TwinBlade’s TB main Summoner Guide

OK,I decided to make a full guide for summoners, as all other guide are out of date now.

Going to include all stuff you need to know about how to play summoner.

Table Of Content:

1. Introdiction

2. Leveling Guide

3. What Quest To Do?

4. Skill Build

5. Stat Build

6. Information About Gear

7. Tips About Dungeons

8. Dead Front

9. Seige

10. Expeditions

11. PVP Guide

12.Pros And Cons Of Summoners


1. Introduction

Ok you here if you choosed Summoner as your class,and you want to know how play it well.

I introdice here all info you need to know,and also some mini guides for Dungeon/Dead Front/Expedtion.

2. Leveling Guide

Here are place for you to level:

Lv 1-5- Stay in Braiken or Loa whether you started and kill monsters outside the castle walls.Easy and fast leveling.

Lv 5-12- Head to North Morte/Ares and kill mosters here.

Lv 12-20- In LV 12 do the Maze of Newbies dungeon-You recieve a 3 day veteran amulet that help, after it stay in Denebe and kill Monsters there.

Lv 20-25- Head out to Castor Cave 1st Floor/Norak Cave, kill archers there, easy exp.

Lv 25-34- Here you got 2 choices- Go Reques and solo there or go Heiharp and party up there(you also can solo in Heiharp)

Lv 34-48(50)- Make yourself good Gear and head out for Nunvice Dungeon in Reques.Really fast leveling till 45.I recommed doing it till 48,but if you want you can do it till 50.

Lv 48(50)-55- Head out for Norak cave 2nd Floor and pt there in + room OR go Castor Cave 2nd Floor and solo there.This levels really slow do some DF,it’ll help.

Lv 55-60- Head out to Crepso, join a 88 party or solo yourself while doing CQ/Quests.Normal leveling speed.

Lv 60-65- Head for Treasure of Crepso dungeon,try finding high level who do full C for you, or get some other low 6x people and do fast C.Really fast Leveling.

Lv 65-70-You got Accses to Draco,but it don’t worth till 70.This levels Continue do full C, and also you can join fast B partys.

Lv 70-80-Slow levels.Do fast B runs,Commsion Quests in draco desert(the 70 and 75 ones).Level 77 you can go Reques 2-Good exp and drops there.

Lv 80-85- Head to Python and join FE or FW party.Also can do fast A runs but they kinda low exp.

Lv 85-90- Continue training in Python or Go and farm for L3 in Avalon(soloing).

Lv 90-97- This part you got acceses to Magic Field of Crevice dungeon.DO it (B runs) good exp.Also farm for L3,earls vouchers in Avalon.

Lv 97-115- Annoing levels.In 97-100 do B/A Crevice runs,Avalon,Farm for Vouchers in Tomb,Maze and Earls,Duke DF.

Lv 115-130-Becoming really hard to lvl.Abyss dungeon sucks(BUT do it lol-no other good choice),Farm in Maze and Aqua for Dukes and do DUKE DF’s.

Lv 130+- Just farm for Arc vouchers in the new maps(Aqurrai Ruins and Space of Pirlamage), and do Arc DF.

3. That Quest To DO?

Here I explain about quests that you MUST do.

-The Chamber of Goddes Quests(Get from Kata in Parca).

-The Reques exp quests.

-The lv 60 Bosses quest for Legendary Helmets.

-Lv 85 Dark Eye quest.

-Lv 100-Lord of Avalon quest-you need it complete to farm later on Favnil.

-Wings quest(Lv 102)

-Lv 115 abyss dungeon quest(you need to it if you want do Abyss DP’s).

4.Skill Build

Ok this section have 2 parts-the skills explantion and the skill build.

A.Summoner Skills

NOTE-The skill ranking is only my opinion and relates to high level(130+).

Lv 1 Cross Hack(All Weapon)-Really simply skill.Hits twice one opponent.Rank: D-.

Lv 5 Twin Mastery(Twin Blades)-Increases you Psyhical attack.Passive skill(Works always).Rank: A.

Lv 5 Vicious Mastery(Staff)-Increases your Magical Attack and posion resistance.Passive Skill.Rank: A.

Lv 7 Blade Spin(Twin Blades)-Fast skill,damages one opponent 3 times.Rank: C+.

Lv 7 Evolt Shot(Staff)-Shots posion on opponent,and posions him for short time.Good for luring mobs that away from you.Rank: C.

Lv 7 Fishing Mastery(Fishing Rod)-Allows you to fish.AS in the last update catching argates by fishing was canceled this skill isn’t recommened to get.Rank: D.

