Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is minuteman, where I give you one-minute Battlefield tips. Today’s tip is a public service announcement to get some more revives going in Battlefield 1. There’s two sides to this problem and I’m going to help you with both. First, if you are downed, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY RELEASE. Assess your situation. Are there medics nearby? Check the bottom left of your screen. You wait to release until either they die or your team is swept away from your body.

Then… you have my permission to die. Nothing is worse for your medics than sacrificing themselves to get to your body only to have you prematurely release. Now for the other half of this PSA. Medics: keep a keen eye out for friendlies to revive. First, if you see somebody in a safe enough spot, give them the needle and pick them up. No need to “charge” revives like in BF4. Second, keep an eye on the minimap for blue and green skull and crossbones. These are revives just waiting to give you more scoring opportunities. Finally, if you see the revive icon flashing, that means your target is an idiot and is releasing early. Don’t sacrifice yourself to get to them. That’s it for this one minute tip, be sure to like and share this to help folks out, and I’ll see you next time..

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