The Segnale Guide For Your Character

This is a General Guide to playing a segnale. I figured I would write one up for those that are having trouble figuring out what to do. Most if not all of this information comes not only from my personal experience, but also from moderators and other players that have played Dekaron and 2Moons.

Note: You will have to be a little choosey when selecting your skill and character stats. The reason for this is that you do not get enough points at the beginning levels to spend them everywhere. At the later levels however, you start to accumulate more and more points. With that being said there is some guidelines that you can follow to efficintly minimize mistakes.



You get exactly 5 points to allocate in any stat that you wish every time that you level. There is no stat cap as of the date that this guide was written either.

There are a few ways that you can go here. You should know by now that the weapons have stat requirements, and ours are Dex / Spr. You will now have a choice as to where you want the remaining points to go. I can not tell you "the best" way to go because there is a lot of room for flexibility in that area.

However, myself and a lot of players decide that with those remaining points that are left over (after we allocate the points we need into our weapon req.’s) should go to health.

The reasons for this are listed below.
#1 Having a high health stat will ensure that you don’t get interrupted nearly as often.
#2 Health increases that green bar as well as your health bar, so in PVP (and PvE) it will help you survive MUCH longer.

Note The other popular build is to put the majority of the remaining points into dex. This however will make you more of a glass cannon, so keep that in mind if you decide to go that route.



There are a lot of opinions on how to spec your character skillwise, and like the stat point system this can be modified widely to fit your personal taste. At the endgame you have enough points to get just about every single skill maxxed out. However, untill then you are forced to choose wisely as I pointed out before. It isn’t untill your very high level that you start getting more points than you know what to do with.

The popular build ideas are listed below

Heal / Blood Build
This build gives the player the damage of the blood, yet the support role as a healer/buffer. The buffs that Segnale get are the best in game. This is a pretty safe build because it allows you to do some damage, yet allowing you the option to play a role in groups.

Curse/ Blood Build

There are a few variations, but the idea is to spec heavily (if not all) into these 2 trees. The main concept underlying this build is to pvp and deal damage. Leaving the healing and buffing completely behind, and simply focusing on dealing as much damage as possible. However the curse line spells as of now have extremely long casting timers which limits this builds functionality.

Healing/ Curse Build
This is mainly a party healer build. It is not reccommended to spec this route if you primarily solo kill. The Curse line gives some great skills, they are centered around debuffing mobs so others can kill it quicker. Therefore, players that wish to do this also put points into the blood line spells that have "curse" effects. This route is for PURE party play. Again however, the curse line spells as of now have extremely long casting timers which limits this builds functionality. Although speccing heavily into the Healing tree makes you a very popular, effective, and flexible healer.

Note I simply outline the poplular build options that you may decide to use. I only wish to generalize and do not want to place bias on any one build type. If you have fun with a build you put together and feel it is effective than that is exactly what is best for you. This may or may not work for all players.



Ok, this section is here to help you decide what skills are necessary. I am going to try NOT to put my personal beliefs into this section, but outline popular biases that other experieced segnales have had. This is the area of the game that allows you the player to put your personal "flare" on your specific Segnale.


Healing Mastery- This skill increases your passive mana regen, and most players decide to max this early on for that reason.

Self healing – This is a good skill to use while grinding solo mobs or in pvp. Its the most mana effective one to self heal with. The players that do decide to get this, usually put only one point into it (untill later levels), so they can self heal without switching targets.

Wound healing- This is a good skill to use early on if your grouping or duoing. It is the most mana efficient single target heal we get. It is a good heal to use if you don’t want to waste mana overhealing your tank, or if you simply need a fast heal.

Hyper heal- This is a truely magnificent heal. This is our area of effect heal. Anyone within the casting radius get the heal. However if a player wanders out of the radius before its cast is done they won’t get the effect. Likewise, if a player is outside the radius, and at the last minuite runs into the radius they will get the effect.

Recover- This is your resurrect spell. Most players only put one point into this, more points reduce the resurrection sickness and its duration.

