Hi, everyone, I’m Levelcap. Today, we are going to talk about the latest test clothing updates The latest update of test clothes brings the “Ammunition 2.0” system, as well as 4 new arms of Class 10 weapons The four new tenth weapons are variants of existing tenth weapons. In order to unlock these variants of weapons, it not only requires you to unlock existing weapons. But also need you to use each weapon to achieve 300 kills and complete other requirements Hellriegel now has a new defensive version 120 hair clips and extra tripod Selbetlader 1906 has a sniper version May make this gun very easy to use Hutter Light Machine Gun now has scope version Then Martini Henry will have a sniper version I would say that every rifle here sounds exciting But their unlocking requirements are still quite high, so you have to spend a lot of time on every 10 weapons.

Not to mention that it is already challenging to unlock the original tenth weapons first. Unfortunately, at the moment in the test service, my ranks are far from ten. I can’t even unlock the existing versions of these guns to start challenging So I don’t know if I’ll have a video of these new guns in the test suit to show you They are very likely to appear directly in formal clothing where we can test But I’m really excited about these new four variant weapons Their new changes in existing weapons sound useful and interesting They also provide the game with more advanced challenges This is also a good challenge for the game to evolve gradually and more focused players.

Of course, one of the most important parts of this update is the “Ammunition 2.0” system that DICE is testing. This new system is about to redefine the way the ammunition is refilled in the game. They will replenish their equipment for themselves and how they will interact with them. This received a lot of very controversial responses from the Reddit Battlefield 1 test service segment. I am also not very happy with the idea behind But I want to keep an open mind and I am willing to try it in the game to see what effect this will have. Strip all the details of one of these many goals, it actually reduces the production of explosives in the game And my confirmation reached the goal for these changes But the question I really have to ask now is Does this result really confirm the feasibility of this method? We can talk about this now Let me try to explain how the new Ammunition system works with the most basic anti-tank cluster grenades.

Anti-tank cluster grenades are anti-tank grenade for assault troops, but they are also often used against infantry. You will be born with two anti-tank cluster grenades at the beginning of the round If I run out of two anti-tank cluster grenades, they will automatically recharge one I cannot automatically re-supply both, but I will automatically replenish one after 35 seconds. Now, if I throw in all two grenades, I enter into crossfire and are suppressed This will reduce my 66% automatic resupply rate What I mean by this is that it will cost three times as much time to get a new grenades. Means that I probably will not have the opportunity to supply during the exchange of fire… Automatically replenish such a grenades So it should not be able to overly influence an ongoing exchange of fire But maybe after the exchange of fire I will get a new anti-tank cluster grenades and use them in the next exchange of fire. For example, I threw out all two anti-tank cluster grenades and then I was killed.

Guess how! After I was reborn, I only had an anti-tank cluster grenades. And it will not automatically replenish to two anti-tank cluster grenades. Basically, if I now want to raise the ammunition limit of anti-tank cluster grenades I will need to find a cartridge from the support arms It will not only supply my anti-tank cluster grenades to the two I need And it will increase my grenades reserves to three This is what you could not do before So with the help of supporting arms, you may be able to carry more ammunition than originally Although the most interesting thing about this system is that before the death, the game seems to be able to remember the amount of ammunition you have. So if I use all anti-tank cluster grenades before I die I will only be born with one (anti-tank mine), and at the beginning I will have two If I was killed with two anti-tank cluster grenades, I would take them with them again. So, there are many small rules and nuances in this system.

And, after you are born again, your ammunition reserves will vary, depending on what equipment you have To give a chestnut (example), even if all anti-tank mines were used before I was killed, it will still be supplied to three, and K bombs will only be replenished to two. In addition to this, there are often significant differences in the time required for automatic replenishment And, some of them will not be automatically replenished when you are suppressed Therefore, equipment such as signal guns and mortars will not be automatically replenished during the exchange of fire.

You have to be completely unpressed (for automatic replenishment) This system may sound complicated, and to tell the truth it’s really complicated This is an interesting system and I also understand the advantages it contains But at the same time, the system is so complicated that ordinary players cannot understand the nuances Even some basic functions cannot be understood I think DICE really should ask myself such a question Did we design a complex system that is too overwhelming or unnecessary? To be clear and concise, most ordinary players will not notice how the game really works After eliminating a large part of the recoil compensation mechanism in Battlefield 1, this gave the player less tools to refine gun battles, or the opportunity to thoroughly understand gun battles. This also makes the system itself unintuitive I like the system that has “force feedback” for players That is, if you are in the game and playing If you understand what is happening in the game, you will become stronger You should start to understand the nuances of this system But things like “pressing the system will reduce the automatic recovery rate of ammunition” will become a fact that is completely unknown to players.

