Hi everyone and welcome to this short guide on how to get the new Hellriegel 1915 Defensive.. ..a little bit easier.. To get your hands on the new Hellriegel variant, you first need to unlock the Factory version. But I’m assuming you already did that. You then need to get 300 kills with it and 25 AT Mine kills. The 300 Hellriegel kills will take a while and there’s no real short-cut apart from playing infantry-focused maps and game-modes like Domination or War Pigeons. It’s a grind – that you just have to put yourself through, I’m afraid. Regarding all those Mine kills, though, there is a way to make it a bit easier and arguably also a bit more fun. Mischievous fun. But fun. The traditional way of getting mine kills looked something like this: Place mines in spots you expect enemy vehicles to roll along..

..wait.. ..and hopefully someone will steer right into them, netting you a kill. More often than not, though, your mines would either be destroyed or spotted way before a tanker strolled along, negating your chances for a kill. And this is where the actually interesting part of this video begins. Remember how much fun you had placing Mines on Jeeps and Bikes back in Battlefield 3 & 4? And how disappointed, sad and empty within you felt when you found out it wasn’t possible anymore in BF1? Well, rejoice everyone for IT IS BACK! It just needs a little bit of extra preparation. Usually, you cannot place AT mines directly onto a vehicle. But you can place them on other things like fences and barrels and sign posts. And when you destroy those objects, whatever’s on top will fall down, sticking onto what’s beneath, sooo..

..you get the idea 😉 Once your ride is prepared it’s just like in days of yore. Drive around like a madman, looking for some tanks to blow up. It’s also very useful against camping Artillery Trucks. Just make sure to get out in time, otherwise you’ll bite the dust as well. And that’s it. Using this sneaky little trick you shouldn’t have a problem getting those 25 kills. Au contraire – you might actually enjoy it! And once you got your final AT Mine and Hellriegel kills, the grind is over and the gun is yours. So thanks for watching, have fun blowing shit up, and see y’all next time!.

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