Black Ring Citadel (BRC) in Keshetta is where you will find the Tier 2 Raid instances. Wing 1 and Wing 3 are the easiest of the three wings. Wing 2 is a nightmare even for the most experienced raiders (Chatha specifically).

Tanks – Holding aggro and being able to aggro swap is key for you guys. You must be able to survive BIG blows and still keep tanking.

Healers – Your primary focus will always be to heal and debuff.

DPSers – Pulling aggro off a tank is unacceptable. Sure, sometimes it can happen unintentionally, but know your damage, know how much you can do without pushing the limits. Don’t pull aggro off a tank.

Here are general descriptions of each boss fight within the Black Ring Citadel. If your head isn’t spinning in circles when it’s over, you’re a pro.

Wing 1 –

Exorcant of the Gargoyle Master – You walk into his room to find the boss standing alone, some pillars, some statues, a cauldron and an old trebuchet? It looks simple enough right? NOPE! While one tank and healer deal with Exorcant, the rest of the raid will be fighting off gargoyles – statues that come to life 2 at a time. There are a total of six. Ok – that’s doable – like the minions in Yakmar’s cave right? NOPE! While you fight the gargoyles, there is a great chance you will actually become stoned – you get a fifteen second countdown before you go swaying like a drunken sailor, unable to do a thing. This spell lasts for a solid five minutes. Each gargoyle that dies drops a pile of sand. That sand can be picked up by a mage or healer with ‘shatterstone’ (a quest item similar to the bane in Vistrix) to unstone people. The sand only lasts in your inventory for 60 seconds, so don’t pick it up unless you’re directed to by the raid leader. Once all six gargoyles are down, everyone that’s still alive or not stoned can circle the boss and burn him down, assuming you don’t get stoned during the swarm on Exorcant.

Phew – ok I think I’ve got it – Exorcant is the big bad guy – gargoyles suck, and people can get frozen in place….kill kill kill then PHAT LOOTZ right? NOPE! Once Exorcant dies, there’s a brief pause, and an even bigger gargoyle than the ones you’ve already been fighting appears from the Exorcant’s dead body. What’s next is the easy part of the fight – getting to this point is the challenge. Tank and spank but watch out for the fears. When he fears the raid – DO NOT DPS until the tanks have aggro again. Rince and repeat. No one will get stoned anymore after he changes form, but anyone still stoned will have to wait out their debuff and join the fight when they can.

Yaremka the Soul Eater – If you like watching tennis you’ll love this fight. It’s slow and painful. And can be quite boring for most. But it’s easy if people follow instruction. Key word – if. I’ve one-shotted this guy and I’ve been in raids that got called off cuz we couldn’t get past him. This is one where slow and steady wins the race. I will run things a bit different in here than the rest of the raid leaders on Wiccana – and this is because of how I learned on Cimmeria. I don’t think either method is wrong, just different. So if you’ve raided this place with others, you’ll want to make sure you listen up when I go over the strat.

But – here’s the run through – You walk in the room after clearing your way to it, and there’s this big ugly blue dude in the middle of the room, a pillar on either side of him, and an alcove beyond each pillar. The alcoves contain four orbs, there are some orbs hanging from the ceiling, sparks of electricity and ooo shiny. Reminds me of sticking a knife in an outlet. And it can be that painful too.

Four people will head to the alcove on the left. Ranged DPS classes preferred. There will be two tanks on Yaremka – the strongest/heaviest geared tank as the main tank, and the next best as the offtank. One will be receiving a DoT so it’s important that the two tanks are well prepared for the job. The healers’ jobs in here are huge – to counter effect that DoT and to keep the main tank alive. The rest of the DPS group – you guys get a cake walk for the most part.

Yaremka will be pulled to one pillar, tanks do their thang, healers do their thang. DPS sits there and watches. When called for, the ‘ball clickers’ will be told to click the orb – AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Good thing is that we can test this before starting the fight. When it’s called out, the clickers click, and everyone runs to the other side of the room. Rince and repeat. Back and forth you guys go, from left to right pillar, from left to right alcove – get the tennis reference now?

