Alkyn’s Beginner Guide

Table of Content:

Chapter 1- Key Mechanics of the Game

-Blessing Level/Stat Bonus
-Combat Glory
-World Mysteries
-The Astral

Chapter 2 – How to Balance your Stats

-Blessing Bonus/tips

Chapter 3 – Runes

Chapter 4 – Frequently asked questions

Since this sub forum is for new players, I would like to make an "all-round" guide for them. In this guide I will try to answer some of the main questions a new player has about the game. If you have any input or anything I should add, post a comment.
Let’s get this party started, shall we?


As you may already know Allods Online takes place in a world called Sarnaut. It’s dominated by two main gods called Tensess (good guy) and Tep (bad guy). In Sarnaut there are two factions, League (good guys) and Empire (bad guys). The gods affect both factions, even though Tep is mostly causing trouble. The playable races on the League side are: Kanians (human), Elves (no fantasy mmo without them), and the Gibberlings (cute little fellas who always travel in a group of three). The playable races on Empire side are: Xadaganian (human), Orcs (no fantasy mmo without them), and the Arisen (robot zombies who were originally dead but resurrected by Tep, and later migrated to the Empire). 
The League and the Empire have been at war with each other for ages, and they still are when you play. 


Chapter 1 – Key mechanics of the game

– Myrrh.

It’s used as a currency to use special spells and abilities from your PATRON. Myrrh is also used as your ticket to get out of the PURGATORY early. Myrrh gets more important as you progress in the game, and some people don’t realize how important it is until they are stuck in purgatory for 30 minutes, because they don’t have enough myrrh to buy themselves out. You can buy Myrrh for in-game gold from Servants of Light, which is usually located where you respawn, and in the faction capitals. 

– Purgatory.

This is where you come when you’ve died. You have two options to get resurrected: Either you wait till the timer is up and respawn for free, or you can buy yourselves out with Myrrh as mentioned above. The time it takes to resurrect increases as you level up, and the amount of Myrrh needed to resurrect does the same. To buy yourself out you have to speak the Goblin who’s drinking a soda/holding a bucket (random, I know ^^). He tells you how much Myrrh it would cost to come to life.

– Patron.

This is you "personal" god so to speak. You get this by completing a simple quest in the starter zone. Too see which patron you have, click on the small icon bottom right of your characters portrait (if you don’t have this sign you don’t have your patron and should get it ASAP). Here is a list over the avilable patrons (it’s random which one you get):

The clue is that your patron increase your damage/healing done. When you get your first rank of patronage (aka patron), it boosts your damage by 50 %. When you reach level 15, this increases to 100 %. When you reach level 23 this increases to 150 %. When you reach level 30 this increases to 200 %. 

NOTE that it’s only your damage and healing done which is increasing when you level up. Your patronage level can only be increased by completing certain quests which are easily found in the quest chains. 

When your patronage level increase, you learn new abilities which require Myrrh (you know what Myrrh is, right?). These spells are: Martyr’s Salvation which is obtained by Patronage level 1, it restores Health, Mana and Energy over time. It has to be cast out of combat to be work properly, but if it’s casted in combat you get mana twice as fast as normal. Martyr’s gift is obtained by Patronage level 2 and it restores health in a burst heal. Martyr’s guidance is obtained by Patronage level 3, and it restores 20 % of your Mana and Energy in a burst. Martyr’s Protection is obtained by Patronage level 4, and it makes you dispel Crowd-Control’s which is affecting you. 

Martyr’s salvation is available at all times. The only requirement is that you have enough Myrrh. The other Patronage spells needs your BLESSING to be active.

To unlock these spells (the new patronage level), you have to complete several quest chains as you progress through the game. Here is a list where and when to do these patronage quest chains:

– Patronage level 1 is located on Evermeet isle for League players and in Nezebgrad, Bort Quarter for Empire players. This quest is avilable at level 4.

– Patronage level 2 is located in Siveria, Cape of Good Hope for League players and in ZIT Headquarters for Empire players (the island far north where the little bunker is). This quest is avilable at level 15.

