Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar MAP Tips & Overviews Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar delivers a slew of new content focused on the Russian Army and the Eastern Front of World War 1, but most importantly it adds 6 new frozen battlefields to fight your way across, so to help you navigate these new arena’s and dominate your opposition we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of quick tips and strategies to help you get started! [ALBION] Of all the new maps there is perhaps no better showcase of the new vehicles and environments than the massive map Albion. Set over a collection of icy islands the map features wide expanses of ocean to sail across with torpedo equipped assault boats scattered around the map. There are a number of key locations to take advantage of, for example on the northern and southern sides of the largest island there are some massive cannons that can be a huge help when softening up enemy positions from afar.

Controlling them is a huge boost for your team as not only does it add some serious firepower but they also provide you with the best vantage points as they are the highest locations on the island. However keep in mind the cannons are unable to fire up close meaning if you’re swarmed by the enemy you’re as good as dead! Crossing between the islands can be a risky endeavor, on a boat you’re easily spotted and while swimming might be a little more stealthy it does leave you completely defenseless if you’re noticed. If you spawn as the Russians you’ll begin on the western mainland but if you’re part of the German forces you’ll get to indulge in some naval warfare as you begin aboard a large ship in the eastern ocean. You’ll have to board the smaller landing craft to make your way to the islands and maneuver around them, just watch out for any Russians in assault boats who can bring your invasion to an early end with a well placed torpedo.

[Volga River] It’s not just maps on the eastern front being delivered in the new DLC, there are also some taking place as part of the bloody Russian Civil War such as Volga River. If you like driving tanks this is going to be one of your favourite maps as there is a heavy emphasis on armoured warfare. The flat terrain and large spaces make them dominant and using them effectively is key to victory. Use them strategically to capture less defended points to minimise losses rather than storming heavily defended areas where anti vehicle weapons can make easy work of you, and if you’re not the one driving try to keep them repaired with the wrench gadget. The destroyed church serves as the center upon which all the combat revolves around. Situated on the high ground it grants those players that hold it a clear view of the surrounding area allowing scouts to fire down upon the enemy from a long range. However the church itself is not easy to defend, the building is almost entirely destroyed with just a few walls providing cover.

There are numerous entry points and lots of rubble that can be used for cover when assaulting the building. This makes it tough to hold but if you can keep a grip on it this essential point is well worth it. [Brusilov Keep] If tanks aren’t your thing don’t be disappointed as not all the maps are so vehicle focused, Brusilov Keep for example is all about up close and personal infantry combat. Teams will battle for control of a town situated between 2 bridges with the southernmost bridge actually being a railroad for armored train behemoth to ride in on. However keep in mind those bridges are a deathtrap if you try to cross them on foot, players in the town have a clear view and there is no cover on the bridge leaving you completely exposed. If you want to cross the rivers safely go down to the riverbed and seek cover behind the bridges support structures and various boulders littering the landscape. Horses are one of the features on the map but they are not really worth the effort. The fighting mainly takes place in the town and it’s a fairly small map anyway so generally it’s better to get around on foot rather than hoof.

There is also a new armored car available on the map but much like the horse it’s not really worth trying to get across the bridges with or to drive around the town in, however it can be used to skip around the outskirts of the map away from the heavy fighting to attempt to capture points from behind enemy lines. I mentioned earlier the russian civil war maps and Tsaritsyn is the second of the two. This is one of the most visually impressive of the maps in the expansion and sees players battle over the breathtaking Cathedral of Light in the center of the map. City ruins lie to the to the southeast and northwest with a large trench filled no man’s land surrounding the cathedral itself.

Some areas of the map are cluttered with doorways, windows and upper floors that make it very easy for the enemy to hide and set up an ambush, be sure to keep your volume up and listen for footsteps. Check your corners and be careful as you try to capture objectives as players could be hiding anywhere. Infantry combat is the focus of this map but each team also gets a single tank which is vital to securing a decisive victory. It can be the key to capturing objectives in the urban areas. The Cathedral is where the hardest part of the fighting will take place and there are a few things to keep in mind when you either have control of it or you’re looking to assault it.

First is that there are numerous entrances, if one is well protected just move to another, it’s almost impossible to protect all of them effectively. Also when inside the building you must stand in the center to capture the control point, players on the outer rim or upper floors can’t capture it. Glacia is one of the more traditional maps in the DLC, its medium sized and one of the flattest maps in the game peppered with foxholes, trenches and destroyed shacks. Because of this keeping yourself low to the ground is vital, standing up makes you stick out like a sore thumb and will likely get your head blown off.

Crouch and crawl your way around and make use of any cover you can find. Vehicles reign supreme on Glacia and planes in particular can excel by performing bombing runs on grouped up enemies attempting capture objectives, there are very few buildings to find cover in so controlling the air is a major part of winning on this map. LMG’s and snipers are very effective on this map if you can be patient. Many players will eventually tire of sneaking around and when they try to sprint across the battlefield you can safely take them out from your foxhole. Lupkow Pass is set amongst snowy hillsides and ravines on the eastern front and fuses infantry combat with cavalry and aerial gameplay, it also features a railroad through the middle which the armored train behemoth can travel down. The map lacks ground vehicles meaning any players looking to get around faster will want to make use of cavalry. The DLC added the cavalry lance for players to use while on horseback and its great for running down and skewering enemies along the mountain trails. This map uses a lot of different heights and elevations and to play it effectively you will want to claim the high ground, however if you’re stuck at the bottom of the hill you’re going to need to be extra aware of your surroundings as pinpointing where you’re being shot from can be difficult, but if in doubt probably look up.

Nearly every Battlefield map involves controlling the centre but it’s particularly important here as the capture points in the middle are quite close together and well linked meaning they can be protected effectively if you can get enough players into the area. For more information on Battlefield 1’s new maps, vehicles and weapons be sure to check out Battlefield 1 . gamepedia .

com Which of the new maps is your favourite and do you have any tips to share? Let me know in the comments below! As always this is James for Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy the game!.

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