Lv 12 Spirit Dagger(Twin Blades)-Summoning sword/s and throwing them on the enemy/s(AOE).As the skill level become higher the number of summoned swords increases up to 5 in the last (10) level.Rank: A.

Lv 12 Vicious Thorn(Staff)-Summoning Thorns to attack the enemy.Posions and slow down the opponenet for a short time.Rank: B-.

Lv 15Libido Mastery(All Weapons)-Increases the hp recovery and critical rate of Libido Summons.(Passive Skill).This skill have been nerfed and don’t worth to be leveled now.Rank: D.

Lv 15 Beast Mastery(All Weapons)-Increases the hp recovery and the block rate of Beast Summons.(Passive Skill).This skill have been nerfed and don’t worth to be leveled now.Rank: D.

Lv 15 Tarantula(All Weapons)-Summons the Tarantula.Good pet to have for low levels,Posions the enemy.Rank: C+

Lv 15 Grewpain(All Weapons)-Summons the Grewpain.His special ability is to slow down the opponent.Rank: C-.

Lv 21 Blood Bats(All Weapons)-Summons Bats to attack the opponent/s(Liner AOE).After the skill is casted,your hp points gets increased(Healed).As the skill level higher the ammount of hp being healed increases.Rank: B-.

Lv 30 Skin Of The Foreing Realm(All Weapons)-Buff.Increases the defence,and reflect part of the damage back on the opponent.(Time 2min).Rank: A.

Lv 32 Devils Wing(Twin Blades)-A 7 times fast and heavy damage skill on 1 enemy.Rank: B+.

Lv 32 Venom Light(Staff)-A 2 times hitting skill against multiple enemys(Splash AOE).Rank: B.

Lv 36 Aldebaran(All Weapons)-Summons the Aldebaran.Nice pet to have,got a chance to stun the Enemy.Rank: B.

Lv 36 Regulus(All Weapons)-Summons the Regulus.Got a chance to elctrolize the enemy.Rank B.

Lv 41 Blade Dance(Twin Blades)-A 4 times attack on all nearby enemys(AOE).Rank: A-.

Lv 41 Increase Posion(Staff)-Summons a Tatum that drops on the ground and explosives after 2~3 sec causing heavy damage on all nearby enemys(AOE).

The number of summoned Tatums increased as the skill level become higher,up to 3 Tatums at level 10.Rank: A-.

Lv 52 Posion Sword(Twin Blades)-Fills the swords with posion energy and shooting it towards 3 times,causing posions on the enemy/s.(Liner AOE).

This skill also add you a posion damage +% buff,That increases as the skill level become higher.Rank: A.

Lv 52 Summon Ghost(Staff)-Summons ghosts to attack multiple enemys around the target 4 times(AOE).Rank: B+.

Lv 58 Tentator(All Weapons)-Summons Tentator.A great pet,Got a -% posion resistance debuff,and got a Splash AOE attacks(Always).Rank: A.

Lv 58 Selaime(All Weapons)-Summons Selaime.Nice pet for PVP.Got a chance to burn the enemy/s.(Some attacks,NOT all are splash AOE).Rank: B+.

Lv 74 Shadow Revenge(Twin Blades)-Summons a Twin sword Summoner that using his swords to attack all nearby enemys 5 times(AOE).

Cool skill,also add a buff-Psyhical range resistance is increases(VS Hunters).Rank: A.

Lv 74 Infected Earth(Staff)-Creates a posion Sphere on the ground,causing damage to all nearby enemys and make them toxynated for 10 sec(AOE).

Really strong 1 hit skill.Rank: A.

Lv 83 Anathema(All Weapons)-Summons the Anadema.Nice pet for DP’s,uses splash AOE,and got a chance to debuff all enemy magical resistance.

Anadema have a skill-Sword Vigor(AOE).Rank: A.

Lv 83 Bregon(All Weapons)-Summons the Bregon(Dragon?).His attacks some kind of splash AOE(but it sucks-NO AOE almost).Got a Chance to lower enemy defence.Usefull in PVP and in DF Ksing.Have a Skill-Boomerang(Liner AOE).Rank: B.

Lv 87 Vicious Mirror(Twin Blades)-Your’s first cosmo.Attacks all nearby enemys 5 times(AOE with huge range).Rank: A+.

Lv 87 Hell Burst(Staff)-Your’s first cosmo.Summons the messanger of hell that attacks all enemys near the target 5 times(AOE).Rank: A.

