Hi guys and welcome to the MP 18 Trench. This is the starting primary weapon of the assault class and today we are going to take a closer look at this gun so that you can dominate the battlefield from the start. The MP 18 was manufactured by Theodor Bergmann and it was one of the first practical submachine guns used in combat. It was first introduced in 1918 by the German Army during World War I as the primary weapon of the Sturmtruppen. These were German assault groups who were specialized in trench combat. Let’s start with the stats. The MP 18 has a maximum damage of 23, after 15 meters this damage will drop. Eventually it will settle at damage points at 39 meters.

Beyond 39 meters this damage will stay constant. And here comes the rate of fire, only 550 rounds per minute. If you remember the stats of the Automatico M1918 Trench then you know that it had a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute. So the MP 18 is significantly slower. The muzzle velocity is slightly higher but not a lot, 420 meters per second and you will need 5 bullets to kill. All of this means that you will be able to kill your enemy in 0.441 seconds.

At the 20 meters reference point this time to kill will become 0.484 seconds. This isn’t bad but this isn’t groundbreaking neither. When you deploy on the battlefield you will start off with 32 bullets in your magazine and you will also get another 96 for later. The reload time for the MP 18 is pretty good, seconds for an empty reload and only seconds for a reload with bullets left. The deploy time is awesome for every gun available to the assault class, only seconds. This is faster than all primary weapons for the other classes. The bullet drop is standard with 12 meters per second squared. You can equip your MP 18 with iron sights or with a Buckhorn sight. You have different kinds of magnification and the maximum is a 2 times magnification. If you want to can also equip a bayonet and on top of that you can change the recoil direction. Most of the statistics of the MP 18 are very similar to the stats of the Automatico M1918, except for the rate of fire.

This has a massive impact so let’s compare these 2 guns because it is very important that you know which gun to use. The rate of fire is the biggest weakness of the MP 18, it is outclassed and outperformed by the Automatico. 550 rounds per minute compared to 900. This is huge. The impact of this is so big that it will take you 0.169 seconds longer to kill your opponent when you are using the MP 18. At our 20 meters reference point this difference is smaller but still you will need almost second longer to kill with the MP 18. This might not seem a lot but imagine that you are in a fair gunfight with your opponent, I mean there is no such thing as fair in love, war and Battlefield 1 but for once let’s say that it’s a fair fight.

The other guy is using the automatico and you are using the MP 18, if both of you start shooting at each other at exactly the same time then the other guy will win every single time. You won’t stand a chance. You will have to come up with something pretty special if you want to turn things around. The initial damage is the same and you know about the rate of fire. The muzzle velocity is faster for the MP 18 but not by a lot, both guns need 5 bullets to kill and the time to kill could not be much clearer. I completely agree with you that you will have more bullets in a magazine. And one could argue that you can kill one more enemy per magazine with the MP 18, but there is no point because you will be dead before you can fire the first 5 five bullets, so what do those extra 7 bullets matter. Exactly, nothing at all. So what is the verdict.

The MP 18 is a good gun to start off with, it can cause a lot of damage and it has a nice magazine size. But do yourself a favor and unlock the Automatico as soon as you can because it can kill a lot faster and that will make it easier for you to dominate the battlefield. I would suggest that you check out the Automatico M1918 Trench video and make sure that your future gun fights are fair, in other words so that you have the advantage.

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