DPSers – you’re probably wondering why this is a raid boss if so far only a few people are involved. Well here’s the deal. You guys are going to sloooooowly work your way into the fight, and here’s why. If aggro gets pulled off of the two tanks, the raid is nearly impossible to recover from. He will begin slamming his giant ugly fists down on people, like he’s playing whack-a-mole and we’re the moles. He can one shot anyone. So yeah – DPS will slowly work their way in as instructed.

Orb Clickers – you guys are probably falling asleep waiting to be told ‘3-2-1 click click click’. Well see you guys make or break the raid too. If the four orbs get clicked and Yaremka is where he should be when you’re told to click, a huge lightning spark will shoot out of the dangly orbs and light up the ground near where he’s standing. This will pacify him, initiating the switch to the other side of the room. If it goes wrong – either the orbs weren’t clicked right or Yaremka was in the wrong spot – he will enrage. When he enrages, he literally enlarges, and he begins to play whack-a-mole on the tanks again. If one of the two main tanks goes down – we’re pretty much screwed. Getting put back on his aggro table is tough, so those two tanks can never die.

One last thing to note in this fight. If you have a debuff USE IT. I can’t stress that enough – DEBUFF DEBUFF DEBUFF. If it goes on cooldown, pop it back on immediately. Well – wait til he gets to a pillar because there can be no DPS to him in transit, but if there aren’t like 3 rows at minimum of debuffs on this guy for the majority of the fight, that’s not enough. So yeah – DEBUFF allatime.

Sabazios the Insane – Once we’ve gotten past Yaremka, we’ve got a bit more trash to clear, thousands of annoying snakes (not letterally thousands but a lot) and then we get to go head on with Sabazios the Insane. Now – I have no idea why Funcom put this guy as the last boss in the instance, but hey, it’s an easy way to end the zone. This guy is a friggen piece of pie. As long as you don’t lag out. If you have any trouble with lag/particles/fps – turn all particles off. BEFORE getting to the snakes. This fight can lock you up for a good 10 minutes after the fight if your computer can’t handle it.

But literally it’s the easiest boss fight I’ve ever seen. We all ball up in a corner, tanks in front, spelleweavers in back. One tank pulls him in to us and then we go all out on him. From the get-go I mean all out – spellweave your ■■■■ off, blow the top off the DPS charts, kill that ■■■■■. Cuz he won’t do anything but stand there and take it. What’s ‘hard’ about this fight is that he spawns more snakes during the fight, so we’re not just tanking and spanking him, we’re DPSing down tons of snakes with him. Assuming no one gets their life sucked out of them by a snake, most of us will probably never drop below 90% health during this fight. Very easy end to Wing 1.

Wing 2 – Part 1

Wing 2 brings us all the fun and joy that is raiding. /end sarcasm. Pain in the ■■■ instance, seriously. BUT I’ve no doubt we can do it all the way through, we just have to be the A team to do it. There are four boss encounters here. The last two are the tough ones, so many raids won’t finish but they’ll get a good portion of the way through before raid members start dropping like flies. My previous wing 2s have been virtually 1-shotted, so it is doable if people are on the ball.

Because the breakown for Wing 2 is so long, I’ve decided to separate the information. Here are the first two boss encounters to Wing 2 of BRC.

Ahazu-Zagam – Jumping Jack Flash it’s a gas gas gas! Litterally. Make sure your particles are on for this fight or you could find yourself inhaling his gangrenous fumes without realizing it, choking to death on his foul stench. Ok well I don’t know if it really smells but it does kill you. PoMs that have Holy Clensing are a gift in this fight. A solid tank that can take the heat is a godsend. Without a good tank and HC, this will not go over so well.

One tank will charge Ahazu and shortly after, ranged DPS will get to join in. This tank will bring the boss along the side of the room, between the pillars outlining it. PoMs will be behind the tank, walking backwards and healing, popping HC when the tank calls for it. A Bear Shaman is good for heals on the tank too, and a ToS big heal thrown in as needed. Rangers will be behind the PoMs DPSing the boss the whole fight too. The rest of the raid will be on add duty. Every minute or so he will spawn two adds. The other assigned tanks will be responsible for pulling the adds off the main tank on the boss and bringing them to the center of the room where the raid will be waiting for them. DPS those adds down, then ranged back on the boss. More adds, more ranged DPS. Over and over til the boss goes down. The struggle with this fight is that gas. If the main tank goes too fast, or if the ranged DPS on him isn’t hard enough, the tank will eventually run out of room and the whole place will be filled with the gas he emits. So the tank on the boss has to be careful he’s going slow enough through the pillars, and the DPS group is burning those adds fast enough so they can do some damage to the boss in-between spawns.

