When the weapons for the new Battlefield 1 expansion In The Name of the Tsar hit the Community Test Environment a few weeks back, many people were disappointed with the SMG 08/18, claiming it was too weak and prematurely discounting the weapon’s effectiveness. Personally, I think the SMG 08/18 is one of the best assault weapons in the game – especially after the release of In The Name of the Tsar, and here’s why. It’s easy to think the weapon is underpowered – it doesn’t do tremendous damage and it has a fire rate of 450 rounds per minute – the slowest of submachine-gun type weapons in the assault class. Bullet velocity is also a bit slower, which means you need to slightly lead your shots. Because of these attributes, many players would simply raise an eyebrow at the weapon and move on to another weapon, like the Hellriegel.

But damage and fire rate are only a small part of weapon selection in Battlefield 1. The strength of SMG 08/18 lies in its stability and accuracy during mid-range engagements. It’s one of the best mid-range weapons in Battlefield 1. The weapon is very stable under sustained fire, letting you reach out and effectively strike enemies beyond the range of the majority of the assault class weapons. Battlefield 1 has several close quarters maps like Argonne Forest and Fort de Vaux, but the new maps added with the Russian expansion are more focused on medium-range engagements.

The short effective range of weapons like the Automatico or shotguns quickly becomes problematic on more open maps like Galicia, Volga River, or even Brusilov Keep. These distances are no problem for the SMG 08/18, allowing you to suppress or silence enemies at range. The other significant strength of the SMG 08/18 is the weapon’s clip size. The gun holds 80 rounds in an internal box magazine. The only assault weapon with a larger ammo count is the Hellriegel Defensive variant, which pales in accuracy and control. The SMG 08/18 is a skill cannon in the hands of those who know how to play to its strengths and weaknesses.

Sadly, like the Hellriegel, the SMG 08/18 can’t mount a bayonet – then again, it if you harness its accuracy and stability – you won’t need it. What are your thoughts on the SMG 08/18? Have you unlocked it yet? Tell me in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, leave a like, subscribe, or share on social media like Facebook and Twitter – it goes a long way in helping the channel grow. To take your Battlefield 1 game to the next level – check out the Battlefield 1 Ultimate Utility app with a link in the video description. Thanks for watching..

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