Skill guide for tri-elemental incar

Revised and revisited Wink . Played the way a mage should be: Tri-element.
I took out energy bolt, because I didn’t notice how short of a range it had compared to other spells when I first wrote a guide. Someone coined this spell as a "suicide spell" and thought that was funny.
Well this build is based on what I’ve learned. i still have yet to try out energy hammer, but I’m getting it for the fact that it is the only new spell from lvl 51-81.

no more maxing elements masteries until the lvl 81 spells, as I found out that having maxed element masteries only raise the lvl 51 spells and below a little bit (200-300 damage only, I still killed the same mob in the same number of spells with level 1 masteries) So you can save a lot of SP from leaving them at 1 and you only lose an insignificant amount of skill power.

My build changed also. No more "wep requirements and the rest in heal". I just simply keep my SPR exactly double my HEAL stat. I find this to be a "magic" ratio where I deal heaps of damage and tank heaps of damage Wink I don’t keep good builds to myself either.

I’ll use a different method this time, grouping levels by 10s, and offering purports for the lvl 51+ levels.

1-10: get all 3 bolt spells, mana force lvl 1, and energy mastery level 1.

11-20: get all of the lvl 16 spells, keeping them all level 1. gain seize nimbus. keep putting points into energy mastery.

21-30: gain all lvl 27 spells, once again keeping them all level 1. continue add points to sieze nimbus, mana force, and energy mastery.

31-40: gain all lvl 36 spells, keeping them at level 1 for now. continue to max energy mastery, seize nimbus, mana force.

41-50: begin putting points into lvl 36 aoes. sieze nimbus should be maxed by now. also max energy mastery.

51-60: learn all level 51 spells. get lvl 36 aoes to level 7. Now you can max the lvl 51 or lvl 36 skills at this point. so it would look like this at level 80: lvl 36 spells all level 10/ lvl 51 spells all lvl 5. OR lvl 51 spells all level 8, and lvl 36 spells at lvl 7, and one 36 spell at lvl 8. it’s your choice. Either a pvp focused build or aoe. I personally would choose maxing out lvl 36 aoes.

61-70: get one point into energy hammer if you want to see it, its the only new spell until lvl 81. I can’t comment on its usefullness, i’ve never had it but its gotta be worth at least 1 point. I read that its a melee physical attack. But maybe its very usefull like it greatly knocks back the enemy or it has great range. Besides energy hammer, continue on your path that you chose from lvls 51-60: max aoe or pvp spells.

71-80: continue on your path on maxing out the aoe or pvp spells. These are the hardest levels as you want lvl 81 spells so badly Crying or Very sad but just hang in there, with lvl 10 energy mastery, maxed mana force and nimbus and strong lvl 36 and 51 spells you can make it.

81-90: reset skill at lvl 81 to get this build: max out all masteries: fire, ice, lightning and energy. get one point in all active elemental attack skills. max out nimbus and mana force and magic power buffs. I know that you may feel weak because you completely stripped lvl 51 and 36 spells of all their points, but due to the maxed magic power buff and maxed out masteries, you can remain powerful even with level 1 spells. Also, due to maxed masteries, the lvl 81 spells immediately gain power as if they where level 3 already!

After this build I had still had 7 points left, which I used to boost energy hammer to lvl 5. The problem is I haven’t used EH before, so certain players may want to max out energy hammer or some may not use it at all. therefore from this point onward, there are 2 different builds that exist: one without EH, and one with EH. I think a lvl 64 spell should be usefull since the GM give it to you at such a later level. I guess if you don’t use energy hammer, you can boost your spell power by putting extra points into lvl 36 and 51 spells, after all there aren’t many other places to add more points to.

91-100: Continue to keep lvl 81 spells maxed, and get lvl 92 spells also keeping them maxed. If u wish too, max out energy hammer, there are definitely enough points to max it.

100+: There isn’t much else to do except putting points into level 81/92 spells. Feel proud if you made it this far because now you are the class with the highest damage per second ratio in the game.

Credits go vishnu2012.