Hello, this is Clouds. And this the first episode of my Least Popular Weapons Guide for Battlefield 4. In this series I will be reviewing & taking an in depth look at the least used primary weapons for each class and category. This time, we’re covering the QBZ-95-1, the least used assault rifle in Battlefield 4. The QBZ-95-1, unlike most other weapons in multiplayer, is unlocked through the single player campaign. In the final mission, you are given the choice to kill either Hannah or Irish.

It’s a tough choice…you’ve known Irish for so long. But on the other hand, Hannah kept your tactical binos in safekeeping while you were locked up in prison. Of course, Hannah was the one who put you in prison. But then again, she helped you and Irish out of prison. Sooo… You – I didn’t choose fast enough so now the Valkirye is destroyed… At least that’s how it went with me. Maybe some of you guys purposely chose to sacrifce hundreds of lives just so Hannah & Irish could live. Either way, letting the USS Valkyrie be destroyed earns you the QBZ-95-1. The QBZ-95-1 is a Chinese bullpup assault rifle, manufactured by Norinco. It is variant of the QBZ-95. Based on field experience with the original QBZ-95, several improvements were made to the rifle’s reliability and ergonomics. These improvements include a repositioned fire selector switch, a stronger polymer stock, and the addition of a longer, heavier barrel.

The QBZ-95-1 fires the proprietary x 42mm DBP10 cartridge, an improved version of the DBP87. The round has a muzzle velocity of 630 meters per second, which is average for the assault rifles but overall relatively high. The higher muzzle velocity means hitting targets at range is more manageable. The QBZ-95-1 carries 30 rounds in a magazine, plus one in the chamber. Reloading is probably the gun’s worst attribute, as it is painfully slow. An empty reload will take seconds. And a tactical reload will take seconds, which is the slowest tactical reload among the assault rifles. Because of slow reload times, you must always be mindful of when you choose to reload. Don’t fall into the habit of reloading after every kill, and be ready to cancel a reload & switch to your secondary if needed. In game, the QBZ-95-1’s DBP10 does standard assault rifle damage. maximum damage up to 12 and a half meters, and dropping to 18 minium damage at 60 meters. You will be able to kill with 5 shots to the body, and 6 at a distance.

Or 2 shots to the head, and 3 at a distance. Rate of fire is slow. At 650 rounds per minute, it’s the fourth slowest firing assault rifle, tied with the AK-12. In close range gunfights, the QBZ-95-1’s slow rate of fire will often cost you your life. Because of this, its better to engage enemies from a distance. Recoil is quite low. It’s vertical recoil of degrees is the third lowest vertical recoil in the assault rifle category. Horizontal recoil is also fairly low, at degrees to the left and degrees to the right. It’s first shot multiplier is 2, which is middle of the road for assault rifles. Still, even with a mediocre first shot multiplier, the QBZ-95-1 has low recoil overall. For ranges the QBZ-95-1 is effective at, it is very controllable. Aim down sight accuracy is decent overall, but lower than most other assault rifles. This is because DICE have given special characteristics to bullpup weapons. In game, compared to their convential counterparts, bullpup weapons have worse aim down sight spread when standing still, and generally longer reloads. But they are given stronger hipfire spread, stronger aim down sight spread when moving…*KIND OF, and faster strafing speed when aiming down sights.

These in game traits are meant to reflect the bullpups better maneuverability in close quarters, due to their shorter length when compared to convential firearms. Again, aim down sight accuracy is decent overall, but lower than most other assault rifles. The QBZ-95-1 has an aim down sight spread of degrees when standing still, and degrees when moving. It has a hipfire spread of degrees when standing still, and degrees when moving. The QBZ-95-1’s hipfire is better than other convential assault rifles, but is outclassed by most carbines and PDWs. In addition to this, the QBZ-95-1’s slow rate of fire means other faster firing weapons will easily spray you down in close quarters. So while the QBZ-95-1’s decent hipfire spread is nice to have, it should only be relied upon sparingly. The QBZ-95-1 has great spread increase and spread decrease values. It’s spread increase per shot is 0.084 degrees, the third lowest of the assault rifles, tied with the AK-12. And it’s spread decrease per second is degrees, the third highest of the assault rifles, tied with the AK-12.

This low spread increase value, coupled with a high spread decrease value, makes the QBZ-95-1 a formidable weapon at mid to long range engagements. So, on to useful attachments. I reccommended any of the close range optics, my preference being the coyote sight, unlocked at 10 kills. While the QBZ-95-1 is a great medium range weapon, the mid range optics seem unnecessary considering normal mode has 3D spotting. However, if you tend to play harcore or classic mode, the mid range optics would be a viable choice. The magnifier, unlocked at 140 kills is a decent choice.

Allowing you to use close range opticS and also double your magnification to better aquire targets at longer ranges. Although again, with 3D spotting the amount of help the magnifier gives you is questionable. And switching to and from magnification can be cumbersome, still its nice to have it just in case. The heavy barrel, unlocked at 80 kills, is probably the best attachment available for the QBZ-95-1. The heavy barrel grants you 50% tighter aim down sight spread, 16.7% less movement spread penalty, and 7.5% lower spread increase. As a weapon intended for mid range engagements, the heavy barrel is a godsend. Your aim down sight spread when standing still lowers to 0.125 degrees. Your aim down sight accuracy when moving lowers to degrees. And your spread increase is lowered to 0.077 degrees per shot. This comes at the cost of 30% higher vertical recoil. But considering the QBZ-95-1 already has very low recoil, the increase in vertical recoil from degrees to 0.312 is very manageable.

