Welcome to the Lebel model 1886 sniper. Today I will disclose everything that you need to know to dominate the Battlefield with this new sniper rifle and later in the video I will give you some tips on how to quickly unlock the lebel 1886. The french call this the Fusil Lebel, it’s an 8 millimeter French infantry weapon that entered service in 1887. The Lebel rifle has the distinction of being the first military firearm to use smokeless powder ammunition. For the explosives experts this new propellant powder, called “Poudre B,” was nitrocellulose-based and it was invented in 1884 by French chemist Paul Vieille.

This powder was three times as powerful as black powder. The Lebel rifle remained the basic weapon of French line infantry during World War I. In total, the French produced million Lebel rifles by their state factories between 1887 and 1916. Let’s start with the statistics because this will allow you to adjust your play style and strategy. One bullet can cause 80 damage. This damage will stay constant up to a range of 30 meters. After 30 meters the damage will start to rise as we are getting closer to the sweet spot. From 50 meters until meters you will be able to kill with only one shot to the upper body. So this is the sweetspot of the lebel model 1886 sniper. After meters this damage will start to drop again and at 1meters we are still able to cause 80 damage.

As you know the damage will stay constant again, so rest assured, you will still be able to cause 80 damage when you go for those ultra long range, 800 meter, double shot sniper kills. For info this sweetspot lies between the sweetspot of the SMLE which starts at 40 and ends at 75 and the one of the russian 1895 from 60 until 98. Our new sniper has a rate of fire of 56 rounds per minute, that is almost 1 round per second. As you know, you will need 2 bullets to kill except when your next victim is running around within the sweet spot range. Time to kill is seconds, this is faster than most other sniper rifles and it is pretty much the same as the russian 1895.

The russian has the same rpm but it has a higher muzzle velocity of 820 meters per second, the lebel model 1886 has muzzle velocity of 720 m/s. This means that the time to kill of the russian will get better and better compared to the lebel when you increase the distance to your next target. When you deploy on the battlefield, with your shiney new sniper rifle, you will start off with 8 bullets in your magazine and you will carry another 24 for later. The single bullet reload time is seconds and the bullet drop is still 12 meters per second squared. The most distinctive feature on the battlefield is the sound that the lebel makes. It sounds very different than all the other sniper rifles in battlefield 1 and this will help you with easily identifying which gun your buddies or enemies are using. l I always try to be very objective in my videos, but on a personal note I find it very easy to make headshots with this sniper rifle.

Easier than with other rifles that have better stats. I don’t know the reason for this yet because I haven’t been able to use this gun long enough to figure out why that is. In Battlefield 1, the Lebel model 1886 sniper comes equipped with a bipod and a telescopic sight, and as always you can modify your weapon. You can choose one of 4 reticles, you can select a 5,6, 8 or 10 times magnification and you have the option to equip a bayonet. Just for info all the gameplay was recorded with an 8 times magnification. If you want to get your hand on this new sniper rifles then you will have to do 2 things. You will have to get 5 headshots with the russian 1895 sniper and you will have to get 10 periscope spot assists. Just make sure that you get those 5 headshots in 1 single round, otherwise it won’t count. I know that you are a super awesome, badass sniper, so I’m sure that you will get those 5 headshots in no time.

Regarding the periscope spot assists, most snipers don’t use this gadget so I will give you some tips that can make your life a lot easier. If your team is about to attack an enemy flag, then focus on spotting guys at that flag. If the enemy team has a lot of snipers, then spot those guys, it will draw the attention of your buddies who are sniping and it will only be a matter of time before you get your 10 assists. But please do all of this from cover, the gadget is designed to be used from cover, so use it that way, otherwise you will find it very frustrating assignment. If you have a friend who is also great at sniping, then use and abuse him. Call out your targets and you might be able to complete this part of the assignment in under 2 minutes. Oh yeah, you can also do the headshots in under 2 minutes, so in total it will only take you 4 minutes to get your hands on this new sniper rifle. Pretty easy he. So what is the verdict? The lebel model 1886 sniper is super easy to unlock, so you have no excuse not to do it.

It gives you another tool for a particular job and it gives you access to a sweetspot that lies between the SMLE and the Russian. I would definitely recommend it if this gun suites your play style. It’s a great gun for any beginner and it is a deadly monster in the hands of a pro player. By the way, guys the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the Battlefield!

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