Atlantica Boxes

Atlantica Boxes

During your journy through atlantica you will come across many type of boxes that once right clicked will give you some random crafting material, enchanting stones, level gears, and scrolls.
You can get these from quests or from monster drops and can be used to your benefit or sold in the market for a decent profit.

Equipment Boxes

You will pick up these boxes fairly frequently when you are in areas fighting monsters for quests or exp. By the time you complete the quests in your area and are ready for a new set of quests you shoiuld have enough to get you +4 to +5 gear for each merc but enchanting them with your enchange stones.. The bad part of this is its very time consuming to right each click each box and let it cycle through and stop. I can take hours unless you are always opening them when you get them.

Commodity Boxes

These boxes work the same way when they get clicked and you will recieve either a growth vial or some random skill book. This is a good way to equip your mercs with lightning spear, blessed life, brutal will and other basic books for your mercs. You can get these from quests or random monster drops. You have a higher chance of finding them if you are able to kill the bonus monster which appears with a + bonus icon above its head. If you can kill them quick you will always get a material box or a commodity box.

Depending on what level you are depends on what level of books or growth vials that you can get. So the higher level the more valuable they become.

Scroll Boxes

These types of boxes are very important to your formation and some ways are more important than you realize. Don’t waste your scrolls unless you really need it. I will discuss strategies and other good tips on how to use them effectively in other guides. You can get these boxes during quests and monster drops. The higher level the box the more powerful your scrolls are gonna be. At low level drops your scrolls will do less and less against higher level mobs until you find a mid level box. Your scrolls performance also relies on your characters level who is using it.

Material Boxes

These boxes are great to go through when you are starting your crafting. At low levels buying materials from market is inexpensive and won’t matter, But at higher level boxes materials become very expensive and having a bunch of these boxes to pick through will save you some money for other things. The first level boxes you will get random materials for crafting for level 1-6 crafting plus you will have a chance to get an ashen crystal that is worth alot! Or you could save your crystals to upgrade your mercs when they hit level 20 for a cheap price of only 50 ashen crystals each. Basically the higher level the box the higher level materials and crystals you will get.

Enchanting Stone Boxes

These are pretty simple boxes as you only have 2 choices to pick from. The blue enchange stones are used to enchant your armor and the red enchant stones are used to upgrade your weapons.
I personally go through alot more armor based enchanting than the weapons as there is less weapons to craft. A good ratio is for every 1 red enchant stone i would do 5 -6 blue enchant stones. You can always buy more from the market if you run out, they aren’t too expensive.

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