Mayllene’s Complete Warrior Guide – Tanked and Spanked

Special thanks to Citizenkane for posing for this picture
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[W100]1-Combat Advantage
[W200]2- Talents
[W301] 3.1 Stances
[W302] 3.2 Powerful Blow Tree
[W303] 3.3 Charge Tree
[W304] 3.4 Jagged Slice Tree
[W400]4.0 Stat Points
[W500]5.0 Warrior Builds
[W600]6.0 Playing the Warrior
[W601] 6.1 Weapon Speeds
[W602] 6.2 Warrior Tanking Rotations
[W603] 6.3 Warrior Dps Rotations
[W700]7.0 Warriors in Pvp
[W800]8.0 Reincarnations
[W900]9.0 Nnnnnnnnfffffffffllllllllghghh
[W1000]10.0 Unabridged explanation of ignored rubies/talents
[W1100]11.0 Helpful Addons to improve your gameplay
Welcome to the ghetto world of Warriors. Warriors are masters of arms, dealing lethal and massive amounts of damage. They can be your best allies, or your worst enemy. The following guide will help you to quickly master your warrior and decimate your enemies.
Combat Advantage- [W100]

Before we delve in, you should learn about combat advantage. Combat advantage is what all our skills generate and use to deal our attacks. You will notice this on your screen:
When you use a skill, you generate combat advantage. This will be reflected on this bar here. Some skills generate combat advantage, while others need to consume it in order to be used. Combat advantage disappears if you come out of combat or if you do not use any skills for 10 seconds, so you must be sure to quickly deal your attacks and manage your CA effectively to vanquish your enemy.

Talents- [W200]

