kraftycheese’s 3.0 Cave of Tka-Rik Information Guide Update

3.0 Cave of Tka-Rik Information Update:
For those of you who have not completed the Cave of Trials as part of their World Mystery quest, there is a very important change made to the Cave of Tka-Rik that needs to be understood before a player proceeds in leveling up their character; The Cave of Trials now levels up with you. 

Why is this important?
The problem that many players are experiencing right now is that they leveled up too quickly and are now too undergeared to take on the monsters located within the cave. Rapid level increases cause your gear and stats to become outdated and imbalanced which directly effects your damage output, crit rate, overall ability to actually hit the mobs, among other factors. Completing the Cave of Trials portion of the World Mystery while you are still level 46 is probably your best bet as you will have a better chance of accumulating the gear needed to take on this now difficult area of the game.

Things to Take Into Consideration:

  • This is a known issue of the game at the moment and many players are experiencing the same hardships of this trial.
  • It is now more important than ever to come to the Cave of Trials prepared. Refer to the preparations section of this guild for helpful tips on how to ready yourself for the perilous adventure you are about to undertake.

The Path of the Great:
This is a special quest within the cave of trials for players that have received the Title of the Great quest. Rather than having to fulfill a requirement of 10 trials to complete the quest, you will need to pass 30 trials instead. Likewise, the reward for getting past the 30 trials is an Emblem of Greatness rather than a Demonic Soul. Click here to learn more about Emblems of greatness and the quest tied to them.

Issues with Picking up The Path of the Great Quest:
There have been numerous posts concerning the inability to pickup the Path of the Great (30/30 trial completion quest) quest due to the Path of Trials (10/10 trial completion quest) appearing instead. I did a bit of investigating on this issue to see why it happens and how to go about fixing it. Upon entering the cave to perform testing on this issue, the Path of the Great quest was available to me. Without picking up the quest, I selected some of the other speaking choices when talking to the NPC within the cave. As soon as I chose the "Agree to stand still" option, the Path of the Great quest was gone and replaced with the Path of Trials quest instead. Many people have suggested simply picking up the Path of Trials quest and then dropping it to see if that would allow the Path of the Great Quest to appear. It was also suggested that you leave the cave and re-enter, which was also tested. In the end both of these outcomes did not allow you to obtain the Path of the Great Quest. The only thing that seemed to work was picking up the Path of Trials quest and actually completing it. Once the 10 trials were completed the Path of the Great quest once again became available to me. Further testing is going to be performed to confirm consistency with resolving the issue.


When the ability to reincarnate your character first came about, it was a little overwhelming entering the Cave of Trials not knowing what to expect. Mobs were coming at you from all over, poison was rampantly depleting your health and other trials just seemed impossible. Asking fellow players for advice was helpful sometimes, but it never really prepared anyone for what was really coming when entering that cave. In an effort to better help players having trouble with completing some of their trials and to provide more efficient insight to players new to the Cave of Tka-Rik, I have compiled a few videos demonstrating, from a scout’s perspective (and cameo from my healer reincarnation), how to go about completing these tasks.

Gear Factor:
Before we get started with the demonstrations, it may be helpful to first take a look at your gear. You want to make sure your equipment is up to par for improved results in completing the trials. When I first began the reincarnation process, I was in Layer 2rares, epics, and some legends as a level 46 scout. Bear in mind that there are some level 48-49 uncommon and rare pieces of gear that can drop from mobs that may prove to be more beneficial stat-wise for you. Those pieces are much better than the gear I had and having a decent amount of those pieces should be sufficient for getting you through the trials.

Getting to the Cave:
The Cave of Tka-Rik is located on the Isle of Revelation. 

Players are unable to access this area of the Isle until they reach level 46 and complete all of the prerequisite quests found on both the Isle of Revelation and Twilight Isle. In short, you need to have the Crystal Helmet to enter the cave. 

Demonic Souls:
Demonic Souls are a form of currency within in the Cave of Tka-Rik. You can buy experience items, safety orbs, Symbols of Glory, Cinnabar, Amalgam, costumes, and even mount patterns. Saving up to get everything you want can be a bit time consuming as you will only receive one guaranteed soul per day which comes from completing a set of 10 trials. Do not let that discourage you, though. Demonic Souls may also be obtained throughout your run of trials, but be warned that not every trial drops them, so make sure you know what you want to buy and save up your Souls accordingly.

If you would like to maximize the amount of Demonic Souls earned throughout the day, run through the set of trials until you complete all 10. Once completed, burn the quest rather than turn it in to Veronika and proceed with your second attempt at completing the 10 trials. After finishing the trials again, delete the quest and pick it up again from the NPC. You are allowed three tries throughout the day to complete the quest which totals a minimum of 30 trials per day for you to earn Demonic Souls. Please note that if you are going through the Cave of Trials 10 day quest required to unlock the ability to create a reincarnation or if you struggle with completing 10 trials as it is, this procedure is not recommended as there is a risk of not being able to complete the quest due to failing the trials!

