The Almighty Guide for dual/2h axe version 1.0

How about we start with the basics. Have you ever asked yourself if you wanted to hit harder? How about if you wanted a near endless chain of AOE’s. Have you’ve thought to yourself "I’m tired of using a shield and want something new"?

Well i have your answer.

2hA/dual is probably damage wise the most powerful class for a knight. The high str will have you hitting high on any class in pvp. How about for 90’s? You’ll be rocking red at lvl 97 on A’s.

This class combines the speed of dual with the strong, effective skills and powerful AOE’s of 2n axe.

How about i explain a little more?

Table of Contents
1.Propaganda/Table of contents
2.Stat builds
3.skill builds for 91/97/105/115
4.What to do with points till 115
5.pvp strategies/combo’s
6.My knight


I’ve gone through a ton of choices and These should be best.

Choice 1: Heal build
Put enough str and dex to weild your next weapon. Then put the rest into heal. You will have around 8.2k hp at lvl 102 without wings. Which is mighty high with that amount of damage in your hands!

Choice 2: heal/str hybrid
I am currently doing this. Have enough dex and str to wield weapon, then do either 3 str 2 heal or 3 heal 2 str. Less hp than
heal build, but higher damage.

Choice 3: str build/glass cannon
This is for the knight who want’s to hit the hardest. This build will bring the true power of the 2h Axe out. Lowest hp of the builds, but highest str and damage of the bunch!

Glass cannon: enough dex and str to wield weapon. make sure to have at least some healt. I’d say 10-30 would be nice. Then pump all of the rest into str.

Str build: I haven’t heard too much, but if i am correct it is enough str and dex for weapon. Then go 4 str and 1 heal. More defence and heal than glass cannon, but still hitting pretty hard!

Skill Builds

This is a hybrid pve/pvp based build. You’ll have an endless skill chain of AOE’s at 97.

At 91:

Take not all skill tables at MMOsite have the power strike set at 1 automaticly. DO NOT LVL UP POWER STRIKE IF YOU RESKILL. DO NOT EVEN BUY THE SKILL AFTER YOU RESKILL.

Also with this build depending ont he way you want to go. You can either max insenibility or keep brandish at 5 and progress insencibility Along the lvls.

Now for the table…

To start with you should look like this
92-up buff of choice or brandish/berserk
95-up sonic and igen
96-up geno and spout
97-get divide

Now at 97 you should be like this

100-up sonic and igen
101-up geno and spout
105-up spout,geno,igen, and sonic

Here is you at 105

107-up divide
109-up geno and spout
110-up sonic and igen
112-up divide
113-up geno and spout
115-up igen and sonic

And Finally here you are at 115

This is a more pvp based. You can switch the incense points with brandish to go more pve based.

If you have any questions or if i am wrong in any way reply or pm me. i’ll fix it pronto.


Probably one of the most spectacular things about this build is it’s power in pvp. Even all classes, wars, even siege!

Pre pvp: Always do insensibility before every pvp. That means if you have a request sent, cancel and cast it then send or ask for another request. i’ve just found it mandatory.

So pre pvp: Insensibility, Then while match countdown begins: Attack acceleration and wind rush.

1. Segs: These are easy. At 105 you can take a 120 seg if good enough.

This is probably on for a 95+ whip built seg.


This is sorta my main. I use sonic at end because of blow chance and that will leave less hp for the eblade to finish off.

2. Hunters: Challege, but will win 9/10 if you work hard enough. Want to maximise slowing,stunning, and kb with dmg.

For a kiting hunter:

Non kiting:
eblade-divide*switch*-sonic-geno*switch*-spout-igen-eblade-divide*switch*-sonic or geno-*switch*-igen-geno

3.Summoners: High dps, aviod dark avatar if summoned. For this you can tank or do the "lay DD" method.

Tank method:
Use the same method as the non kiting hunter, you want to do as much damage as fast as possible.

Lay DD method:

make sure you land a skil, and avoid Dark Avatar and their AOE skills.

4.Incar Magician: a hard class for knights, but you can prevail with this build. Remember same as summoners, watch of their AOE’s and use your hardest hitting skills.


This should be enough. If not then just fill in eblade or divide and that should do the trick.

5.Bagi Warrior: Probably the most fun class to pvp, while the hardest, but don’t give up. You’ll hand them a beating.


Take note i repeated skills because of the knock backs. So you can repeat skills. You have to pay attention, so when you see a non kb skill lay a spout or geno as fast as you can.

6.Knights: yes i saved the best for last. Seeing how a/s knights are all the rage, I’ll do a combo that has helped me out for them.


That should be enough, if not use spout, igen, or geno.
Note most knights use bounce mid battle, so so either sonic, or geno should be placed during it, so you still lay damage. Most will tank hits, that is good because your damage will out do the defense they have.

Take note, these are from past experiences. I have rebuilt and gone more for an AOE build and stopped pvping. My main goal has been lvling.

So if i am wrong or if you have any tips/ suggestions. Let me know and I’ll fix it pronto.

My knight

In Game Name: hitiuga
Server: Trieste
level: 109

My skill table: This is the simulated version for pvp for when i hit 110.

My pvp/main bar

My pve/buff bar

Pics of my knight

This is hilarious to me…

Microsoft paint ftw

My vent mates said this would be funny, so ima post it!

The Almighty Conclusion:

Yes, you’ve reached the end of my guide. All the experience and knowledge i gained first hand. This is a combination of a hard hitting knight with the power to tank any boss. You’ll see shield doesn’t always equal power, it’s how you play it. Remember enjoy your knight it’s your character, do what you want.

Credits go to hitiuga.