A warrior primarily deals the most damage by using effective combos of their skills. Now that you are familiar with what combat advantage is, let’s examine the skills used to generate and consume CA.
Please Note: Skills that are PvP Focused are colored in Red;PvE Focused skills are colored in Blue.
ImageImagePowerful Blow/Flawless Blow
Your MAIN primary attack. As soon as you jump into the world of allods, replace basic attack with this move. In addition to being your main attack, this deals 50% more damage if it is used during a knockdown. You must get this to rank 3 as soon as possible. When you are able to access your second tier of skills, get Flawless Blow to rank 3 which will replace your Powerful Blow (Medium Scroll of Sacrament required). If you do not have one of these, continue using Powerful Blow. Generates 20 CA.
Rushes you to the target and inflicts a silence of 2 seconds. This will usually be your combat opener. Higher ranks only decrease cooldown and range, so rank 1 in this skill is fine (or you can increase for faster cooldown/range).
ImageJagged Slice
The main secondary attack of most Dps Warriors. This attack deals quick massive tick damage, especially when combined with its rubies. The really great thing about this skill is that the damage done to the target is increased if they are moving, so this makes it a great asset for pvp. If you are going to be a dps warrior, you must have this at rank 3.
ImageRapid Slash
Solely used to generate rapid CA, this attack can only be used after using Powerful Blow, Flawless Blow, Arcing Blow, or Hack. Most times you will use this right after Powerful Blow in order to generate CA for your other skills (e.g. Jagged Slice). Since it is only used to generate CA, rank 1 in this skill is acceptable. Please note though, only take this skill in conjunction with the rapid slash rubies which increase the CA you gain from this skill, which will be explained later on.
ImageAgonizing Strike
One of our main massive hit blows that consume CA. Consuming 60 CA, this attack’s power is increased if used during a knockdown effect by 50%. You can use this attack in place of jagged slice (and if you don’t have the jagged slice rubies), or if you are a dps warrior you can use both jagged and agonizing in order to deal massive KO damage. Rank 3 in this skill is highly recommended for all builds.
ImageImageForceful Kick/Vicious Punt
A small skill useful for attempting to knockdown your enemy, in addition to generating 15 CA. If you are a dps warrior, it is highly recommended to obtain rank 3 in this skill, as the chance to inflict a knockdown is increased to 55% at rank 3. This skill is great if a knockdown procs, which will allow you to use Powerful Blow/Flawless Blow/Agonizing Strike at 50% more power. Do not get the upgraded version of this skill, Vicious Punt, as it is a waste of talent points.
ImageMalicious Blow
The first frontal aoe skill warriors get. This skill is primarily used by tanks to gather mobs in front of them and proc the Impenetrable Barrier effect, which increases your chance to block by 10% and decreases your damage by 3%, stacking 5 times. As such, only TANKS need this skill, and they must have it at rank 3 in order to increase the chance to gain the Impenetrable Barrier effect. In addition to this effect, this skill also generates 25 CA.
ImageImageSweeping Strike/Sweeping Blow
The first full 360 aoe that warriors get. This skill only has some usability to tanks (this skill procs the impenetrable barrier effect every time), but I do not recommend it, the main reason being that this aoe does not deal sufficient aoe damage in order to be able to properly obtain agro of mobs. In addition to always activating the barrier effect, this skill has a chance to knockdown all enemies around you. After building 5 stacks of the impenetrable barrier effect, this skill will knockdown all mobs around you every time (cc-able mobs only). Consumes 65 CA. 
ImageGut Punch
Do you like punching people in the gut? Great! Other than that this skill is useless. It inflicts a base silence of 3 seconds when used, consuming 40 CA. Highly recommended to skip this.
ImageArcing Blow
This skill’s usability and reliability is controversial. Generating 25 CA with a cooldown of 30 seconds at rank 3, this skill has a 35% chance to cause the target to bleed. It also deals 75% more damage and has a 100% chance to cause a bleed if it is used while the target is knocked down. I personally do not use this skill because of the cooldown and low reliability (it can be dodged, and will still go on cooldown), but some warriors successfully fit this into their rotations, so I would not render it completely useless.
Consuming 55 CA, this attack stuns the target for 5 seconds and also knocks them down at the start of the stun. Very highly recommend this skill, it is the strongest stun warriors have and it is extremely effective. Take rank 3 of this skill as soon as possible.
ImageShattering Strike
For a price of 40 CA, this skill disarms the target for a base time of 5 seconds. Taking this skill is entirely your preference, although I do not recommend it since it really only has an effect on melee classes, and doesn’t really seem to work in PvE. Rank 1 in this skill, if you do choose to take this, is all I would recommend.
This is the dps version of malicious blow, and as such I recommend it only for dps warriors. A frontal aoe, this attack has a 30% chance to cause your targets to bleed, and also has a 35% chance to apply the Endless Rampage effect, which increases your damage dealt by 5%, but also decreases your armor by 5% (stacks 5 times). Only recommended for dps warriors only, not tanks! Generates 25 CA. Rank 3 recommended.
ImageImageVicious Spin/Vicious Whirlwind
The most uber, mega powerful aoe attack warriors have. Rank 3 for all warriors, no exceptions. Consumes 65 CA to deal damage to all enemies around you in a 5 yard radius, also causing them to bleed. Also applies a stack of the Endless Rampage effect, but I still recommend this to all tanks, reason being that this will allow you to generate the damage necessary to tank effectively, and using Malicious Blow will counter the Endless Rampage stacks, so you don’t end up taking a ridiculous amount of damage. 
Consumes 40 CA to knockdown the target. As such, this is a handy skill to have which you can combine with your other skills to increase their damage (Powerful Blow, Agonizing Strike, remember?). You are not required to take this, but if you do, rank 1 is sufficient to do its job.
ImageAura of Ferocity
Rank 3 for all dps warriors highly recommended. Reduces your armor by 30% to increase the physical damage dealt by your party members by 15%. This will make you very desirable in astral parties. Tanks can also obtain this skill in case they join a party where they don’t need to tank. DO NOT USE THIS IN PVP. Extremely bad idea. The armor reduction will make you a rubber chicken.
Consumes 60 CA to deal a series of fast attacks. I used to believe this skill was completely useless, until a birdy told me once that you can use this to decimate a mage’s barriers. So rank 1 in this skill is okay, but don’t use it as your main attack, your other skills are much stronger.

Remember that your entire playstyle will revolve around the talents that you choose, so choose wisely!

Rubies- [W300]

Of course, the talents are nothing without their accompanying rubies! Most of a warrior’s rubies are enhancements to the talents (extra damage, longer bleed, ect.), so it is important to consider which skill you will be using most, and try to enhance it with its accompanying rubies (if any). Lets start with stances.

Stances- [W301]
Stances are a unique feature of warrior’s. There are three stances in total, and each one is a permanent buff that you can apply on you (it has no time limit, but you have to reapply it if you die, ect.). Stances are meant to mitigate some type of damage in some way, which makes warrior’s very tankish. As such, you MUST have a stance or you risk being at a serious disadvantage. Lets examine the three below:

ImageStony Resilience
The most popular and easiest to obtain stance. This stance has a chance to reduce your physical damage taken by 50% by a certain base amount. Its easy to get to location in the Charge tree makes it the most popular stance used by warrior’s today.
ImageSolid Defences
A less popular stance, but still useful. This stance reduces your chance to receive a critical strike by 50% of your current chance. This skill is mainly useful if you are tanking "huge" bosses that deal slow but massive amounts of damage (Nogrom in Gorluxor Tower is an example). Located in Powerful Blow tree.
ImageMight over Magic
The least popular stance used, and can only be used while wearing a shield. This stance blocks magical offensive spells with a shield and periodically reflects them back to the attacker. As such, this is only useful for tanks and as a secondary stance, specifically for magical bosses (or pvping against a mage). Located in Jagged Slice tree.