Vanity Items and Mount Skins:
Crystal Cloak:

Crystal Armor:

Granite Steed Pattern:

Granite Wolf Pattern:

Granite Lion Pattern:

Granite Rhinoceros Pattern:

Granite Dreadnaught Pattern:


  • Make sure you come prepared. Stock yourself with the necessary potions/elixirs, alchemy pots (strength, stamina, intelligence, speed, health, mana, etc), Healthy Snacks (if you are married), incense (if your blessing is not active), myrrh, and NPC bought mana and health regenerative items.
  • If you are doing the 10 day course of trials, make sure you have accepted the quest from Veronika Gipitskaya in the Citadel Sanctuary section of the Director’s Citadel.
  • Always double check to make sure you have your Crystal Helmet equipped or in your bag. It is incredibly frustrating running all the way to the cave only to discover you left it in your bank or on the reincarnate.
  • It is hightly recommended that you pick up Martyr’s Salvation Rank 2. This skill is incredibly useful for surviving The Astral Poison trial.
  • Anyone in a guild with a regalia should make an effort to do their trials with maximum loyalty since there is an opportunity to receive prestige for completing The Awakening trial.
  • Educate yourself. Knowing your enemy is the best way to prepare for battle! Make sure you read up on all you can about the Cave of Trials before entering!
  • Buff up! If you have friends or guild members online, use them to the best of their abilities… literally! The Mage/Psi (Aura of Fortitude), Scout/Warden (Aura of Restoration/Regeneration) and Bard (Rhapsody) buffs can all facilitate your experience within the cave.

First Time in the Cave:

When you first enter the cave, the Ghost of Ath-Zak will have a World Mystery quest for you: Tka-Rik Revelation. You need to complete the four parts of this quest (Learn the First Part of Revelation, Learn the Second Part of Revelation, Learn the Third Part of Revelation, Survive) before you can complete The Revelation World Mystery and unlock the ability to do your daily Cave of Trials quest.

The First Part of Revelation (Part 1):

You will be given three abilities; the Chain of Light ability, the Crystal Barrier (shield) ability, and the Orb of Flight ability. You need to chain Sarn (pictured above) up to five times and kill the Tainted Souls he spawns in order to complete this trial. This trial is similar to Scattered Souls except it works backwards; the lesser souls spawn first (two in total), followed by the elite Tainted Souls (two in total), and finally a red ring Tainted Soul. If you run into trouble, pop the shield ability to protect yourself and gain some health back. If you feel that Sarn or his spawns are too close for comfort, use the Orb of Flight to jump out of the way.

The First Part of Revelation (Part 2):

The Crystal Ray ability will be received and you will need to kill the mob pictured above. When he first spawns he will have a shield up, so wait for that to go down before using your Crystal Ray Ability to dispose of him. One shot should do the trick.

The Second Part of Revelation: 

This trial is similar to Survival of the Fittest and Test of Speed in which you must collect orbs to gain abilities to assist you with completion of the task. All you need to do is survive for 5 minutes. If you would like video footage of what to do, scroll down to "Survival of the Fittest" trial as these two are setup the same and require the exact same outcome.

Orange Orbs – These orbs give you a passive ability that will either heal you, kill surrounding mobs, fear surrounding mobs, etc.
Blue Orbs – These orbs give you abilities that you will have to use manually and will be further explained in more detail later in this guide.

The Third Part of Revelation: 
To complete this portion of the quest, you simply need to speak with the Ghost of Ath-Zak. Video of completion is included in the final part of "The Tka-Rik Revelation" quest known as "Survive"

This trial basically works exactly like "The Hunt" trial. In fact the first five waves are exactly the same. The only difference is the sixth wave in which multiple red ring mobs spawn and you must run to the center of the cave, pop your Crystal Shield ability and wait for Nihaz, the God of Darkness, to decimate the red rings.

Completing The Revelation World Mystery:
Once Tka-Rik Revelation is completed Nihaz will give you another quest where you must talk to him multiple times before he gives you Zak’s Shimmering Crystal Armor and sends you back on your way to Yasker/Aidenus to complete "The Revelation" World Mystery. After speaking with Yasker/Aidenus, find your Keeper of Secrets to complete the World Mystery and receive your ruby!

Main Trials:

Scattered Souls:

The trial will begin with a Red Ring Cursed Soul. Upon defeating it, two lesser elite Cursed Souls will appear. Once you have killed them, they will each spawn three normal difficulty Cursed Souls for a total of six Cursed Souls total. Once you defeat them all, the trial is completed. I figured this would be a good trial to start out with since it is the only trial where you are guaranteed to receive a Demonic Soul from completing it. Although, it should be noted that it is not guaranteed that you will receive this particular trial during your daily run through the cave.

