Nunvice Shrine Guide

Nunvice Shirine
Ok, I know that there is a lot of guides about this,but I doing this anyway.
I include some important information and dungeon walkthrough.

1.General Information
Nunvice shirine is located in Reques Beach and a popular training location for levels 34-50.
It is a solo dungeon,and if you comlete it you gain also money income.

-Lv 34+
-Dungeon cost 10k DIL.


-Begin the dungeon by talking to Regena(The little fairy).

The Lobby

-Go down the hallway(kill spiders if you level 34-they are good exp),get to the Lobby and kill Spider Soul there.
-Go left(on map) and enter the Monastery.
-On the right side there is a Wooden door,Break it and kill 2 Spiders Soul there.Also there’s a treasure box there.
The treasure boxes dropes 2~6k DIL ,some Great Health poitions and Mana too.Also there’s chance for Lv 40 rings/Necklace.
-Now you need to kill 4 Spider Queens that located behind 4 Wooden Doors(The locations of this rooms mareced on the map as 1,2,3,4).
-After you killed all 4 Queens you can enter "Chamber Of Sacrafice" that located near to the 4 room.Destroy the seal stone there.
-Go south and enter the room marked as SV on map.Kill all monsters there.
-Go west and enter the Labartory(Marked as LR on map).
-Break the next 2 wooden doors and kill Purkas(Just a big Spider).
FACT: Spider Lord got a 2% chance toi drop Copper Argate.
-Once you killed him,Go back to Lobby and Enter Training Ground of Space(Just go foward).

Training Ground Of Space
NOTE:This part is hard to understand if you are a new player.
-Proceed the Way South and destroy the Seal Stone up there.
-Go back and talk to Training Stone.
-This part is A 8×8 platforms which connected by bridges.Some bridges will apear the you destroy stones.Once all stones destroyed and you got Relic of Goddess,go thought the yellow portal and back to the Lobby.
NOTE: This is a good money part…
-Go north and enter Inner Part of Shirine.

Inner Part Of Shrine
-Go ahead and talk with Sealed Statue Of Goddess.
-Go left,Destroy the Statue.Then you destroy it 6 Frizkahn spawn(3 near you and 3 not….)
FACT: Frizkahn got a 2% chance for Copper Argate drop.
-Repeat same thing on right side.
-Talk with Statue of Goddess to complete the dungeon!

Bonus OR Boss Wink
Along with your Jorney in Training Ground of Space you get:
-Relic of Goddess(Fang)
-Relic of Goddess(Thread)
-Relic of Goddess(Gem)
-Once you get 1 of each gem you can face the dungeon boss-The Vine.
-The place then you can summon the boss located in Inner Part of Shrine-NORTH!!!.
-Talk to Thronn of Goddess to Summon the boss-After you summon the boss the timer auto set on 10 min.
-Once you killed the boss you recieve The Soul Ring,which is great for Summoners.
FACT: The boss got a 40% chance to drop Copper Argate!!!

-50k exp for complete the dungeon.
-25k~40k DIL from treasure boxes.
-Chance of Copper Argate from monsters inside the dungeon.

5.Strategy for Summoners
This dungeon is easy for Summoners,you can complete it with no problem.
Use your pet-Aldebran and you AOE’s.
With some practice you can comlete it by level 36(41 is easy with Blade Dance).

Credits go to blackfox321.