Hello guys. My name is TJ and welcome to my channel TJFPSGaming. Today, we are gonna be reviewing the Selbstlader 1906 Sniper in Battlefield 1. This is the tier 2 weapon of the level 10 medic gun for the medic class. We are going to be looking at its stats, talking about its strengths and weaknesses, and talk about how to be effective with this rifle. Now unlocking this weapon might be fun or challenging for you… Depends on how you look at it because part of the unlock process involves the Selbstlader 1906 Factory. To unlock the Selbstlader 1906 Sniper, you must first hit rank 10 with the medic class so that you can unlock the factory variant for this weapon.

After that you need to get 300 kills with the Selbstlader 1906 Factory and get 25 kills with the rifle grenade. If you enjoy the 1906 Factory, then the 300 kills will not be a problem. I don’t like it so it was difficult for me… Same with the rifle grenades… I don’t use that gadget at all in my normal gameplay so as soon as I got the 25 kills, I immediately went back to my syringe because with the rifle grenade, I felt like a bad medic. To unlock unlock this gun a lot faster, I recommend using the rifle grenade along with the 1906 Factory so that you can work on the kills for each at the same time.

If are having trouble getting kills with this rifle or getting kills with the rifle grenade, I recommend playing on city maps like Amiens to maximize your kills with the weapon and with the rifle grenades… Fort De Vaux is another map where you will be successful with the rifle grenade. When it comes to stats, not much has really change to make it differ from the Factory variant. The gun has the same damage module as the Factory variant. However, because the Sniper variant comes equipped with a scope, lining up headshots at a distance is a lot easier so you can take advantage of the 2-shot killing potential that this weapon has. The rate of fire is also the same as the Factory variant. 300 rounds per minute making it pretty quick in taking out an enemy player.

One thing to make a note of is because of its scope, the vertical kick is quite noticeable so spamming shots at range isn’t ideal. To counter this, you can use the bipod so that you don’t have to compensate for the recoil. Just watch out for snipers since you will be easy food for them when you are using the bipod. However, you could argue that you can take out snipers at a distance because the Selbstlader 1906 Sniper has the same muzzle velocity as the Factory variant of 800 meters per second… That is one par with sniper rifles. The gun is pretty accurate too. With an accuracy value of 0.12, the bullets that are coming out of the rifle are pretty much going to land where your aiming.

It’s not that much accurate than the Factory variant but it is still important to make a note of. With these stats and the scope, the Sniper variant is a lot better to engage targets at range than the Factory variant. However, there is one caveat. Because the Sniper variant comes with a scope, you have to be careful with it in close quarters. Sure, you could argue by saying that if you keep your distance, you should be alright… But Battlefield 1, in fact, every Battlefield game, has that random factor. You might think you are okay until an enemy rear his ugly head around the corner. And with a scope that has the option to have a zoom level of 4, using that in close quarters is’t ideal. Again… Like I said in my Factory review, your sidearm is important here. Run the sidearm that you are most comfortable with.

I personally run a revolver or the C93 when using this rifle. Another thing I do is run the scope variant at a *2.50x* zoom level or a *3x* zoom level because I want to be able to use this gun at a distance and in close quarters if need be. Still not ideal but that is how I use it… I still say that range is you friend though. Especially with this rifle. You have to be passive. You cannot be all gun-ho because you will die. If you wanna be all gun-ho then I suggest you use the M1907 SL Sweeper or my personally favourite for aggressive play, the Mondragon Storm. Both of those rifles have a lot more killing potential than the 1906 because of their magazine size.

So in conclusion… Is the gun worth it? I say yes… Yes, it is. Even though the stats are pretty much the same as the Factory variant… Just the fact that it comes with a scope makes the Sniper variant significantly better. If you are running the 4x zoom level on this rifle, just be careful in close quarters. Switch to your sidearm if an enemy rears his head around a corner that is close to you… If you don’t have time to do so then try to use the Selbstlader instead. But anyways, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up… If you didn’t, a thumbs down. Subscribe for more and until next time guys. Peace out..

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