Mace Guide


For all you lower lvl ak’s who have thought about going mace build for whatever reason’s id like to make somewhat of a little guide for you all just a basic outline of what would make a good pve based ak Razz, but also able to hold your own in pvp, as i said hold your own warning to all no you will not the best pvper out there but if you play your cards right will hold your own ^^.

Ok to start off with my first suggestion, do not be like ” omg i wanna wtf pawn with my pure str rawr” because a good pve’er needs survivability and us ak’s are pretty much the best for it with our shield skills bounce defender and blind jab, so going max heal would be fitting, just enough strength and dexterity to use your current lvl weapon and rest into heal ^^.

Now For the question EVERY ak will ask someway through his career, Rhombus or % gems for your weapon. My suggestion for this is that until about 72-78 use rhombus’es because your base damage will not be that great, and after that start using % element gem’s any kind will do EXCEPT Fire do not use first sooo many mobs are fire resistant its not funny. So use Posion, Ice, Lightning, or Curse. Most ak’s tend to use Ice or Lighting tho Razz.

For jewelry and wat to put in armour, Use Defence necklace’s at all times lol again dnt go rawr imma rape you with my damage and use damage rings the def is btter. and for EarRings i use 2x lvl 100 str earrings gives like extra 200 dmg Razz. AND ALWAYS I REPEAT ALWAYS used medials in your armour D:.

Now for the Skill build Being a mace means that you want to be pve based, meaning that you want to focus more of being good at killing monster’s simple enough. For this you need your GOOD aoe’s maxxed as much as possible. By good aoe’s i mean that one’s that are actually worth your skill points and will keep doing nice damage throughout your level’s. Examples of bad Aoe’s are Whirlwind the 2 hit wonder tiny damage and tiny damage area :/ not worth your points and definately not needed being mace you wont even have space for it on your skill bar. Another example is the 1 hit wonder Jumping crash our first AoE the one to help us at the START and that is where it stays again tiny damage tiny radius not worth a macer’s point.

Descriptions of Ak’s Skills To do with a Mace Ak’s Need’s: BUILD Mace Shield/ 2h Mace

Mace Mastery: Pretty much a no-brainer to maxx this out boosting your damage with a mace by 30% when maxxed

Mace Bash lvl 7: hmm this is our lvl 7 skill lol do not lvl this is up nothing else to it

Armour Breaker lvl 27: i personally like this skill its 1 hit wonder yes and not an aoe, BUT it also does decent 1v1 dmg, and when maxxed decrease’s there defence by 17% when maxxed. and has a chance to stun. But it is not a must you decide if you do or do not want this skill lvled up.

Heavy Blow lvl 51: I love this skill, 2 hit aoe with a nice radius and nice dmg when maxxed, and VERY quick cooldown time of 6 seconds AND AoE stun on all mobs it hits ^^, what could be better for pve aoe stun every 6 seconds? definately Maxx this as much as you can for your lvl.

Solar Evil lvl 80:This is our lvl 80 skill, 4 hit aoe with a very sexy Animation, Does good aoe dmg and has a chance to stun each hit. Again Maxx Whenever you can.

Strength lvl 10: +15% max hp, MAXX IT !!!!!!!!!!

Jumping Crash lvl 15: No lol do not want for mace your better this *slaps*

Whirlwind lvl 36: Again dnt even think about it your a macer now *slaps*

Soulknight lvl 64: One of the most recognised AK skills Nice dmg and AoE range, Maxx it whenever u can ^^ .

Divide Spear lvl 97: Our new skill Very Happy looks cool, and Does nice damage and Aoe Range again maxx whenever u can .

Agility lvl 10: hmm to be honest i see no use in it lol, never have but some like to maxx it iono +5% block rate didnt really do much for me but your choice for this one.

Wind Rush lvl 20: We got a speed buff use it. maxx when you can.

Attack Excelleration lvl 30: ahh us ak’s really got blessed with this skill, +44% critical rate, +15% attack, and +19% attack speed ( for normal attacks only :/) Its a must maxx when you can.

Strengthen Health lvl 25: This is Skill is meh, +250 hp for ten seconds its cool that we got a hp regen skill, but it kinda fails esp at high level. But you can maxx if you really want i believe waste of points tho.

Insensebility lvl 45: Our Rage against the machine skill, we become a terminator nothing can kb us >: D, great for pvp and helps in pve so maxx whenever u can ^^.

Shield Mastery lvl 16: Give us more defence when we use our shield, but im pretty sure its glitched because ive heard a lot that lvl 5 doesnt add anymore than lvl 4, but anyways lvl as much as you can.

Shield Shove lvl 29: No you do not need as a mace ak lol *slaps* do not touch leave lvl 1

Blind Jab lvl 51: OUR UBER TANK SKILL, this thing is godly +80% defence for 4.5 seconds awesome for pve tanking bosses and such and pvping, BUT i say leave at lvl 1 because the Defence increase does not increase from lvl 1-10 and your going for pve right? so leave those points for aoe’s.

Bounce Defender lvl 91: another reason why we are the best of the best in tanking, A 3 hit strong aoe with party buff at the end for 16 seconds, which gives up to 75% immunity to monster’s, But it does not help against other player’s. Your party and you will love you for it, Maxx whenever you can.

2h mastery lvl 18: +75 defence when your using your 2h mace yes maxx it people.

Triple Attack lvl 29: Very bad aoe a macer does not need this skill lol, leave it for other ak’s to use

Beserk lvl 51: Some love it for its damage buff and its physical damage adn also its single target stun. But some hate it for its slow animation time. But personally i say maxx it its a good aoe and good damage mine atm with my +0 lvl 105 2h mace does about 5.2k-5.5k each hit so it does do nice damage.