It somehow sounds so much easier as I type this than it actually is…but that’s the fight.

Incubus & Succubus – This is one of those times where you wonder if you should close your eyes and plug your ears and go ‘la la la’ cuz you know they wanna get it on with each other, RAWR, but you’re there to stop them. The point of this fight is to keep the two separated. They’ll keep trying to walk towards each other, but that’s not what we want, so yeah – they don’t like us taking from their private time.

The groups are separated in this fight. One group on the Incubus and the other three on the Succubus. A tank from each group will charge the bosses at the exact same time to initiate the fight. Since there are two groups in this fight, I’ll explain them separately – but note – everything happens at the exact same time.

The group on Incubus will kite him around the table, in the little alcove on his side of the room. There’s only six of you, so pretty much what you do is let the tank kite him til he stops moving, and then DPS him to prevent him from walking towards the Succubus. When he stops moving, let the tank pull him back to the table again. Rince and repeat. Assuming he doesn’t glitch out (which can happen) this is pretty much all you focus on. OH WAIT. No it’s not. Every once in a while a Cambion will spawn – an undead guy. You have to fight them off too. They’re fairly easy to kill – more of a distraction than anything. They are CCable and go down fairly quickly. There will probably be one or two people assigned to help get the Cambions to the Succubus side so those in Incubus don’t have to deal with them.

The rest on Succubus have a harder job here since she’s the first to die. The fight itself still isn’t all that hard. The tank will bring her to the corner of her alcove – as close to the wall as possible. NO DPS can be done until she is fully in that corner. As soon as she stops, power her down as hard and fast as possible. Debuffs are good here (but when are they not good?). She will periodically turn and try to walk towards Incubus. At that point you must continue to DPS her until she stops moving. When she stops, DPS also stops. It’s important that you don’t continue to attack her or the tanks may lose aggro on her. The closer she gets to Incubus the worse it is. If the two meet, they will enrage and that is not a good thing. We don’t want enraged demons running around. Once she moves back to the corner again, DPS must still hold off on attacks until she’s stopped at the back of her alcove. Rince and repeat. OH BUT WAIT. You guys get Cambions too. Since this side of the raid has way more people there will be one or two tanks assigned to watch out for the Cambions to spawn in the middle of the room or towards the Incubus. When they show up, just aggro them and bring them to Succubus’ alcove.

Caster DPS is good on both bosses since there are some stuns, fears, and knockbacks involved. Just watch your aggro when the two stop moving towards each other. Pets should get pulled off when DPS stops – cuz they do DPS too. Tongue out. People can and probably will get charmed in here. Please don’t kill your team mates Wink.

Once the Succubus is down, we all move to the middle of the room and then take down the Incubus. He’ll do some fears and knockbacks too. Make sure to let the tanks get aggro back from him again before DPS goes back in. It works best if you try and get behind him if you’re not a tank. His effects don’t seem to be as bad if you can manage to stare at his not so lovely ■■■■. Oh, and by the way, the whole time, more Cambions are spawning and getting in the way. Killem all.

And finally when he goes down we’re done in here. HAHA NOT YET! The true boss is the Feeble Cambion, a bit stronger and heavier than the other Cambions, but super mega easy. Just surround him and burn him and then we get the pretty box with the nice goodies inside.

Wing 2 – Part 2

Seruah – serious face on Let me just say this before I go into the strat. I once spent four hours trying to get this boss down…and we never did. I’ve also one shotted her fairly quickly. Killing her is easy if people do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it. serious face off

There’s no previewing this room before we go in and do our deed, so here’s what it looks like. We all gather outside Seruah’s doorway as close as possible so we can all charge in at the same time. Her room is square, with four mirrors in each corner, facing the center of the room. In front of each mirror is a pillar and in the center of the room is a square raised platform with more pillars on each corner. Looking in, the room is empty, but as soon as we get inside and the door shuts behind us, here come the mobs. So before going in, particles need to be turned off or you may lock up – similar to Sabazios the Insane in Wing 1.