Powerful Blow Tree- [W302]
Key: Blue shows the basic essential path for all builds, and go together with either the tank colors or the Dps colors
Green shows the basic path for tanks
Red shows the basic path for Dps
Please note that I will only delve into the most useful rubies for space concerns. If you would like a more unbiased description on each ruby that isn’t discussed regardless, check the unabridged version of this section. The number in the ( ) indicates how many ranks of the same ruby exist in all three trees.
ImageRapid Advantage (2)
Uber awesome, is the only explanation for this ruby. Obtaining both ranks of this ruby causes your rapid slash to generate 40 extra combat advantage. You MUST get this ruby with rapid slash for it to work at its fullest. I mean, it’s that awesome. Get it as soon as possible. Highly recommended for all builds.
ImageRam (3)
This ruby is only good for tanks, since it is along the way to their block rubies. This skill is great for increasing your stunlock capabilities as a tank. Not recommended for dps, and higher ranks of this skill are not required. Ram stuns a target for 4 seconds and can only be used with a shield.
ImageImpenetrable Defenses (2)
Tank ruby. One of the lines of defense for tanks, this ruby increases your chance to block by 25% per ruby. Two rubies in total, highly recommended to get these rubies if you are a full tank.
ImageLucky Strikes (2)
Very very highly recommended ruby. This ruby increases the critical strike chance of Jagged Slice, Agonizing Strike, Bloodbath, Bash, and Vicious Spin/Whirlwind. Every warrior should take both rubies, regardless of what type of warrior you are.
ImageBlade Mastery (3)
Increases the damage dealt by Powerful/Flawless Blow, Arcing Blow, and Hack by 15% at rank 3. Take all three ranks of these rubies (there are two in this tree and the last one is in Jagged Slice tree, see Jagged Slice tree further down) regardless of what type of warrior you are.
ImageArmor Buster
This ruby gives your spells a 15% chance to decrease a targets armor by 10% for the next 6 offensive spells. Obtaining this ruby is optional. I generally do not recommend it, since it is only for 6 attacks (Remember that you have to waste some spells such as Rapid Slash to gain CA, and you waste stacks during this), and the ruby used here can be put to far better use elsewhere.
ImageDevastating Strikes
Decreases the cooldown of Arcing Blow by 20%. Only take this if you use Arcing Blow.
ImageGolden Blade
Image!! Take this ruby no exceptions! Grants you a 15% chance to increase your luck by 10%. A mega ruby for every single warrior!
Reduces the duration of Fear and disorient effects by 50%. Take this if you are pvp based; however this ruby is entirely optional.
ImageHeavy Hitter (3)
Recommended for dps warriors, this increases the damage dealt by Malicious Blow, Cleave, Vicious Spin/Whirlwind by 15% at rank 3. Tanks can also take this ruby if they desire and have enough left over rubies for it. Make sure to take all three if you do decide to take this.
ImageImageImageImageImageImageFinesse/Strength/Agility/Expertise/Stamina Rubies (3)
You will usually find a rank of each of these stat rubies in every tree. As they are stats, you should take these as you can, but taking them is not required. The most you will most likely get is rank 2 of every stat shown here, since the stats in the Charge tree are too far apart to be worth getting to.
These rubies are generally useless and should not be considered. If you would like a more detailed explanation on why they are useless, or any mild unrelated use they might have, check the unabridged version of this section.

