Karon’s Ship and Kerubim’s Nest Guide

Yea I mostly only play 2moons now for fun and to try to do Expedition Runs, mostly with iBunny. Throughout this Guide I mostly and refering to Expedition A Runs. I’m guessing with all the High Level/Fire Power people if they want can complete Expedition S. As for C/B…..well I have no fucking idea how they really are expected to finish it.

But unfortunately we always get stupid people that don’t know what they are doing and mess things up, so I’m going to make a Guide on how Expedition Works. So if people who never have done it before can at least know what to do. I haven’t finished Expedition Personally, but not being in a Expedition Guild Party, or in a Vent I have gotten pretty far with just some friends and random people as long as people pay attention. Farthest I got was inside Karon’s Ship but Time ran out.

First to start, for more information on Expedition go to this link:

2moons Expedition: Karon’s Ship and Kerubim’s Nest

Table of Contents:

1 – Expedition Types
2 – Steps Before the Expedition Run Begins
3 – How Expedition Run Works
4 – Expedition Movies

Expedition Types:

Expedition C – Level 1-80
Expedition B – Level 81-101
Expedition A – Level 102-120
Expedition S – Level 121+

First and most important thing before you even begin Expedition, MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO THE LEADER(S) if you are a Member of the Run. If you are a or the Leader of the Expedition Run, MAKE SURE YOU GIVE DIRECTIONS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. If you don’t listen and pay attention to directions given to you, it messes everything up for the Party. As Long as people Listen the Expedition Runs can be successful or if not at least get pretty far.

Steps Before the Expedition Run Begins:

Step 1: Are You Ready for Expedition?

Expedition is fun, but at least for Expedition A guys don’t come really unless you area good friend or over Level 105. The Exp isn’t great, and people usually do them for run to try to finish them. At the same Time Make sure you Bring some Ice Res Necklaces if you can. I’d use Ice Res Necklaces Up to Point 10 on the Map (you will see later on) and then Switch to Defense Necklaces.

Step 2: What Classes for Expedition

For the Most Part EVERY Class is Pretty Much important, but if I were to put a List from Most Important to Least, I’d say:

1 – Segnales
2 – Aks (S/S and/or Dual Axe Only)
3 – Mages
4 – Summoners (TB/Staff)
5 – Bagis
6 – Hunters

Now Personally I like to have each Class in my Party, but if I don’t have a Hunter or Bagi I won’t be extremely upset as having no Segnale, but they aren’t as important. Bagis are important for Tanking/Luring, but AKs can Kill Faster if they are Dual Axe and their Bounce is Very Important. Hunters are great DDs, but at the same time, having Low Defense makes them Risky to Have (Summoners Same, but they have other uses).

For my Parties I try to have at about 4-6 Segnales if I can (but 5 is fine if you can’t get 6). I’d like to have some Mages, about 2-3, but its not end of the world if we only have one or 2 or none. Aks are Very Important to have, especially a S/S Ak for Bounce/Defense to Tank/Lure, so I’d say have around 2-3 AKs if you can. Summoners are important at times so I’d say have a few handful if you can maybe 3-4 Summoners (more isn’t that bad but not too many). Bagis I’d like to have 1-2, or maybe 3 at most, anything more than that isn’t good because having AKs is more important. Hunters I’d like to have maybe 1-2 or so at Least.

Step 3: Getting 18 People for Expedition

Unless you have a Guild that wants to do Expedition, get Friends, and as many people as you can to come to Expedition. Unlike Crespo or Crevice, no one goes to Expedition really. Once you get people have them call friends/guild members etc. If you are trying to get people you can have some friends go to Loa/Parca/Python/Dead Front to try to get people to come to Expedition.

Step 4: Organizing the Expedition Party

Expedition isn’t some random people/classes in random Parties. Parties Purple and Blue are mostly Attacking/Damage Parties and Green Party’s Role is to Clean up Left Over Mobs and Kill Stones. For the most Part you should have at least 4-5 Segnales so Put 2 Segs in the Purple Party, and 1-2 Segs in the Blue Party, and only 1 Seg in the Green Party (or 2 if you get 6 Segs). Most of the Purple and Blue Party Should have Damage Dealers and some Tanks.

