The Ilya Muromets bomber is coming to Battlefield 1 in the Russian expansion In the Name of the Tsar. Thanks to the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment, I was able to get my hands on the massive aircraft before the full release of the DLC in September. Quick mention that some of this footage is courtesy of DANNYonPC – and you can check out his channel in the video description. In Battlefield 1, the Ilya Muromets features a three person crew, the pilot, a forward gunner with a light machine gun, and a rear gunner with a 20mm cannon. Players can also spawn inside the aircraft to fire their gun out of the side or even repair it. Now, there are three loadouts for the bomber: The first is a strategic bomber armored with small anti-infantry bombs, flechette clusters and a spotting camera for revealing enemy locations. Next is a demolition bomber with access to the larger bombs and emergency repair for penetrating fortified enemy positions. The most interesting and versatile is the support bomber with cluster incendiaries, smoke bombs, and a supply crate. The incendiaries are very useful for booting players off the massive guns of the Zerell battery, and the supply crate brings a bit of commander mode back to the Battlefield franchise.

The crate can be airdropped anywhere on the map to provide players with health and ammunition. Players don’t even have to interact with the crate to benefit from it. If you’re within a few meters of the supply drop, your ammo and health will automatically replenish like it would from an ammo or health crate. It may sound a bit overpowered, but the crate’s notoriously difficult to aim and it can be easily destroyed by explosives like a grenade. Also, since I know you’re wondering – yes it can also kill players by crushing them.

What are your thoughts on the new massive Ilya Muromets bomber coming to Battlefield 1? Which loadout appeals to you? Tell me in the comments..

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