Charge Tree- [W303]
Key: Blue shows the basic essential path for all builds, and go together with either the tank colors or the Dps colors
Green shows the basic path for tanks
Red shows the basic path for Dps
ImageAdrenaline Rush
Increases your energy regeneration rate by 100% for 20 seconds. Every single warrior should have this. This ruby is the dps rush for a warrior and means life or death during pvp.
ImageImageImageImageImageMenacing Presence/Evasion Expert (2)/Headbutt/Indomitable Will/Reasonable Advantage
All these skills are agility rubies that go together. Menacing Presence increases the charge silence by 100%;Headbutt is a 5 second stun to yourself and your enemy. These both are good if you are stunlocking. Evasion Expert is your agility rubies (required for full tanks) which gives you a 50% increased dodge rate. Reasonable advantage takes advantage of this and gives you 10 free CA everytime you dodge, which is a huge advantage in pvp when you just need a tiny bit of CA to rip out a massive Agonizing Strike. Indomitable Will is simply along the way, but nevertheless reduces movement impairing effects by 50%, which comes handy in pvp.
ImageFurious Regeneration(2)
Usually along the way down the tree to Die Hard, this is the best heal us warriors will ever get. You should try to learn how to ninja pull this off in pvp.
ImageIntimidate (2)
Put short, the warrior’s taunt. This will save your party members in astral if they pull agro, and this comes in handy in pvp, primarily against healers. It is short though, so use wisely. You only need rank one of this, as increased ranks only increase the amount of damage you need to take before the taunt is broken (and since the taunt is so short it won’t really matter). Take rank two if you’re a fresh tank for an increased taunt. Usually both tanks and dps will get this simply to cut across the tree.
ImageUnyielding Resolve
Reduces your critical strike damage taken by 10%. No more tricks to it. Usually taken as you travel down to die hard.
ImageLiving Armor
Increases your armor by 5% for 15 seconds when you receive a critical strike. Usually also taken as you travel down to die hard, but also serves as a nice armor boost since it activates fairly often. 
ImageDie Hard (2)
Every single warrior must have these rubies, there is absolutely no exception. This ruby literally extends your life and is a huge life or death for every single situation. Die hard activates after your initial HP reaches 0. It increases your maximum health by 80% for 16 seconds, basically giving you a second chance at life. Use this time to either finish killing your enemy or getting your health up before the die hard effect runs out. Get both rubies, no exceptions, as soon as possible.
ImageImageImageImageImageFinesse/Strength/Agility/Expertise/Stamina Rubies (3)
You will usually find a rank of each of these stat rubies in every tree. As they are stats, you should take these as you can, but taking them is not required. The ones in the Charge tree are too hard to get to, so you won’t pick any here.
Useless rubies. Too far. Check unabridged version of this section if you want an explanation on what these rubies do.

Jagged Slice Tree- [W304]
Key: Blue shows the basic essential path for all builds, and go together with either the tank colors or the Dps colors
Green shows the basic path for tanks
Red shows the basic path for Dps
ImageMotivating Presence
Instantly gives you 65 energy. Great for getting energy to pull off that finishing blow. Tanks make great use out of this, but hybrids can fit it in as well.
ImageEnchanted Armor (3)
Recommended in conjunction with the Might over Magic stance. Decreases your magical damage taken by 3% (one ruby).
ImageSolid Grasp
Decreases disarm durations by 50%.
ImageEnergy Flow
Restores 10 energy every time you parry. Another nifty advantage if you take the parry rubies with this. Usually for full tanks, extremely helpful.
ImageSkillful Fighter (2)
Increases your chance to parry by 50% of your current chance. The third line of defense for tanks. 
ImageTrained Fighter (4)
At rank 4 increases your damage dealt by 20%. Plain simple, no brainer. If you are a dps warrior you definitely want all these rubies.
ImageRupturing Blows (3)
This is the companion ruby for jagged slice, and as such you need all three ranks. It increases bleed durations by 6 seconds and the duration of jagged slice by 3 seconds (at rank 3), so this ruby is very highly recommended.
ImageBlade Mastery (3)
Increases the damage dealt by Powerful/Flawless Blow, Arcing Blow, and Hack by 15% at rank 3. Take all three ranks of these rubies (there are two in the Powerful Blow tree and the last one is here in this tree.
The main tank agro generation skill required by all tanks. Increases your threat generation by 300% for 20 seconds. Only tanks need this as this is their main agro generation skill. I sometimes forget to use it and end up trolling my parties :lol: 
ImageHead Trauma
Increases the duration of bash by 20%. If you have a spare ruby and bash is your only stun for some reason, then this ruby is useful. Otherwise, skip it.
The longest silence/stun warriors have. Consumes 35 CA to prevent the target from using offensive spells for 8 seconds base time. Usually not taken because of its location in the tree, but nevertheless useful.
ImageStalwart Defense (2)
Decreases the threat generation of a party member by 15% (rank 1). This ruby is useful for that party member that’s just pulling too much agro. A useful skill for tanks to have, but not required. 
ImageImageImageImageImageImageFinesse/Strength/Agility/Expertise/Stamina Rubies (3)
You will usually find a rank of each of these stat rubies in every tree. As they are stats, you should take these as you can, but taking them is not required. The ones in the Charge tree are too hard to get to, so you won’t pick any here.
The first 4 rubies here are completely useless and too far to reach out. The last two are too far out to be worth picking up, but their effects are useful, so if you want to try making your own build with them read their descriptions in the unabridged version.