Four tanks will be assigned to each mirror. When we charge in, those tanks will go to their respective mirror, and the rest of us will all go to platform in the center. It’s got invisible walls, so we’ll have to stand just in front of it. Squishies in the center of the mob of DPS, any other tanks or durable classes surrounding the squishies. Dusk Fiends spawn at each mirror. It’s the tank’s responsibility to bring the dusk fiend to the DPS group, keep aggro, and to face the fiend away from the group. The four assigned tanks need to remain in control of their Dusk Fiend so the DPS can take them down, focusing fire one at a time. I HIGLY recommend AoEs in this, because not only are there Dusk Fiends, soon after, there will be TONS of other mobs, some minion killable. Healers – you are a healer for a reason – and this is it. Healers need to keep their big heals constantly running and spam the other ones. Remember when I said before that healing is your main focus and DPS is second? Well you will understand why in this entire encounter. Spellweavers – have you ever wondered what it’s used for? Well here’s your chance to use it. Spellweaving will help destroy these guys just that much faster. And speed is key. Once the dusk fiends go down those same four tanks will be responsible for getting the minions that spawn near their original mirrors. Spellweavers – just don’t stay in spellweaving too long. If you can’t move instantly when Seruah pops, you’re probably dead, so when the adds are under control, drop out of spellweaving fast.

Seruah will spawn in front of the pillar area in the center of the room. One thing I didn’t mention before, is that this elevated area acts as a cage kind of. There are invisible walls between the pillars. It is VERY VERY important that all tanks line up with their backs against the invisible wall when we fight her. As soon as Seruah pops, GO TO HER. Forget about any remaining mobs and hawl your character’s ■■■■ over to Seruah. She does a NASTY one shot if you are not in melee range of her. She will also path to anyone not in melee range and one shot them, leaving the rest of the raid outside of melee distance, also one shotable. So like Kylikki – get on her ■■■. Stay on her ■■■. Kiss her ■■■. Whatever you gotta do to stay with the group. The reason the tanks have their backs to the wall is because she will do continuous knockbacks. The closer you are to the wall, the harder it is for her to knock you back. And those knockbacks throw you half way across the room. So as long as the tanks have aggro and cannot be knocked back, no one else should go flying. Should she path to someone and we end up not against some sort of wall, the tanks will be knocked back a lot and we’ll have to deal – which will probably mean a lot of dead raiders.

Tanks – aggro swapping is KEY here. As soon as the tank with aggro gets knocked back, all others must irritate to pull aggro off of the tank flying across the room so she doesn’t port to him/her. Each knockback, spam your irritates/goads/whatever you got. Once she locks on a tank you can just whack away til she knocks them back again.

Healers – keep those tanks alive. Heal heal heal. I should never have to call for a big heal – they should always be running from all three healer classes.

DPS – go all out – but DO NOT SPELLWEAVE or you will be stuck when she paths to another location in the room.

If we can follow that, we can kill her in one try. It’s a matter of getting the Dusk Fiends down, then as many minions down as possible, and then Seruah. The minions do not disappear once Seruah pops, so if there are many left we have to deal with those while we’re schmoozing with Seruah.

Chatha The Demon Lord – God did we really make it this far? Ok take a deep breath, smoke a cigarette, drink a shot, something…cuz if you have never experienced hell on earth, you’re about to. Even typing out the strat is stressing me out; just imagine what it’s like to actually do it. Even though I’ve led this and 1-shotted it more than once, it is a stressful fight if people don’t get their role and what’s going on around them.

There are several pieces to this encounter, and there’s no way we can do it if people don’t do what they’re assigned to do. Each individual raid member’s life is valuable here. If one goes down, we may as well all go down. So slacking off in this fight – not allowed. Confused about what you’re supposed to do? ASK! Do not be that person that’s too shy or embarrassed to ask. I need to know you all know what you’re doing if we are to get this guy down. There can be NO insecurities about tasks heading into this fight.

Once you go onto the top level where the boss is – BEWARE THE FLOOR. There are holes in the floor that are invisible when you’re up top. If you want to take a peak beforehand, look up at the ceiling on the lower level as we’re all getting ready to fight. The safest way to maneuver on the upper level is to go diagonal through the room. Chatha is standing in a square area in the center of the room. That square and diagonally outwards is safe, along with the platform area right on top of the stairs. The spaces straight out of his square have holes. There are also holes on the sides of the room near the walls. Just be careful where you go or you’ll drop down, and most will die if you fall.