The bipod, unlocked at 110 kills, is a good choice for the under barrel slot. It significantly tightens your weapons aim down sight spread & lowers your recoil, with no negative attributes, other than the fact you must deploy the bipod to make use of it. I personally didn’t often use the bipod, given the fact that the QBZ-95-1’s spread and recoil is already quite manageable for the ranges you will use it. Also, while the bipod technically doesn’t have any negative traits, you may end up accidently deploying it when you don’t mean to. This could often mean the enemy you planned to kill gets away, or you may get killed while fumbling with the bipod. The ergo or vertical grip, unlocked at 30 kills, is another viable under barrel attachment. This grip tightens moving aim down sight spread and moving hipfire spread by 50%, at the cost of 34% lower spread decrease.

It’s worth noting that the moving spread values are more complicated than they seem. Because the QBZ-95-1 is a bullpup with faster aim down sight strafing speed, its spread while moving at top speed is actually worse than convential assault rifles. The faster you strafe, the worse your spread becomes. Strafing slightly in gunfights to throw off the enemies aim can be useful, just don’t over do it.

Strafing at top speed is bested used in extremely close quarters gunfights, and to peak corners while getting back into cover quickly. The lower spread decrease isn’t really a factor in close range gunfights, and even in mid to long range engagements it doesn’t effect you greatly if you remember to shoot in short bursts or tap fire. Running with no under barrel attachment is of course also a solid choice. Using no grip means your spread decrease value is as high as possible. And not using the bipod means you don’t end up deploying it accidently. The laser sight, unlocked at 20 kills, is a viable attachment and synergizes well with the ergo or vertical grip.

The laser tightens the hipfire spread by 33%, improving the QBZ-95-1’s hipfire spread to degrees when standing still. And degrees while moving. While the QBZ-95-1 has strong hipfire performance with the laser sight equipped, it should only be used sparingly. Hipfire only at the closest ranges, and even then don’t rely on hipfire to bail you out of close quarters gunfights you have no business in. Also be mindful of the fact that the laser sight can give away your position, so it’s best to turn it off when engaging enemies at distance. Switch it on and off accordingly, don’t get overconfident in close quarters, and the laser sight can work quite well on the QBZ-95-1. I’d reccommend the heavy barrel, laser sight and ergo grip if you prefer close to mid range gunfights. Or the heavy barrel, bipod and magnifier if you prefer mid to long range gunfights.

Or just the heavy barrel without any other attachments. Whatever setup you choose, the heavy barrel is a must have attachment. For your gadget slots, I reccommend the defibs and either the medic bag or first aid pack, whichever suits you best. For your grenade slot, I reccommend the smoke grenade. Dropping smoke is incredibly useful to escape when you need to reload or run away from enemies getting too close. It can also be used as visual concealment when you need to make a risky revive. A good close range secondary weapon is essential for a primary weapon with such a slow rate of fire and slow reload times.

Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading. The G18, 93R or even the shorty 12 gauge are all viable choices. My favorite choice though, is the G18. With a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute, the G18 can make short work of most foes in close quarters. For close range gunfights where a quick time to kill is needed, the G18 is very reliable. Just don’t expect to be able to treat it like another primary weapon, as the small magazine count means you can be overwhelmed quite easily when engaging multiple targets. For your field upgrade path, either the Offensive path or Combat Medic path are good choices. While the Offensive path’s name suggests it is for an agressive loadout, it is quite good for a passive playstyle as well. Sprint allows you to move to around the enemy more quickly and retreat to cover faster. While more ammo and grenades are always useful.

The combat Medic path is another great loadout for the passive supporting role which the QBZ-95-1 excels in. You get more med kits for you and your teammates, while being able to sprint to injured or fallen teamamtes faster and give them better revives. The QBZ-95-1’s low spread increase and high spread decrease values make it a very accurate weapon at a distance, even more so with the heavy barrel attached. It’s slow rate of fire and long reload times are it’s downfall. While the slow rate of fire can actually help in longer range engagements, in close quarters it will lead to you being outgunned quite often. And it’s abysmal reload times are probably the main reason it is so unpopular. The QBZ-95-1 is best suited for mid to long range gunfights, used as in a support role. Provide overwatch for your teammates at the front, picking off enemies and then pushing up to give first aid to injured teammates. You need to keep gunfights in your favor by staying behind the front line. The QBZ-95-1’s slow rate of fire and long reloads mean agressive playstyles aren’t very viable.

While your hipfire can sometimes bail you out of tough spots… allowing the enemy to get too close will end in your death. When it comes to the best playstyle suited for the QBZ-95-1, Dima said it best… “let them go first, eat the bullets”… Remember, using your teammates as bait isn’t unsportsmanlike as long as you give them good revives. Thanks for watching. Join me next time when we’ll be covering the least used PDW in Battlefield 4. Hows that? That’s a pretty juice tease huh. As they would say in the radio business…yeah. So uh. Tune in to find out, what it is..

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