Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys an ultimate guide full with tips & tricks to get better in Battlefield 1. This is no bs, a straight up guide with tons of tips about how to get better in Battlefield 1. So definitely note ’em done, pause or rewind the video if you need to, Now the first thing is of course fine tuning your settings to your liking, like controls, fov, sensitivities and I covered this in my episode number 1. Just wanted to quickly mention that because it is important.

But make sure to bless that like button & papa bless that subscribe button we do daily videos & livestream up in here, zombies, battlefield & video games in general. This is episode number 3 of Battlefield 1 tips & tricks. So here we go. Now the first tip is to setup your classes with guns, attachements, stuff like that and most importantly equipemnets like unocking the at gun in assault kit and having it for taking down tanks faster, the big medic kit instead of having the pouch. It will heal you and your teammates faster & sometimes you can make it work like your cover, same with support get the full ammo crate instead of having the little pouch and in scout you can even get siper shield and sniper decoy to help you out and these things can be purchase with in game currency called warbonds that you can see at the top right and to get more warbonds you have to rank up, and I covered how to rank up fast in my last episode, so definitely check it after this.

But Battlefield is all about playing the objective with your squad and it has so much fun to play with your friends. Especially if one of them get support, medic, assault, you’ll have ton of fun and you won’t have to worry about ammo nor health that much. The bigger health and ammo crate are supper damn effective, even if you play alone, having the medic bag near you can be so damn effective, like lets say you got shot, you take cover and reload your guns & stuff & while you’re doing it, you’ll be regenerating health. Also try to only burst fire at medium to long ranges, never go full automatic, you wanna be accurate as possible to kill enemies and trust me this is way more effective then going full automatic. We also got guns variants & stuff, some are good with range and other have better accuracy & stuff, so always check the weapon stats graph in your loadout. Let’s say your playing TDM or DOM or conquest, but in conquest you need to be closer to the enemies definitely go with assault rifles, and choose a variant that is good for that.

For medium distances, lmgs works great and for long ranges sniper rifles are the best. But in scout class, if you pay attention to the weapon stats graph it will show you the sweet spot about damage per range and as you guys can see at certain range the sniper is way more effective and you wanna take advantage of that. Also if you go with melee, choose a combat one if you don’t feel like unlocking other melee weapons before the actuall weapon. Some melee weapons will take you longer to pull out and kill and put it back to pull up your gun, and combat knife is the by far the best option for a melee weapon in terms of how fast you can melee with this thing compare to the other ones. Also try not sprint when you’re in close quarter situation, running is gonna kill your time to aim down sights, so always try to aim down sights while checking corners and stuff. And if you get shot and your health is super low, you are better of taking cover and going around than is to try and kill, you’ll just end up dying and also if you ever catch fire by the fire tropper, you wanna quickly run in the opposite direction for a second or two and quickly go prone and that is way effective cause otherwise you’ll just die.

You can also bayonet charge to get away faster. Overall if you are new to the Battlefield 1, try playing Team deathmatch at fire where killing is your only objective and use these tips, and then once you feel like you’re getting better, play domination and then get into the real deal. War operations, conquest and rush, where you have 40 to 64 players in total. Vehicles, tanks, planes, infantry, objective and so much more. And if you fine tune your classes, everytime you see a tank spot it, play with assault class and have the at rocket, and im pretty sure you’ll get the job done. In bigger scale battes any class you choose will be effective. Choose medic if you’re going infantry, assault for taking down tanks, and sniper for super long range and just snipping. If this video helped you out smash that like button and subscribe for daily videos and also check out some more Battlefield 1 videos on the channel.

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