if you know all the other information and just want to know what to do in general.

First part (Entrance of the dungeon)

1.)Talk to Regena, talking to her will allow you to get in the dungeon.
(Timer starts after you talk to her once you really get in.)

In this area you need to kill the SpiderSoul (SpiderLord?) to move on.

In this area there are multiple things to do:
-There is a seal crystal you need to break (one of the two crystals the statue at the end talks about)
-You need to kill the SkullKnight (First one you see) to gain access to the laboratory (Killing the SkullKnight gives you Sign of Vasgallio)
-You need to kill LordKunda (Also known as the Purkas) to move on.

In this area there are multiple things to do:
-There is a seal crystal, you need to break it (this is the second of the two crystals the statue at the end talks about)*NOTE THIS IS OUTSIDE OF THE MAZE ITSELF*
-You must talk to the crystal and enter the Maze.
-In the maze you are required only to destroy all the crystals!

5.)(Goddess Throne)
In this area there are a few options…

First (The 50k experiance reward)
-Talk to the statue, this will reveal the two polls (which are required to be killed in order to recieve the final 50k exp reward!)
-Destroy the polls *Note if polls do not show up refer to abouve for information where they are/Dungeon Guide below*
-Talk to the statue again to get your reward. (Talking to it is not required in order to summon the final boss from the throne!)

Second (The Ring)
-Ensure you have all three items and proceede to the throne
-Kill boss



Within this dungeon you will encounter MANY diverse and unique monsters! This guide will help you know what youre up against.

This will go in order of Weakest to Strongest monsters you will see.
Defence stat does NOT apply to Magic spells cast by incar! The defence stat part can be skipped it is just for simple reference!

-Spider Larva: The weakest monster you will see within this dungeon, these feature no special attacks and deal Low damage.

Looks like=Blue Spider, small
Found at: Spider Hallway, Courtroom, and MonistaryOfThePurkas

Special=This monster has no special attacks

-Spider: The second weakest monster, this monster boasts the ability to inflict the poison status effect, however it has low damage and defence.

Looks like= green version of the SpiderLarve
Found at: Spider Hallway, Courtroom, MonistaryOfThePurkas

Special=Chance of Poison Status
More info thanks to dahmerke:Spiders special attack also causes slower movement.

-Sasquatch: The Third weakest monster, this monster boasts higher attack and the ability to do an attack, which will cause extra damage.

Looks like- The only person like thing you’ll be seeing for a while once you hit 34 *nods*/Person in a warrior outfit, carries a club.
Found at: Courtroom, Spider Hallway, MonistaryOfThePurkas, GodessThrone, PreludeToTreasureMaze

Special=Move inflicts extra damage, however nothing too mind boggling

-SkullKnight: Erm… Wizard would make more sense but anyhow… These monsters are MAGIC USERS, they have long range attacks. These monsters boast 2 diffrent types of attacks, a quick low damage attack and a longer time cast higher damage attack (I’ll assume the longer cast time/higher damage attack is their special attack)

Looks like= A human form wizard, carries a large staff.
Found at: MonistaryOfThePurkas, GodessThrone, PreludeToTreasureMaze

**The first one seen within the MonistaryOfThePurkas NEEDS to be killed in order to move onto the Laboratory within the MonistaryOfThePurkas! (Killing it will give you the SignOfVerlissio)
Atk=low… low…. range still is annoying >.>
Special=Higher damage magic attack, this spell however takes a while to be casted.

-SpiderSoul: The fourth weakest monster, this monster has no special attacks; however it has quite a large attack and hitpoints compared to the other monsters within this dungeon!

Looks like= Giant Spider, these seem to change colors depending on the enviorment they are in.

Found at: CourtRoom, as a required monster to be killed to Move onto the MonistaryOfThePerkas, as well as they make a show in the MonistaryOfThePurkas

**The SpiderSoul seen in the CourtRoom is required to be killed to move onto the monistary.

-LordKunda: A.K.A. Purkas? What is a Purkas… Anyhow this monster boasts around the same stats at the SpiderSoul, it has no special attack as far as I have observed.