Fast healing- This healing is your healing over time spell. This spell is amazing.

Dark Circle This skill decreases your mana over time and adds curse to your attacks. This skill is a good buff because it makes ALL your attacks curse based, and so the curse mastery skill will stack with it. Your build will determine whether or not to invest heavily into this buff.

Rising guard } I will cover all of these at once. The single target heals are generally more powerfull at later
Majic Shield } levels, but require you to cast them one by one. They are not needed to obtain the AOE
Increase attack } ones.

Great Guard } The AOE buffs are usefull in parties because it makes buffing real fast, however they are
Divine Shield } more mana costly, and generally weaker at higher levels. Most players prefer these.
Amazing attack }


Curse Mastery- This spell increases the attack power of all your curse spells. This means that all your curse based attacks in the blood line will do more damage as you put points into this. It also increases the potency of curse gems when using curse based skills. For more info on this see the section below on Gems.

Decrease Attack- Reduces the enemies attack. Long recast

Diminish- Reduces the enemies defence. Long recast

Anti Majic- Reduces the enemies Majic attack. Long recast

Paralyze- Causes the enemy to be "rooted" to the ground. You need at least one point in the other curse spells to get this one, and its very popular at the higher levels due to its reletivly long duration (or short duration depending on who you talk to).


Blood Mastry- This increases your HP regen rate. Its reccommended umong players to max this out, but save the points early on for more important skills. The reason for this is because you can heal yourself already, so its not as important as other skills at lower levels.

Ruins skull- Your fist skill what a joy! Its utter crap (lol), and most players don’t even put another point into this skill ever.

Death Side- Your first physical "root" type skill. Its effect is only long enough to get distance quick, get off a quick heal, or use another skill in succession to gain distance. This skill does decent damage, but later on you’ll get dread nail which has the same effect but more damage. Most players put only one point here and wait for dread nail.

Backdraft- This is your first curse based attack. It also happens to be the shortest recasting skill you’ll ever get. Its also one of the only skills you can use at a good distance to "pull" an enemy toward you. If you like this skill putting more points into it is fine. Some players put only one, and some keep a few points into it. Its up to you.

Blood Hit- This is one of your biggest physical hitting skills. As you get more points invested into it, it hits for more times and more damage. One thing a young player needs to realize though is that if one of the hits are blocked the rest of the combo is stopped. Nonetheless, no one will argue that this skill is a deadly one at all levels. Again, if you like this skill putting more points into it is fine

Vampire- This is a physical attack that Hits the enemy once for good damage, and heals you over time for a good amount. This is another fine skill that is up to your discretion as to how many points to allocate toward it. Because Blood hit and others are soo popular though, players may want to wait till higher levels to start investing.

Dread Nail- This is a curse based attack that also "roots" the target to the ground. It hits for 3 times. Its one of the highest single target curse based damage spells we have, so keep that in mind when deciding if you want to put one or more points into it. Its also a very fast casting spell, and does not get interrupted as often.

Evil Spear- THis is part curse attack and part physical attack. It has the potential to hit multiple enemies if you position it right. Its recasst is just above that of backdraft which means its a very fast casting spell, and its also part curse based which means curse mastery stacks with it. Oh joy!

Curse Field- This is our Curse based Area of Effect. This is argueably one of the best AOE’s in the entire game. It contaminates the area with curse for 10 seconds. This is one of the best skills we get. Puting points into this is a wise investment.

Evil Crow- This is also one of our high damage attacks. The First and last hits are curse based and the rest are physical attacks. This skill hits for six times, and does real good damage. Puting points into this is a wise investment.

A skill calculator is located here to help you decide what skills you can get at what levels and how to allocate them



Some of you may know this already, but it warrants repeating here. Segnales are not your average healer, and as such I felt as though a few tips were needed that apply to us.

