Hi guys and welcome to sniper loadout. In these videos I will reveal the best loadout for your scout class and today we will take a closer look at all weapons that are available to you when you are dominating the battlefield as a sniper. Let’s start with your primary weapon. Some guys will say that the best sniper rifle is the Martini Henry, other guys swear by the Russian 1895 and the ultra long range snipers will claim that the M1903 Marksman is by far the best. It all depends on your play style. Today we are not going to worry about a specific playstyle. The best sniper loadout is the best loadout for all situations. So we are looking for a weapon that has the biggest benefits in a wide range of scenarios. It has to be able to easily make close range kills, medium range kills and long range kills. In other words we are looking for versatility.

The one and only gun that stands out is the Gewehr M.95 Marsman and it has a few other benefits as well. One of the main features of the M.95 is straight pull. It will allow you to stay zoomed in on your target between shots. It allows you to kill your enemy faster because you don’t have to zoom in again. Even if you have the perfect aim, the time to kill of the M.95 is better than any other sniper rifle when you look at the time to kill outside of the sweetspot range. On top of that, it allows you to use the practice shot method which can come in handy for those long range kills.

This useful feature is also very forgiving, which makes sniping a lot easier. All the stats are on the screen, but I’m sure you know them by heart by now. You are free to set up your weapon any way you like because that is personal preference. I will give you my set up and I will tell you why I chose a certain settings. I recommend you to use a cross reticle because it give a very clear horizontal and vertical guidance that you can use to lead your target. A 4 times magnification works best for a sniper in Battlefield 1. You can easily track your targets at a medium range and it is still easy enough to see your enemy when you go for a long range kill.

On top of that, there is no scope glint on a 4 times scope. I will never recomend you to use a bayonet for reasons that are known to you. And the visuals, well as long as it’s not golden I’m sure that it will blend in with the surrounding terrain at some point. If you are a player of extremes, meaning that you are always playing the objective from up close or if you are a guy who is always killing people on the other side of the map then you will need a different weapon. You need a specialized tool and not a weapon that is good at everything. What about your handgun? You have a lot of options here but there is only one that stands out, and that is the M1911. There is only one handgun that has a better time to kill and that is the bodeo 1889. It will kill faster and it is more suited to kill at a further range.

And here comes the reload time. …. That sais it all right. If you’re interested that took almost 8 seconds. The M1911 does it in or in when you still have bullets left. Sure the time to kill is slightly worse but overall the M1911 is just a better weapon. It’s easy to use and you will still have a fighting chance when you run into another player.

The great thing for a sniper is that one bullet deals enough damage to finish off an enemy after you hit him once with your sniper rifle. I’m sure that most snipers focus on killing enemy players and not on enemy tanks, so there is absolutely no need for a light anti tank grenade. Just use a frag grenade or a stick grenade for the Germans because that thing has the ability to kill a guy who has full health. I have seen some guys running around with an impact grenade but it’s only good to finish off an enemy because it won’t be able to kill a guy with full health. Last but not least, your melee weapon. In normal circumstances you’re not going to melee the guy that you shot with your sniper rifle. Most of the time you are going to nee d it when you are fighting a guy from up close, with your handgun, and for that it’s better to have a melee weapon that can deal a lot of damage with only one hit.

I’m sure that you can put a bullet or two into your enemy in a close range firefight, if you then start the melee animation, then you can also take away the ability of the enemy to fight back because he will be stuck in the animation. Somethis this is a faster way to kill your opponent. That is why you need a weapon like the hatchet. There are a few similar weapons out there that can do the same thing, but your hatchet can also break wire and it can break wood. Sure you can’t damage a light vehicle, but I don’t think that you’re going to be doing that very often, and to be honest the word suicide comes to mind when I see a guy doing that. I know that the ability to break wood and wire isn’t going to get you that massive killstreak you have always been dreaming of but it will make your life a lot easier because on some maps the wire is scattered around all over the place and you will find wood in almost every building.

To summarize, for your best sniper loadout you will need the Gewehr M.95 Marksman, the M1911, the Incendiary tripwire bomb, the spot version of the flare gun, a frag grenade and the hatchet. This is the best general loadout that you can make, but keep in mind that you have the option to make another 2 extra loadouts for your scout class. I don’t know which kind of player you are, but I recommend you to make one close range loadout and one long range loadout. That way you have the option to quickly adapt to what is necessary on the Battlefield. By the way, guys the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the Battlefield!

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