Lv 97 Dark Avatar(Twin Blades)-Summons the guard of the foreing realm,inflicting heave damage to huge area 9 times(HUGE AOE).Rank: A+.

Lv 97 Palpus(Staff)-Summoing Paplus that inflicting posion damage 4 times(HUGE AOE).The opponent(PVP only) loses ability to use skill for 1.2 sec,

Loses his all posion resistance.Also for PVP and PVE slows down the enemy by 50% for 5 sec,and posions him.Rank: A+.

Lv 108 Muspel(All Weapons)-Summons Musfel.Got 3 types of attacks-1st normal,hitting one enemy,2nd small AOE,lowering enemy defence,and 3rd,the most powerfull-BIG AOE that stuns all enemys around.Musfel have skill-Force Wave that makes all nearby mosters attack him,and increases his defence by 80%.

Rank: A+.

Lv 108 Agareth(All Weapons)-Summons Agareth.Got 3 types of attacks-1st one 1 hit AOE with small range+posions the enemy,2nd-Bigger AOE+lowering enemy Max HP,and 3rd-Mini Summoning ghost spell-BIG AOE.Agareth got a skill-Meteor-A HUGE AOE.All enemys that around will get a posions gas(WHAT??? A buff that makes your posion attacks hit them X3 harder!!!-Usefull with Paplus).Rank: A+

B.Skill Build 

Here I explain the recommended skill build for Main TB Summoner.

Note 1:There is some non-updated icons on the skill simulator,but that’s that I got… Sad

Note 2:You will need 2 reskill only once… Wink

Note 3:Get Libido pets for low level’s-Easyer to level with them.

Lv 12:First AOE!


Ok.This part is really simply.Level Twin Mastery as it increases your attack.Leave Blade Spin at level 1,as you get more usefull skills later on.

Lv 32:Set up!


You’ll max Twin Mastery later on, And spirit dagger now 2 hit aoe.Don’t level Tarantula as you don’t need it later on.Get Blood bats But leave Lv 1-It is usefull in low levels but later on you need this points(You got only 1 reskill).

Lv 41:New AOE!


Continue add points into Twin Mastery,Spirit Dagger and Devils Wing.Get Aldebaran-I checked(Maybe not true,but i think it’s nerf Canceled!!!).Blade Dance good and fast AOE which is make Nunvice easy.

Lv 52:Check up!


Well… Wink You getting stronger…Your new skill -Posion Sword rules like you.This level’s Summoners just PVP and PVE kings…

Lv 74:New Skill!(Finnally)


For more than 20 levels you wasn’t getting new skills,BUT here is the new skill Shadow Revenge-Huge Range AOE with nice animation.

Also you got your AOE pet-Tenetor which is nice…

Lv 87:First Cosmos!


Here you got yor first Cosmo—–> It Pwns mostly.Also you got Anathema pet which is usefull for DP(party dungeons).

Lv 96:Check up before reskill…


Here is how your skill build need to look like before reskill.

Lv 97:Reskill Time!!!


Ok you have reskilled.Now you TB main Hybrid staff Summoner.You got some kick ass Cosmos,The Beast pets and dropped Skills that you don’t need anymore.

Also I suggesting get all staff skills at level 1(not a must!).

Lv 108:New Pets!!!


That’s it.You got your cool level 108 pets-Musfel and Agreth.From now you’ll know how to level your skills and everything is simple.

Here is my Build that I using now(Lv 136):

That’s it skills section done.

5. Stat Build

Ok there are a lot of possible stat builds ingame,BUT as we want to build the best PVE and PVP summoner here i explain the hp stat build.

Some usefull tips and notes(True only for summoners):

1.Each level you getting this stats:+20 HP,+6 MP,+4 ATK,+2 MATK,+2 DEF,Max Shield +70.

2.Each Str point gives you:+3 ATK,Each 15 points into Str you get 1% Critical rate.

3.Each Dex point gives you:+4 AR,each 15 points into Dex-1% Guard rate and 1% Critical rate,and every 100 Dex points you get 1% block rate.

4.Each Heal point gives you:+20 HP,DEf +1.5,Max PK shield +25.

5.Each Spr point gives you:+8 MP,+3 MATK.

Here explanation about that stats you need to put as you level:

DEX- Don’t put any points into Dex,Summoners don’t need it.

Spr- Add just enouth spr for your Twin Blades requements.

Str- The Str should be for your Twin Blades str requements too,but add always 2~4 points higher than it.

Heal- All remaming points shuold go into health-WHY?- You need to have high hp to be a good soloer,and for better tanking in DF/Dungeons.

