Hi guys and welcome to the BAR M1918 Trench. The Browning Automatic Rifle was used by the United States and numerous other countries during the 20th century. The primary variant of the BAR series was the M1918, designed by John Browning in 1917. The BAR was meant to be carried by soldiers during an assault or advance while supported by the sling over the shoulder or fired from the hip. They called this walking fire. Let’s start with the stats because I’m sure that you are dying to know what this gun can do. 21 maximum damage up to 20 meters, like most guns in Battlefield 1 this damage will drop and it will settle at 19 damage at 25 meters. After 25 meters the damage will stay constant. The BAR M1918 can fire 600 rounds per minute and therefore it has the highest rate of fire of all support class weapons. The only gun that comes close is the Madsen MG with 540 rounds per minute.

The BAR has a muzzle velocity of 820 meters per second and it needs 5 bullets to kill up to a range of 22 meters. After 22 meters it will need 6 bullets to kill. If you combine all of these statistics then you will know that it will only take you 0.402 seconds to kill your enemy. At our 20 meters reference point this time to kill is only 0.424 seconds. The time to kill is so good that the BAR can kill faster than any other gun for the support class. But be carefull, the time to kill will jump up as soon as you need 6 bullets to kill instead of five. After 22 meters you will need 0.528 seconds to kill but it still outperforms the other guns. The BAR has a small magazine size, only 20 bullets. The great thing is that you still get another 100 for later.

The reload times are very good and there isn’t much difference between them. seconds for an empty reload and seconds for a reload with bullets left. I will always recommend you to save at least one bullet so that you can take advantage of the faster reload time, and I will still do that for the BAR but it isn’t that big of a deal for this gun.

The deploy time is seconds and it has a standard bullet drop of 12 meters per second squared. Let’s unlock the BAR M1918 so that we can modify our weapon. You can change the iron sights into an AA sight. As always you can change the magnification and you can also change the recoil direction. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this nice golden visual, the best camouflage ever and it will blend in nicely with the surrounding terrain. The BAR is a great gun, also at longer ranges. It’s easy to track your enemy but keep in mind that even with a muzzle velocity of 820 meters per second, you will still have to lead your target. You will have the choice to unlock the Trench, Telescopic or the Storm version.

The gameplay that you see in this video is from the Trench version and it’s approximate 30 percent better than the Telescopic and the Storm version when you compare the spread. The Storm version on the other side is approximately 30 percent better than the Trench when you compare the recoil pattern. The starting gun for the support class in Battlefield one is the Lewis Gun Low Weight. I recommended you to unlock something else as soon as you can because you’re not going to get those massive killstreak with the Lewis gun, so let’s compare it with the BAR so that you can see why the BAR is so much better. 600 round per minute compared to 480 for the Lewis gun. So that’s already one point for the BAR. A muzzle velocity of 820 meters per second compared to 740, that’s 2 points for the BAR. They both need 5 bullets to kill so that’s a draw, a time to kill of 0.402 and 0.424 at our 20 meters reference point versus 0.503 and 0.528. That is second faster for the BAR, so it get’s another point. A magazine size of 20 but 47 for the Lewis gun so finally it has something that is better.

And then there is the famous reload time, seconds compared to a seconds, really? What a difference? So another point for the BAR. And last but not least the deploy time, vs seconds. And finally the results, man this one is going to be close he, 5 point for the BAR and only 1 point for the lewis gun, but because of the worst reload time ever I am afraid that I am going to have to subtract that point, I’m sorry Lewis Gun but you’re just not that great after all.

So what is the verdict? The BAR M1918 Trench is a beast. It looks good, feels good and kills fast, what more do you need? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the Battlefield..

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