Stat Points – [W400]

I get constantly asked what stats a warriors should run. A warriors stats are usually tentative depending on the situation, but you should generally try to follow these guidelines:

Endgame Stats

Finesse: Bare minimum 25% to 40%. The finesse you use can sometimes vary on the situation (some bosses require more finesse than others), so keep some swap gear handy. But don’t overdo it, it’s like eating excess donuts, you’ll make yourself sick.
Expertise: Anywhere from 7% to 9.5% is okay. If the misses get too annoying for you or you don’t think you miss that much, you can tweak as you please.
Luck: Very important stat. Try to keep a bare minimum of 55%. 70% max is usually the threshold, because you need to remember that golden blade helps boost you up. Again, don’t overdo it, you’re not a mage.
Strength: After balancing the other three, you generally want to put the rest into strength. Try to make it as high as possible without severely damaging the other stats, preferably at 50%-70%. 

Leveling Stats

Finesse: You can totally skimp on this as you are leveling. But try keeping it in the "ignores armor" area, generally over 5% (when you hold your mouse over the finesse stat, the tooltip should say "% to ignore armor")
Expertise: 7% to 9.5%, or whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Luck: Keeping this at 40% is good (Try to reach golden blade as soon as possible).
Strength: As much as you can without destroying the other 3 stats. It’ll increase exponentially over time.

As for all the other stats, they will balance themselves with gear naturally.
Any extra stat points you get, as with every class, always goes into LUCK.
Try getting the stat rubies, if possible.
And take extra gear when you astral, the balancing is a tricky thing to balance and you’re going to need that gear to get the right balance.

Warrior Builds – [W500]

The grid above shows the most common paths for warrior builds.
Blue are essential rubies that every warrior should have, so you should always include these.
After following the blue, you can choose either a dps path or a tank path.
Green denotes a tank pathway.
Red denotes a dps pathway.
Yellow denotes extra optional pvp rubies.
Use this image as a basis to make your own unique build, with the skills that YOU want to use. As you can see, warrior offers you many different unique choices.

If you’re just plain stubborn and just want to play, below are three links: one is a dps warrior build, one is a full tank build, and one is a hybrid of both. Again keep in mind not all builds are the same, and I highly recommend you refer to the diagram above to make your own build to suit your own playstyle. Each one uses 45 rubies, but if you have more you can use what you learned above to add to them safely.

Playing the Warrior – [W600]

The next part about warrior’s is the skill needed to properly play them. Tanks and dps all have a role and a certain skill rotation they should follow in order to be effective. Timing is crucial when you are using your skills, so I will now introduce you to weapon speeds.

Weapon Speeds- [W601]

Take a look at these two weapons below:
The left one is a sword; the right one is a mace. The two weapons have different speeds. What does this mean? Well to put it simply: The weapon on the left will allow you to attack a lot faster than the weapon on the right. This means that the cooldown of all your physical skills will be less with the left weapon, compared with the cooldown if you use the right weapon. This may not seem much, but this changes everything: how fast you can stun someone, how long it takes before you can agonizing, spin, ect. You don’t want to frustrate yourself mashing the agonizing button and then they heal themselves just because your weapon was too slow to set off the attack. Although faster weapons do mean they hit less, for tanks the faster weapon is usually the preferred choice. If you are in pvp, the faster weapon will let you stun faster; but the slower weapon will usually hit harder. So, based on this, choose your weapon wisely and base your combat rotation around it.

Warrior Tanking Rotations- [W602]

Playing a warrior tank is usually about speed and quick reflexes. You need to be quick at getting solid agro of all the mobs so your party can safely dps. For this we will assume you are using a full tank build that I provided in the builds section, and that you are using a one handed spear with shield.
Lets say there is a group of 4 mobs. You would then do this skill rotation:
And vice versa. Occasionally change the target your using powerful blow on, so you can keep a balanced agro of all mobs. And always have taunt ready if a mob escapes. 
If you are tanking a boss, use this rotation:

Below is a clip on warrior tanking rotations which might give you a better view on how they would look like in action:

Warrior Dps Rotations- [W603]

A dps warrior is more about the timing of your attacks. You need to time your attacks with the amount of energy you have left, and just plain hit the target as hard as you can. We wil assume you are using the Dps build from earlier. Here is a sample rotation:
Image+Image+Image (wait 2 seconds for energy) Image+Image+Image
And repeat. Your main priority is to keep the Jagged Slice up on the target at all times. Try to reapply it when it has about 2 seconds left, don’t reapply if it is has 4 or more seconds as it’ll be a waste of energy. If you apply a jagged and you have left over CA and energy for an extra attack, add in an occasional Agonizing Strike.
For aoe mobs:
This will get you maximum aoe dps possible. The reason you use rapid slash here is because it is just a whole lot faster to gain the CA needed to let loose the ever important spin. The cleave afterwards will also do 50% more damage after the spin applies the bleed effect to all the mobs.
Try to explore with similar rotations, bearing in mind your weapons speed.
*The most important thing of all is to MIND YOUR ENERGY. Time your powerful and rapid so your not stuck with no energy unable to pull one or the other. If you’re patient with your energy, you’ll be able to successfully pull off the necessary combos.
Warriors in PvP- [W700]