Lv 1:Strength: 4 Dexterity: 3 Health: 4 Spirit: 4

Lv 7:Strength: 12 Dexterity: 3 Health: 22 Spirit: 8

Lv 12:Strength:20 Dexterity: 3 Health:35 Spirit: 12

Lv 18:Strength:29 Dexterity:3 Health:50Spirit:18

Lv 24:Strength:40 Dexterity: 3 Health: 66 Spirit:21

Lv 30:Strength:50 Dexterity: 3 Health:81 Spirit: 26

Lv 36:Strength:60 Dexterity:3 Health:96 Spirit:31

Lv 42:Strength:67 Dexterity:3 Health:114 Spirit:36

Lv 48:Strength:75 Dexterity:3 Health:132 Spirit:40

Lv 54:Strength:85 Dexterity:3 Health:147 Spirit:45

Lv 60:Strength:95 Dexterity:3 Health:162 Spirit:50

Lv 66:Strength:102 Dexterity:3 Health:180 Spirit:55

Lv 72:Strength:114 Dexterity:3 Health:193 Spirit:60

Lv 78:Strength:120 Dexterity:3 Health:213 Spirit:64

Lv 85:Strength:135 Dexterity:3 Health:227 Spirit:70

Lv 95:Strength:150 Dexterity:3 Health:254 Spirit:78

Lv 105:Strength:165 Dexterity:3 Health:281 Spirit:86

Lv 115:Strength:180 Dexterity:3 Health:308 Spirit:94

Ok and now stats that you need to have Lv 130:

Strength:205 Dexterity:3 Health:347 Spirit:105

This part is really simply nothing more to say.

6.Information About Gear

Ok this is a big section, and I devided it into some sub-titles.

I include here information about armors,weapon and rings/necklces/earings.


A.Twin Blades: 

The Twin Blades is your main weapon, and you wanna it be strong and powerfull.

In the low levels no need to socket the weapons,start make them full slot from lv 24+,when you got enouth money for it.

Until level 66 put rhombus in the sockets(the 33 or the 44 ones-easy to get from Akris Very Happy ),for lv 66,72,78 weapon put 4% posion damage(Also easy to get from Akris),and from lv 85+ put 5% gems(They not so high prices now….about 2~3.5m).

Start upgrade your weapon from lv 54-but not past +3.Until lv 85 upgrade only until + 3,the lv 85 and 95 need be +4/5,and for lv 105,115 nice to have +6/+7 AND for lv 130 +7 or higher.

WHY upgrade your weapons and not armors?Because the low levels armors add really low def each upgrade,and the weapons add you more damage. Smile


The staff will be your secondary weapon if you want to go hybrid if not don’t mind reading this part.

Then you reset to hybrid level 97 you got enouth spr to use the level 30 staff,level 115 you be able to use the level 36 staff.

(If you want get good staff-noble/divine go to Loa SE corner and farm there on Aramon Lord boss.He got 30% chance to drop a noble/divine level 30 weapons,so after 1~2 hours you for sure get level 30 noble/divine staff).

Always full slot your staff’s and put inside 40/44 pyramids.

WHY?Because your magic damage is low and 5%/4% posion add less than 40 pyramids.

Never upgrade your staff’s past +4,no need to waste money on it,You not get a lot damage from it.


A.Regular Armors: 

In 2moons there are 5,gloves,armor(chest) and helmet.They improve your defence.

The armor and the helmet can be socket and other parts don’t.

I suggest start full slot your armor and helmet from level 30+,put 18/21 medials(easy to get from Akris) in the slots until level 90/100-then start put 25 medials,for level 115 and 130 set 29 or 33 will go(but 25 good too).

Then you upgrade your Armors to +4 the and gloves get different bonuses:

Pants +4-3% all magic resistance.

Boots +4-3% guard rate.

Gloves +4-3% critical rate.

As the upgrade(+) higher the bonuses become higher-for +9 they stands on 10%.

Armor and helmet don’t have any bonus beside the base defence that become higher.

Until level 60 don’t upgrade your Armors-from level 60 start pimp a few but nothing past +3,for level 90 and 100 +4 set is nice to have and for 115 and 130 set +6/+7 always good. Very Happy

B.Legendary Armors: 

Ok,here I include basic info about the legendary armor-that to get,there to get(drops) and that bonuses they got.

There are 3 legendary sets(L1,L2 and L3),and 2 legendary helmets without sets(Level 70 and 71).

The MUST set to get is L3 pants,boots and gloves(Recommneded +4 them all),all others are optinial.