**The LordKunda seen within the MonistaryOfThePurkas is required to be killed in order to move onto the TreasureMaze.

Looks Like=SpiderSoul with a SkullKnight ontop of it, the skull knight on top has glowing green hands
Found at:No where really, this monster makes a few apperances in the TreasureMaze and only one apperance as the Perkas in the MonistaryOfThePurkas.


-Frizkahn: ANNOYING *cough*…. These are the strongest monster you will see within this instance dungeon. These monsters boast high attack, defence, and hitpoints, along with a special move which is IRRITATING.

Looks like=Giant Woman with spider legs on her, has a yellow glow.
Found at: The final stage of the dungeon; GoddessThrone, as well as TreasureMaze in smaller quantities.

Special= “Lightning move” (?) This skill inflicts slower movement as well as a poison effect which will drain your hitpoints, however this spell has a sort of long casting time.

(Note I will add information about the Final Boss later, I have not collected much information on it.. at all) Smile

And You thought this was The whole guide after you read it? HAH! (lolerz)

This section will briefely go over spells I found usefull to this dungeon, as well it will point out spells I found unneeded or that would cause more trouble then good.

Incar Mage MUST skills:
-Fire/Ice Bolt spells [Thuder is useless due to short range](These are quickly cast, low mp costing spells and are typically the main “spammed” spell)
-Ice Wave-Probably the best skill you’ll find in your arsenol of power, Slows the enemy, has low cooldown time/casting time.
-Fire Blaze- In this dungeon you’ll find many monsters that will attack you head on/when you go to another area in the dungeon there may be a monster near you-This is a effective spell to stun ALL nearby enemies.
-Fire Ball-Has a effect NEAR chain lightning, however lacks the AOE effect range of chain lightning.
-LightningChase-Has an AOE effect nearby chainlightning, it also does considerable damage and has quick castingtime/cool time.

Incar Mage skills that I would NOT suggest using:
-Energy Bolt/Energy Jab- These skills are weak and have short short SHOOORTTT range, these are “suicidal spells”
-Thunder Bolt-You want to keep a long distance from your opponent in this dungeon, this spell however lacks the ability of long range; When fighting a Frizkhan long range is needed unless you plan to spam many hp pots!
-IceSpike-This spell has a long casting time, this will allow your opponent monsters to run up to you and get in close range of you, also the stun spell (I tried it myself in this dungeon) is not very long and will do next to nothing in the fights.


The Area Of Effect skill set. (Level 36 spells, LightningCircle, IceStorm, FireBoom Laughing )
Incar Mage skills I would suggest using after lvl 36… ALL aoe spells are effective, as they land 3 hits of high damage and have effective, fast cool down.. these skills are very valuble as I’m sure many people know and will form the base of your “Inbetween a rock Situation” spells.


In this dungeon you will see both large clumps of monsters, and solitary monsters (1 – 3 monsters).
This will explain battle tactics which are effective in disposing of the monsters you will come across.

[SL7]**When fighting a solitary monster here is the plan of attack I constantly use.
-First off I start with a stun spell- Ice Wave is AWESOME, it slows their speed and will allow you to throw a few more punches in
-Next I will hit them with a few bolt spells, CAST ICE WAVE AGAIN IF YOU DO NOT KILL THE MONSTER QUICKLY ENOUGH.
(Effective spells for these kinds of fights. IceWave, Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt, LightningChase.)

[GR7]**When fighting a group of monsters.
-First of all we need to think clearly about our own skills and level, if you are below level 36 or do not have the AOE spells gained at level 36 you will not want to charge in and damage every mob…

Below level 34 Tips/Tricks (it is do-able!)

-Pick off a solitary monster with an IceWave spell, this may take a while but in the end it will save you from possibly dying/spamming hp pots… use solo Suggestion as mentioned above. [SL7]

-Another method for below level 34 ways to tackle this situation would be to run into the group of mobs (As I’m sure we all have fond memories of doing this[Lol]) and once you get all the monsters following you cast FireBlaze and ChainLightning, until they are all dead. However I do not suggest this method unless clearly stated so Laughing


This is the section where I give you links to uploaded images on photobucket which may help give more detailed information on monsters/areas of the dungeon! This should help add some more spice to this guide ^.^

Note:If you don’t wanna risk using the links then your loss, don’t try and say I posted faulty links as I do not like my reputation being lowered for a untrue reason! Always check before you assume.

