Hi guys and welcome to the Lewis Gun Low Weight. Or shall we call it the T-21 heavy blaster from star wars battlefront? Well this time it’s the real deal, the Lewis Automatic Machine gun, designed in the States but widely used by the British during World War 1. Let’s start with the statistics because that’s what it’s all about! 21 maximum damage up to a range of 20 meters, but this damage will drop.

Eventually it’ll settle at 15 damage at a range of 35 meters and from here on it will stay constant. So after 30 meters every bullet will cause 15 damage. The Lewis gun can fire 480 rounds per minute, and on top of that it is a muzzle velocity of 740 m/s. The damage points aren’t exactly great, especially if you compared it to other weapons. To be honest with you the fire rate is relatively slow and if you combine this with the damage points than you can understand why it takes 0.503 seconds to kill your enemy and this is a very long time. I know that it’s not fair to compare the Lewis gun to a gun from some of the other classes but if you compare this one to the automatico for example then it will take you almost twice as long to kill your enemy. At our 20 meters reference point this time to kill will become 0.528 seconds.

To be honest with you this is terrible and it’s not going to give you a fair chance to win every single gun fight. If you guys start shooting at each other at exactly the same time the other guy is almost able to kill you twice before you even had the chance to kill him once. This is the biggest problem for the support class, the time to kill is pretty high especially if you compare it with weapons from other classes. Basically you will have to position yourself so that you have the advantage in every single gun fight or you’re going to die trying. I agree with you completely when you say that it has a nice magazine size, 47 bullets in the first magazine and another 94 for later. And yes this will allow you to kill a lot of people put the problem is killing the first guy. If you don’t kill him then you’re not going to kill anybody else later.

And then there is the reload time, seconds for an empty reload and 3 seconds for a reload with bullets left. I mean, really is this a joke seconds that’s almost five seconds just to reload your magazine, it takes takes ages. And on top of that it takes half a second to kill a guy, I mean who invented this stuff. And then I didn’t even start about to deploy time seconds, you better not sprint at all if you want to have the slightest chance to kill somebody. Imagine that you are on the battlefield and your sprinting towards the next flag and you are holding the Lewis gun in your hands. You see your next victim so you stop printing, it will take seconds to raise your gun so that it’s ready to fire.

Then it will take you half a second to actually kill the guy if he’s not more than 20 meters away, but okay you manage to kill him. At this moment you see the second enemy, the only problem is that you’re out of bullets, so we have to reload, seconds later you’re going to be ready to start shooting again and you still expect to be alive at this point? We were talking about Battlefield here. It’s not civilization 6 where we have ages to you plan our next move. I mean it’s now or never. And with the Lewis gun, it’s never. The most amazing thing about the Lewis gun is that it has a standard bullet drop of 12 m/s^2.

I love finding positive things to say about this gun but it took me a long time to find one. Most of you know that this gun will become more accurate the longer you’re shooting with it which is great but that’s where the problem lies, the longer you shoot with it, you won’t have a chance to shoot with it longer so how is it going to become more accurate again? The Lewis gun is the starting gun for the support class, which means that when you start playing Battlefield for the first time and you want to be a support guy then you’re stuck with this gun. The gun is able kill somebody but don’t expect to kill everything and everyone. And yes you can change the scope, you have the option to choose between an iron sights and AA sights. You can also change the magnification, the highest one that you can select is a 2 times magnification and you can change the recoil direction.

The Lewis gun can be useful in a few situations and you can suppress your enemies but you’re not going to be able to kill them immediately. My best advice is to start with the Lewis gun and once you have the funds available then buy something else and never come back. I try to be very objective in my videos and I’m being objective believe me. I just for info, the Lewis gun is not that bad. There are worse guns out there, the problem is that you’re stuck with. At least you can avoid the other guns that are worse. Most of you know that I make my YouTube videos for my subscribers and I will always make sure that you will have the advantage. But I will also tell you what you should avoid. And this in a gun to avoid. The Lewis gun is not going to get you those massive killstreaks and it’s not going to give you the advantage.

There are better guns out there and I will review them as well. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the Battlefield..

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