Hide is important for the start of this fight – even if it’s just a couple points in. So please make sure you can hide. It’s not required, but it is entirely preferred. We will all go into hide on the staircase leading up to Chatha. If you cannot go into hide – you stay on the stairs – behind the skull about half way up. We will all ball up around him – still in hide. We can get as close as we want as long as no one pops out of hide. Target yourself before you move up, to prevent popping anyone else out of hide and prematurely starting the encounter. On the count of three we will all start to burn him as fast as we can. If you don’t have hide, you can charge up as soon as the first strike on Chatha has been made. If we can get him below 90% on this initial burn we’ve done well – but the further down we get him the better. Spellweave if you’ve got it, BURN HIM. We can only do this to him for about 30 seconds, and once the next phase of this encounter kicks in, it’s all or nothin.

I’m not gonna go over this fight as a whole. I’ll break it up into pieces – tasks for each area of the encounter. This encounter relies highly on individual actions, but you should still understand what’s going on as a whole. Each group is interconnected, so if you don’t know what’s going on around you, the fight will not go well at all.

Mobs to deal with here – Chatha, Satorus, Utamons.

When the intial burn time is almost out, I will tell everyone to get in place. Drop spellweave ASAP if you’re in it and GO. Here’s how it breaks down from here:

Chatha – He will warp to certain areas around the room – but far enough out that if you were to run staright to him you’ll probably drop to the lower level. Necros Rangers, and possibly Demos will be on Chatha duty. You guys do ranged DPS on him the entire time. He’s not a hard hitter, so you guys should survive him. What you guys need to watch out for are the Utamons. I’ll explain those in a bit.

Satorus – Each time Chatha warps, he will spawn one Satorus. One tank, two healers (PoM and BS work best here), and melee dps will be on Satorus duty. You six will be responsible for burning down the Satorus as fast as possible. Tank – taunt him to the center square and then the DPS can go all out. If you’ve got the Satorus burned before another one spawns, you can attempt to do some light RANGED DPS on the boss. Your primary objective, though, is the Satorus. Don’t forget about him. Healers – not only do you have to heal the Satorus group, you must also heal the ranged DPSers focusing on the boss.

Utamons – Each time Chatha warps, he will also spawn three Utamons. Three tanks will be assigned Utamon duty. The three of you will be responsible for taunting the Utamons to the top of the stairs where the rest of the raid is. These Utamons are HARD HITTERS. If ANYONE other than those three tanks gets an Utamon on you, RUN LIKE F*CKING HELL back down the stairs. You will die in like 2 hits if you don’t get to the stairs. If you pass the skull on the stairs they should break free from you if they haven’t already been pulled off by a tank.

At the top of the stairs, ToS’s will alternate dropping their totems to stun the Utamons. They appear to be enraged until they get stunned. Don’t drop the totem until all three are in range. Those Utamons need to be stunned. Once the Utamons shrink in size, DPS them down as fast as possible. DO NOT hit an Utamon before it has shrunk down or you’ll go down faster than you can say ‘WTF?’. I’m not kidding here. Once the three Utamons have been stunned, the same three tanks will run back into the center of the room waiting for more to come when Chatha warps again. Anyone else with a stun can also trap the Utas if for any reason a ToS’s totem misses all three.

The rest of the tanks will be responsible for tanking them after they’ve been stunned. If for any reason (oh it happens alla time, so be ready) a tank misses an Utamon and they’re staying in the center or running around the room, the other tanks can also help pull them back to the stairs, but only if the three tanks assigned to the job cannot (i.e. are dead or are already on an Utamon).

Once the ranged DPS gets Chatha to 60% he’ll morph into a ginormous Harbinger of Kao (if you’ve seen the boss mob in Poitain, imagine that but supersized.) All free tanks and healers will run to the far wall in the room and face the center. REMEMBER TO WATCH FOR THE HOLES IN THE FLOOR. No one is to touch the boss at that point unless it’s a tank. The reason you guys run to that wall is because there is no gap in the floor against the wall that you may fall through like the other walls have. He will do tons of knockbacks, so the idea with Seruah comes into play here – back up against a wall and you won’t get impacted by the knockback as hard.

