Egypt awaits! After more than a year of absence we get to play this series again, as long as you have the PC for it. If you are almost there or you are holding to a computer that was not meant for gaming and you need a little push, you are in the right place. This is the LowSpecGamer. A corner of the Internet were I explore ways of playing modern games under the minimum requirements and on this video let’s take a look at Assassin’s Creed Origins. Before continuing on, a warning! While this game has the same minimum requirements at the almost a year and a half old Syndicate, Origins has the highest CPU use I have seen on a game ever, especially on the minimum requirements.

While some rumors point at the current DRM solution being the culprit, something that is not all clear… on its current state there is no solution for this specific problem and this is NOT a game I would recommend unless you are confident in your CPU. If the game is updated and something changes I will do a new video and add the link in the description. Because of this reason, I decided to give this game a go on this laptop, the Xioami Notebook pro that I also used in the last video. For the CPU it uses an i5 8250u, a power efficient laptop CPU. While a bit low on clock speeds it has enough cores and enough threads to hopefully get this game started on the lowest settings, as long as I can keep it cool enough, which leaves use with a GPU bottleneck on the MX 150 and that, we can do something about.

The configuration file for this game is located on your documents folder, Assassins’s Creed origins, and the file is called ACO.ini. After you have dropped all the settings to the minimum you can still reduce elements such as bloom, and texture filtering… however the internal resolution scaler is a bit more interesting. In the game menu you can drop the internal resolution to a minimum of 50%, but in the file you can go as low as you want. Making the game blurrier and blurrier while still maintain the UI. Welcome to ancient Egypt like you have never experienced it before. There’s a joke to be made here somewhere about the past not being very clear but this is a little bit ridiculous. Designer of Destiny 2 another completely different game, use something called the squint test, to see if their visual design actually still works on really low resolutions. And this is a very clear example of that. The mere fact that I’m somehow still able to read this game in this state, actually does tell something about the visual design of the whole thing. Side note, umm, if the pixel is bothering you, you can actually re-enable antialiasing.

And you’ll get something that’s still low resolution, just blurry, and less pixelated. Kind of interesting to see that antialiasing still works even on such a low resolution. Interestingly enough, this would be pixelated and very low for most people that play modern games. But after what we just went through, this actually looks next generation. Ah yes, this is the time to use the weird drone/eagle magical thing that allows me to see from the sky. Everyone know Egyptians had those. Oh god, that’s not good. Ok, you wanna fight? Ah yes, Ubisoft open world games, proving once again that the resolution to any problem, is violence. Never mind that the eagle not only detects enemies but also treasures and objectives through walls. It’s amazing through the years how much of this system for climbing has improved. It’s so, so realistic, so fluid, so easy to use. *I sell you what you want. You need it, I have it. If I don’t have it, you don’t need it.

Reda has your back your back in these desolate lands. Oh god, is this… is this literally a loot box? Well, it’s only for in game money so… I shouldn’t worry- that shouldn’t be that bad. Oh.. no…. *- Some visitors, having purchased religious objects, are angry when our village has no more dead cats to sell them. Though not a merchant, I’m often the means by which the aggrieved snuff their anger – This matter needs a firm hand* You mean, more violence? *There are many involved in this terrible affair but they would all tell you the same thing… Pity the trusting man, for he suffers great pain.

Seek evil and you will always find it!* Of course… There, see? The situation has been officially solved. Wait, turns out, I’m not even done. And that, is how you solve a problem. That is all for this video. While you can get away with playing this game on an ok-ish modern laptop CPU and GPU under the minimum requirements, there might be more developments in the future as the game updates, so make sure to subscribe to keep up with any future changes.

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