Chaotic set: 

Lv 46 Pants-Def +7,Curse resistance 5%-drops from Parsite(Parca Temple).

Lv 47 Boots-Def +8,Posion resistance 5%-drops from Rock Pressure(Parca Temple).

Lv 48 Gloves-Atk +20,Magic Atk +23,Posion Atk +38-drops from Fraus(Parca Temple).

Lv 49 Armor-Def +15,Ice resistance +5%-drops from Carcer(Parca Temple).

Lv 50 Helmet-Max HP +100,Max MP +52-drops from Catastroph(Frozen Valley-don’t think you CAN get it-really rare part).

Arc Sleeve set: 

Lv 58 Pants-Def +9,Fire resistance +7%-drops from Peccare(Norak Cave 2nd Floor-All L2 parts are hard and rare to get).

Lv 59 Boots-Def +10,Posion resistance +7%-drops from Lasputin Flailer(Norak Cave 2nd Floor-All L2 parts are hard and rare to get).

Lv 60 Gloves-Atk +27,Magic Atk +42,Posion Atk +59-drops from Lasputin Sorcerer(Norak Cave 2nd Floor-All L2 parts are hard and rare to get).

Lv 61 Armor-Def +22,Lighting resistance +7%-drops from Algol(Norak Cave 2nd Floor-All L2 parts are hard and rare to get).

Lv 62 Helmet-Max HP +120,Max MP +95-drops from Horace(Norak Cave 2nd Floor-All L2 parts are hard and rare to get).

Picaresque set: 

Lv 82 Pants-Def +29,Posion resistance +5%-drops from Echidna Queen(Avalon Island).

Lv 84 Boots-Def +19,Fire resistance +5%-drops from Devil Asron and Tregard(Avalon Island).

Lv 86 Gloves-Atk +103,Magic Atk +87,Posion Atk +203-drops from Geilogun Lord and Floe(Avalon Island).

Lv 88 Armor-Def +48,Lighting resistance +13%-drops from Klaus(Avalon Island).

Lv 90Helmet-Max HP +436,Max MP 388-drops from all monsters in Oread’s Tomb.

Also all L3 parts can be obtained by Favnil/Oread/Illipia drop.

Level 70,71 Legendary Helmets: 

Lv 70 Vanzer Deva Helmet-Def +12,MP +100,Ice resistance +7%.

Lv 71 Arc Deva Helmet-HP +180,MP +125,Lighting resistance +6%.

This helmets can be obtained by doing Level 60 boss quests(Get from Berks in Braiken and Dekalor in Loa).

The helmets come full slot already.

C.Resistance Gear: 

In some important points in the game you will need to make yourself resistance gear,Here i explain THEN make it,HOW make it and for THAT make it.

NOTE: res=resistance

The first resistance set you’ll need to make is curse res set for Lv 90 Magic Field of Crevice Dungeon(For round 10).

In level 90 use one of level 70 legendary helmets with 8% curse res gems+3 Curse resistance Necklaces+Dark eye.

For later on make level 91 armor with 8/7% gems for full 75% curse res.

The 2 next sets:The fire and the posion you’ll make by level 100 mostly for tanking bosses in DF.

For posion set use full slotted level 91 and 92 armor and helmet with 8/7% posion res gems+Dark eye.

For fire set use full slot level 92 helmet with 9% fire res gems+3 fire res necklaces+Dark eye.Also usefull for farming on Favnil(For level 100 quest and later).

The 2 last sets:The Ice and Lighting sets you’ll make but level 115 for abyss-You need to tank bosses there.

For Ice set use level 92 helmet with 9% ice gems+3 ice resistance Necklaces+Dark eye.

For Lighting set use full slot level 91 and 92 Armor and helmet with 7/8% lighting res gems+Dark eye.

3.Rings,Necklaces and Earings

Here i explain what accesioneries you need to wear…


I recommending as your attack not so high wear 2 attack rings—>Of course the best is the highest ones,and better 1 of them posion attack and one psyhical.

This rings add you aroudn 100~200 more damage which is nice(not in low level of course).


I recommending using the 1 special necklace—>Until level 85 the use the Akris defence necklace after use Dark Eye.

Also add 1 defence necklace for your level…MORE def never hurts.


Most of earings has -con(heal) stat which is really high on level 80 and higher earings,so i don’t recommending using them at all.

The pur earings is other word. They are rare and NOT cheap Razz but the pure +con and +str earings is the BEST!!!Start buying/farming for pure earings from level 100 as In low level you don’t so need Earings…