Defensive Measures:
With Spawns:

Without Spawns:

A Terrible Demon Protector will spawn which needs to be killed quickly. If he is not killed fast enough, then he will shield himself and spawn four additional mobs. You must kill all four mobs in order to begin attacking the Terrible Demon Protector again. If you do no kill all four of the additional mobs quickly enough, the main boss will regenerate health. 20% of the Protector’s health is regenerated for each one of the four mobs remaining.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Awakening:
With Spawns:

Without Spawns:

The Awakening is a race against time. A ring of Sleeping Demon Protectors will spawn around you and Veronika Gipitskaya, each with a 1 minute sleeping buff on them. Your goal is to kill every one of these Protectors before the time runs out. Failure to kill the demons in the allotted amount of time will result in one Awakened Demon Protector spawning for every Sleeping Demon Protector you did not kill (i.e. If you fail to kill four Sleeping Demon Protectors, four Awakened Demon Protectors will spawn). This mob is similar in appearance to the main boss in Defensive Measures. This trial earns you prestige for completion. With 100 loyalty and a regalia, you are rewarded with 2000 prestige.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Carnage:
10 Demon Scavengers Killed:

20 Demon Scavengers Killed:

This quest can be very easy or very difficult, depending on how you do it. I recommend doing it the easy way if you already have trouble completing your trials. The object of this trial is to kill a certain number of Demon Scavengers littered around the cave. The amount of scavengers killed will have a direct impact on the type of mob that spawns in the middle of the cave. To take the easy way out, you only need to kill 10 of the Demon Scavengers before a Demon Protector will spawn next to Veronika. If you are daring enough, kill a total of 20 to increase the difficulty of the Demon Protector. If you really want a challenge, kill 30 or more Demon Scavengers! Keep in mind that the more difficult the Demon Protector is, the higher chance you have of obtaining a Demonic Soul.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Demon of the Void:

A Vile Demon Guardian will spawn chasing you around the cave. He is a fairly easy mob to kill. Just be sure to stay out of his pretty pink ring of death!
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Demon’s Rage:

This is another fairly straight forward trial. An Evil Demon Ravager will spawn and over time his strength and stamina will increase. This can be noted via the stacked buffs that appear under his face plate. Essentially you just want to kill this little cutie as quickly as possible.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Ringleader:
With Additional Spawns to Demonstrate Spawn Rate:

Without Additional Spawns:

This is another one of those "kill as fast as you can" trials. A Barbaric Predator will spawn along side a Barbaric Demon Scout. The longer the Barbaric Predator (a.k.a. The Ringleader) is left alive, the more Barbaric Demon Scouts he will spawn to aid him.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Hunt:

The Hunt is a trial consisting of waves.

  • Wave 1: 1 Cruel Demon Scavenger
  • Wave 2: 2 Cruel Demon Scavengers
  • Wave 3: 3 Cruel Demon Scavengers
  • Wave 4: 1 Cruel Demon Scavenger, 2 Barbaric Demon Parasites
  • Wave 5: 2 Cruel Demon Scavengers, 1 Barbaric Demon Raider

Depending on how quickly you kill the mobs, you will have some time between waves to regenerate health, so it is a good idea to make good use of that free time. If you do not complete the 5th wave quickly enough, the trial will just end automatically, passing you through the trial.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Creeping Doom:

In this trial there will be a ring of mobs surrounding the midsection of the cave that slowly move toward you enclosing the circle. You need to cut a hole through these mobs with any kind of ranged/pet attack and continue moving so that these mobs so not touch you. One touch and the mobs will explode killing you instantly and causing you to fail the trial.
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Keeper of the Artifacts:

This is one of the easiest quests to complete. All you have to do to fulfill the needs of this trial is to speak with the Keeper of Artifacts and click the "Ask to complete the trial and leave" option. If you wish to vendor some items to him, you are able to open Trade with him as well. Trading with the Keeper of Artifacts is the only way to obtain the items bought with Demonic Souls that were listed in the Demonic Souls segment of this guide. All items and their descriptions can be viewed in the video as well. One important bit of information to remember is that the Keeper of Artifacts can also dispel the effect from The Curse of Time trial. 
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Curse of Time:

The Curse of Time is a straight forward trial where you simply touch the blue orb that spawns and you will receive a debuff for the duration of 15 minutes. This means that you have 15 minutes to complete your trials. If you do not complete your trials within this 15 minute window, you will die when the timer runs out and fail your trial quest. Quests that dispel this debuff include Defeating the Curse and Keeper of the Artifacts. This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Defeating the Curse:

