fleviaxus’s Goblin Ball Guide

For long time ago in the old Sanaut, the Orcish tribes continuously fought against each other, which resulted in a slow growing population, if at all. This saw no end because of the Orc’s high energy, but one day it suddenly changed. It was a day where an unknown inventor, taught the Orcs about a game known as Goblinball. This game was immensely fun and it gave the Orc’s another outlet for their endless energy, and changed the dynamic of their culture forever. The Orc’s began to settle things inside the stadium instead on the battlefield, and the population began to flourish. 

The slaughter on the battlefield was over, which got replaced with the smelly sweat of the Orc’s and the tears of the little goblin, who got kicked through the air. The Orcish population loved this game and it became one of the most entertaining pastimes in Sarnaut, where fans dressed in Blue and Red clothing, scarves, and even adorn face and body paint to show their support, so make sure to check it out.

The popularity of the game spread throughout the continent, where many new fans joined the game. The honor to win a game was as great as the honor of being the strongest on the battlefield. The fight between the Empire and League suddenly took place at the stadium instead of the battlefield.

Gobling Ball is a very simple game, maybe because it was created to enjoy the uncivilized orc’s, but also so everyone was able to play it without researching a lot about the game before they went to practice it. 

How to play
ImagePlayers must form 2 groups, of 6 players, where they choose a captain to speak with the Blue or Red NPC outside the stadium. When they are inside the captains get a special bottom to “Start the Game”. Both captains need to use the bottom before the game will begin, before that they have 15 minutes of preparation time. Once this time is up, the icon fades and the match timer will begin.
ImagePreperation buff 

The special abilities of the captain

ImageA special option that only the captain has is “take it to the Field”, which allows the team captain to port another player into the game. This bottom is created so that the captain is able to port the player into the stadium if he isn’t there at beginning, but it may only be used once every 5 minutes. The player has to be in the party, otherwise it will not work. 

Buff that everyone has:
Each person will have a buff which tells the person on what team he/she is on, and both of the icons look like fruits. One of them is Blue and the other Red, like the clothes the competitive wear. If the buff is canceled, than the person who did it will get instantly ported out of the stadium, and will not be allowed to practice before the next match. You may not substitute with other players once a player left the game. 

ImageMatches last for a maximum of 30 minutes, or until one of the teams have scored 9 goals. All players will instantly get ported out when the game is over, and there is no extra time, unlike games such as Soccer.

Image“Kick” allows the player to kick the ball in the direction the player is faced, but because the ball is a human being it won’t always move the way you want it to. This may be because the Goblin doesn’t want to get kicked around, or because the goblin isn’t totally round like a circle. The cast time of “Kick” is instant and does not cost mana or energy, the range is about 3 yards. Actually none of the abilities in the game requires mana or energy, so it’s all about skills. 

A picture of a Goblin Ball that went the wrong way, LOL..

Image“Pass” allow you to pass to the closest player to you, which requires teamwork. It doesn’t help if the other players don’t know about the pass. This is one of the reasons why Vent, Xfire, or Skype is very recommended if you are playing this game with your friends. Pass has the same range as “Kick”, so it’s also 3 yards on this ability. 

Image“Strong kick” is my favorite and has a range of 45 yards. This ability is mostly used if you want to make a goal, but you are also able to make a good pass to another player, since there will be a glowing circle for the spot you are aiming for. Combined with the following ability the goblin will get a nice glow, which I also think is funny to look at. It’s looking like the goblin is getting seasick.

Dash – Increased movementspeed buff:Image
Decreased movementspeed buff: Image
“Dash” is an ability that increases your movement speed, but with the side effect that you will get reduced movement speed for 10 seconds afterwards, so you have to think about when it’s the best time to use it, than you may expect a counterattack if your attack failed. This ability is mainly used to get to a ball faster than your enemy, but it may also increase the speed of your kick, so there are 2 different ways of using it.

ImageA player who enters your goal area will become temporary goalkeeper, this effect will instantly be removed once the player left the square. The gold keeper has special abilities to prevent the opposite team from scoring a goal. One of this abilities is “to spawn a nearly dead slug “, that places a giant, almost dead, slug on the ground. The slug is not able to move, but it can be used to prevent a goal by filling up a blind spot for the keeper.

ImageBut if a player from the opposite team enters the area, a de-buff will be applied to prevent him from kicking the ball. This effect will first be removed once the player is far enough away from the goal area. 

The Goal!
When you score a goal, a signal flare will be shot up in the air at the spot that the goblin reached, also the audience will cheer. But there is no time to celebrate this by the team, since a new ball will spawn at the center, so you need to get back and rebuild a strong defense when the opposite team is running to get to your goal afterwards.

How to get there
On this map I am showing you where the june stone, that will transport you to the isle, is located.
As you can see from the map is june stone placed in Coba Plateau, which is a level 34 area in the Holy Land. However, it is still possible to go to this area from the beginning of the game, but you should be careful since there are many dangerous mobs on the path to it. Because of the level advantage you are probably going to get one hitted by them, if you run into one. 

Path for Empire players
To get to the Holy Land you will need to take the first ship from the left side, at nezebgrad port. This one will take you to the Holy Land "Asee Teph", and than you just have to follow the path to the right. If you go far enough out othe map to the right, than the map will change to the new "Coba Plateau" map. 

Path for the League players:
From Novograd, players must take the second ship, the one in the middle, to get to the Holy Land(Asee-Teph). When you get to AT you must take the best to the west, follow it to the edge of the map, the map will now turn into "Coba Plateau" map

Marauders Isle
When you get to the Isle which is called "Marauders Isle", than you will be met by orcs and huge drums, and you will already feel the atmosphere. 

There will be an NPC outside the stadium who you have to talk with, this NPC will give you a quest where you have to win a Goblinball game. The reward for this is a goblinball you can take with you overall. 

After you accept the quest you will just have to go to one of the guards in either blue or red, depending on which team you are on. This you do not have to do when you are done with the quest. If you are done with the quest and get the goblinball, than you are able to port to the stadium from everywhere by just clicking the ball. That means that you can play the game even if you are in nezebgrad. You will just get ported to a stadium. Side note: The team members still have to be in the same party.

I little clip I found on youtube about Goblin Ball:
I know the quality is bad, but I didn’t make the clip, and I’m just glad that someone took the time to make one. 

Feel free to correct my gramma or misleading information. If you have better pictures than I have, please mail them. 

Credits go to fleviaxus.