– Patronage level 3 is located in Asee Teph, in both of the faction main camps. This quest is avilable at level 23.

– Patronage level 4 is located in Eljune for both factions. You can obtain the quest on a shore south-west of the map. This quest is avilable at level 30.

– Blessing / Incense.

It calls upon your patron and fills you with energy. This makes your patronage spells available, and it grant you more resistance against some Crowd-Control spells from other classes. You also need blessing to be able to go to the Astral, which I will cover later. NOTE that your blessing doesn’t have to be active for the damage boost to work. The damage/healing done effect is permanent. 

– To activate your blessing you need something called Incense. To get Incense, you have to do a daily quest obtained from the Rune Merchant in your capital city (you can get it around level 16), or you can speak to Elizaveta Rysina in Nezebgrad or Marianne de Ardeur in Novograd Chapel to receive a 4 h blessing. 

Incense can also be obtained from the Item Shop. Blessing isn’t really needed until lv 25, when you start to do some PvP.

Blessing Level/Bonus

Now that you know that the Patronage level is (increases your damage and healing done by X %), we also have something called "Blessing Level", which has nothing to do with your current level of Patronage. Your blessing’s level cap depends on your characters level. If you are level 10, your Blessing Level can be maximum level 10.

To gain experience and level up your Blessing Level, all you have to do is to use your patron skills (Martyr’s Salvation etc). In shorter terms: you level your Blessing Level by using your patron skills. Every time you use them you gain an amout of experience which is required to level it up. 

What’s so important with the "Blessing Level"?

The higher Blessing Level you have, the higher stat boost you get. At blessing level 10, you don’t get a really high bonus, but as you progress through the game, you will notice that the bonus will increase a lot. At Blessing Level 47 (level 47 required), you can get over 100 stat points extra!

My advice: make sure that you keep your Blessing Level at your characters current level. Your blessing level can’t go higher than your current level. Sometimes you even have to spam the Martyr Skills to make the blessing level maxed. 

I will explain how to use the extra stat points under the "Balancing your Stats" section.

– Reputation

It is your reputation within the sub factions of the game. Each zone has its own sub faction, where you can increase your reputation with. You do this by doing quests or by killing certain mobs. When you get 10k reputation with the sub faction you can buy "common" gear by a quartermaster of the faction. When you get 25 k reputation with the faction you get the "respected" rank, and give the permission to buy "rare" equipment from one of the faction quartermasters. To check your reputation, simply go to the character interface and click on "reputation" on the drop down menu. 

My advice is to max your reputation with each faction (25k), because it really helps out a lot when leveling. The gear you can buy is always high class for your level.

– Combat Glory

Is similar to reputation, but you’re obtaining Combat Glory by killing enemy players from the opposite faction. League and the Empire have its own ranks depending on how much Combat Glory you have. The higher rank you have the better gear you can buy. PvP gear is even better than the rare reputation gear, and only the real dedicated ones can get it. Your Combat Glory resets every week, making it even harder to get the PvP gear. Your rank doesn’t last forever, so you have to buy your equipment while you can!

– World Mysteries

Are the mainstream of the storyline. You can notice if it’s a World Mystery when the quest have a "yellow book" above its name, or that the quest giver has a "sun" above its head (not the usual (!) which indicates a normal quest).
In your quest log you can click on the World Mystery icon, and see your progress within the Word Mysteries of Sarnaut. 

There are many different WM quest chains, which rewards you extra Rubies, Talents and Spells. Therefore it’s important to complete every WM quest you come across. When you have completed a WM quest chain, the mystery can be revealed at the Keeper of Secret (located in the major cities). 

– The Astral (endgame)

Is an enormous space where you can fly your own astral ship. The astral makes Allods special, because here you can fight demons, go instances and even do PvP against other ships. In the Astral you gear up when you reach endgame. You should keep this awesome feature as a motivation for your leveling ^^ 

Chapter 2 – Balancing your stats

The key to success is to have balanced stats. Don’t get fooled by the thought: “I want more damage, so I’ll max out my Intelligence/Strength!” The other stats are just as important as your Intelligence/Strength. The only stats you can ignore are Strength, Expertise and Finesse if you are a caster (mana user). If you are melee (energy user) you can ignore Intelligence, Perception, Wisdom and Faith. All Perception gear has Faith on it as well. 


