Vicious Summoner Skills

A.Summoner Skills
NOTE-The skill ranking is only my opinion and relates to high level(130+).

Lv 1 Cross Hack(All Weapon)-Really simply skill.Hits twice one opponent.Rank: D-.

Lv 5 Twin Mastery(Twin Blades)-Increases you Psyhical attack.Passive skill(Works always).Rank: A.

Lv 5 Vicious Mastery(Staff)-Increases your Magical Attack and posion resistance.Passive Skill.Rank: A.

Lv 7 Blade Spin(Twin Blades)-Fast skill,damages one opponent 3 times.Rank: C+.

Lv 7 Evolt Shot(Staff)-Shots posion on opponent,and posions him for short time.Good for luring mobs that away from you.Rank: C.

Lv 7 Fishing Mastery(Fishing Rod)-Allows you to fish.AS in the last update catching argates by fishing was canceled this skill isn’t recommened to get.Rank: D.

Lv 12 Spirit Dagger(Twin Blades)-Summoning sword/s and throwing them on the enemy/s(AOE).As the skill level become higher the number of summoned swords increases up to 5 in the last (10) level.Rank: A.

Lv 12 Vicious Thorn(Staff)-Summoning Thorns to attack the enemy.Posions and slow down the opponenet for a short time.Rank: B-.

Lv 15Libido Mastery(All Weapons)-Increases the hp recovery and critical rate of Libido Summons.(Passive Skill).This skill have been nerfed and don’t worth to be leveled now.Rank: D.

Lv 15 Beast Mastery(All Weapons)-Increases the hp recovery and the block rate of Beast Summons.(Passive Skill).This skill have been nerfed and don’t worth to be leveled now.Rank: D.

Lv 15 Tarantula(All Weapons)-Summons the Tarantula.Good pet to have for low levels,Posions the enemy.Rank: C+

Lv 15 Grewpain(All Weapons)-Summons the Grewpain.His special ability is to slow down the opponent.Rank: C-.

Lv 21 Blood Bats(All Weapons)-Summons Bats to attack the opponent/s(Liner AOE).After the skill is casted,your hp points gets increased(Healed).As the skill level higher the ammount of hp being healed increases.Rank: B-.

Lv 30 Skin Of The Foreing Realm(All Weapons)-Buff.Increases the defence,and reflect part of the damage back on the opponent.(Time 2min).Rank: A.

Lv 32 Devils Wing(Twin Blades)-A 7 times fast and heavy damage skill on 1 enemy.Rank: B+.

Lv 32 Venom Light(Staff)-A 2 times hitting skill against multiple enemys(Splash AOE).Rank: B.

Lv 36 Aldebaran(All Weapons)-Summons the Aldebaran.Nice pet to have,got a chance to stun the Enemy.Rank: B.

Lv 36 Regulus(All Weapons)-Summons the Regulus.Got a chance to elctrolize the enemy.Rank B.

Lv 41 Blade Dance(Twin Blades)-A 4 times attack on all nearby enemys(AOE).Rank: A-.

Lv 41 Increase Posion(Staff)-Summons a Tatum that drops on the ground and explosives after 2~3 sec causing heavy damage on all nearby enemys(AOE).
The number of summoned Tatums increased as the skill level become higher,up to 3 Tatums at level 10.Rank: A-.

Lv 52 Posion Sword(Twin Blades)-Fills the swords with posion energy and shooting it towards 3 times,causing posions on the enemy/s.(Liner AOE).
This skill also add you a posion damage +% buff,That increases as the skill level become higher.Rank: A.

Lv 52 Summon Ghost(Staff)-Summons ghosts to attack multiple enemys around the target 4 times(AOE).Rank: B+.

Lv 58 Tentator(All Weapons)-Summons Tentator.A great pet,Got a -% posion resistance debuff,and got a Splash AOE attacks(Always).Rank: A.

Lv 58 Selaime(All Weapons)-Summons Selaime.Nice pet for PVP.Got a chance to burn the enemy/s.(Some attacks,NOT all are splash AOE).Rank: B+.

Lv 74 Shadow Revenge(Twin Blades)-Summons a Twin sword Summoner that using his swords to attack all nearby enemys 5 times(AOE).
Cool skill,also add a buff-Psyhical range resistance is increases(VS Hunters).Rank: A.

Lv 74 Infected Earth(Staff)-Creates a posion Sphere on the ground,causing damage to all nearby enemys and make them toxynated for 10 sec(AOE).
Really strong 1 hit skill.Rank: A.

Lv 83 Anathema(All Weapons)-Summons the Anadema.Nice pet for DP’s,uses splash AOE,and got a chance to debuff all enemy magical resistance.
Anadema have a skill-Sword Vigor(AOE).Rank: A.

Lv 83 Bregon(All Weapons)-Summons the Bregon(Dragon?).His attacks some kind of splash AOE(but it sucks-NO AOE almost).Got a Chance to lower enemy defence.Usefull in PVP and in DF Ksing.Have a Skill-Boomerang(Liner AOE).Rank: B.

Lv 87 Vicious Mirror(Twin Blades)-Your’s first cosmo.Attacks all nearby enemys 5 times(AOE with huge range).Rank: A+.

Lv 87 Hell Burst(Staff)-Your’s first cosmo.Summons the messanger of hell that attacks all enemys near the target 5 times(AOE).Rank: A.

Lv 97 Dark Avatar(Twin Blades)-Summons the guard of the foreing realm,inflicting heave damage to huge area 9 times(HUGE AOE).Rank: A+.

Lv 97 Palpus(Staff)-Summoing Paplus that inflicting posion damage 4 times(HUGE AOE).The opponent(PVP only) loses ability to use skill for 1.2 sec,
Loses his all posion resistance.Also for PVP and PVE slows down the enemy by 50% for 5 sec,and posions him.Rank: A+.

Lv 108 Muspel(All Weapons)-Summons Musfel.Got 3 types of attacks-1st normal,hitting one enemy,2nd small AOE,lowering enemy defence,and 3rd,the most powerfull-BIG AOE that stuns all enemys around.Musfel have skill-Force Wave that makes all nearby mosters attack him,and increases his defence by 80%.
Rank: A+.

Lv 108 Agareth(All Weapons)-Summons Agareth.Got 3 types of attacks-1st one 1 hit AOE with small range+posions the enemy,2nd-Bigger AOE+lowering enemy Max HP,and 3rd-Mini Summoning ghost spell-BIG AOE.Agareth got a skill-Meteor-A HUGE AOE.All enemys that around will get a posions gas(WHAT??? A buff that makes your posion attacks hit them X3 harder!!!-Usefull with Paplus).Rank: A+

Credits go to blackfox321.