-Purple is the Leading Party out of all of the Parties so it should have the Best Segs and the Best Ak/Bagi in the Party along with some High Level Mages/Summoners/Hunters.
-Blue Party should have Mostly DDs and some Tanks. About 1 Ak/Bagi and the Rest are Mages/Summoners/Hunters.
-Green Party is where the Lower Levels usually go. Mostly the Low Levels who shouldn’t be in the font lines risking dying should be in this Party. Mostly I put Summoners, Aks and Bagis in this Party. Sometimes I do leave a Hunter or so here also for some Damage. Mostly they do Clean Up Work/Stones so Summoners are important because they can kill things, and I wouldn’t want an all Tanking Green Party.

Most Importantly Assign Leaders for Each Party. These Leaders will help the Expedition Leader by directing their Party and making sure people follow their Party’s Orders. At the same time if people get confused they just have to follow their Leader’s Orders.

Personally I Put the Leaders of Parties at the top of the Party List so people know who the Party Leaders are, and the Segnales so I can see if a Seg DCed/Died.

How Expedition Runs Work:

Map of the Expedition Map (incomplete):

For the Most Part here is the Map and the Stop Numbers I’m going to Refer to in the Following Steps (I included a bad colored paths for people who can’t visualize).

Expedition Step 1: The Start

Here is where Everyone Gathers Up and Gets Ready to Buff Up (etc.) Its Important that Segs FH each Person in their Party as Much as they can. Summoners should be using Agares or Anathema if they aren’t Level 108+.

Expedition Step 2: Run to the End of the Path

As soon as the Gates open for Expedition All the Parties should Follow Purple Party’s Lead to the End of the Path and they no one should attack until the Purple Party does at the end of the Path. If there are a few Mobs Left Over Let the Green Clean Up Party Kill them while the Purple and Blue Parties Regroup at the 2nd Gate and what for it to drop down.

Expedition Step 3: Don’t Stay Long

At the 2nd Mob in Expedition mostly Purple and Blue Parties Push on and slowly Move into the Mobs and Kill as Much as they can. Once there are a few Mobs Left Directions should be given for Purple and Blue to Move on while the Green Party Stays in the back and Kills the Left Over Mobs. This Method appears a lot in Expedition.

Expedition Step 4: Face Statues Means Gem Collecting Time

For most people, they may not notice that as soon as you kill all the Mobs in up to Point 5 on the map there is a new timer that starts in the Top Under the Expedition Timer. This is the time you are allowed to Collect Gems from Stones. For people who may miss this Timer just look out for this Statue because after this Point the Green Party should only be killing Stones and Collecting Gems (Expedition Party Set to Random). While Green Party only Continues to kill Stones the Purple and Blue Parties should continue on and kill mobs.

Expedition Step 5: Purple and Blue Regroup at Bridge

After Killing all the Mobs in this Area (or at Least Most of them, Green can Kill w/e maybe left), both the Purple and Blue Party should go to the Bridge, or Point 7 to Regroup and Buff Up. Segs Should really always FH people in their Party that Need FH, but from this Point on its Very Important this Happens as soon as they can. The Green Party Should remain behind and Continue to Kill Stones and Collect Gems and Kill any Left Over Small Mobs.

Expedition Step 6: After Crossing the Bridge

After Crossing the Bridge Purple and Blue Parties should Kill All the Mobs that are located right after you Cross the Bridge. Once those Mobs are Killed the Blue and Purple Parties should go to the Right path and Kill All the Monsters on the Right. Once the Green Party Finishes Up with the Stones they are to Cross the Bridge and Go Left and Kill Stones and Collect Gems, and Kill any Mobs Left there. Segs Mostly just FH and Hyper Heal here, and people Stay Close. A lot of people can die here if they go off alone and things get messed up.

