The first half of Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides expansion is here, and one of the new maps – Achi Baba – is quickly becoming my favorite map in Battlefield 1. Here’s a quick guide to help you get the most out of the new map. Achi Baba features infantry-only combat inland from Cape Helles. Fighting ranges from open fields and trenches to narrow gullies and ancient ruins. This provides varied gameplay, and means players should pay close attention to the battlefield when selecting their loadouts. If fighting centers around the more open areas of the map, like Blood Valley or Eski Kale, selecting a weapon with medium to long range will give you the advantage.

To the south near Narrows Lookout, close range weapons are king in the cramped passages. These also create natural choke points, perfect for gas and incendiary grenades, or light machine guns with big magazines, like the new Browning Model 1917. There are two elite kits on Achi Baba. You can find the new Infiltrator elite between Eski Kale and the Forward Redoubt objectives, while the flamethrower elite can be found north of the crashed plane on the map’s southern side. There is no behemoth on Achi Baba, but if the situation looks dire for a team, they will be reinforced with several elite kits. Achi-Baba is a map characterized by movement. Even though combat is often as intense as that on maps like Fort de Vaux, Combat rarely bogs down and players are always on the move. The secret to success here is to utilize the many available flanking routes to get behind the enemy lines.

Look for outcroppings and trenches to avoid enemy detection. Because capture points are taken and lost quickly on this map, it’s also easy to set traps and ambush enemies. Special thanks to Supremex11 for the sweet introduction at the start of this video – be sure to check out more of his content with the links in the video description. Achi Baba is part of the first wave of the new Turning Tides expansion for Battlefield 1 and is available now for those with a Premium Pass. Two more maps, Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge, are due out in January as part of the DLC. What are your thoughts on Achi-Baba? What’s your favorite map in the new DLC? Tell me in the comments..

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