GENOCIDE lvl 91: this skill is really worth the wait, by far an ak’s hardest hitting skill and most of an AOE :O, its godly huge damage big radius and defence debuff. Great pve and pvp although the first 2h are avoidable but our stun make’s up for that ^^ >: D. Maxx Whenever u can.

Here’s an example of a good pve based Mace skill Build at 109: (the one i have right now xD) Mace shield/ 2h Mace.


And also if some mace knights are wondering ” Oh All these greats and skills But where to put on my Skill bar hmm *scratches Head”. The best option is a pvp bar and a pve bar. instead of just listing then ill just post s/s of them lol the ones that i use and they work well.

This my pvp Bar
And This is my Pve bar

PVP Section Surprised

As i warned earlier you will NOT be the best pvper out their sad but true. But if you play your cards right you can hold your own against other classes and other ak’s. First some Pro’s and con’s about mace’s in pvp. Im gonna be honest lol.

1. Stun’s Stun’s Stun’s Great against hunter’s Keep them in place.
2. Defence Debuffing we have two skills that can decrease our enemie’s defence
3. Ive heard People Call us the “Crowd Control” fitting now >: D Damage and stun whole groups of your enemie’s Definately a great help in group pvp/pk situation’s.
4. Suprise lol A lot of people will not expect you to be as good as you seemingly ” Taking you for a fool”. and Also a lot of people do not even know what mace skills look like or do. i cant remember how many times someone has asked me to do heavy blow or solar evil.
5. Damage our great pve damage does cross over somewhat into the pvp realm we do decent damage not the best tho but decent.

1. Slow animation time. a few of our skills are not the fastest to be completed.
2. Defence, our defence cannot get quite as high as other builds, such as sword with their sword defence.
3. Our skills were not made for the soul purpose of using them on other player’s remember that. they will do “OMG WTFFFFBBQ DAMAGE”
4. We dnt have the most hp or shield compared to other builds, so u will have to be a bit more stragetic to overcome foe’s.
5. Mace is a very easy build to absolutely fail in pvp with if u dnt know what your doing.

Now on to strageties:


Every class need’s a different stragety to overcome dnt just think you pull out ur big 2h and expect to wtfpawn them with your damage there’s more to it then that. Also you need to be able to switch weapon’s fast in pvp’s or as a mace ak your dead. :/ And USE INSENSE FOR EVERY PVP ITS INVALUABLE!!!!

Class Strageties:

TwinSword Summoner’s:
Hmm I would have to say one of the easier classes but if they know what their doing it can be a hard fight. Now this is the lineup i suggest to use against a summy remember u have to do weapon switches very fast. All their skills are Physical based, which means that blind jab works a charm in helping you to tank them. but when bj runs out they will hit you hard. So using Blind jab as much as possible is a must. here’s a example lineup.

Blind>Bounce><color>Geno<color>Blind<color>Armour Breaker>SolarEvil<color>Blind><color>ArmourBreaker>DivideSpear. And after that they should be dead or close to but if they are still alive switch back to shield use blind again and then back to 2h and pull geno again that should do it.

Staff Summoners:
Hmm Umm i havent really pvped any yet so ill go around and pvp some staff summoner’s and work wat kinda game plan you need.

These girls hit hard and all elemental damage. So Blind jab does nothing but piss them off coz our’s is lvl 1 Surprised. So basically just brute force power and kb them as much as possible they are easily kb’ed pretty much any skill will kb them. And also with mage’s The new Game mode switching system helps a lot at the start to give a little bit of an edge. its a bit tricky to master tho. you the Press Shift +z to go into A mode the countdown to the pvp. start doing bounce on the mage with 1-2 seconds left on the countdown and when the pvp start they will be hit by the rear end of Bounce making them lose target on you they will not see it coming. BUT if this ONLY works if they start the pvp next to if they run then dnt even bother with this technique. if they run press folo on the to kept close and use bounce as soon as fight starts. here’s an example. ill use them starting right next to you bounce technique as example because most mages do that.

Countdown start bounce with 1-2 Seconds left they get hit by rear end<color>Geno>Armor breaker>Solar>Divide>heavyblow>Soulknight. and not many mages could take much more then that. they should be dead ^^.

Im gonna be blunt with these Guy’s will beat u up lol. they are VERY hard for a mace knight especially, because of slow animation times. Ill try to pvp some int he next few days to atleast get some kind of idea what might work.

The kiter’s, They Will Run, We will Stun. These are the 2nd DD in the game other then mage’s. BUT key factor is that they are physical damage, and low defence and hp. So they kb easily. We have 2 things that make us deadly to hunter’s. Insensiblililty and Stun’s lots of stuns. To be honest havent pvped them that much to have a definate game plan so ill get around to pvping more ^^.

Basically the same as mage’s, but the difference’s that at the start they will most likely use the paralyse skill to catch u in there cf,so wat u shoudl do is set follow on them and use heavy blow just as it starts so they will not get to far Surprised then unleash hell basically.

Other Ak’s: Basically the same as Sword summoner’s all physically damage will be a good fight ^^.

I will be adding more and to this section once i start pvping more.

Well that is basically all i can think for a mace ak, Hope its enlightened you about mace ak’s Surprised and sorry that the pvp section isnt finished yet only got my ak back like 2 weeks ago Razz. Anyways any question’s or just wanna talk about things feel free to post in this thread : D happy lvling for all fellow ak’s.

Now Get out there and Smack Something. (old s/s xD)

But dont end up…

Credits go edelmania.