You want around 50 % Critical Hit chance when you are leveling. Luck is really important since you want to max your damage, and decrease your chance to hit a Glancing Blow. Glancing Blow is the opposite of a Critical Hit, and basically makes you hit sloppy. In shorter terms we have Normal Hit, Glancing Blow (nub hit) and Critical Hit (<3 hit). The highest crit rate you can have is 95 %, and the lowest Glancing Blow rate you can have is 5 %. By keeping your luck around 50 %, will keep you crit fairly often, and make sure that your glancing blow won’t reduce your damage. 

In PvP you want even higher crit chance; because players (and mobs) have something called Endurance. What Endurance does is that it regulates your chance to receive a Glancing Blow. Higher Endurance = higher chance to receive a Glancing Blow. This affects your Luck when you are attacking a player (or mob) with high Endurance. That’s why you want higher luck in PvP and harder instances. I would recommend 65 % crit chance and above.

As a melee you also stick to the 50 % crit chance rule while leveling.


As a caster, stick to the basic luck rule (50 % crit chance), and below 30 % chance to get your magical attacks resisted. This is where Perception comes in. With lack of Perception, your magical attacks get resisted more often, and don’t deal all the damage it normally would with high Perception (below 30 % minimum). Let’s say you are a Mage and cast a Meteor. You lack Perception, and your attacks will most likely get reduced. If you check your combat log, you can see how much damage you dealt with your Meteor, and how much damage which were resisted. If you hit 10 k with a Meteor, and it says (5000), that’s what got resisted. If you have had higher Perception your attack most likely wouldn’t get resisted, and you would have dealt 15 k damage instead of 10k with (5000) resisted. 


Now that you have an idea what Perception is, I’ll teach you about the Melee’s Expertise. Expertise is basically the same as Perception, but the difference is that you miss your attacks instead of get some of the damage resisted. Your attacks gets Parried or Dodged. This is why you need even less chance to miss than a caster does. I would recommend around 10 – 15 % chance to miss (I could use some input on this one though, since I’m not too experienced with melee’s). 


Wisdom is the caster’s finesse. Your magical attacks is based on your wisdom, the opponents magical resistance and the enemies agility. You want your wisdom to be about 0 % increase or decrease when you level. At endgame, everything above 0% increase is good. I would pump intelligence instead of getting a lot of wisdom though (at endgame), since the damage increase isn’t THAT great as the tooltip says compared to intelligence. 


Finesse is the melee’s “perception”. What it does is to decrease or increase your damage dependent on the enemy’s armor value. If you have high Finesse, your damage gets increased compared to your enemy’s armor value (you basically hit through their armor). If you have low Finesse your damage gets decreased depending on the enemy’s armor value. Keep it on the positive side.

Strength and Intelligence

Keep this as high as possible without sacrificing anything of the other stats. The more int/str you have the better it is, but keep in mind that your main concern is the other main stats. 

About the other stats most gear manages to balance itself. Endurance can be tricky sometimes, but the gear setup often balances this.


This stat increases your mana if you are a caster. Ignore this stat if you are melee. More faith -> More mana -> faster mana regeneration. It’s important to have enough mana as you don’t want to run out of it in PvP nor PvE. It isn’t hard to balance this stat, because its only weapons which have faith on it. Staffs have always more faith than daggers, but by using a dagger you can wear an offhand aswell which gives you adittional elemental resistance. In other terms; equip a weapon so you feel comfortable with your mana pool, but keep in mind the elemental resistance from off-hands.

