Shaeknbaek’s Scout Guide Game of Gods 3.0

For Those who like to skip straight to the builds, here you go. Pre patch (Kirah and Before), your dps was equivalent to how fast you could spam Double Shot. Bow had limited energy cost, lower hits, more spamming. xbow had harder hits, less spamming. both were doable. However, that is NOT what Range scouts are about now!
Steady/Solid shot have a cooldown of about 2-3 seconds, which saves your energy from not spamming. also, they have a 30% chance to proc the cooldown reset of Double Shot, which is our hard hitting attack now, and a great source of dps in pvp, raids, and questing.

now that all classes will parry passively, i removed the parry, gz now you have 1 more ruby to work with. another suddenness ruby? 1/3 dodge rubies? a stam/healing ruby? up to you

*the above IS what i used prepatch, works wonders. more rubies go into more suddenness, and more talent points could be put into r1 upgraded quick attack, for less energy, more range, and more damage, or r1 sambo for a bit of extra cc during the blink recoil combo


thats my build, at lvl 51, and no extra talent points from CS, and i have juggernaut, 1st mage page, and 1 of 2 GT rubies.

This is a pretty hard thing to say, scouts (as like most classes) need lots of rubies to be good. For range scouts, you will want to develop mostly in the middle grid. So honestly, go for what feels right to you first. you could go for those 100% more crit rubies in 3rd grid, or you could go for your damage boosters in 2nd. Up to you.

Luck: If you have those 100% more crit rubies, you dont need to raise this very high. Max you go is roughly 50-55% luck (for overkill in pvp or w/e)

Expertise: Will Undergo testing due to the new stat changes, but for now, keep the same balance from pre patch, about 8-10% to miss. give or take.

Finesse: for questing/pve, normally, as long as its a positive %, but some high armor mobs require high fin, so i recommend about 10-15%.

Str: once and ONLY once these others have been met, boost this.

Q and A

"Xbow or Bow?"

"What should i put my lvling stats into?"
This is really up to you, because you can change gear to suit your needs. Most prefer luck, or a linear stat, such as Strength (arent capped by ratios, such as fin/exp).

"Why did you get r1 Quick Attack in a range build?"
It shares a good synergy with r2 Somersault (upgrade of recoil), i use it for warrior charges, and to catch kiters and such. use quick attack, then you teleport to them, in back of them actually, which places the suddenness buff on you, and it decreases your next hit taken by a direct 25% per stack, then you recoil, good pvp tactic also, i <3 the teleport, was an excuse to get on a range build lool

"Should i get merciless arrow?"
I dont recommend it at all, rubies could be spent elsewhere

"Precision shot in the…?"
All Range scouts must get r1 of this, for the KD, to chain with rapid fire or whatever they choose. however, if you want to be more of a pvp spec, r2 for silence or r3 for disarm.

"Are stat rubies that important?"
Stats are always great! Snatch those expertise/strength rubies asap ^^

"Vanish. 5 min cd wth?!?!"
Game Of Gods has allowed so much specialization with scout builds, i love it. Sadly, due to lack of rubies and such, range are forced just to get r1 vanish for utility purposes, but melee scouts, r3 vanish + a few rubies allows them to go invisible for 45 seconds, with a 1 minute cooldown. ninjas ftw!

I recommend just r1. higher ranks are nice, but without those rubies (theyre in the path of melee things, not range), a few seconds off cooldown/more on duration arent worth the ranking up. Highly useful skill tho.
Vanish has its cons, yes, but its still a good skill. its not necessarily for escaping pvp, the speed reduction and only 8 sec invisi for 5 min CD, but it works good in, for instance, aggro drop. whether that be questing, if you want to reset a mob if you didnt attack it right, or if you want to rambo in past somewhere, then walk a little bit, and use vanish, that works too. it also works in heroics, or instance raids. if you outaggro the tank (which its not if, its WHEN lol), just use vanish for an instant threat/aggro drop, saved my life quite a bit of times.
also, *thinks of example* its decent in pvp because the opponent has to retarget you as well once you are visible again. very useful in mass pvp when you cant just tab the person again, as is for a 1v1 battle in the arena.

