Hi guys and welcome to the best guns for all classes in Battlefield 1. Most youtubers will tell you which guns they prefer when they make a video like this, but we’re not going to do that today, we are going to look at the cold hard facts. The guns that you will see in this video are truly the best guns in Battlefield 1.

When I say the best guns, it’s a very broad concept and it will mean different things for different people, so we will have to start off by asking, the best gun for what? We will have to determine a few criteria so that we know why these guns are the best ones and for which situation. Most people will say that gun A is better when they are able to kill faster with it then with gun B, so we will look at the time to kill. We will look at the time to kill at our 20 meters reference point because that is where we make most of our kills and we will focus on killing one guy, I know that you all like your massive killstreaks but if you can’t kill the first one then you’re not going to make it much further.

So here are the best guns in Battlefield 1 to kill 1 guy at 20 meters as fast as possible. Let’s start with the assault class. You already know how to dominate the battlefield by killing all the tanks, but what about infantry. The best gun to kill your next favorite victim is the Automatico M1918. This gun is a beast! If you want the full review then check out the ultimate guide over here. It has a massive rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute and that is 64 percent faster than the MP 18. It has a muzzle velocity of 380 meters per second and it only needs 6 bullets to kill at 20 meters which give it a time to kill of only 0.386 seconds.

That is second faster than the MP 18 because that gun needs 0.484 seconds to kill the same guy. When you first deploy on the battlefield you will start off with 25 bullets in your magazine and you will get another 125 for later. It needs seconds for an empty reload and only seconds for a reload with bullets left. It is one of the few gun in the game that is lucky enough to have access to the fastest deploy time of seconds and like every other gun it has a standard bullet drop of 12 meters per second squared. This gun is amazing and you will be able to kill everything and everyone with ease. You will have access to the factory, storm or trench version of the Automatico M1918. All the stats that you just saw are valid for all these versions. The difference lies in the spread and the recoil. Basically if you are good at controlling recoil and you want to be able to take advantage of the better spread when hip firing then go for the trench.

If you think that the recoil is too much for you and you don’t really need the better hipfire then go for the storm. In a way, the factory is a mix of both. Same spread as the storm and same recoil as the trench but with a better recoil decrease and a better spread decrease. What about the scout class? This class is a little bit tricky because there are a lot of variables and it all depends on how you look at this class.

So I will give you a few options depending on your playstyle. If you are looking for the best gun available to the scout class, that can kill one single guy at 20 meters in the shortest time possible, then go for the Russian 1895 Trench. There is no other rifle available to this class that can kill faster at this range. It does not have a sweet spot but it can fire 124 rounds per minute. It needs 2 bullets to kill and it will only take you 0.518 seconds to do that. It has a muzzle velocity of 580 meters per second, you will start off with 5 bullets in your magazine, you will get 35 more for later and the deploy time is seconds. The problem is that this variant of the Russian 1895 only comes with iron sights or with radium sights and this might limit your abilities to dominate the Battlefield. You came to the scout class because you are a sniper, and as a sniper you will also want to have the option to kill at longer ranges.

You can do this with the trench version but it’s not exactly easy. You don’t have a scope so you can’t zoom in very much and this is not what we want as snipers. We want to be able to zoom in on our target so will we take a second look at the scout class, but this time we will only look at rifles that come with a scope. The best scoped rifle for the scout class is our beloved Gewehr M.95 Marksman. This gun is in a class of it’s own. Most of you have seen the video about this rifle so I will just show you the stats because you probably know them by heart. It does not have a sweet spot and it will kill in 0.941 seconds and this is a lot worse than our Russian 1895 Trench, it only needs 0.518 seconds, so we lose a lot in time to kill but we gain a whole lot more in versatility.

The biggest advantage of the Gewehr M.95 Marksman is that we can stay zoomed in on our target which will help you with finding your reference point and this will make leading your targets a lot easier. Even after 100 meters it will still kill a lot faster than all the other scoped rifles for the scout class, unless you take a gun that has a sweet spot. This brings us at our final look at the scout class because there are times that we really want to be able to take advantage of that sweet spot.

The problem is that it all depends on the situation, the map and the game mode. Sometime you will want a gun that has a sweet spot closer to you and sometimes you will need one where the sweet spot is a lot further away from you. So we will look at the best scout class weapon that has a scope, a sweet spot and that has the best time to kill outside of the sweet spot. And then we will end up with the Russian 1895 Sniper. The stats are on screen and it has a time to kill at 20 meters of 1.096 seconds.

This is by far the best time to kill for any scoped sniper rifle that has a sweet spot, even beyond the sweet spot it is still the best time to kill that we have. On top of that it also comes equipped with a bipod so that is another benefit that we have available to us. Over to the medic class. The gun that is best suited to kill one guy at 20 meters is the Autoloading 8 .35 Marksman. Let’s take a closer look at the stats. One bullet can cause 42 maximum damage. This damage will start to drop after a range of 34 meters and it will settle at 30 damage at 52 meters and beyond. It has the best rate of fire of all medic class weapons with 359 rounds per minute and it has a muzzle velocity of 660 meters per second.

It only needs 3 bullets to kill up to a range of 47 meters, after 47 meters you will need 4 bullets to kill. All of these stats mean that you will only need 0.365 seconds to kill at 20 meters and this is by far the best time to kill of all weapons available to the medic class. When you first deploy on the Battlefield you will start off with 5 bullets in your mag and you get another 65 for later.

The Autoloading .35 Marksman has a strip clip size of 5 bullets and it will take you 1.567 seconds to reload that strip clip. You can always choose to reload one single bullet at a time and that will take you seconds per bullet. Just keep in mind that there is a pre-reload delay of seconds and a post-reload delay of seconds. The deploy time is seconds which is standard for all medic class weapons. Be careful where and when you use this gun. It has one major downside and that is the fact that most of the time you can only kill guy. So use it on maps where you are able to single out one enemy, for example on sinai desert.

It’s a large map and most of the time everybody is spread out, most of the time you will only have to deal with only one guy at a time and this is where this gun truly excels. Be careful when you decide to use it on a map like Amiens for example, you are very likely to run into a squad on this map so it might be wiser for you to select something else instead. This gun is the best medic gun for killing one single guy, not to take out an entire squad. Another benefit is that it comes with a great scope, and this will make it a lot easier for you to make long those range kills.

And finally the best gun for the support class, the BAR M1918 Telescopic. 21 maximum damage up to 20 meters, the damage will drop but not by a lot, it will settle at 19 damage at 25 meters and beyond. The BAR can fire 600 rounds per minute which makes this the gun with the highest fire rate for the support class. It has a muzzle velocity of 820 meters per second and it needs 5 bullets to kill. This means that it can kill in only 0.424 seconds at 20 meters. You will get 20 bullets in your first mag and 100 for later, but you can resupply yourself as much as you want. It will take you seconds to reload and only seconds to reload with bullets left.

For the deploy time you will be looking at seconds. The BAR Telescopic is easy to use and you can use the bipod to your advantage to increase the accuracy and control of the weapon. The trench and the storm are also great versions with the usual difference in spread and recoil but they don’t come with the telescopic sight or with the bipod. By the way, guys the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me.

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