Forgot to Take a Picture I’ll add Later

Expedition Step 7: Collect and Donate Gems

After All the Mobs are Killed EVERY Party Should be Killing Stones and Collecting Gems. At Around 1 minute and 20-30 Seconds Left to Collect Gems, EVERYONE Should STOP what they are doing and Regroup at the Bridge and then Donate their Gems. Unless the Stone is 1 Skill from Dying EVERYONE Needs to stop killing and regroup. Don’t ask me why you donate the Gems….I still don’t know, I just do it. The Npc is a guy sitting down Located at Point 9. After Everyone Donates Gems they need to Regroup and Buff Up at Point 10. Make sure you take off your Ice Res Necklaces here and put on Defense Necklaces

Expedition Step 8: 3 Paths, 3 Statues

Ok this is probably the One of the Hardest Parts when it Comes to Expedition. There are Various ways to go at this, and I’ve tried a few, but for now I’ll just post one way I’ve done until I fully get my other plan(s) to work well. As soon as the Gates Open you have about 5 minutes (really WTF way to short of time) to Talk to Each Statue. To Start One Person Needs to Talk to the Middle Statue Located at Point 14. After that All the Parties should stay together and Follow Purple’s Lead. The Parties will Start by going Down the Left Path to the Statue Located at Point 11. To talk to the Statue the Monsters around it must all be dead. As the Parties Slowly Go Down the Path a Tanker or so should run up ahead and lure some of the Mobs Back to the Party AOEing as they Slowly move down the Path. Segnales Make SURE all your Party Members have FH and make sure to just Hyper Heal. The Mob’s KB makes it Hard to Kill them, so just Drop a CF if you want but Segs should just be Healing/Hyper Healing at this Part. Summoners hopefully are Hybird or at least have a few Staff Summoners in the Party because the First Skill they Should use is Palpus because Slowing Down the Mobs is Very Important so that other people can kill them without being KBed. AKs as SOON as you can should be Bounce Defending so Stay Close for the Bounce Buff because its a Life Saver at times. Continue this Method for the 2nd Statue in the Middle Path to Point 12.

Expedition Step 9: 3rd and Final Path/Statue

Ok at this Point after Talking to the 2nd Statue you should be at the Beginning or in the Middle of the 3rd Path. Now it would be nice if somehow you can kill all the Mobs and talk to the Statue before time runs out, but I so far haven’t found a way thats possible. At this Point don’t rush, stay close and Segs Heal and Aks Bounce and Summoners Palpus when you can. As soon as the Timer Ends for not talking to the Statues in Time ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. As soon as the Timer Runs out all kinds of Butcher Monsters will Appear. Kill them all in that 3rd Right Path and Continue Down the Path. Once you get to Point 13 leave someone in the Green Party (this is where a Hunter is nice) who can stay there and Talk to the NPC Non-Stop until you finally get the Go that all Monsters are Dead so you can Talk to the Statue (Apply This plan to Statue 2 at Point 12 if time wise you don’t Talk to the Statue before the Butchers Spawn). While the Someone in the Green Party Stays at the 3rd Statue the Rest of the Party should Run Back to Point 14 and Kill Mobs in that Area and Head Towards the 2nd Statue (Middle Path) and start to kill Butchers. While Most of the Party Stays close and does this a Tanker (AK/Bagi) should try to run instead to the 1st Statue (Left Path) and try to Lure all those Butchers back to Point 14. By the Time the other Parties Killed all the Mobs in the Middle Path they should be back at Point 14 to Kill the Mobs the Tanker Lured (if not just Lure them to where ever the Party is). Once the Member(s) of the Green Party can Talk to the Statue(s) after all the Mobs are Dead a New Path to the Beach Opens and Everyone Should Regroup at Point 14 (where its nice a Hunter can Run fast back to regroup).

