edsaucedo’s Rune System Guide

Welcome to the Allods Rune Guide.

This guide will swiftly be introducing the rune system, which every player of Allods gets to use right after they leave the tutorial area for their faction and arrive in the main city.

>>>Runes are among the simplest hero enchanters there are in the game.
>>>There are currently 3 components for runes and one tool for combining them.

1)Runes for the various patrons:

ImageThis first symbol here is the one assigned to the character i used to make this tutorial. Here are the others available.(haha or not so available)


The Components To Make Greater Runes:

Can be all seen on the Rune Combination screen below.
As seen:
2) Crystal Chips – (the blue dust pile)
3) Gold Dust -(the golden dust pile obviously)
Rune (of the particular symbol type I’m using) 
And a Rune Welder used to combine them:

You can buy level one runes from the NPC vendors, for better ones you have to combine two prior level to the one you are trying to make. For instance if you want to make one rune level 3 you use two runes level 2 and the corresponding amount of regents (crystal chips and gold dust).

You can enter the combination menu by right clicking the Rune Welder and clicking on any rune in your inventory. If you don’t have the sufficient supplies to make a rune it will show red numbers like in my screenshot.

>>> Different runes are for diversity, they all give the same thing. You are randomly assigned a rune symbol (patron) just short after you start playing a character. All you have to do is make sure the runes you buy are with the symbol that is assigned to your character (on your portrait a-top left on the screen) like this one.

You cant use a rune that doesn’t match your symbol, and you cant choose a symbol. (if you don’t yet have a symbol you will get one very soon in the unfolding of the beginning of the game.)

You have six rune slots total and four of them get unlocked a little into the game. (Mine are currently locked as seen below) – This menu is opened by clicking the martyr/rune symbol on your portrait.
You can drag and drop runes between there and the inventory or right click to transfer them.

Three slots are Offensive runes (increasing your damage and healing) and three for Defensive (reducing the damage you take). 

The supplies you get from:
The NPCs:

(found at the Gibberling district at Novograd)

(found on the second floor of Yasker’s tower in Nezebgrad)

Which sell Gold Dust Bags in various sizes from 25 Gold Dust to 100’000.
All the kinds of runes and the Rune Welder tool to make them:

Now the Crystal Chips (blue dust) you have to get either buy using the item shop (by pressing Y and going to Runes Tab):
Bought in amounts of: 1, 10, 50, 100 and 500.
(each for different price per chip)

Or by trading with other players anywhere you meet them or in the Auction House. (Which you cant miss as the Capital Guides send you on a quest to look into the auction, and they are found everywhere) (Crystal Chips are know at chat as "CC")[WTB = Want to Buy][WTS = Want to Sell]

How do the bonuses advance to higher levels?
Level —- Offensive —- Defensive 
—1 ———-3.33%———-3.03% 

Depending on the level of rune you are trying to make your Rune Combination screen will ask for certain amounts of regents. You can also adjust how much of one regent to spend in relation to the other to have some control on how much this all costs you.

And that is pretty much it for runes.
I will be linking shortly the relevant guides to this one.
In the mean time you are welcome to ask any questions.

Char – Luxander
Server – Nezeb
Faction – League

Credits go to edsaucedo.