Blessing Bonus

An additional help to balance your stats. The stat points can be placed on one of your main stats (Strength, Expertise, Finesse (melee), Intelligence, Perception, Wisdom, Faith (caster) and Luck. The ideal choice is to balance the other stats with your gear, and dump the stat bonus on Luck. You always need Luck, and it can be difficult to get a high crit rate without lacking one of the other stats. That’s why you want to put all stat points on Luck (both the stat points from the Blessing Bonus and the stat points you get while leveling). 

To place the extra stat points from your Blessing at one of your stats, simply open the Rune Interface by clicking on your patron icon (it’s a picture of it in the Rune section a bit further down in the guide) . Below your Runes you can see all your main stats. Simply click at the stat you want to place your stat points.

In shorter terms: place the stat points on the stat you’re lacking, even though it’s ideal to place them on Luck.


Chapter 3 – Runes. 

Runes are a bit complicated to understand. In short terms, you can buy yourself stronger. As the Patronage does, Runes increase your damage and healing done, which is called offensive Runes. Defensive runes are the opposite, and reduce your damage taken by % depending on the level of the Rune. 

To be able to see the rune interface, you have to click on the icon of your Patron, located bottom right on your characters portrait. Here you can see six slots (three slots for offensive runes, and three slots for defensive ones). At level one, 1 offensive and one defensive slot are unlocked. The runes which are in those slots affects your Damage/healing done and your damage taken reduced. When you reach level 10, the 3rd and the 4th slot gets available. Now you can have 4 runes in total. When you reach level 20, all the rune slots gets unlocked and you can enjoy the benefits from all your six runes. 

(these are not my runes)

NOTE: You have to use a rune which suits your patron only! Runes from other Patrons won’t give you any bonuses. 

How to obtain Runes? How to make higher level runes? 

You can buy level 1 runes from the Rune Merchant located in the two major cities. Here you can also buy Gold Dust, which is required to upgrade your runes. You also have to buy a Rune Welder, which is the tool you combine your runes with. You do only have to buy the Rune Welder once, since it’s permanent. 

The Rune Merchant on Empire is located in Nezebgrad, Yaskers Tower, 2nd floor.

The Rune Merchant on League is located in Novograd, the Gibberling District. 

How the rune system works: 

To get a level two rune, you need to combine two level 1 runes. To combine them, you use the Rune Welder on the stack of two level 1 runes. An interface pops up, which is telling you how much Gold Dust and Crystal Chips needed to combine the runes and make one higher level rune. 

Crystal Chips are only obtainable from the Item Shop or from other players. 

To make one higher level rune you need: Rune Welder (use it on the runes you wish to upgrade) ———> Two level 1 runes + X Gold Dust + X Crystal Chip = Level 2 rune

In the Rune Welder interface, you can see a bar with a cursor in the middle. What this little thingy does is that you can customize how much Crystal Chips or Gold Dust spent for the upgrade. If you drag the cursor to the left, the amount of Gold Dust needed increases, while the amount of Crystal Chips needed decreases. A tip is to drag the cursor to the left by two clicks at least, since Crystal Chips is a lot more valuable than the Gold Dust. Spend as much Gold Dust you can afford and save as much Crystal Chips you can, a wise man told me back then.


Chapter 4 – Frequently asked questions

“Where can I get a mount?”
– In the item shop, in game events or from other players. Some mounts drop as loot as well.

“I have no more quests to do, and I am far from leveling! What do I do?”
– Then you miss a lot of quests, and simply have to search them up. If you still can’t find any quests, you have to grind my friend, grind. 

“Is this game Pay to Win?”
– To a certain point I’d say. You can get all the Item shop items from other players with in game gold, but players who has money to spend has an advantage on the others.

“Can I have some gold’s pls?”
– Instead of begging, go make a cup of coffee.

“I have heard that it takes ages to level up in this game. Is it true?”
– No, not after the last patches. With fatigue removed and constantly Lucky Moments (double EXP), you can level without any grinding at all. 

“Which Server should I play?”
– It doesn’t really matter. Nezeb is more populated than Tensess though. This is an everlasting discussion.

“common questions”, so it would be nice with some suggestions. 

Credits go to Alkyn.