—>To target yourself in order to use Wound Healing or buffs, press the letter E on your keyboard.
—>To Switch between hotbar 1 and 2 press the letter Z on your keyboard.
—>Make sure you never stray too far from your tank. If you rely heavily on Hyper Heal then this is vital because tanks have a habit of being out of the healing radius at the last minuite.
—>Keep your health bar under control first and foremost! You can always use Recover on them later if they die, but if you die then they have a long run.
—>Attack the Monster! Segnales do good damage and people know it. A wise Segnale will know how to attack, and at the same time monitor the health of the party.
—>Don’t be afraid to step back for a minuite when the going gets tough to concentrate on healing and buffing. We can attack and do damage, but no one else can fill the role of a healer. If you have to step back in order to keep the tank from dieing, then politely do so, and when the situation is under control resume your havok.



This section is geared towards teaching you how to upgrade your weapons using Gems. This area of the game plagued me for weeks before I was able to figure it out. I wanted to create a section to help those that are in the same bind that I was. Keep in mind that the system holds true whether its a Gem, Ring, necklace, inherent bonus on blue majic armour, or any other form.

First lets define a few things.

Magic damage- A broad catagory of damage. All damage is comprised of 2 main catagories; Magic and Physical damage. Magic damage is comprised of 5 subcatagories.

Element damage- The subcatagories of magic damage. The subcatagories are poison, curse, lightening, Fire, and ice. Spells often will tell you in the description if it deals this type of damage.

Physical damage- A broad catagory of damage. Auto attacks and skills can deal this type of damage. Spells often will tell you in the description if it deals this type of damage.

Some Common Bonuses you will see

Type Gem……………………………………..Auto Attack / Physical based damage skills / Curse based damage skills
+ X increased Magic Damage ……………………. no……………………….no………………………………………….+
+ X increased Physical Damage ……………….. +………………………….+………………………………………….no
+ X (ice,fire, Poison, or lightening) Damage…..+………………………….+………………………………………….no
+ X Curse Damage………………………………… +………………………….+………………………………………….+
+ x% Curse Damage ………………………………+………………………….+………………………………………….+

summary explanation It kinda all makes sense if you think about it.

—>"+X Increased magic" will only increase your magic attacks. The same holds true for "+X increased physical damage" gems.
—> The "+ X (ice, fire, Poison, curse, or lightening) Damage" type gems, add that type of damage to all your physical attacks. However they will also add that damage to your spell ONLY if it deals that type of damage. The same rule applies to the "+% + X (ice,fire, Poison, or lightening) Damage" type gems as well.
—> Note that Segnales get a bit more benefit out of the curse type gems naturally because we use Curse Damage in some of our spells. The same holds true for other classes that deal a specific type of damage in thier spells.
—> +% Curse Gems stack with each other when they are added to your weapon.

Curse type gems- Curse Mastery does work with curse type gems in a different way when it comes to curse spells. You will see more of an increase in your curse spells when you use curse gems. This is because the +x curse damage gets added in to the spell damage, and then the Curse Mastery comes along and multiplies that damage by its predefined %. This does not hold true for your physical attacks though because if you remember correctly, curse mastery only works on spell damage.

BIG Note: This information was all tested by myself and confirmed by others. Keep in mind a few things though. No one on the 2Moons staff has ever confirmed this to the best of my knowledge. If you find I made an error somewhere, I will have to ask you to please give me concrete proof using the same parameters that I did. I used all the same weapons and they were ALL white without bonuses. All the weapons I used had only the gem appropriate to what I wanted to test inside of it. I used the doors in the temple of nunvice because they have no resistance and no defence and no armour at all. So the damage you deal is just raw damage based on the games alogrithmic codeing.



Remeber that there really is no wrong way to build your segnale if your having fun. I hope that all of these areas of the guide served to help you, and that they continue to do so. Thank you. Arrow

Please, if you have a problem with something here, try to remember one thing. 2Moons is not your average game where 1 system works and it is superior to other systems. There is a lot of room for personal player taste that works for some and not for others, so please try to be respectfull for the rest of the Segnale community.

Credits go hatebrood.