What is up guys! Welcome to another video, today we’re taking a look at the Mondragon semi-automatic rifle in the Medic class. Before we begin I just wanna say like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe if you wanna see more and let’s get started. The Mondragon is a pretty good weapon, I’ve been using it for the past few days now and I’ve noticed that it is very good at long range combat. It’s not so good in short range, for that you can use the artillery variant of that, but I would recommend using the Cei-Rigotti or some other weapon if you were gonna use it for that. This is more of a semi-automatic sniper rifle, which is one of the only semi-automatic sniper rifles in the game because in the Scout class you don’t have any right now.

They are all bolt action in the beta at least, and the only other gun that you really have is a gun that I cannot pronounce the name of in the Medic class that has more ammo, 21 bullets as opposed to 10, but it has a lot less control. You have to worry about recoil a lot more. With this gun I’ve found that you can aim far down sight and kill people at a long distance without too much trouble, it’s not too difficult. Now of course the scope is not as good as a normal sniper scope, it doesn’t zoom in quite as far, but you can still get long range kills with it and you can follow up your shots pretty easily, one after the other.

Now the main weakness with this gun is that, as I said before, it’s not very good at close range combat. You would be better off using another weapon if you were going for closer range kills. The other thing is that it only has 10 rounds, and 10 rounds is actually not too bad, but the M1916, another gun in the Medic class similar to this, has 21 rounds which is a lot more. But then again, this gun has better control and it’s easier to kill people at a further distance. Even though I like to say that this is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, it is not actually a sniper rifle. It’s not in the scout class and the scope that you get with the marksman version is not as powerful as a scope that you would get with a sniper weapon in this game.

So that means you have to take into account the bullet velocity, which is basically the bullet drop. You gotta be aware that you have to shoot a little bit above the player’s head if they are far away, so that by the time your bullet reaches the target, when it does drop down it will hit them. The same goes for if someone is running along, you gotta shoot a little bit in front of them, so by the time the bullet reaches where their body is, it will hit them and not just miss them a little bit behind them, while they’re still running. Overall, I would say that the Mondragon is a very good weapon, meant to be used as a semi-automatic sniper rifle and I would recommend that you try it out, see what you think, let me know in the comments section below and as always, like it and subscribe if you enjoy it, and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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