The Battle of the Somme in 1916 was one of the most brutal offensives of World War I, and it’s featured on the new River Somme map included with Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC. Here are some quick tips to help you prepare for going over the top. On Conquest Assault, the Germans control the field, which means the British must take all objectives on River Somme, and then eliminate the remaining defenders. The nature of combat changes often as the map spans from the wheat fields of the Wellington Farm to the rubble of the Sugar Mill. At the start of the battle, the British have access to a Livens Projector at their spawn.

This new stationary weapon blankets Wellington Farm with gas, weakening German defenses and making it easier for the British to bite and hold ground. The Livens Projector can launch a new salvo every two minutes. Both the British and Germans can also use fast vehicles like the motorcycle to break out and flank enemy forces. Unlike other Battlefield 1 maps, only the British have access to landships on River Somme.

These are vital to charging the enemy lines at the start of the match, and provide support when taking objectives. To counter enemy armor, the Germans have access to several field guns scattered throughout the map. If the German team can capture one of the attacking tanks, it can help stem the tide of the British advance. The repair tool is useful for fixing up tanks and repairing stationary AT guns, so it should be in your loadout, if you’re playing the Support class. Scouts will find good sniping positions in the mill at Marsh Landing and the foliage on the rolling hills. Medics and Assault players should be at home in the close quarters of the Munich Trench and fortifications of Hill 21. When engaging enemy forces, use trenches and other cover to break the line of sight and get the drop on your foes. There are three elite kits on River Somme. The SMG sentry can be found in the trenches between Marsh Landing and the Sugar Mill.

The Flametrooper kit is located next to the tunnel on the industrial side of the map, and the Tank Hunter kit can be found in the trenches south of Marsh Landing. If things are going poorly for the attackers, they will be reinforced with a selection of elite kits. Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC adds three infantry maps, six new weapons, a new Air Assault game mode, and more. The expansion is part of the game’s Premium Pass. For more Battlefield 1 videos, visit Thanks for watching..

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