Because it will not be displayed on the screen in any form You must start to delve into the data Overall, I don’t like a reason to suppress the system, in addition to making more ballistic deviations (this is what most players resist). It is also a system that is not intuitive or well explained in the game itself. It can be said to be a strange mechanism. It cannot be accused during the game. So many, many players will not know this system And only a small number of senior players read a lot of information online, browse the spreadsheet and some do not know what ghosts Will begin to understand the benefits of this nuance But I think they should design a game where everyone can understand the benefits and the mechanisms behind it.

After this we can play this game more wittyly So when it comes to the Ammunition system I realize a lot of benefits from this system I appreciate that there are now fewer grenades And, to some extent, I also like this concept: If a person reborn in the game and used all his equipment, he died. After reborn, they will not have as much equipment as before This is a great concept However, I also found it annoying to actually use it.

Especially after I didn’t understand why I was born again I only had an AT Rocket Gun ammo Or only one anti-tank cluster grenades I mean, considering that under certain circumstances, tanks can become unimaginably powerful A new obstacle has now been created to let the assaulters deal with them. And to let them solve a tank, the two are not well-balanced I think theoretically it should be that the assault arms can carry three anti-tank cluster grenades.

Because they should have cooperated with supporting arms to increase their ammunition reserves. However, I’m not convinced this will not happen back Amount… I really need to play a lot to find the answer However, I really think that this system will greatly change the balance of infantry for tanks. They really need to pay more attention to how well this works for both sides. Our vehicle will be able to solve infantry more easily Because the assault arms will generally become weaker Maybe the infantrymen will begin to cooperate more often To increase their ammunition reserves to better deal with tanks Strangely enough, I’m not bored with my opponent’s automatic replenishment as I thought. I think DICE spends a reasonable amount of time on this game They are a lot better than before, but they are affected too much by the suppression system It really is that they have become less useless during the exchange of fire.

Although that is a good balance I still want them to increase the time of the fuse of ordinary fragment grenades. I don’t like fragments Grenades can easily kill the enemy without any skill I think this is another DICE that needs to be prioritized in this system to make the game process more comfortable The reduction of explosives in the game may not become popular or can be noticed on specific maps This kind of thing can usually be solved by adjusting the automatic replenishment timing or other methods like this I think this is a great system and I also like many of them However, it needs to communicate better with the player through the user interface.

Players want to know the automatic replenishment rate of their equipment Or how it is affected by an external ammunition box Or why are they carrying fewer ammunition when they are born again than before? And how is it triggered and how can it be improved through cooperation with supporting arms This is a system that can easily become very irritating If you don’t have any supporting arms to support your team Maybe when players realize this problem, people will start to switch to support arms. But this can also be a frustrating system Players are becoming increasingly dependent on supporting arms Players who play supporting units may forget to put ammunition boxes Or there aren’t enough support players to put ammunition boxes So, there are a lot of potential problems in the system, and I didn’t hate it as much as I thought.

However, I think this means that it will have to undergo a lot of changes before being used in the official service of Battlefield 1. Speaking of more workload, I think there are other issues that are more important than this I think the conquest mode needs a big change I would be very happy to support “Conquer 2.0” as the next DICE initiative instead of “Ammunition 2.0” Also, players are always reborn next to their teammates There are bayonet balance, and many other things in the game I think there are other areas in this game that need more attention than “Ammunition 2.0” However, I think if DICE put it in the test suit for a while Then began to optimize the UI, and better through the user interface is the player and system communication This will be a kind of support that I absolutely stand behind That is, in order to achieve a more in-depth support of arms and stronger team strategy cooperation So, anyway, I would spend more time playing the test suit and try to understand it better I also encourage everyone if you really care about this issue or the concept If you have a senior pass, you can download the test service client and try it for yourself Well, here, I think I’m going to end this video soon.

Thank you for watching. See you next time. Here is Levelcap~~~~.

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