Anyhow happy viewing Smile!

**All pictures taken on my summoner, LordRenji
**Please ignore the chat, afterall that is not the point of the picture

1.) Overview Of SpiderHallway

2.)Overview of CourtRoom

3.)Picture of platform in TreasureMaze

4.)Picture of SpiderLarva

5.)Picture of Spider

6.)Picture Of Sasquatch

7.)Picture of SpiderSoul

8.)Picture of SkullKnight
9.)Picture of LordKunda

10.)Picture of Frizkhan

11.)Picture of Seal Crystal (located within MonistaryOfParkas)

12.)Picture of the Frizkhan statue

13.)Picture of the three frizkhans after you break statue Confused

14.)The Throne of the goddess

15.)WHOOHOO (Quest Complete)

[T61]-Tips and Tricks

Here I will add a few helpful tips and tricks for the general of the dungeon. These will most likely make it quicker and easier (easier for sure if it isn’t quicker) and should produce better results!

Killing things

-If you see a group of monsters even within a Solo battle mode area, definately use a aoe spell; this will cut allot of time off the final score in the end.

-*Big thing/Bug* In the temple there are many breakable doors (within the MonistaryOfThePurkas)… However if you are a ranged attacker (or have any ranged spell, melle attacks will not work) you can avoid breaking down the door and use magic attacks on the monsters behind the door (if you can click them). This definately helps in a few situations!

-*SUMMONERS ONLY* Summoners can make use of their pet as a “shield” within the last part of the dungeon (Where the three frizkhans all come at you at once.) This is the most usefull trick I think I’ve found. To avoid getting hit/damaged/aggro mobs all on you attack the poll and then allow your summon to finish it off (YOU MUST STAND IN THE CORNER, AWAY FROM THE POLL). This makes them all attack your summoned pet rather then you! (yaaaaaay)


-This area is comprised of a series of “switches” (aka crystals). Right after you break a crystal you can look around yourself and if you notice a slight change in the area (It should look like the platform is falling down[really….]) then run to that spot and that is the new way to go! Wink

-*Bug* You can attack the monsters on diffrent platforms (EVEN WITHOUT A BRIDGE BEING THERE) and kill them without them touching you *RANGED ATTACKERS ONLY*

-*Bug* Sometimes a new platform will be “unseen” and this will stump many people, and most likely make them quit the dungeon this round; DO NOT QUIT THE DUNGEON…! This is simply a graphic glitch, there is in fact a bridge there however it is invisable; keep trying to cross the “not yet unlocked InDunBridges” you WILL get one if you keep trying.

-Most bridges that appear are fairly close to the crystal that you just broke! Make use of the 3d part of this game and look around you too see where it lands. (and don’t run to the other side off the bat without looking Cool )

[TD0]-The Dungeon!

Heres the part where I break up the dungeon into parts and give effective tips on how to take on each step.
If you forget any of these steps or the theory of how to do some of the things I described before please refer to Theory of the Dungeon, [TOD]

[TD1] Part 1-Spider Hallway

This part features “Solitary” monsters, groups of 1-3 Spiders and Spider Larve, As well as a few Sasquatch leading into the room of TheCourtRoom [TD2]
Refer to Solotary Monster killing for tactics on how to deal with these monsters[SL7]

This area basically is as it says, a long hallway, this is the first location you will be at when you enter this dungeon after speaking to the fairy.

FOR AOE USERS: I would not suggest wasting the time/mp to AOE these monsters, they are weak and easily disposed of… and most of all they are fairly hard too make into a proper, large clump to even AOE.

[TD2] Part 2-CourtRoom

This room is the room found directly after the SpiderHallway, it is large and spacious.. and full of bugs!
(Ignore All 3 “doors/Whatever you want to call them”)

This room features, Sasquatch, SpiderLarve, Spiders, and a single SpiderSoul…
Note the SpiderSoul MUST be killed in order to move on!