Warrior’s in pvp are marvelous. There is nothing more satisfying, than sinking that blade into someone’s head, and just watching their health crash away. It’s like being high, seriously. But let’s try to learn about warrior pvp.
The rotations and tactics you use in pvp depend entirely on the situation and the class you are fighting. But the general rules remain the same, so let’s look at some tactics and rotations.

Figure-8 Kiting
Kiting. It’s so important, yet so few people do it. Why is it important? Well lets see: you can’t chew your food without moving your jaw. In the exact same way, you can’t fight without moving at least a little. Why stand in one spot and make it super easy for the opposing player to destroy you? Well that’s the idea, you don’t. Kiting in a figure 8 breaks the Line of Sight of casters, making it harder for them to attack you. It also messes up melee classes by forcing them to constantly turn trying to find you because their attacks won’t hit. Such a simple skill, and a huge annoyance. Take a look at the following clip to see this in action:

The Knockdown Technique
Remember what we said about knockdowns completely making our attacks lethal? Well they seriously do in pvp! A well timed knockdown and combo can give you a very quick edge in battle. Remember that Powerful Blow and Agonizing both hit 50% harder during a knockdown. So you should use a knockdown to quickly deal massive amounts of damage to your opponent. Watch the example below to get a glimpse of its devastating power:

The Well Timed Stun
Same concept as above. Time your stun at the right moment, rush in, use your adrenaline rush, and kill them. Stun will prevent your opponent from getting away or doing any sneaky tricks (like using holy shield to get out of it).

The Running Power of Jagged Slice
I once thought jagged slice was absolute crap. Those tiny ticks, how could they possibly kill anyone? Well, remember that Jagged slice does even MORE damage while the target is moving? Well it literally does, since the enemy basically helps you kill them! IT ROCKS PERIOD. Watch the clip if you don’t believe me:

Will add more as they come. If you have any more suggestions feel free to post below!

Reincarnations- [W800]

The incarnation that you end up choosing (later on in the game, at level 46) can make a huge difference in your warrior. So I’m going to list the best reincarnations for warriors below, and you can choose as you please :P 

ImageBarriers (Mage)
Used to be the most popular skill before nerf. Barriers give you 4 stony barriers which will absorb a set amount of damage. It is somewhat helpful against scouts and warriors since they won’t be able to hit you directly, but the nerf has made barriers nearly useless due to you only having the ability to throw up 4 barriers per 45 seconds (cooldown starts as last one fades).
ImageTelekinetic Pull (Psi)
In my opinion, the best warrior reincarnate skill out of 2. Have you ever been chasing someone, and they keep running and running and you just can’t hit them? Catch them with this move. Big mob of people coming at you? No problem, bunch them up in a big nasty pile. In addition to this, tk pull also knocks down which means you can pull off a quick massive combo for free. Tk pull has so many applications it is bound to serve you extremely well in both pve and pvp situations.
Howl of Death/Fear (Summoner)
The slowdown of Howl is great to slow down your enemy and stun them, in addition to the non physical damage dealt; the fear is an additional cc you can use, perhaps as an additional "stun" in your combo.
ImageHoly Shield (Healer)
A somewhat popular reincarnate skill. 6 Second shield that also clears all your dots. You can also ninja furious regen during this. The main problem with holy shield is it makes you unable to attack during its duration, so it is not exactly viable for warriors, although in proper applications (aka breaking a stunlock on you), it can be useful. The Divine Foresight sucks so don’t bother with it.
ImageRecoil/Deadly Rush (Scout)
Recoil serves as an extra cc and most commonly combined with a charge right after, but it is still not extremely useful (unless you try to use it in "creative" applications). Deadly Rush is a skill that instantly teleports you behind the target, about every 20 seconds. Its uses are slightly controversial, at least in my testing experience and conversations with Citizenkane. Even though it is an excellent gap closer (you can avoid caltrops and other movement impairment ccs with it by simply teleporting), it greatly puts you in jeopardy as it is difficult to chain with any cc right after using it (global cooldown and energy cost), in addition to it putting you directly behind the target, which means if your target is moving, they will be instantly out of range as soon as you teleport, making your teleport useless. Even so, it is an interesting skill to have if you would like to experiment with it.
ImageStrike of Justice (Paladin)
Alongside TK pull, also the best reincarnate skill you can possibly get. A second charge is an excellent extra gap closer in addition to your normal charge. In many ways it is superior to our normal warrior charge. This charge can be activated at a minimum distance of 8 seconds, to a maximum range of 30 seconds, with a 24 energy cost. The best part about this skill is it procs a knockdown upon connecting, which as we know, increases the damage of most of your melee attacks and is inevitably an excellent combo maker.