Defeating the Curse is similar to the trial The Curse of Time. Rather than touching a blue orb, you touch the orange one that appears. The 15 minute debuff received from The Curse of Time is dispelled and you are free to continue trials in a more relaxed manner.
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Light and Darkness:
10 Darkness:

10 Light:

In Light and Darkness, you must collect blue energy orbs in order to pass or fail the trial. After touching an orb, you will receive one of two buffs; a light buff or a darkness buff. Once you have accumulated either 10 light buffs or 10 darkness buffs, the trial will be completed. If you completed the trial with 10 light buffs, you will earn a few extra trial completions (up to three completed trials earned) (i.e. if you started the trial with 8/10 trials completed, it may bump you up to 10/10 trials completed). If you completed the trial with 10 darkness buffs, you will lose progress on your trial completions (up to three trials taken away) (i.e. if you started the trial with 8/10 trials completed, it may move you back down to 6/10 trials completed). One thing to note about this trial is that if you have not completed many trials, it can bring your total trial completion count down into the negatives.
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Portal of Luck:


Similar to the Light and Darkness trial, Portal of Luck has a chance to do good (buff the total completed trial count) or bad (debuff the total completed trial count). Simply step into the giant purple orb and test your luck. Once you do, the trial will be completed. If you are lucky you will earn one completed trial, and if you are unlucky you will lose one completed trial. One thing to note about this trial is that if you have not completed many trials, it can bring your total trial completion count down into the negatives.
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

The Astral Poison:

This trial can be particularly tricky especially for non-healing classes that have rank 1 Martyr’s Salvation. Upon beginning the quest, you will have to touch a blue orb which will afflict your character with this  three minute debuff in which your health consistently goes down until the timer runs out. If you have Rank 2 Martyr’s Salvation, you should be fine. For those that do not have Rank 2 Martyr’s Salvation, be sure to come stocked with Aqua Vitae, Aqua Eternus, Healthy Snacks, health potions, trinkets, or anything that will increase your chance of survival for this trial.
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Orbs of Greed:

This is similar to Light and Darkness and Energy Orbs. You need to talk to Veronika to find out how to collect the Orbs of Greed. Consequentially, you will need to pay her 10 gold in order to gain a protection buff allowing you to touch the orbs without further harm. Simply collect 10 of these orbs to complete the trial. If you are lucky, the Vile Demon Wraith will appear and killing it will earn you 100 gold (amount increases with the appropriate Lucky Moment active).
This trial has a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Survival of the Fittest:

Basically, you just have to do as the trial says: survive. Then again, what trial don’t you have to do that with? This is a five minute endurance test. Run around the cave collecting the orange and blue orbs to obtain special abilities that aid you in your quest to live!

     Crystal Ray: Inflicts damage to the target. Physical spell, instant cast time, 40 yard range, 6 second cooldown. 
     Crystal Barrier: Heals you and makes you immune to all damage and knockdown effects. Physical spell, Instant cast time, 25 second cooldown. 
     Orb of Invulnerability: Allows you to use the Orb of Invulnerability (a protective shield spell). Physical spell, Instant cast time, 25 second cooldown. 
     Orb of Flight: Allows you to jump forward. Physical spell, Instant cast time, 5 second cooldown.
     Orb of Lightning: Inflicts damage to all nearby enemies. Makes all nearby enemies unable to move or use abilities. Physical spell, 15 yard radius, Instant cast time, 5 second cooldown.
     Orb of Shockwaves: Inflicts damage to all nearby enemies. Knocks all nearby enemies back. Physical spell, instant cast, 10 yard radius, 5 second cooldown.
     Orb of Fire: Shoots fire at the chosen location that inflicts damage. Physical spell, 60 yard range, 15 yard radius, Instant cast time, 5 second cooldown.
     Orb of Frost: Inflicts damage to all nearby enemies. Decreases the movement speed of all nearby enemies. Physical spell, 60 yard range, 15 yard radius, Instant cast time, 5 second cooldown.

This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Test of Speed:

Test of Speed is similar to Survival of the Fittest; you collect orbs while hoards of mobs are chasing you. All of the abilities gained from the blue orbs are exactly the same as seen in Survival of the Fittest. The difference in this trial is that the orange orbs are needed more for completion. Your task here is to collect 12 of the orange orbs in order to finish off the trial. 
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Energy Orbs:

This is another easy task. Easy, but time consuming. Run around collecting 30 Energy Orbs to complete this trial. No skill involved. No mobs to be killed. Piece of cake! It would be a good idea to use a speed pot on this trial, especially if you have the Curse of Time buff on you.
This trial does not have a chance to earn a Demonic Soul.

Credits go to kraftycheese.