Hello guys! My name is TJ and today we are gonna be taking a look at the Chauchat Low Weight LMG, or the Chauchat Low Weight, however you wanna call it, for the support class in Battlefield 1. We’re gonna be diving into its stats, talking about its strengths & weaknesses, and discuss whether this LMG is a good one or a bad one. So, to use the Chauchat Low Weight in game, you must first have the DLC “They Shall Not Pass.” After you get the DLC, you then must get 50 kills with the Lewis Gun Suppressive and perform 75 resupplies.

Pretty easy to get if you ask me. The only problem with the unlock progression is the fact that you must have premium which is unfortunate because on PC, there isn’t a lot of players so buying premium is pretty much you wasting your money. On console, premium should be fine because the player base is still healthy. Now, the Chauchat comes in two variants: The Low Weight variant and the Telescopic Variant with both having their own unlock progression. Alright let’s take a look at the Chauchat’s stats. The first thing I wanna talk about, and in my opinion, the best thing and the most unique thing about the Chauchat, is the damage module. In close quarters, it does 35 damage per bullet and that is up to 10 meters. After 10 meters, the damage starts to drop off until it settles at 23 damage at 40 meters. This makes the Chauchat very deadly in close quarters and at medium range because at medium range, it going to take 4 bullets to kill an enemy player at full health.

To give you a *perspective*, let’s compare the Chauchat with a popular LMG… The BAR 1918 Storm. The BAR does 23 damage per bullet and its minimum damage is 19. In close quarters, you need 5 bullets to kill with the BAR while with the Chauchat, you need 3. And at the maximum range for the BAR, you need 6 bullets to kill while with the Chauchat, you need 5. Look at it this way, the maximum damage that the BAR can do per magazine is 460 with a minimum of 380. The Chauchat can put out a maximum damage of 700 with a minimum of 460 per magazine. That is insane. Now the weakest stat on the Chauchat is the rate of fire.

Its 360 rounds per minute or 359 if you are going by the symthic stats. That is the slowest fire rate out of all the LMGs. To give you a *perspective*, the BAR has a fire rate of 600 rounds per minute. That gun shoots 67 percent faster than the Chauchat Low Weight. That doesn’t mean that the BAR outperforms this LMG by a long shot though. Before this weapon came, the BAR was the best LMG in close quarters, and it still is to some extent, because of its low time to kill of seconds. However, the Chauchat is competing with the BAR in close quarters because it has a lower time to kill than the BAR of seconds. That is a small margin but that is still impressive for a gun that shoots so slow. The high damage module is certainly helping the Chauchat when it comes to time to kill. Fun fact: the real life Chauchat had a fire rate of 240 rounds per minute. DICE bump it up a bit so that it could compete with the other weapons because with a 240 rounds per minute rate of fire, this gun would be losing to pistols when it comes to fire rate and that would be a joke.

Now the magazine size of this LMG is 20 rounds with 80 rounds in reserve. The mag size seems small but its plenty for the Chauchat. Because of its high damage, you can take out 3 to 4 enemies with one mag. The only LMG that can compete with the Chauchat when it comes to killing multiple enemies with one mag is the M.G NA because of 100 round magazine. The Lewis Gun can probably do that as well. This makes the Chauchat deadlier than the BAR because with the BAR, the maximum kills you can get is around 2. Well for me anyway. The accuracy of the Chauchat isn’t bad. Its which is the same as the BAR Storm, the BAR Trench, and all the variants of the Madsen. The hip fire accuracy is 1.5. Again, the same as the guns I named out just now but what is interesting is that the moving hip fire accuracy is better than the guns I named out with the exception of the Trench variant. All around, you can hip fire this weapon in close quarters to give yourself the faster moving speed than the aiming down sights speed.

Alright let’s talk about the recoil pattern. Just like the rate of fire, this could be seen as a weakness for the Chauchat Low Weight if you are not very good at controlling recoil. The side-to-side recoil shares the same value of which isn’t bad. That is quite low for the side-to-side recoil. The problem comes with the vertical recoil which is 0.55. That sounds pretty high but in my opinion, it really isn’t for this gun because the rate of fire is so low. The first shot multiplier is which isn’t bad either. Overall, the recoil is quite low. However, I am worried about the Telescopic variant of the Chauchat. Because the telescopic has a magnification sight on it, I cannot help but think that the virtual representation of the vertical recoil is quite jarring to say the least. Ehhh… I will find out later.

Now the short reload speed of the Chauchat is seconds while the long reload speed is seconds. Overall this LMG has a slightly longer reload speed than the BAR. You should be hitting that short reload speed most of the time though because of its high damage. But I would advise you to reload in cover to minimize the risk of getting killed on the battlefield. So, in conclusion, the Chauchat is an awesome LMG and it is now my favourite LMG in the entire game because of its low recoil and its high damage per shot. The only weakness that I can think of is the fire rate Even though it can beat the BAR in close quarters, it is only by a small margin… Which means that the BAR can still kill you if that player has a higher skill cap that you.

If both players are the same skill, then the Chauchat should win… Not by a long margin though. Expect yourself to have 10 health after the firefight If you are going against the Automatico in close quarters, then you are pretty much going to lose that firefight unless that assault player is pretty damn terrible. But yeah guys. Lemme know what you think about the Chauchat. Do you like it, do you hate it? Comment down below. I would love to hear your thoughts. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up.

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