Also in an unrelated note, some of these skills work well with your racials. Xadaganian Racial (which is a slow) will work together with howl. Kanian’s aoe fear can work together with fear, ect. Try to also find out which skills also combine with your normal skills for efficiency.

Nnnnnnnnfffffffffllllllllghghh- – [W900]

I love warriors. I mean, this is like my favorite class in the entire game. There’s just so much malleability, uniqueness, and awesomeness related to it. You really feel like you’re free as a warrior, to do as you please, beat people up, and win. It’s seriously just wonderful to take someone down in mere seconds like if they were pieces of paper. That’s kickass right there.
I mean, just watch Blesnar. For like, 2 minutes. And you’ll fall in love. With the class I mean, not Blesnar.
And even if you’re not strong enough yet to beat everyone you meet, isn’t it cool how some of these skills look? Brutal throw, totally useless yes, but hilarious to see a weapon fly through the air and thonk into someone’s head. Vicious Spin, just looks totally cool.
Smashing a cat with Arcing Blow, totally cool.
And isn’t it cool that if you use stalwart defense on, for example, a healer, every time someone hits them you can just keep taunting off, because every time they hit the healer your cooldown resets and you can just taunt again, and the healer will keep healing you, and its just totally epic!
Even kicking someone in the shin with Forceful kick looks totally cool!

So that’s about it. Just go out there, make a warrior, level it up, and chop heads.

The next sections are extras, which I recommend you read. They focus on the rubies and talents that I did not explain above or said they suck, because frankly, you shouldn’t take my word for it. In some way, every single ruby is useful somehow, and you could end up making a completely new build just by reading what all these rubies do. So I really hope you do keep reading!

Unabridged Explanation of Ignored Rubies/Talents- [W1000]

This section is dedicated to finishing the explanation on the rubies and talents that I neglected in the above sections. Because simply, knowledge is power, and you all deserve an unbiased view of all the skills.

ImageVicious Kick
Yes, it usually is a waste to get ranks in this skill. But, to give you a different view, if for example you can only afford rank one on Forceful Kick, then getting rank 1 on vicious kick will technically be better, because a rank 1 in an upgraded skill outdoes a rank 1 in the original version. Stronger kick, more % for knockdown. And if you are dependent on kick a lot to use your knockdown combos, then it may be worth putting up ranks in this skill.
ImageImageSweeping Strike/Sweeping Blow
It is true that this skill does not do as much damage as vicious spin/whirlwind. I still strongly believe you should not use this for main tanking. But this skill still has major use. One major use of this skill is the ability to be able to quickly build up defense. Lets say there is a very difficult aoe pull you need to tank. You can charge in and spin to get strong initial agro, and then simply spam sweeping strike/blow to continue knocking the mobs down and applying the full stacks of the impenetrable barrier effect, which will greatly increase your defense , since the mobs can’t always attack due to the knockdown, and the fact you have full defense barriers activated.
ImageGut Punch
Well, you’re still punching people in the gut. But if you want some usability out of this skill, a well timed gut punch on a caster who is low health (like a healer) can prevent them from healing and allow you to finish them off.
ImageArcing Blow
Arcing Blow does have a bit more power packed in it if used properly. It inflicts bleed, which you can combine with jagged to inflict extra massive dps. The move has the greatest power if used during a knockdown, with the possibility of it inflicting as much damage as an agonizing strike. It is also a quick CA gainer for tanks, with the addition of the extra damage. The disadvantage that continues with this skill is really the cooldown and the fact you need to spend one ruby on the reduced cooldown duration. 
ImageShattering Strike
Same comment as the original above. But I would like to add that it has more usability, since it greatly disorients melee opponents because they won’t be able to attack you at all and will take them a minute to figure out why, and by that time they’re getting royally trashed by you. Also gives you a short break if you need some energy or a ninja heal. So if you use this often rank 3 may be worth getting, although the major use continues to be in pvp.
Bloodbath as a main attack skill. I still continue to say it is not worth it, but the advantage of this skill is since it deals a SERIES of rapid attacks, if one misses the others are sure to hit anyway, so your CA technically is well spent. And I have seen pretty decent hits with Bloodbath in astral before.