Id suggest using Group Monster killing tactics in this dungeon until you’ve cleared it out some.. [GR7]

For AOE users: HERES the place to aoe, this is rather amusing watching them all splatter Laughing I’d continue using aoes until you’ve cleared the area… around the SpiderSoul, then target that SpiderSoul and go at with solo tactics [SL7] until it is dead, this thing does deal considerable damage and to ignore it and keep killing the rest of the monsters would be rather, forgetfull (Remember I said the area is spacious, meaning you can have 10 mobs on the other side of the room as you kill the SpiderSoul and not allert them until you feel like doing so!)

After clearing this room it is time to head on over to the MonistaryOfThePurkas… The “door” looks like a aged side table covered in many spider webs. DO NOT WASTE TIME GOING AND TRYING THE OTHER DOORS, THEY WILL NOT WORK.

Sing the melody and contiune on your journey

[TD3] Part 3- MonistaryOfThePurkas

[I will no longer have the little guide marks on the side of the word Solo and Group, these concepts should by now in the reading be known]

This is a LARGE section, and I would not be shocked if many of you got confused! This large section is divided up into smaller sections. THESE SMALLER SECTIONS ARE NOT IN THE TABLE OF CONTENTS AT THIS POINT IN TIME!!!!.
I will however give a small icon [TD3-1] to signify the position you are in….

I’ll say this now, follow this part of the guide especially well! If you do not you run the risk of forgetting a VITAL part of the dungeon! And possibly causing the loss of the final reward at the end..!

Monsters seen within this area split up

[HA1] Hallways-
Monsters seen:Sasquatch, Spider Larve, Spider
All monsters are Solo.

[RT1] Room Type #1-
Monsters seen: SpiderSoul x2
Monsters are Group format, however I suggest picking one off first as both at the same time can be overwhelming.

[RT2] Room Type #2-

Monsters seen: SpiderQueen x1, Spider Larve x1, Spider x1
Monsters are solo format/group, the spider larve and spider I’ve found do not usualy attack unless you get fairly close; the queen will often rush out at you once the door is broken down.

[RT3] RoomType #3-
Monsters seen: SkullKnight x1, Sasquatch
Incar Mages are great for this part! During this part there is a trick where you do NOT NEED TO BREAK DOWN THIS DOOR…. and you can still damage the monsters inside of the room, this is a well known trick used by incar mages and segita hunters. If You however choose not to do this and break down the door, prepare for a MAJOR group battle.

Aoe users should cast all aoe spells like mad, there are many sasquatches in this area and you will die rather quickly…

[SC5] Sacrifice chamber-
Monsters seen: SpiderSoul x1, Spider, Spider Larve
Monsters are GROUP.. and they will all attack you at once, be prepared before entering….
If you have AOE spells, use them here for sure!

[LE3] Laboratory-
Monsters seen: SkullKnight, Sasquatch
Monsters are GROUUUUPPP!!!! and will all attack you at once, be prepared before entering!
If you have AOE spells, use them!

[OMG] Purkas-
Monsters seen: LordKunda, SkullKnight, Sasquatch
Good luck… Make sure you are fully healed and buffered before entering, this is probably the second hardest trial in the entire dungeon.
For IncarMages/Segita hunters, there is the wall glitch again where you can kill many mobs without breaking the door down, this is VERY usefull in this part of the dungeon. Make sure you kill as many as you can before breaking the door down to finish off the survivors. Cool

————————— Back to the guide

First Part of the dungeon.

This Part is short and nice, heh. This area is comprised of solo monsters.. Refer to the top of this guide under Look here before reading on for monsters.
Take the first turn to the side when you enter.

First Room you will find
[RT1] This room contains a treasure chest in it holding a random amount of gold, grab this as it helps pay back the 10k entrance fee/pot money.
Exit into the hallway.


If you get lost in a paper bag, ahh >.<can>.<!)

Okay now you’ve completed one of the toughest things (If not the worst..) of this entire dungeon, and guess what? Your done the Purkas Monistary!!


Now exit the monistary quickly, you need to make up your time spent in here!
Now you will be back in the CourtRoom, run over to the door directly opposite of this and enter.

(Now the guide returns to normal[before the monistary of the purkas])

This is the room you are in after going through the door, this room features… a stone Laughing and a longer hallway.
However this is nothing comapred to what you just went through!!!
Go up the hallway and kill all monsters
Monsters seen: Sasquatch, SkullKnight
These monsters are all in solo format so this is a utter breeze

You’ll see another crystal, break it like the last one. This is another one of the sealing stones, you MUST BREAK THIS IN ORDER TO GET THE REWARD IN THE END… this is the last crystal you’ll be seeing in a while, NOT. (HOWEVER this is the last SEALING crystal.)

