The Putilov Garford Armored Truck is one of the biggest additions in the upcoming Russiand DLC “In The Name of the Tsar” for Battlefield 1. The heavy armored vehicle is a little awkward to drive, since the main cannon which is also operated by the driver is located at the rear of the vehicle. In Battlefield 1, its appearance is usually met by both terror and confusion as enemies wonder “if it’s coming or going” – Personally, I found it easier to drive backwards.

Aside from its main cannon, the Putilov Garford has two machine gun positions on either side for teammates. There are three variations of the truck in Battlefield 1: the armored assault truck, armored anti-tank truck, and the armored reconnaissance truck. Unfortunately, I was only able to capture footage from the armored assault truck for this video before the servers switched to Rush. The armored assault truck is equipped with high explosive shells, smoke and frag grenades, and can also drop supply crates for teammates. The driver can also alternate between the cannon and a coaxial machine gun.

The anti-tank truck features armor piercing shells, as well as anti-tank and incendiary grenades. The armored reconnaissance truck includes shrapnel shells for flushing out entrenched infantry, spotting flares, and can lay mines to cover its retreat. Like the artillery truck in Battlefield 1, the Putilov Garford is a bit squishier than its heavy tank counterparts, and what it gains in firepower, it loses in mobility. It’s certainly one of the most interesting vehicles in Battlefield 1, and DICE put a lot of detail into the machine, down to the gunner manually tossing shells out of the turret roof hatch.

What do you think about the Putilov Garford? Are you excited to play it when In the Name of the Tsar drops in September? Tell me in the comments..

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