Hello guys. My name is TJ and welcome to my channel TJFPSGaming. Today, we are gonna be reviewing the Selbstlader 1906 Factory in Battlefield 1. We are going to be looking at its stats, talking about its strengths and weaknesses, and talk about how to be effective with this rifle. Now to unlock the Selbstlader 1906, you need to hit rank 10 with the Medic Class. After that, you can purchase the rifle for 200 Warbonds. Pretty easy to get. Just heal your teammates, revive your teammates, get kills… Just play the objective and you will hit rank 10 in no time. Now there are two variants of the 1906 in Battlefield 1: The Factory Variant and the Sniper Variant… I will be reviewing the sniper variant in a separate video. Alright, let’s talk about the stats of this rifle.

Now the 1906 Factory does 40 damage per bullet up close and that damage extend out to 26 meters. After 26 meters, the damage is going to fall off until it settles at 35 at 52 meters. Which are the exact same damage values of the Selbstalder M1916. This means that its gonna take 3 body shots to drop an enemy player at all distances. This makes it a more powerful rifle than the Cei-Rigotti, the M1907 SL, and the Autoloading 8 at longer ranges. These rifles are going to require at least one extra bullet to kill an enemy player. The rate of fire of the 1906 is 300 rounds per minute… or… 299 if you are going by the symthic stats. That makes it the second fastest firing self-loading rifle in the game… Only being beaten by the Autoloading 8. In fact, the 1906 is tied with the Cei-Rigotti and the M1907 SL when it comes to rate of fire. Even though it shares the same damage module with the M1916, because of its higher rate of fire, you can kill an enemy player a lot quicker with 1906 in close quarters and at distances. And with a muzzle velocity of 800 meters per second, you don’t have to lead your shots as much when firing at a moving target at a distance.

The gun is pretty accurate too. With an accuracy value of 0.135, the bullets that are coming out of this rifle are pretty much going to land where your aiming. Now, the gun sounds awesome so far but this is where it’s going to go downhill because the Selbstlader 1906 has one major flaw that is stopping this gun to be the best medic rifle in Battlefield 1. And that is the magazine size. The gun can only hold 5 rounds… Which is not a lot.

And considering that the rate of fire of the weapon 300rpm, you are going to burn through those 5 rounds pretty damn fast. And considering that it takes 3 bullets to kill an enemy player, you are going to be reloading a lot. That’s the same issue that the Autoloading 8 has. To give you a perpective, the M1916 can hold 26 rounds so 3 shot killing an enemy player isn’t an issue for that rifle. With the 1906, you can only kill one enemy at a time… 2 at the most if you land headshots but you have to be like an MLG pro to pull that off with this weapon. If you are outnumbered or if you miss too many shots, you gonna have to rely on your sidearm and with this weapon, your sidearm is really important. The reload speed isn’t great either. Now, the 1906 uses clip to reload its rounds… Which means that the rifle can reload in a similar fashion to a shotgun. The reload speed of the clip is seconds while the speed of which you reload individual bullets is seconds.

I would advise you to go for the clip reload at all times… Whenever you kill an enemy and you have two bullets left, just fire them so that you can reload this rifle faster than if you were reloading the bullets one at a time. Now let’s look at the recoil pattern which isn’t all that bad. The left and right recoil shares the same value of which means that the gun doesn’t kick all that much when it comes to the side-to-side recoil.

The vertical recoil is though which sounds quite high but it really isn’t… The 1906 isn’t an automatic weapon so you won’t be feeling that vertical kick too much. Now with the 1906 you have to use this weapon by taking advantage of its strengths… Range is your friend here with this rifle. Because of its 3 shot kill nature and its high muzzle velocity, you shouldn’t have any problems taking out an enemy player at a distance unless you have bad accuracy… Which if you do, then this rifle is not for you. The room for error is too small for you to mess up when it comes to accuracy with this rifle.

You have to remember that the 1906 only has 5 rounds… If you are not really an accurate player, then I suggest you using the M1916 since that holds 5 times the amount that the 1906 holds. During my playtime with this rifle, I was kinda playing like a bitch… Whenever I got a kill… Whether that is in close quarters or at a distance… I pretty much had to run away to a safe location to reload the weapon. That is why earlier I said that range is your friend because it is less likely for you to encounter an enemy player if you are firing at range. It can happen but its better if it happens when you have 5 rounds in your gun instead of two because the 1906 can hold its own in 1v1 CQC.

If there is another enemy in close quarters, however, then you’re gonna have to rely on your sidearm. Now, I hear a lot of people saying that when using this rifle, the sidearm to use are the revolvers. I disagree somewhat but whatever floats your boat I guess. You also you need to stick with your teammates so that they can help you in firefights… Going lone wolf isn’t ideal with this weapon. Remember… It only has 5 rounds. So in conclusion, the Selbstlader 1906 Factory is a weird weapon. The stats are awesome except for the magazine size. I think that this rifle should do 50 damage per bullet if it’s going to have a small mag size like the RSC Factory.

But… I guess that if it did have that damage module, then why would you pick the RSC since the 1906 would be firing a lot faster than it? But anyways, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up… If you didn’t, a thumbs down. Subscribe for more and until next time guys. Peace..

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