Atlantica Market System

Atlantica Market System

Atlantica offers one of the better market systems that i have every seen in most free to play mmo’s. Its very simple and not too complicated to figure out. It has a check rates feature that saves alot of time when you want to sell something to others.

The market does have a limited space to sell your wares so its a good idea to know what is most profitable like: crystals, boxes, and highly enchanted gears. A valuable tip when selling at the market. Make sure you check the rates for what is being sold previously. You have 2 strategies for the market depending on your immediate need for cash or if your bank is already over flowing. You can undercut the lowest price in the market for a couple hundred gold cheap and you will sell fast depending on the demand for the merchandise. Or you could sell your wares within the top 3-4 cheapest prices and make a little more but you wont sell as fast.

Another great feature that i really like to use when I am in a hurry to buy more crafting items is to search for the materials i need to craft. You can use the search button to find them but you must type in the exact name of the material you are looking for or it wont work. You can do this with any item in the game that is allowed to be sold in the market. Here is a tip depending on what you are looking for: Most of us scroll to the bottom when looking for gears with particular + 5 or more enchanting. There have been times when i look int he middle of the items and i will find a very cheap +5 or +6 gear that i might have missed if i just settled for quickly scrolling to the bottom and buying some of the more expensive ones.

Don’t plan an buying much better than +5 gears or armors unless you are playing on getting them to +10 which might not be worth it. Until later levels you will be leveling fairly quickly and going through your sets really fast. You can save up your money in early levels to buy some really nice rings which are expensive! Its much better to start crafting your items early on and choosing the ring professions is prolly the best way to go! You can craft yourself nice rings and sell them for a hefty profit. More on this in different guides.

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