Powerful Blow Tree
ImageHack (3)
Hack plays a better role in pvp than pve, its main advantage being that it causes the opponent to slow down by 50%. Additionally, some rubies increase its damage, and it also hits harder during knockdowns, in addition to generating additional threat in pve. If a mob gets away from you while you are tanking, using hack will slow the mob down, get some threat on them, and allow you to fully get the mob back to you. 
ImageMaster Basher (3)
I still say this ruby is pretty useless because it’s so far out, but if you want to pursue it, it has the most benefit for increasing sweeping strike/blow damage for tanking.
ImageBarbarian’s Rage (3)
Increases your rage per ruby. They aren’t useless, they’re just like the other stat rubies, just not as important since it only applies in pvp.
ImageSharpened Blades (2)
The increased chance to apply a bleed effect is minimal, and you benefit far better by taking a stat ruby than this skill. However, if you do decide to opt for this, get both rubies. But Powerful blow/arcing blow already do the job pretty well.
ImageWeighted Shield
It is way too far out of reach to be able to use, and it would only be useful to tanks for increasing the stun for Ram. Too much work to get to.
ImageTake Cover
This skill increases your block chance. This skill would be perfect if not for the fact that you need to be out of combat to use it (party members hardly wait for out of combat since it takes so long) and the effect is too short to last for the entire fight to be worth taking.
ImageAugmented Armor (3)
The skill is okay, except that the armor increase is minimal and usually a waste of a ruby which can be spent on something else. If you have absolutely nothing else you want to spend your rubies on you may take this skill. 

Charge Tree
ImageAugmented Armor (3)
Same as before. Just use the ruby somewhere else.
ImageDesire for Life (3)
Increases your healing received by 5% for 15 seconds when you receive a critical strike (15% with all three rubies). Probably best for tanking raids.
ImageFists of Fury
Increases the duration of Gut Punch by 20%.
ImageFistcuffs Fiend
Increases the damage of Headbutt and bulldoze by 5%. The reason this is useless is because those skills are meant to stun, not damage.
ImageSecond Wind (2)
Restores 4% of your health over 10 seconds (rank 1). Furious regeneration is a much more potent heal, this one is kind of weak. The only benefit this one has over the other is that it can’t be interrupted.
ImageRelentless Blows
Decreases cooldown duration of Gut Punch by 20%. Just seems like they wanted to fill a hole here…
ImageArm Breaker
Decreases shattering strike cooldown by 20%.

Jagged Slice Tree
ImageBrutal Throw (3)
Throws your weapon and disarms you to inflict damage. It’s pretty useless because of the long disarm, but it’s good for like a scout about to die and not letting you get near him. Or just to see the hilarious animation of the weapon thonking into someone.
ImageBerserker (3)
Applies a stack of berserker when your health drops below 33% which increases your damage by 10% for 7 seconds (rank 1). Its pretty useless unless you get all three ranks. Its also very far to reach, and only useful in raid situations where your health constantly drops. Even so, many warriors state that they have tried this ruby and it pretty much sucks, but you can play around with it if you want.
ImageBattle Frenzy (2)
Cancels all fear and disorient effects. Good for pvp.
ImageInciting Shot (3)
A simple shot that generates a little agro. It is generally useless to rank up for this reason.
ImageMaster of Agony
Increases the damage done by agonizing strike and bloodbath by 5%. It is an okay-ish ruby, it is just a bit out of place. If you use agonizing a bit then maybe it’s worth it, but due to its location and the fact it’s just one rank its generally not worth pursuing.
ImageSkull Cracker
Decreases cooldown of Bash by 20%. It’s a good ruby if bash is your only stun and you have the extra ruby for taking this skill. But you can usually put the ruby elsewhere.

And this concludes the ruby explanation. If you want to try a new unique build with this knowledge, I strongly encourage you to go for it!

Helpful Addons to improve your gameplay- [W1100]

You should consider downloading addons, as they make your game experience easier. There is already a very well compiled list of addons which I invite you to check out:

Citizenkane’s List of Addons

Citizenkane, for providing the modified colored ruby grids, for posing on the main warrior screenshot and editing it, among other helpful suggestions. 
Divinedon, for helping in editing the above said picture.
Rewinds, for her support and for proofreading and revising.
Ahkashah, for providing the dreaded Frosty Pole (She will know what this means) and the Guide’s Title.
Hclftw, for being the punching bag in the videos.
Lannachi, for finding a one letter typo.
And Readysalted for…I don’t know 

And anyone else that I may have missed, thank you! 

Credits go to mayllene.