Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you the best medic class setup & I will b letting you guys know what is the best gun to use in Medic kit in Battlefield 1. Now I do appologize for lack of zombies contents and streams, it’s just that I’ve been fluided with stuff and I am waiting to get my internet and for the moment being am using my neihgbours wifi and it is very freaking slow, so I do apologize for that and on top of that there’s basically no new stuff in zombies as we speak and am loving Battlefield 1 and am loving making videos for you guys, but let’s jump right into it.

Now starting from melee weapons, there are plenty of them, some are good with speed but dont deliver enough damage and some are slower with speed but delivers high damage, but none of the melee weapons will deliver 100 damage, so definitely go with the speed if you don’t use melee’s that much although, you’ll be able to takedown anyone with 100 health from the back, so I’d consider going with the fastest speed melee weapon because that will allow you to melee faster and pull your gun out much faster.

Moving on with the grenades selection, now you really have a good variety with this, I personally like using the impact grenade, basically it blows up soon after it hits the ground and grants you a kill if you throw near the enemy or it will deliver enough damage and then you’ll be able to easily take him out with the gun. Now poison gas works really good for operations I’d say, throwing poison gas near a flag where tons of enemies are will be damn effective, so switch between those two here. For gadget number two, it depends on your playstyle if you are someone that wanna revive team mates and rack shieet loads up xp, go with the medical syringe and you’ll be able to revive your team mates otherwise get the the last rifle grenade HE which is really good against tanks and enemies vehicles and this is usefull to use in operations or conquest. So switch between syringe and the he rifle grenade whenever you feel the need. For Gadget number one: unlock the big medical crate and always have it in your gadget number one.

This is just too op if you use this effectively. The medic crate is much better than having the normal health pouch because one health pouch will going generate one guys health at a time but the medical crate will not only just heal you but your teamates on the go and it is really darn amazing. Simply place it near your cover and go rambo. For your sidearms I like using the M1911. But I found if I wanna only use sidearms if I’m in close quarter situation when my primary need a reload. The C96 is amazing, it got a high firing rate, with 10 bullets in the mag and it reloads super damn fast. Now let’s say you got 2 bullets left in C96 and you’re in hostile environment, shoot those bullets and rapidly got the full chunk of ammo in, but if you find a good cover you can try to save ammo and reload whenever you want. Overall C96 is effective to get the job done when you’re primary need a reload.

Now there’s some variants with the primary weapon you want to use in Battlefield 1 as well. It depends on your playstyle but generally speaking the best gun in medic is none other than the selbstlader m1916. With that said, I like to use the factory variant with about times magnification. The factory variants gives you the good old iron sights and the times magnification allows me to get kills easily at long range. As you guys can, my game is lagging like I said I’m on my neihgbours wifi, but this thing is just so op. If you’re playing big scale battles, you can go with the optical variant. You can have much more zoom you’d like to have and this come in with the good old fore grip and good optical sight. I personally like to use the factory version for close quarter situation and the optical for medium distances. These two variants are what I always use, but there’s another one called marksman which comes with fore grip once again, but this time with sniper scope and this thing is counter scout class.

It effective at long range and you can take out snipers with this thing you can have 4 times zoom. Overall this is by far the best medic class setup, let me know if you’d use some stuff differently. But if you’ve enjoyed the video, give it a like and subscribe for more videos and feel free to check out other class setups on the channel..

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