Expedition Step 10: Finally at the Beach

First if you actually make it this far congratz, because with a lot of screw ups and DCs most Parties usually stop their Expedition Run at the Statues. Once at the Beach all the Parties need to Stay Close and AOE/Kill the Mob at the Start or Point 15. Once that Mob is killed Purple Should Lead all the Parties Slowly Down the Beach. As the Party Kills the Mobs a Tanker Should Run up ahead and Lure a handful of Mobs Back to the Party (be careful of the Archers cause they hit Hard and the Stun De-Buff) Unless you are a Tanker or Told to Run a head stay with the Party or Follow your Leader. Once the Tanker Returns with the Mob Summoners use Palpus to help Slow the Mob down to save the Tanker and Segs at this point just FH all the members of your Party, but most importantly the Tankers First. AKs Continue to use Bounce as well when you can.

Expedition Step 11: The Mini-Boss Talos

At the End of the Beach you will Reach the Mini-Boss Talos at Point 16. Be careful because he can Hit Hard. Again Similar plan where mostly the AKs/Bagis Tank and AKs Bounce when they can and Summoners Palpus and Segs mostly FH/Hyper Heal. Summoners should be Hitting and Running because he can hit hard at times. Hopefully one Summoner is Smart and has a Level 5 Anathema and should use it here, while the Other Summoners can use Agares (or maybe Muspell). Segs also please De-Buff the Boss when you can. Towards the end when he starts to die he does an AOE Move where he Jumps in the Air and Slams on the Ground. This not only is an AOE Move, but its Similar to Bounce Defender where your Camera will change Position and you will Lose the Targeting on him, so be careful and aware of this. After Killing the Boss Talk to the NPC so the Party gets Transported to Kanon’s Ship.

I don’t have a Picture yet so I’ll add Later

Expedition Step 12: Kanon’s Ship

Once you are on the Ship make sure every Member has FH and everyone Buffs up. As soon as the Lever is Pulled Tanks should Rush into the Middle of the + Intersection and Tank the Mobs. Summoners Use Palpus to help Slow them Down Following with a DA. Mages/Hunters try to keep your Distance and Kill the Mobs because they can Hit Hard. Segs if you want Drop a CF but mostly just Fast Heal and Hyper Heal as Much as you can. Once this Mob is dead Move on the to Left and Continue with Tankers tanking and using the same/similar method.

I don’t have a Picture yet so I’ll add Later

Expedition Step 13: The Boss of Expedition Harold

I haven’t personally gotten this far so I can’t say anything yet.

I don’t have a Picture yet so I’ll add Later

Thats Pretty Much Expedition for you and the CQ Board is apparently at the end after the Boss. I don’t think I know any Expedition A party to Complete Expedition A so far, and I only know some S Parties have. I hopefully will eventually finish the Expedition so I can finish the rest of this Guide, but for now this is all I got. I always and looking for smart/good people to join my runs and can most importantly LISTEN and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Feel free to join one of my runs if you want when I set them up.

Expedition Movies:

Here is the Movie of the Farthest I’ve gotten in Expedition A and what Steps go with what Part (a Hunter Lures strangely at the beach btw idk how Sleepy0ne did but w/e just so uno). And I forget to Donate Gems….oops w/e, this was one of my Earlier Runs. I also do a Different Plan at the Statues btw. Its another Plan I had and I think can still work but I need to work on it more.

Steps 1-4 2moons Expedition A Part 1
Steps 5-7 2moons Expedition A Part 2
Steps 8-9 2moons Expedition A Part 3
Steps 10 2moons Expedition A Part 4
Steps 10-11 2moons Expedition A Part 5
Steps 12 2moons Expedition A Part 6

If you have Comments, ideas, opinions, or questions on anything here feel free to ask. I know I got way more work to do, but with school I haven’t had as Many Expedition Runs as I’ve wanted lately. Usually if I can I do runs on Fridays or Sundays if I can. I hope this at least helps people who have no idea on how Expedition works or have Never done Expedition before. Or if anything I hope it helps people who want to try to Lead Expeditions, because without a good Leader you can tell you aren’t going to go anywhere. As soon as I finish Expedition I will Update this Guide or if not at least picture wise I will try to.

Thanks a lot mostly to iBunny for helping me being a Co-Leader of my Parties and helping me to get people/learn about Expedition and how it works. Taught me a lot and now I hope this Guide will help a lot of other people out there.

Credits go blackfox321.