The first map in Battlefield 1’s Russian DLC “In the Name of the Tsar” is set deep in the Carpathian Mountains, where the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires battle in the bitter cold for dominance over its valuable railway. The majority of the combat on Lupkow Pass is focused on the triangle between Pawel’s Watch, Wreckage, and the Narev Depot. Pawel’s Watch is a precarious position located in a small valley east of a large hill and crumbling watchtower – whoever controls the high ground here, controls the capture point, and it’s a favorite spot for snipers.

At Wreckage, players fight over a position marked by a downed bomber, which provides perfect cover for defenders. Look for ways to outflank these entrenched enemies by climbing the rocks to the north of the capture point. The Narev depot meanwhile is home to the most effective emplacements on the map. The Anti-Tank gun has a clear view of the eastern side of the mountains – making it especially lethal in the right hands.

Players will also find an anti-aircraft gun nearby for downing even the best pilots. Two more anti-aircraft batteries are located on the Russian side of the map, near Narev Village and Rostov’s Hold. Capture points near the Austro-Hungarian spawn are better protected from aerial attack by thick forests and rocky outcroppings. There are no ground vehicles on the map in conquest, but it does showcase the new Hussar cavalry, which race through the mountainous terrain with lances at the ready. If you don’t want to get skewered, avoid the clear pathways that weave throughout the map and open areas where cavalry can easily maneuver. If a team finds themselves fighting a losing battle, the winterized armored train arrives to lend a hand – and a chance to turn the tide. It’s also able to capture both Narev Village and Narev Depot.

There are two elite kits on Lupkow Pass – the heavy machine gun sentry kit spawns at Pawel’s Watch, while the Flametrooper kit can be found at the back of Rostov’s Hold. Lastly, one of the most interesting aspects of Lupkow Pass is how the map changes visually over the course of a match in Battlefield 1. It actually becomes more difficult to see soldiers as the weapons of war churn pristine white snow into a hellish no man’s land. Lupkow Pass arrives ahead of the rest of the In the Name of the Tsar expansion, which includes five other maps, and a slew of new vehicles and weapons. For more Battlefield 1 news and videos, visit – thanks for watching..

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