Once you had learned your first set of school skill and had completed the Guild Introduction Quest, you will get a following quest on Introduction to Sacred Place and Team Practice (TP)

  • Below is the Location of the NPC just in case you forgot after you had completed the quest.

Shaolin : [1242, 247] (in a Cave Area)

  • Cave Sacred Place is suitable for cultivating Shaolin’s Hard Element type Martial Art Skills.
  • Most Shao usually do their TP spot at [509, 9] Forest North East of Shaolin Temple to get the best bonus to cultivate their inner skill.

Wudang : [568, 169] (on a Mountain)

  • Most Wudang TP on mountain to get the best bonus to cultivate Taiji type Martial Art Skills and inner skills.
  • Cave Sacred Place [612, 326] is suitable for Yin element Martial Art Skill (Breeze sword style)

Emei : [658, -69] (Bridge over a Waterfall area)

  • Emei school has a lot of waterfall area, you can get the bonus from pretty much any where as long as the water flows
  • area around the NPC was too smal, popular emei Team Pratice spot is at 356, 219, on a huge rock by the water fall in a valley.
  • Cave sacred place [302, -59] is suitable to train Yin element Martial Art Skills

Beggar : [392, 358] (Desert surrounded with deciduous trees)

Scholar : [562, 707] (On a Bridge over a lake area)

  • Bridge area is too small for TP
  • Most scholar usually TP at 645, 765 at the edge of a huge water fall.

Tang : [1423, -31] (on a huge wide platform by the hill that was build above the Waterfall)

  • Most Tang TP on the platform above the waterfall.
  • Cave sacred place Entrance [1319, -105] and [1288, -152] is suitable to train Yin element Martial Art Skills

Royal Guard : [306, 198] (Forest Area close to the school front entrance)

Bliss : [57, 9] (Behind the school headmaster’s building)


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