Hi everyone and welcome to this very short guide on how to get the “Drei, Vier, Grenadier” trophy in the recently released Battlefield 1 add-on, “They Shall Not Pass”. To get this trophy, you need to score four kills with the Trench Raider, the new Elite Class introduced in the DLC. Doesn’t sound too hard and can be done on every map and every game mode that features the Trench Raider Elite Class. A round of Conquest on “Rupture” for example. At the beginning of the round or whenever you spawn in, head to the tall “Aisne-Vesle” bridge in the middle of the map. On the side heading towards the french starting point, you’ll find the Elite Class crate sitting under the bridge. Chances are it hasn’t spawned yet or has already been taken. If the round just started it’s probably the first. In either case, just stick around in this area for a while, try not to draw too much attention to your position, and when it’s time, grab your object of desire and go looking for some enemies.

You only need four kills so that shouldn’t be a problem. Just head to the next flag that’s being contested and you’ll be fine. The Trench Raider is more of a Close Combat elite class with his heavy armor and deadly Raider Club, that kills most enemies in one hit. But he also carries a No. 3 Revolver, a Medic Crate, as well as an assortment of Grenades. But yeah, the Club is where it’s at! 😎 And that’s it. So thanks for watching, have fun clubbing your trophy and see y’all next time! (Sieben, Acht, Gute Nacht!).

As found on Youtube