Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys the best support class setup for Battlefield 1. Yesterday, we’ve done the best medic class setup and tomorrow we’re most likely going to cover sniper class and then the assault class. Now starting from melee weapons, there are some that are good with speed but dont deleiver enough damage and some are slower with speed but delievers high damage, but none of the melee weapons will deliever 100 damage, so definitely go with the speed although, you’ll be able to takedown anyone with 100 health from the back, so I’d consider going with the fastest speed melee weapon because that will allow you to melee faster and pull your gun out much faster before you get shot by the enemy.

Moving on with the grenades selection, you have a good variety with this and knowing you’re using the support class and you have the ammo crate, you’ll be able to get more ammo and more grenades, I personally like using the poison gas with support class, it is really damn effective to throw on the objective near flags especially in operations with 64 players, it is pure chaos and you get two of them and you can easily get more by throwing ammo crate around you or you could use impact grenade, you can refill those as well with the ammo crate, basically it blows up soon after it hits the ground and it is effective to get easy kills or it will deliver enough damage and then you’ll be able to easily take him out with the gun.

For gadget number two, get the mortar air or the mortar he, mortar is good if you’re targetting only infantry and mortar he is good for both but has small blast radius compare to the mortar air. So swith between these two, if you see enemies vehicle spawn in with the mortar he, otherwise the mortar air is whaddup. For Gadget number one: unlock the big ammo crate and always have it in your gadget number one. This is going refill your ammo and your teammates ammo and this gives you more and the ammo crate stay for longer compare to the mini ammo pouch that you get. Simply don’t even worry about your ammo when you’re playing with support class, unlimited ammo baby.

For your sidearms, the M1911 or the Red Baron works great. I really like both of these sidearms with the support class and I really can’t place one over the other, but I find the red baron is much more accurate and of course you only wanna use your sidearm when you need to reload your primary right and having a side arm that is accurate is gonna be much effective, that is kinda like my opinion and seeing the in game description about Red baron, I decided to roll with this in my support class. And it has the mag just like M1911 has it, so you don’t worry about reloading each bullet into it. Now as for the primary weapon, I find there are two supperior lmg’s in the support class, I’ve used the lewis gun, the benet mercie, and I personally find the lewis gun is more convenient over the benet mercie but neither of those are classed as supperior, I also used another one which I personally thought would out perform any gun, can’t seem to remember it’s name but it’s the only gun in support with like 100 or 200 magazine size and originally I was like oh my freaking god it’s that gun with which I’ll rekt some shieet, but the gun is trash, I’m certain this was DICE plan, I can’t wait for more Battlefield friend series, the gun is just good for suppresion, but madsen is where we at, this is by far the one with which I had more fun & success and it’s still not classified as the best lmg in the game, so what is the best gun in support class, the Bar m1918.

Statistically both of these guns are supperior, Bar has very low magazine size with super high damage, range & high firing rate. While the madsen has more ammo in mag, but has low firing rate and damage over range. overall you wanna use the trench varaint if you are engaging in close quarter or the storm variant if you are engaging over long range. And I’d say have the magnification around times or greater if you’d like to get easy long range kills. And of course you wanna fine tune the magnification depending on how you’re going to use the lmg. I’d say go with the BAR if you are extremely accurate or wanna pick up easy kills at long range or go with madsen for close quarter situation. One tip I’d say if you use the Bar, go all out. Dont worry about the ammo in your reserve but in your mag, try reloading while having at least one bullet in the chamber for faster reloads.

Overall this is by far the best support class setup, let me know if you’d use some stuff differently. But if you’ve enjoyed the video, give it a like and subcribe for more videos and feel free to check out other class setups on the channel..

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