Hi guys, MrRolfWaffles here. If you’re new to Battlefield there’s an awful lot to take in. And so in this video I’m going to help you along the way by giving you several useful tips that you may or may not be aware of that you can use in the game to get ahead of your enemy. A lot of the time your team’s needs are going to change on the fly in-game. So make sure you’re always thinking of ways you can adapt your kit to be more effective.

For example, if you have an enemy tank on the enemy team that’s plaguing your forces, then jump onto assault and start lobbing explosives towards it. It’ll be dead in no time. If you’re on a wide open map with long sight lines consider switching over to the scout class and getting your snipe on or get those smoke grenades in your loadout and help yourself and your team get across ground without the enemy snipers picking you off. This second tip is going to become second nature soon enough but for now it’s worth the reminder. Always always always spot your enemies! You can mark out enemy positions for the benefit of your entire team by just looking their way and as long as they’re within your soldier’s sight you hit the spot button and boom! They’re marked on the map your whole team can see where they are. It’s essentially like you’re acting as your own UAV and it will definitely help you kill more people and win more games.

There’s often more than one way to do things in this game. So if you find yourself running into the enemy front line and dying, and dying, and dying then switch up your play style. You could start falling back and mortaring the enemy from afar before they can even see you. You could jump on a flak gun to focus down some enemy vehicles. Grab a trench periscope to spot all the enemies from maximum range for your team so that you can stay totally safe and they can get their hands dirty. And think about who you are and aren’t interacting with in your game as well. You could keep pushing the front with your team.

And try to create some kind of organised assault or you could go lone wolf and slip past the enemy lines to stab them in the back. The choice is yours. A lot of the enjoyment in Battlefield is designed to come from fighting to win matches. Which means playing the objective. But if you’re just grinding to get that done every single game you’re going to get aggravated. Don’t be afraid to take some time to mess with the new guns try new strategies or just have a laugh with friends and keep things cheerful. You can always delay your win streak one more game and just take some time to focus on yourself.

And finally, I really, really recommend you play with a squad if you possibly can. If you have a bunch of mates that play Battlefield group up with them, squad up in-game and reap the rewards. You’ll be able to spawn on each other in the game itself, so you’ll be closer to the action at all times. You’ll be able to focus on helping each other out organise yourselves better and it’ll just generally make your life easier. You can always jump right into an open squad if you aren’t playing with people you know as well. And with that, we have reached the end of the list of introductory BF1 tips. Hopefully they’ve been useful. I’ve really tried to make them as useful as possible. If they have been and you’re interested in hearing more from me then feel free to come check out my YouTube channel youtube.com/MrRolfWaffles and we can hang out. Okay, see you soon! Bye-bye..

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