"Aura of Restoration or Aura of Ferocity?"
Whatever you prefer. Fero is nice, 15% more physical dmg, but if you find yourself too squishy with fero, go ahead and get that restoration. However i recommend just getting restor, dps warrior/pally or bard will have fero, and the occasional warden

Protip: Potency affects incendiary arrow/tesla arrow, tried and tested.

honestly, there is no "good" or "bad" way to kill mobs in questing. however, if you want to maximize your dps output in raids, takes precise rotations.

Rather than spam based dps, we are now more of a proc based dps. You fire Steady/Solid Shot (does good damage still), and have a 30% chance to reset cooldown of Double Shot, which has a…16 ish second cooldown. The screen gives you a little notifier if you procced this, its like you used sprint (or now, escape artist if you have the ruby for it), be sure to catch it! Using these is key to good dps.

Pre Patch, scouts would alternate Double, Tesla, Double, Incendiary, etc to dps, and throw in a Vengeful Shot or two (if you dont know what this is, not to worry, got removed), but now, things are a bit different.

Tesla uses energy now, and although its a slight drawback, it wont be a hindrance to you if you manage well.

Now, to start dpsing (in raids, not to be confused with pvp etc), what I do is:
Brand, for the 15% damage buff to your skills, then
Double Shot, because if you do steady first and the buff procs, you wasted it because double already WAS off cooldown.
Incendiary Shot for that extra Dot
Rapid Fire, Its great damage and a nice burst at the beginning of a fight. Use when you’re getting unlucky with double shot procs, or whenever its off cd/you have enough energy.
Steady/Solid Shot for filler, and for hopes in the double shot cooldown reset proc. If you do get the debuff, fire DS as soon as you can.

If you got "Crippling Arrow", then use this whenever its off cooldown. Its more of a pvp move, because its once every 1 minute, and the dot doesnt last long without the target moving, but its still extra dmg.

And thats basically it  Make sure and keep incendiary burning, keep brand on at all times, use Steady/Solid shot whenever you can for filler, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that Double Shot proc!

GODDAMN SCOUTS, why are we so squishy?!?

every class has a heal, and some sort of damage mitigation skill.

Bard: …. 
Healer: need i say more?
warrior: stony resilience, multiple stances, furious regen, etc
paladin: heh…
summoner: blood aegis, dark renewal, plague of mending…
warden: Aqua Vitae/Aqua Eternus, Renew, Natural Balance, Bark Shield…
mage: Stony barrier, elemental shield, reflections…
psionicist: Ectoplasmic form, mental cleansing (yes ik its nerfed, but a heal is a heal)

Scout: wait….what?
But wait! we arent as hopeless as it seems 

Game Of Gods buffed our survivability and pvp viability by tenfold this patch. We have
tons of defensive rubies at our disposal, its up to you whether you want to invest in such things. A short list of rubies at our disposal are (I might miss a few):

-100% more chance to parry
-100% more chance to dodge
-15% endurance rubies
-17% armor rubies
-The countless vanish investments and smoke cloud
-Magical resistance rubies
-Dmg reduce from being around party/raid members (hiding behind, tooltip says)
-Fear/stun/disorient/cc reduce by up to 50%
-Willpower rubies
-Suddenness rubies (25% DIRECT dmg decrease per stack, no matter how geared the person is)

parry rubies are AWESOME, its one of our main damage mitigation skills, even reducing attacks by more than half. ultimate dps, with maximum survivability. focus on pumping agi and endurance. scouts arent tanks, youre still going to get pwned by some things. but better to dodge, or parry (which goes off of agi)

someone said:
""You think scouts can parry with a bow/xbow?"
Well, I said I’m not sure but only one way to find out. "

ive got hit in pve (astral),for 120k, then parried 200k, then absorbed like 30k from armor/runes etc. tankier scout = more dps you can pump out, less job for healer.
pvp? about 85% of the hits are parried.

this screenshot was taken in astral a long time ago, it was last patch, Kirah, but it still applies quite nicely. sorry for bad quality, i had to turn graphics down to reduce lag.
the wonders of parry rubies.


and this was taken more recently.

Credits go to shaeknbaek.