After breaking the crystal run back, and you’ll see the other crystal, trust me by the end of this, you’ll despise them allot. Talk to it (wtf?) and enter the maze.


NOTE: this guide cannot in any way cover the entire process of this level!!! This maze is random and changed every time you do this dungeon. You will need to figure it out yourself, however here are the tips about it!

In this dungeon you will see the following monsters: Frizkhan, and LordKunda.
These monsters are SOLO, and so not pose a threat.
One way for ranged attackers to dispose of these monsters is to range attack these monsters, as the monsters cannot run onto the other platforms, neither can you.

this dungeon is made up of a series of connecting bridges connecting platform to platform, these platforms however are missing a FEW (not all!!) a few bridges connecting them together. So what do we need to do? BREAK CRYSTALS!
Every crystal you break will result in one bridge being placed into the circut, not 2 or 3 or 4 or 5; that is simply a theory which is proven false.

Bugs you may find in this area/General “DOH!”
-Sometimes once you break a crystal there will be no new bridge found! However a bridge HAS BEEN MADE, only the game has bugged and made it appear invisable; meaning if you cannot find the bridge make sure you try EVERY spot which shoud have a bridge, it is shown by the name “INDUNBRIDGE”. This may take a while but it is better then restarting the dungeon!

-If your a ranged attacker you cannot hit the crystals even if you try, they are too far away and this is impossible, however the monsters are attackable. (lol wtf?)

Once your done killing ALL THE CRYSTALS, exit the maze using the portal. Once you see it you will know whatI mean by portal.


Exit the area using the door and reenter the CourtRoom.

[TGT]-The Goddess Throne.

This is the final room of this dungeon, congratulations again on making it this far.

Monsters in this room: SkullKnight, Sasquatch, Frizkhan.
Monsters come in both forms! Solo and Group, it is up to your better judgement to decide depending on situation.
This room has a large statue in the middle, talk to it (again with talking objects..) tell it you will break the seals.

NOTE: if she says you need too break the sealing crystals you did not listen to my guide, if you have extra time left over at the moment run back and go to [PTM] Prelude of Treasure Maze, OR go back to [SC5] Sacrifice Chamber and destroy the crystals inside there!

Once you select that option TWO stone statues covered in odd carvings of Frizkahns will appear… make sure before you even so much as think of touching a statue that you clear all mobs away from that area. Run to either side of the statue (its right or its left, dont run up yet). Clear the mobs as I said, and then run to the corner of the platform. This is the scary part, make sure you have full hitpoints and mp, and are buffed up.

Make sure your in the corner… and then break the statue, but be wary, once its broken 3 frizkhans will all come out! and All will attack at once. I’d suggest use of all aoe spells you have, fire blaze, chain lightning, lightning chase, and all 3 lvl 36 spells. This battle is rough, make sure to keep using pots and do not let your hp drop more then 800 for sure!
Also make sure you do NOT run, they will cast their special spell (as noted in beastiary [BST]) which will poison/slow you, making this method completely useless to you.

Following that there are now 3 Solo friskhans in the main part of the room, these are allot easier to handle.

Ahh was that fun? Good, cause we’ve got another one. Laughing

Repeat the steps mentioned above, good luck!

Once your done killing all the frizkhans, there are a few more monsters, behind the statue that I havent mentioned yet as most people will run out of time before they make it to do that section…

before doing this part MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD TIME, this took me about 2-3 minutes, make sure you have a spare minute as well to make sure you can run back to the statue and recieve your well earned 50k experiance!

This area is full of the same monsters as the GoddessThrone (before the statues were broken) and 2 added frizkhans.

Once your done killing all those it is up to you to take on the boss or not, I will add the boss fight to the guide later, however… I’m not brave enough to risk it yet Laughing

Run back to the statue and recieve your 50k experiance reward!

Congratulations again! You’ve Completed Nuvice dungeon!

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and I do hope that it has been a help for the many people who need too, and will later on take on this Quest.

Credits go th3doomz.