DPS – burn down any remaining Utamons and Satorus left standing and then get to the boss’s back end. You do not want to be facing him at all. WAIT to be told to DPS in. Once all tanks and healers are in position at the wall, and aggro has been controlled, DPS can have at it at the boss. Tanks MUST aggro swap and healers MUST heal constantly. Big heals have got to be constantly running. DPS – don’t pull aggro from the tanks, and don’t go into spellweave. He’s a hard ■■■■■ to control if we’re not all there mentally and physically. Besides his knockback he’s a hard ■■■ hitter. Once he’s down, that’s it. Raid over. Defeated. PHAT LOOTZ!

Wing 3 –

Athyr-Bast the Shadow Master – Entering her room, you see Athyr standing all by her lonesome in the center of the room, with two alcoves on each side of her. If you’ve never been in Wing 3 before, you’ll quickly learn – she is not alone. The majority of the raid will head over to the alcove on the left – it can be done on either side, but I prefer the left. Four tanks (generally speaking these are the DTs and Guards, but a good Conq can do just fine here too), a PoM and BS will stay put after entering the room, with the second PoM ready to help out if needed. There’s some teamwork involved here for the tanks and healers, while the rest of the raid gets a bit of a break. The tanks on the Imp Lord should have their ‘protection gear’ on if they have any. You guys will be hit with unholy damage, and hard, so anything you got to protect yourself from that will only help. PoMs, we’ll rely on your Holy Clensing along with the rest of your heals. The BS in the group is there for healing as well, blues, greens and the big one.

When the encounter with Athyr-Bast has been initiated by one of the tanks in the alcove, a Shadow Imp Lord will pop out in the center of the room. There will be several baby imps wandering around, but those can be ignored. The four tanks set aside, will be in line, taking turns getting aggro on the Imp Lord, while the PoM and BS stand in the center of the room healing the tanks. The first tank will charge in as Athyr is pulled to the alcove, getting aggro of the Imp Lord, and then rotating through the line of tanks until Athyr goes down. Imp Lord will put an unholy invulnerability on the tanks, hence the need for protection gear – and it’s not anywhere near as easy as it may look, but I’ll spare you the details now. Just know – if you’re tanking Imp Lord, be ready for hard hits, fast aggro pulling and active blocking. HC will be needed if the tanks inside the box can’t take the damage before the next tank comes in for his/her turn.

The other 18 people on Athyr are just doing a tank ‘n spank on her. The two remaining tanks not in the Imp Lord rotation will be swapping aggro on Athyr while everyone else goes all out on DPS. I mean all out. Spellweave if you’ve got it, whatever you can. The faster she goes down, the better. Because once she’s down the Imp Lord vanishes and the loot arrives. So yeah – burn her down!

One thing I’ve not mentioned, which can throw a kink into the mix here…if the Imp Lord is not actively in melee combat with someone, he will begin to one shot anyone at ranged distance. So if there’s a break in the tank rotation, everyone in the raid is at jeopardy of falling fast. The only way to prevent this is to keep that Imp Lord in melee combat at all times. If one of the tanks on Imp Lord does happen to die mid-fight, Imp Lord will wipe out someone else almost guaranteed. So tanks cannot die. If they do die, the whole raid has to take Athyr to the Imp Lord and keep him active in melee combat so he doesn’t kill anyone else while we try and finish off Athyr herself.

It can be a very easy fight, if tanks are geared properly and can aggro swap well, and if DPS is hard and heavy. But if people aren’t prepared and on the ball, that’s when the **** hits the fan and people die, raid gets wiped, and we all go and touch the snake to before trying again.

Leviathus – There are two parts to this encounter – pre-boss fight and boss fight. If at any time we wipe on this encounter, we have to start all over with the pre-boss fight also. So here’s a hint – don’t wipe! Tongue out

Part 1 – There are two Guards right inside the room that need to be killed first. They’ll be pulled into the hallway and burned like the rest of the trash we’ve encountered so far. Once they’re dead, we all run in and fight the remaining mobs inside Levi’s room. But we’re on a timer so when the boss pops, we have to deal with any remaining adds in addition to the boss. So focus and attention are key. Six minutes is all we got.

On each side of the room, there are four mobs, an Agitator, Proctor, Agent, and Guard. Some raids will focus on the Proctor first, some the Agitator first. We’ll focus on the Agitator first.

Each mob has different abilities we need to be aware of. The Agitator can charm people in the raid, so the faster he goes down, fewer people will get charmed. The Agitator can be knocked back. The Proctor summons four minions called ‘Supporters’. Once the Proctor is dead, these Supporters can be one-shotted. The reason some people burn this guy first is because once he’s down, the Agitator no longer charms people. The Proctor can be stunned. The Agent will teleport a lot until she’s locked down. The tank on her will want her rooted before we as a whole raid focus on her. If the Agitator and Proctor are down, but the Agent is still teleporting we’ll focus on the Guard until she’s locked in place. Once she’s locked though, we all focus fire on her. The Guard will drain stamina and when all the other mobs are down, he’ll hit hard.

Once we get the four on the left killed, we run to the right and do it all over again. Sometimes if it takes too long, the agent may be pulled over so you may need another tank to help out with the second agent. If people end up dying during the first set of trash, when we go to the right side of the room, out of combat rezzes can be used quickly to rez the dead.

If we have any mobs still standing by the time Levi pops, we’ve got to get in place for Levi and finish them off as soon as possible. As soon as Levi pops, we begin part 2 of the encounter.

Part 2 – There are several pieces to this encounter, but it is not a difficult fight if all pieces are executed properly. Key word – IF.

Let me first explain the different rolls we have here. There will be two tanks working as ‘Bowl Runners’, the other tanks will need to be fighting for aggro (there are three levels of the aggro table on this boss), big heals will be called out – NOT popped at random, and DPS will have to burn, then pull out, burn, pull out – similar to Champion of the Honorguard and his Curse. Hmm…saying that, it sounds like a conversation to be kept private, but I guess we all get to join in the fun. Wink

We will all form up in a U formation around Levi, the tip of the U containing the tanks to be head on with Levi, and the DPS taking up the tails of the U with a PoM on one end and a BS on the other. Ranged DPS should hang towards the back of the tails to allow melee DPS closer access to the boss. We must be in a U formation rather than a ball so two Bowl Runners have room to get in and out.

As soon as Levi pops, Bowl Runners need to take turns running from their bowl on either side of the room to the center of the U, removing a curse called ‘Test of Faith’. Anyone can get Test of Faith, and if you have it for 20 seconds and the Bowl Runner does not perform his/her job to remove it, you’ll die. Nothing you have can protect you from this curse. So Bowl Runners – it’s your job to keep the raid alive. Remember that.

Periodically Levi will rise up in the air like a hot air balloon preparing for a heavy hitting blow combination. At this point, pop any protections, immunities, and resistances you have, because we’ll get nailed and everyone will lose a big chunk of health. PoM and BS will alternate their big heals on these balloon rides, reviving the raid, and ToS’s will get used as needed throughout the fight. Tanks will continue to hit to keep up on the aggro table, but DPS must stop while he’s up in the air.

I said before there are three levels of the aggro table. The tank with Primary aggro will take a lot of melee damage. Once Levi gets to 50%, 25%, and 10%, he will also send out a high hitting fire attack on you too. This is called Flame Torrent. Necros should pop Quell the Ether, Bear Shamans can use Rune of Resilience, and anyone else with any fire protections should use them at these times to detract from the effects of the torrent. The people popping fire protections need to be in group with the tank with Primary aggro for it to work though. The tank with Secondary aggro will take the Ignite DoT. If the stacks from this DoT get too high, you’ll need to stop DPS and swap aggro as fast as possible with the person holding Tertiary aggro. The one with Tertiary aggro will get knocked back and stunned. Anyone can get Tertiary aggro, so that’s why it’s important for DPS to watch themselves. You do not want to be a non-tank get bumped to Secondary aggro when the tank with Secondary aggro backs off of DPS because of the DoT. If you are not in melee range with Tertiary aggro, he will cast a choke on the raid, a stacking DoT that can kill every single one of us. Game over, we lose. So at the beginning, let tanks get two or three rounds in to establish their position on the aggro table, then you can start light and work your way harder in on the boss.

It’s a slow fight with Levi’s balloon rides, DPS holding, tanks swapping aggro, bowl runners going back and forth, and healers constantly topping off the health of the raid. It can be done steadily though, and if people keep it together, it won’t be a painful fight. Once it’s done, we get more loot! Yay goodies!


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